T-Mobile Sends Out Media Invites For HTC One S Press Event

T-Mobile’s launch of the HTC One S is hardly a secret as the company has already discussed their plans to launch the device. However, we haven’t heard much from them officially in terms of when the device may actually launch, though our own intel points to an April 25th release date. T-Mobile’s silence will likely end on April 18th as they’ve sent out press invitations for a special event happening in New York City featuring a musical performance by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

I’m going to do my very best to be in attendance and get hands-on time with the HTC One S. Either way, you, the TmoNews reader should be able to get your own hands-on time a week later if everything goes according to plan rumor.


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  • why does there have to be an event for this?



      • Guest

         cause this phone is bad a$$…!!!!! Simply put!!

        • Guest

          It’s mid tier at best… well, I guess that’s high end for tmo.

        • it has the same processor as the ATT version. Only thing thats different is slightly smaller screen (which does not dictate high end and low end) and lower resolution which still isnt that bad.

        • D3dan41

          This mid tier phone, as you refer to it, is better than almost every phone on the market right now. The only difference is the hd display, wow. Please,tell me how this makes the phone mid grade?

  • Lythandra

    Meh …. I would have much preferred the X. Regardless I’m not getting anything until the SG3 is announced. I predict I will be leaving T-Mobile as I want a removable battery and an sdcard slot.

    • They do have an SD slot, but bummer no removable battery though. 

      • Guest

         They do NOT have an SD slot; at least not the One S…


      Good Luck. it looks like all handset will eventually be going this route. The thinner they get the harder it is to have a removable battery. 

    • Third_Eye

      Only the Sprint version of the One X-Evo family has expandable micro SD storage. Neither the TMobile One-S nor Att One-X contain the expandable storage.

  • ZhenyaK

    Anyone know if re they going to make people upgrade their data to “4g” data for an extra $10/month for this phone like they did with the SGII?

    was the biggest crock of shit, and I didn’t do it. If you do the math
    10*24=240, you are better off getting a 3g device selling and buying the
    4g device out right.

    Does anyone know how to get around that?

  • Deadeye37

    Why wasn’t that invitation made out to me?  I want to get my hands on that One S!

    I thought that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was a race car driver, but then I saw another Jr at the end.  I thought that would be Dale Earnhardt III.  Either way, I wonder if he sings as good as his dad and grandpa races.


      Its not a he. It is a band out of Detroit and there is no relation to the Race car driver. 

      • Deadeye37

         That is even stranger…I guess I’ll have to check them out on YouTube and Wikipedia.

    • Guest

      Didn’t senior die or was that richard petty’s kid? I can’t remember. Nascar is super lame. F1, Indie, and everything else is cool though. So this was just a band making fun of redneck race car fans lol! I like them already!

      • Nunya

        LMAO. Indy is a joke and so is F1

  • Sal

    9th Ave & 13th St – Meatpacking District

  • mreveryphone

    Can the event we’ve already had the event via you tube and other tech blogs that have posted hands on time and quadrant scores etc. Just release it on the 18th, seems like a waste of money to me.

  • O2C

     21 Ninth Avenue, 4th Floor. New York, NY 10014?

    • Encino Stan

      4th floor.

  • Enoel69

    After having the GNex..there are two devices on my wish list..the Samsung GS3 and the HTC One X with Tmo bands HSPA+42 and pure vanilla ICS. Also will like to see the new Huawei ICS devices compared in real life with the top guns. The specs look impressive…

  • Hopefully they will also speak about the 1900 HSPA+ refarming efforts, maybe even announcing the first few markets. #amancandream

  • nerdlust

    I can’t wait to compare this to my sensation in real life!!!!

  • Unless you bought your GS2 on sale, there was never a requirement to buy into a heftier data plan. And even if you DID buy your GS2 on sale, you could have dropped down a data tier once you received your rebate.

    • ZhenyaK

       So I could have just gotten the phone, upped the data plan and lowered it back in a month? Do they really let people do this?!

      • Getsome


  • Cornholed

    You really should delete this article. A lot of people have been ripped off by this company. Why would you help these people with their fraudulent activites.  Check it out. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/online/1saleaday.html

  • I believe I told you not to buy it…I don’t know anything about the company, but I can definitely understand why people would hesitate to buy from them. Also, make sure to post this in the right thread so people know!

  • PapiMan

    Can somene find out if tmobile is going to allow pre order startin next Wednesday? That would be awesome. I need a new phone ASAP

    • Taron19119

      No preorders as of now but that might change

  • randomnerd_number38

    I got to hold this phone today. What a slick and elegant device. I want one badly. 

    • Bleacherbums1

      Can you post pixs taken from that phone in this forum?

