HTC One S Dummy Units Begin Arriving In T-Mobile Stores

While we’re waiting for T-Mobile to announce the official release date and price for the HTC One S, T-Mobile retail stores are beginning to see dummy devices arrive. Dummy device arrivals often happen a week or so before launch so this is a good sign that we’re not to far off from an official launch.

With the special T-Mobile/HTC launch party taking place next week, we’re guessing we’ll find out all the release date and price details we could want. In the meantime, enjoy a look at these non-working dummy phones in high-res glory.

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  • Jaygqitalia

    Gotta be honest. Just got an AMAZE 4G with my upgrade for free, and half off next months bill for being a loyal customer for 5 years. Not leaving T-Mobile anytime soon. Anyway, I was going to wait for this phone, but I really dont think it looks that nice. Seems very bland and that back cover is ugly. That blue around the lens and the yellow next to it is pretty awful IMO. Probably still going to be a great phone though.

  • Meh.. move along folks, nothing exciting about the One s..

  • What other phones are on the horizon? I want a new phone, and this isn’t the one for me. The lack of sd card & removable battery makes it a no-go for me. My G2 is still going strong, running ICS 4.0.4 currently.Any news of a G3 any time soon?

    • Silk7412

      I feel the same way. My G2 is still working well and I want to hear something about the next wave- G3!!!

      • As439726

        the only scary part, Silk, is that the “rumors” i saw say Huawei may be making the next G. Scary only because I have yet to see them put QUALITY into actual U.S. distribution.

    • Nyunique98

      can you help me get ics on my g2?

    • Derail Doax

      I think your best shot at high-end hardware on a QWERTY phone was the myTouch 4G Slide. I really liked my myTouch 4G and have considered trading my Sensation for a myTouch 4G Slide because I miss the fine tuning an optical trackpad offers.

      • Frigadroid

        “optical trackpad” is that what you call the thumb control thing that was on the g1 imo a necessity for playing pacman? If so I miss that a lot too. My g1 is still going strong since coming out of retirement. Six months ago during the at&fee scare my wife’s sony was missing calls constantly, so I said here try this until I decide if I want to renew with T-mo. She thought it was to technical at first but now she likes it. I’m not going to tell her it’s slow and outdated because for what she uses it for (mostly talking about 4k minutes a month) with the jumbo replacement battery it’s still a fine phone. To make a long story short, which it’s to late now, that’s the reason why I like htc.

    • J-Hop2o6

      My G2 is on its last legs an needs to be retired (even w/ Andromadus ICS rom). Can’t wait for the right phone to replace it.

      • Nick

        No way, Andromadus works great on the G2.  Not sure what you’re talking about.  You’d just be upgrading hardware.  Its silicone can handle ICS

        • J-Hop2o6

          What? I didn’t say Andromauds runs bad, I said MY phone runs bad. Its beat up and I need a new phone.

    • Crust

      I think the next big thing is the G3 or iPhone 5. Since T-mobile will be refarming their network, iPhones can be considered now :).

  • Jae1496

    hasent it already been stated that it was coming out April 25

    • Nick

      not officially

  • Theincrediblehawk

    Too bad we don’t get the ONE X this phone looks like a toy and the fact that it will only have a 4.3′ qhd display doesn’t make me wanna leave my sensation behind to purchase it.

  • Thelub

    Im gonna get it.  My g2 is tired and I need a new phone and don’t wanna wait till T-Mo decides to release a new one and I don’t have the cheddar to spring for an unlocked GNex

  • Jgaleas2011

    i already have my money set off to the side for the One S, im a fn of htc and this phone looks pretty slick, i like it a lot and hopefully ill have it launch day…. my only thing is should i get it through tmo ofr bestbuy mobile?

    btw on the leaked internal screen something said HTC incentive for the first week of the this device anyone else catch that or know what it might be?

    • As439726

      talked to T-Mo “Customer Loyalty”, btw it’s the only department you should ever ask for. Mother’s Day weekend will be all phones free. One S will launch before then, so i would wait.

      To address the other questions of whether this is a good phone, please search the web for reviews. especially the ones against the quad core One X. This actually beat it on multiple tests and benchmarks. 
      I am DEFINITELY getting it. Especially for FREE

  • Queso

    Eligible for an upgrade now..Dare i say im waiting to see what those Blackeberry 10 phones are looking like.

    • Jaygqitalia

      Your going to wait till December..

      • Queso

        Yup! lol

      • J-Hop2o6

         If BB is still around, lol

  • Derail Doax

    I really do like the HTC One S however if I had not just traded on my HD7 for a Sensation I could see buying one. But as it is I think the One S is really just another incremental update of the Sensation and Amaze line. They’re all great phones, and I’ll consider doing the incremental update once the Amaze and the One S get S-Off without going through the htcdev site, and official Cyanogenmod support. But until then I’ll keep my rooted Sensation.

