Lose Your T-Mobile Phone Around The House? Let It Scream.

T-Mobile and Lookout Mobile Security have partnered up to bring “Scream tones” to T-Mobile customers to help find missing smartphones. Lookout’s app is found on Google Play and already comes pre-loaded on numerous T-Mobile smartphones. With the new Scream tones you can pinpoint a missing smartphone on a map and then activate a loud noise such as a siren, train whistle, Star Trek “zooming sound,” wolf howl, or a T-Mobile jingle. Once the alert is activated, the device will continue to scream until you find and deactivate the device.

“Smartphones and tablets are our most personal devices, and as consumers store more information on them, there’s an elevated interest to protect them,” said Torrie Dorrell, vice president of application, content and games, T-Mobile USA. “Lookout is a great fit for T-Mobile because the app is powerful yet easy to use, and it gives our customers protection across a range of mobile security threats.”

The Lookout app already protects against malware, spyware, data loss, and device loss. The Lookout app has more than 15 million users in 170 countries across 400 mobile networks. The company says it is adding more than a million users a month.

VentureBeat via Google Play

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  • I havn’t tried lookout in a year or so, but last time I did, it failed to activate any location services numerous times, while the phone was awake, and next to me.

  • arglebargle2

    Ah, new features on bloatware I can’t uninstall!!!

    Thanks tmobile! (to be fair they all do it, but it drives me nuts)

    I am looking forward to taking the time to update this software that I never use to get these new features I’ll never use.

    I can’t wait for new features on the ‘more for me’ and the ‘tmobile mall!!!  great work Torrie Dorrell.

  • K0246945

    I love my iPhones ” find my iPhone ” preinstalled application. Thanks Apple, I can lock,wipe, or play a sound.. For FREE

  • This is pretty old I noticed this like 2 weeks ago lol Lookout should be 100% but its not :(

  • I have a roommate who uses the “Find my iPod” feature about once a week.  It wouldn’t be so bad, except that she has a passcode on it, so even if it’s right next to me, I can’t turn off the sound and bring it to her.

    • Guest

      I would have thrown that stupid thing out the window by now! How freakin annoying! You must have nerves of steel or something…

  • Marlenekoenig

    how do you make it scream!

  • This is a pretty cool app similar to Find my !phone app

  • Ali Syed

    Awesome application. I lost my phone in a parking lot. It located it within 3 meters of where it was, and now it is safely back in my pocket.

  • Diana

    Where’s my droid is free.  And not nearly as bloattastic.