      • randomnerd_number38

        When I get it, I will. I got to hold it, but didn’t get any real hands-on time with it. In the meantime, here’s a thread on xda with what you’re looking for(but taken, of course, with the European One S): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1577630

  • da9th_one

    i don’t support mediocrity…HTC ONE X OR GTFO…!!!

    • randomnerd_number38

      I must say, the One S is most assuredly not mediocre. Yes, there are a few specs that aren’t quite as “high-end” as the One X, but that hardly equates to mediocrity. Hell, even most of the reviews out there are saying that “in another universe” the One S would be the flagship device. But eh, who am I kidding? Blog comment sections are for sensational, over-the-top statements. In the spirit of that, ignore the preceding level-headed comment and read this instead:

      Only a braindead idiot would think the Tegra 3 is better than the Krait S4! Less battery life, less efficient, MORE USELESS! People who want the bigger screen must be compensating for something! XD XD LOL!11!! :P

      • Justamazing87

        Lol … Love the comment

      • Loueradun

        This comment is right on, can’t wait for the new.S4 chip to be in my next phone.

    • Getsome

      Your dumb

      • jonathan3579

        Getsome, you shouldn’t call someone dumb until you learn the difference between your and you’re.

        I’ll close with this… You’re dumb.

  • Bleacherbums1

    Cant wait for this phone ….ima get my wife an unlocked HTC one S and I’m getting the HTC one x version unlocked for ATT which would work on Tmobile networks. But ….does the att branded one come with the same dual core chip like the S ?

    • Bleacherbums1

      How things going randomnerd? Oh and what’s up TMOTECH….

      • randomnerd_number38

        Sup :)

        And yes, the AT&T version of the One X is packing the same processor as the One S. Something to do with the new Krait processor having integrated LTE, I believe.

        • Bleacherbums1

          I still can use this x on 4g Tmobile correct.

        • randomnerd_number38

          According to HTC’s website, the AT&T version of the One X DOES support T-Mobile’s current bands(AWS) for HSPA+, so yes :)

  • Tomnewtn

    After using amoled display devices like Nexus One, Nokia E7, and then the G2X, now iPhone, not sure what I’ll think of this display. Sounds like a great device with a display not to match it’s performance.

  • Getsome

    Reality is this would be top of the line by itself if it weren’t for the one x, and let’s face it, a larger screen isn’t for everyone, so this should do well

    • Bleacherbums1

      I agree with you, I think this smartphone will do good for average users that doesn’t care what reviews are or someone telling them its a bad choice. It looks like a badass phone.

  • Godson1227_Barry

    #offtopic Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr??? o_O lol what happened to “II” (the second)…

    #ontopic I think it a mistake for ppl to sleep on this phone.

  • gargoyle999

    Laughing at everyone who doesn’t know Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is just a band.

  • Judy359

    I upgraded my phone Tuesday and they told me in the store that they would have the One S in the store Wednesday if I wantd to wait to see it

  • Lani

    What company should we avoid?

  • WirelessRefugee

     Wrong thread. And that company has been around for some time. The few complaints on that site hardly justify your warning and that Davis should delete the article.

    Besides, in Google check out “complaint ________” and the name of any product YOU own or service you pay for. There will always be complaints from somewhere by someone.

    If we use your standard T-Mobile should close its doors. Check Google on “complaint T-Mobile.”

    Quit being such a drama queen. Don’t patronize businesses you don’t like and leave it at that.

  • Bleacherbums1

    What kind of warranty would this HTC one s have in some circumstances : dropped, water etc etc …. and knowing that it doesn’t have a removable battery what would you guys recommend ( TMOTECH, randomnerd) …??

    • randomnerd_number38

      If you purchase the T-Mobile One S, it comes with a one year warranty against defects. That doesn’t cover liquid damage or physical damage. So if you get the phone wet or if it gets cracks or other physical damage that isn’t normal wear & tear, that warranty is void.

      T-Mobile also has the option of adding on Premium Handset Protection to your T-Mobile account through Asurion when you get a new T-Mobile phone. You can get insurance against physical or liquid damage AND extended warranty for a small monthly fee:

      $7.99/month = extended warranty and insurance
      $4.79/month = insurance but no extended warranty
      $3.99/month = extended warranty but no insurance

      Note that if you damage the phone and you have insurance, there is a “deductible” involved to replace it. Probably $130 for the One S.

      Personally, I suggest the extended warranty. I’ve never gotten my phone wet or got physical damage, but I HAVE had a defect at 14 months- would have pissed me off royally if I hadn’t had PHP warranty :)

      • Bleacherbums1

        This warrant would be for my WIFE…lol… in 2 years I’ve replaced her phone 5 times…. women ;(

        Just want to make sure that is available just in case ….lol