    • Anonymous

      “But as it is I think the One S is really just another incremental update of the Sensation and Amaze line.”

      That’s exactly what I think. I wish HTC would stop making incremental upgrades, and instead, actually try to wow us in each screen size category. For example, To make the One S an “elite” phone, they could have used a higher resolution and less saturated screen. They could have tried to fit a camera button, they could have made the battery removable (or increased it’s size), and allowed us to put a microsd card in there.

      instead, what we’re getting is basically a slimmed down sped up amaze w/ a faster (but worse IQ, from tests) camera… without a removable battery, microsd slot, and dedicated camera shutter button…

      I’m honestly not sure who to be more angry at. HTC for not really figuring out their market before releasing phones, or tmobile, which seems to always get second class phones.. despite being one of the largest carriers.

  • Taron19119

    This is a bad phone im going to pass on this phone so whats the next phome comeing on t-mobile

    • Twinnystarry

      I’m waiting for Samsung S3, hopefully that will be available for TMobile

  • I have to get a upgrade to lower down my T-Mobile bill and the customer service gave me an extra $250.00 dollars, I will most likely be getting this phone. I just want to know, I had the Sensation, screen I thought was okay, has anyone compared these two screens personally? 

  • Not happy with the T-Mobile phone selection.  Looks like they really want to live up to their “low budget carrier”  image. 

  • One for me

    I had a chance to play with this phone and the camera is impressive, the phone is crazy light and thin. All of you judging this based on a photo and specs are talking out your asses. It’s a well thought out phone design, feels strong yet not heavy like an amaze. it will be th best phone at t-mobile. All phones will always be an ‘incremental’ update compared to phones within 6 months… This incremental update was well done. Go play with the phone when it comes out, then decide.

    • Jaygqitalia

      Thats all nice but when you only end up getting lets say 9GBs of space when you get it and cant use an sd card to add more, I wouldnt go for it. My music alone is over 9GB.

  • jhum

    There is way more to a phone that the processor clock speed and screen res. For example, the fact that this phone has a dedicated video chip. It also gas a dedicated camera chip. Thats why it can take 1080p video while snapping pictures. Anyone else have a phone that has any of these? Didnt think so.

    • UglyPete

      my galaxy nexus takes pics during 1080p video :P

      • Bleacherbums1

        Does your galaxy nexus see the 4g on Tmobile? How does it fair on a 8 MP to 5 MP?

        • UglyPete

          Galaxy nexus is pentaband. 21mb/s hspa+ on Tmobile

        • Bleacherbums1

          What’s your download / upload speeds in normal surfing?

        • UglyPete

          I’m in an Hspa+ 42 city, so it might be deferent for you, but I normally get between 5-15 down, 1.5-2 up

        • UglyPete

          It’s not the best camera in the world, but it’s better than my htc radar and better than my nexus one.

  • randomnerd_number38

    Ah, our first chance for a phone with Qualcomm’s newest processor … I’m so hoping they announce a preorder or something, getting impatient!

    • Bleacherbums1

      Lucky you …you had a chance to play with ….us a week and a half :(

      • Rhjupiter

        the phone handles better than anything ive ever held so far. we got our htc one s demo already and i will say its THE fastest phone we have. the multi tasking is untouchable. camera is freakin crazy. love how you can snap pics while recording videos. we been playin with it all day lol. i got a gs2 white and it feels like an old phone after playing with the one s

  • Ditarawr

    The grey/blue accent version is hideous.  My gawwwd… and HTC eff’d up the MAO treatment on the black version, so…. disappointing.  My G2, like previous posters, still flies and handles ICS pretty darn well.  

    • UglyPete

      they fixed the MAO process and will replace your phone if it gets chipped.

  • Rudy

    Any signs of a qwerty phone coming? I’ve contemplated a MyTouch 4G slide, but is almost a year old now, I am growing tired of TMobiles lack of newer qwerty phones.

    • Master Guest

      you are the only person that wants a qwerty phone!

      • jaZzyjeff

        I want one, with a 4″ screen would be nice

      • randomnerd_number38

        Nope, I want one. But I’m tired of waiting for a nice new one. I’m gonna get the One S and hope that the lack of keyboard doesn’t annoy me too much.

  • Don

    I hate dummies. I wish they put actual phones for display in stores…

    • UglyPete

      my store has at least one real phone of every model. sometimes 2 working phones. the dummies are used for different colors

  • melon3531

    It’s tempting but yes, the two drawbacks to it (no removeable battery or card slot) is stopping me from really lusting over it.  My full upgrade doesn’t kick in until mid-July, so I will wait to see what is on the horizon then, might even wait until Fall if that will net a great phone, I am still quite satisfied with my G2 too.

  • Escam_97

    The t mobile version is going to have a memory card slot.

    • Anonymous

       where do u see that?

    •  I wish, but I really don’t think it does.

    • CRT24

      No it doesn’t…..please don’t post false information!

