Deal Alerts: Samsung Exhibit II Prepaid Special Offer, Wirefly Offers Upgrade Special For HTC Amaze 4G


The Samsung Exhibit II 4G may already be overshadowed by the likes of the Galaxy S Blaze 4G, but it remains a decent device in its own right. The Exhibit II 4G is a mid-range offering and a smartphone that is usually found hovering around the free mark after rebate. For now however, T-Mobile is also offering the Exhibit II 4G as a special sale for prepaid for just $225. That’s quite the special price when you consider the $329 no-contract offering T-Mobile generally sells the Exhibit II 4G for. The kicker? You also receive a $50 T-Mobile refill card, which can be used towards your prepaid plan. That’s a pretty awesome deal, especially if you’re just looking to pick up an extra device to have around “just in case.”

On a separate note, our friends at Wirefly dropped us a note to let us know they are currently selling the HTC Amaze 4G for just $99.99 for upgrades. The same price applies for new customers but I’m always looking for the best price I can find for qualifying upgrades and Wirefly’s $99.99 value sounds like a great deal. Of course the standard two-year contract is required.

T-Mobile, Wirefly

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