Deal Alerts: Samsung Exhibit II Prepaid Special Offer, Wirefly Offers Upgrade Special For HTC Amaze 4G


The Samsung Exhibit II 4G may already be overshadowed by the likes of the Galaxy S Blaze 4G, but it remains a decent device in its own right. The Exhibit II 4G is a mid-range offering and a smartphone that is usually found hovering around the free mark after rebate. For now however, T-Mobile is also offering the Exhibit II 4G as a special sale for prepaid for just $225. That’s quite the special price when you consider the $329 no-contract offering T-Mobile generally sells the Exhibit II 4G for. The kicker? You also receive a $50 T-Mobile refill card, which can be used towards your prepaid plan. That’s a pretty awesome deal, especially if you’re just looking to pick up an extra device to have around “just in case.”

On a separate note, our friends at Wirefly dropped us a note to let us know they are currently selling the HTC Amaze 4G for just $99.99 for upgrades. The same price applies for new customers but I’m always looking for the best price I can find for qualifying upgrades and Wirefly’s $99.99 value sounds like a great deal. Of course the standard two-year contract is required.

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  • Geek

    Or you can just go to Walmart and buy the Exhibit II 4G as a prepaid T-Mobile phone for under $200 – everyday low price. Swap out the SIM card and you can use it on any new or existing T-Mobile plan – on contract or off.

  • Primus42

    The exhibit 2 is 149’99 in store with activation of a60 dollar or higher monthly plan

    • MacRat

      You are missing the whole point of NO CONTRACT.

      • Primus42

        Monthly as in monthly 4g i.e. prepaid, so, no I’m not

  • None

    Any prepaid windows yet?

    • Primus42

      Lumia 199.99 with a60 or higher prepaid in corporate locations

      • UglyPete

        lumia is $199 with a $50 plan. the $60 plan specials are for samsung.

        • Primus42

          Thanks for catching my typo…

  • Tmo_employee

    def is 149.99 instore right now and the galaxy s 4g is 199 with an activation of a new monthly  4g plan also 

  • Theshadow

    The Samsung galaxy nexus is only 79.99 with a 2 year agreement with Verizon which is the ducky part why can tmo get deals like that….again tmo gets shafted where the sun don’t shine

    • Theshadow

      Sucky* not ducky and why can’t* not can

    • LC

      That’s because the people at Verizon are paying way more then the phone is worth month over month. You may feel like you’re getting a deal on the phone, but you’re paying for it in your plan.

    • Blancap

       Not an economist are you. The sum of the phone cost plus 2 years of service is far higher with Verizon. You can save a bundle by going T-Mobile prepaid.

  • K g

    Costco sells HTC Amaze for 0.01 or so – new or upgrade

  • Rmosley33

    the exhibit II has always been $198 at walmart.  that’s no deal.

  • NardVa

    Not bad choices for a phone if you are looking for something affordable.

  • davidwal

    The exhibit II is only 199 at Walmart.

  • UglyPete

    Exhibit 2 – $149  NO CONTRACT
    Exhibit 1 – $99 NO CONTRACT
    Galaxy S 4g – $199 NO CONTRACT
    Nokia Lumia 710 – $199 NO CONTRACT

    I don’t know what T-Mobile is trying to do to it’s postpaid customers, but who in their right mind is going to sign a 2 year contract when you can get a nice phone for so cheap and pay $50 or $60 a month for unlimited service and NO JUNK FEES AND CRAZY TAXES???? You pay your sales tax on your bill and that’s it!!!


      Because you don’t get options like phone insurance, family plan discounts, mobile broadband discounts, 10GB data plans, or monthly phone payments on prepaid. And taxes on prepaid plans have gone up recently too with the recent 911 tax – in Chicago, a $50 prepaid plan becomes $58.25 with tax. Not to mention, you don’t get as much roaming coverage with prepaid, and customer support both on the phone and in-store isn’t a good as for postpaid customers.

      Also, I don’t know why T-Mobile/Samsung stopped offering the original Exhibit, because it’s better than the II in almost every way.

      • UglyPete

        My store sells the exhibit 1 still. I bet most stores are getting more in stock because of the prepaid deal. After tax here it comes out to $53.50. Awesome deal for a single line. But you are right, this is not for a family.

        • XMAGUSX

          Well you’re lucky then (especially for the price after tax), doesn’t seem like any stores in the Chicago area carry the Exhibit I anymore (or are getting any more stock). In fact, I remember seeing a notice saying they were going to convert the name of the II to just “Samsung Exhibit 4G” to avoid confusion or something…which at that point it wouldn’t make sense to continue carrying the original Exhibit and really confuse the customer when they ask for one.

    • James

      I switched from a regular account to prepaid, and honestly, I save a fortune. I never really dealt with customer service too much, and still don’t. Even buying a full-cost phone works out cheaper in the end with no contract (I just buy on ebay or amazon to save a few extra $$).

      But people will always want contracts because they offer features that some people want (insurance), and because they kiss your ass more whne you have a contract.

      Let’s be honest, some people will pay more to be treated better.

      I used to work at T-mobile, and when value plans launched, we had many, many customers saying I don’t care how much I save…I am entitled to a Free phone. And many of those customers left and got much more expensive plans with other carriers just to be treated special for a day. Smile while we hand you a free phone- Oh, of course your our favorite..Then you leave and pay an extra thousand or so through the year.