  • Bleacherbums1

    Just looking at all the phones I can get working on Tmobile’s network …I just can’t decide…. I know I’m getting my wife the HTC one s when its available (unlocked) and I’m thinking getting the HTC one x att model (unlocked) but now galaxy nexus looks good too… I just don’t know if it will work good on Tmobile 4g network? Or camera? Or the processor… anyone can give me any details????

    • Brad D

      I read a review somewhere that the HTC One x (either international version or AT&T one – can’t remember which) was only able to work on the T-Mobile EDGE network.  I opted for the Galaxy Nexus – ordered mine yesterday.

      • Bleacherbums1

        The att HTC one x would work on Tmobile networks 4g …. but my main thing is either going to HTC or nexus.
        1.2 dual core or 1.5 dual core? 8 or 5 MP camera…. one thing I know is HTC one series is using really nice hardwares with a dedicated chip for camera only, chip for Cam, etc ….let us know how your galaxy nexus pan out on day to day use…camera, video, processesor, voice….it won’t really help me to decided which one to get .

        • Nerdfaktor

          I’ve had my galaxy nexus on t-mobile for about 4 months. I get speeds around 10mbps while the 4.0.4 made battery life that much smoother!

        • Bleacherbums1

          Is that normal upload / download speed? 4g or 3g ?
          does it take good pix from a 5mp? Videos? Screen?

        • Rhjupiter

          honestly the galaxy nexus isnt better than the s2. not sure why people here are even talking about the nexus. maybe because its not a official tmo phone but the phone isnt really great at all.

  • Does anyone know the full cost of this device?

    • Bleacherbums1

      I went to Tmobile store and they told us it would be $250 with a contract or get it unlock somewhere for $550.

      • It’s not gonna be $250 on contract, more like $149.99. As for full cost, $449-499 sounds about right.

        • Bleacherbums1

          Where are you getting $149 with contract?

        • Justamazing87

          Where r these numbers coming from… It’s a high end phone with the fastest CPU … It will be the most expensive phone in the store. 200 or 250 down payment 550 or 600 outright

        • We’ll just site back and wait, thanks for all the responses guys.

        • Rhjupiter

          249.99 down payment on value. 279.99 on classic with 50 rebate. im a tmo rep and this is what we were just told today in the training.

        • What is the full cost? Thanks for the update

        • Jose Hernandez

           $599.99 full retail cost.

  • bryan

    it doesn’t have a sd slot because an sd card won’t let u take pictures as fast as the phones CPU will…this phone will let u take 30 pics in 3 seconds!!! I don’t care who u are that’s fast…and from phone lock to snapping a pic is only going to be .7 seconds…the lack of a sd card is all for the amazing camera that the one s will have

    • Bleacherbums1

      It would be a badass phone no matter what. If some ppl here have problems with no SD card or no removable battery then don’t even get and don’t post bad things abt it and don’t buy it. PERIOD
      Most of Tmobile customers will be happy enough that they got a good, fast, brand spanking new phone with the latest and greatest OS. !!!!

    • Anonymous

       That’s true, but htc could still allow a microsd card, but software lock the pictures to be stored on the internal memory. Problem solved and everyone is happy.

      • Jose Hernandez

         Ok, HTC is a company, and they want to make as much money as they can. Why on earth would they spend the money and resources to do that? It does not make sense. Do I wish they had? ABSOLUTELY!! But come on! we have to stop complaining about stupid crap like this. If you don’t like the phone, PLEASE, stop complaining about it and don’t bother with it.

  • Stock android? :(

  • I still wish they were launching with the black version of this phone.  I swear the international version of every android phone is better than the local US version.

    • Bleacherbums1

      There’s only one color “titanium grey” or something Like that? NOT COOL

      • rumor has it that the Black one will come out sometime around june/july.  

  • SurgicalTech

    unlocked galaxy nexus for 430$ is still better. 

  • Oranje

    Nobody wants this piece of shit phone. Can’t wait for my contract to be over with Tmobile so I can sign with at&t. I get 20% discount with att and only 8% with Tmobile.

    • fixxmyhead

      its not a piece of shit but yea i wouldnt buy it cuz its HTC ugh. i only buy the best samsung flagships

  • Jjjddd

    You are an idiot, att gives a larger mcsa because they take it off a lower amount (features only). Where as tmobile is already way less and gives you the mcsa discount for your entire mrc. Do the math genius.

  • Crmurray04

    Went to a T-Mobile store yesterday. The rep told me Apr 25 as the release date. Hopefully its true because I’m due for an upgrade and my vibrant is starting to annoy me more daily.

  • Dummy devices are stupid.  I want to fondle the real thing before I buy.  I want to see real images on the actual screen and feel the responsiveness of the touch screen.  What good does a dummy device do?  Let me see how well it fits in my skinny jean pockets?

  • Dropkick156

    have fun with at&t screwing you over for many years to come.  one of the worst companies ever.