HTC One S April 25 Launch Date Listed One Again, Still Not Priced

While all our information has us believing the HTC One S will make its debut on April 25th, we’re still waiting for official word from T-Mobile. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with another piece of unofficial intel pointing to the April 25th date. Sadly, no price is listed on this sheet, but we suspect the price will be similar to the launch price of the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G. We could be wrong and hope we are, something a little lower would be nice! Cost aside, I’d prepare the piggy bank for April 25th and T-Mobile’s newest HTC Android smartphone.

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  • Deadeye37

    I’m hoping for $150 after rebate….

    A guy can dream, can’t he.  Actually, if it were my dream, Carly would knock on the door and say “thank you for being such a loyal customer.  Here’s a free phone for you.  I’ll also let you take me on a date”  Then I would reply “Thank you for this free HTC One S.  Unfortunately, I’m a married man, so I can’t go on a date with you.  But you do look hot in that black & magenta leather outfit.”

    • Legione13

      I’m hoping it’s even less by the time I’m ready to buy it (December). Android handsets are released so frequently that there’s a good chance it’ll be on its way to obsolescence by then(one of the things I hate about Android, actually), and I should be able to get one for relatively cheap.

      Also, hopefully the black and red model will be out by then.

      • Deadeye37

        I’m on the same boat as you.  I hope its cheap by December (I’m due for my upgrade around then also).

        While it’s annoying that so many Android phones are released monthly, I think its actually better for everyone.  This way there is always a bleeding edge phone available when you’re ready to get a new phone.  I think this also helps get higher end SoCs in phones faster.  Because of this, Today’s bleeding edge SoC will be tomorrows mid-range SoC.  While that sounds bad, the software side of Android is not evolving as fast, so your mid-range device with yesterdays bleeding edge SoC will still feel bleeding edge and fast.

        To me, its more of a mental thing.  In my hand, the phone is fast and does everything extremely well.  In my head, I still think I need to have the latest and greatest.  I just have remember that whats in my hand is still awesome.

      • Jason Grover

        That’s one thing that HTC has been aware of, and is trying to change. They admitted they were trying to release too many phones too close to each other, so that’s why they have the “one” strategy now. To build fewer, better quality devices instead of cranking out as many as they can, and in different variations.

    • Bleacherbums1

      lol…you know you will take her on a date and probably your wife WILL even pay for it….lol

  • Taron19119

    will t-mobile be saleing beats solo headphone

    • Selling? Yes, but they won’t be included with the One S.

      • Taron19119

        Can I use my 20% off coupon on it I got it from t mobile

  • jobber99

    the amaze and galaxy s2 were $269 to start…why would tmo sell this for more than the $199 sprint evo 4G LTE, as that is a re-badged one x?

  • I can’t wait to see the non-contract price.

  • Thelub

    The local T-Mo store has my number to call me as soon as that arrives.  CAN”T WAIT

  • impasse

    anyone notice the full upgrade price for several phones jumped up by $50 or more today, on  some got rid of rebates however, which is usually a good thing..except the prices didn’t stay the same.  i thought that $150 after $50 mir for the amaze drop might be permanent, but no such luck..sigh.  all i want is a replacement for my shitty g2x!

  • Chuck

    This Phone Better Be No More Then $250 Hell $199. My HTC HD2 Is On It’s Last Legs

  • Izzybrexx

    Crazy gnex charging issues…gotta contact the u.k to get it fixed???….ill put it on the bay n grab this in may for my upgrade…at least ill have real insurance..

  • The consisten lack of any pricing details i think is pointing to the device being $269 when released.  I guess there is a chance that they will go for $150.  If they did that they would get some attention and might be able to add a few subscribers but i’m betting they won’t be that agressive.

  • jonkoz311

    still annoying that the black isnt coming out next week.

  • Udubb

    6 months after it releases and T-Mobile is finally getting an ICS phone. I thought T-Mobile was the flagship Android carrier. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

    • UMA_Fan

      Which makes T-Mobile the FIRST US carrier to launch an ICS device that’s not a Nexus.

  • Nick

    AT&T is selling the One X for $199.  I think that’s a good sign for us.  They are selling a better (?) phone with a bigger screen, so TMO would almost have to price lower than $199.

  • John Mercil
  • Palus85

    This phone is really nice. Love how the demo feels in my hand. So thin, yet has a good weight and feels high end. Only problem is the Blue ring around the camera. It’s an eye sore.

  • nd5

    Well… AT&T has announced that the One X will be $199… since everybody (presumably except T-Mobile that is) considers the One S to be a step down from the X, then hopefully that will be reflected in T-Mobile’s pricing of it.  

  • Rudeboyruntings

    Just received my demo, the phone has a nice feel in hand and its fast, not too crazy about the blue ring around the camera and I’ll definitely recommend getting a case for it as its very slippery! It makes my SGS2 feel like a monster due to its size!

  • Shah123

    the phone will be $199 after rebate.

  • Abrahammakol

    I just bought HTC one s but didn’t see the goodness of it yet. Laurent.