      • UglyPete

        I hear ya. I deal with it every day =)

    • None

      Where is the galaxy s 4g 199?? I find no store even close to that and flat out tell me NO on trying to ring with a 60 prepaid to see if it comes up 199. Columbia, MD 21045

      • UglyPete

        Every store has it for $199. The new layout as of a few weeks ago has the lumia, exhibit 1 and 2 and the gs4g right by the door with monthly 4g price signs clearly stating the huge discounts without any kind of rebate. 

        Buying the phone full price for $479.99 and add a $60 epin makes the phone drop in price instantly to $199.99

        • M_vera113

          Here, in Los Angeles, we need to sell it with a $70 epin to apply the discount, but yeah, it’s still a sweet deal compared to any contract price out there.

        • UglyPete

          We had to at first too because we didn’t have $60 activation cards

        • chumlee

           The way it is in the system is strange, since we don’t have $60 epin cards. Need to sell it with a $10 activation, and add a manual $60 epin, totalling to 70. So they end up with $10 for next month. But really, post-paid is a better value. No contract is….cheaper…but you get more on the post.

        • Fencepost

           So if I’m just looking to get the phone (because I cracked the screen on my Vibrant and am not quite up for renewal – besides, I want to switch to Value) can I get the phone with the epin, then find someone who uses T-Mo prepaid and pass it along to them?

        • UglyPete

          Yes that is possible.

    • A1b266

      Is there a webpage or something were we can see these deals? Is there any other phone included in this deal?

      • UglyPete

        It was for one week only. In store only. So no online mention of it. Lumia is still $199. All of the Samsung phones went up $50

  • Jmart922

    Already got my white Amaze 4G on tmos orepaid, loving it

  • George

    Exhibit2 is usually 189-199 at Walmart & Amazon. Id warn anyone — if u look @ Tmo website forums– many users having problems with screen freezing & text message failures…which TForce employees admit are known issues with the device and are not getting fixed. Consider yourself warned if u get the device!!!!

    • Ben

       The SMS failures can be solved by installing Handcent and changing the message length setting to automatically split messages at 160 characters. I had it on my phone.

  • Jgarofola

    I have had no issues with my exhibit2.I admit if looks and feels cheap so I purchased a D30 protective case for 34.99$ at a T-Mobile store it looks and feels a lot better

  • Jgarofola

    Does anyone kNow when the exhibit 3 will be released?

  • Some Guy

    I got this phone for less than $200 in February from Amazon. Got it as a replacement phone for my wife; she dropped her G2 and cracked the screen. She hates the phone; it’s kinda janky.

  • Slickdeals

    stop posting nonsense fake deals! everyrone knows what tmobile sells is a RIP OFF always! the exhibit 4g has been on sale, brand new, no contract on AMAZON for $180 to $200 for about a year now. I purchased 2 for $180 each in october 2011  when tmobile was selling it for over $300 plus tax.

    • Slickdeals

       yes i mean the exhibit 4g2 for$180 brand new, no contract on amazon. they have been selling it betwen $180 and $200 still.

      my other advice is, NEVER BUY ANY ACCESSORIES from tmobile online or  in store even if you get their nonsense 30% off code, you can get the same charger or  case for 60% less then what tmobile sells on sites like ebay, amazon and handhelditem sites.

      • James

         Its no surprise to see lower prices elsewhere. regardless of product, from cell phones to shoes, they ar etypically cheaper on third-party or deal sites. But T-mobile pricing can be a little strange when it comes to phones. Like the X2 nokia (which I wouldn’t buy) was availible for prepaid at $50, now its price has gone up and it is availble refurbished with contract on for $44. They also offer a Blackberry 9780 with no camera for about $150 less than most of the 9700-9780’s seem to sell for on ebay. I’d pay ful cost and avoid the contract.

        But unless you are getting a contract and therefore a discount of free phone, you prbably want to shop around for pricing.

      • tmob

        good luck with your warranty…

      • JBLmobileG1

        Sad thing is I had to buy the Amaze/Tablet car charger from Tmobile for my Amaze 4g. The reason was because every other charger I tried wouldn’t charge my phone fast enough so it would end up dying when I was on road trips using the GPS, etc. True it might have been a little more than I wanted but atleast it finally works. That alone was worth the extra money.

  • ClaraCWhitsett

    My store sells the exhibit 1 still. I bet most stores are getting more
    in stock because of the prepaid deal. After tax here it comes out to
    $53.50. Awesome deal for a single line. But you are right, this is not
    for a family.

  • tmob

    the exhibit 2 was $250 with a prepaid activation kit ($50 w/ 100megs) last month in stores, this month its $210 with a $60 activation kit IN STORES! this is not a great deal at all online. plus the galaxy s 4g is $260 with a $60 kit btw.

    i love how all you guys seem to do is promote web-only/telesales/aithorized deals in the majority but so very rarely do you list corporate store deals

    • chumlee

       It is kind of annoying. And then those people who buy on-line will encounter a problem, and what will they do? Come to a corporate store for help. I spend a majority of my day fixing problems that didn’t need to be problems, because customers bought online or through authorized dealers.