• Colucci619

    I had all of them … Great memories of the Sidekick’s …. :D

  • JQuest

    Ahhh, the memories… I think they got something cooking up, or at the very least thinking about it. If a new sidekick comes along, I hope they hand the reigns over to HTC. If they get it right software and hardware wise, imagine how sexy a quality high end Sidekick w/ICS from HTC would be *drool* (of course sans Sense)

  • Tareik_horne

    sidekick fan

  • jonathan3579

    Well, I guess HTC’s Sidekick is permanently out of the picture considering the shrinking of their portfolio. I don’t know who I’d even wanna consider next. 

  • Youngt82

     I had the Sidekick 3G and LX:) Btw i am guessing they are trying to release a new one real soon

  • Tuliom Mesa

    I own a sidekick, and its really good. The only downside is the amount of memory available, but if you want to take it further just root it and get rid of all the bloatware you don’t normally use. Lik ei kept visial voicemail and my accounts. Even though i didnt use my accounts so i should get rid of it xD

    If only sidekick would come out with a quad core 2 gig ram amoled ++ screen with ICS, then the world would be complete and sidekick can go out as one of the best phone lines ever!

  • Loueradun

    These were great devices (at least until Microsoft got a hold of Danger).  If they had a new Android Sidekick that was top of the line, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    5 row KB FTW!

  • I was an owner of the Sidekick 2, Sidekick 3, Sidekick Slide, Sidekick LX (original), Sidekick LX 09 AND the Sidekick 4G. There’s nothing better than a 5-row offset keyboard. It’s like giving your fingers a hand job. 



      • Lol, honestly. I swear I’d hear my fingers moaning whenever I’d be texting. 

  • Andyviahiotop

    Sharp needed to make the Sidekick 4G. Nothing against Samsung but the whole point of the Sidekick was the rotating screen. It was iconic and that’s what caught people’s attention about the device. With out a rotating screen it’s very similar to almost every other slider phone :(

    • UlyssesGhost

       I had a sidekick and sidekick3 and I loved them.  And everything against samsung.  That sidekick 4g was a galaxy class phone with a keyboard and modified touchwiz.  The galaxy series had been out for over a year and this phone should have been a slam dunk for samsung and they totally blew it.  They released that phone as the buggiest, lagging piece of junk I have ever seen.  And I have owned a lot of androids.  Three updates and they finally sort of fixed it.  If there was a day that went by that didn’t require 2 battery pulls for when it froze the screen or locked when trying to answer it, it would have been a miracle.  Thankfully t-mo sent me a mt4gslide to replace it, for which I was very grateful. 

  • EXIBITman

    I never had one. I allways. Had blackberries I got my first T-Mobile blackberry in 1996


      Look man I am glad to hear you are a loyal customer but t-mobile did not exist in 1996 and if your talking about one of the companies we bought that is great but we didn’t offer blackberries until 1999

      • Theman

        This guy is always posting CRAP.

      • He could be talking about T-Mobile branches in Europe, but that doesn’t make much sense either, unless he was working in Austria or Germany.

        • TMOTECH

          The real point I was trying to make was that the first blackberry was not released until 1999. I don’t know what his point was. 

  • SocalTeknique

    The Sidekick II is what brought me to T-Mobile in 2004 (from Verizon). Best keyboard aside from my G1 imo. I hope Tmo brings us a beefed up Sidekick 4G line (with a 5/8 mp camera and flash this time) and accesories. On another note, What happened to the GiNfinity or the next Gseries?

  • If Microsoft put their kin is in a touch screen version of the lx. It would’ve sold more than that low tech android sidekick.

    • Lloyd Goodwin

      Nope. Whenever a phone doesn’t last more than 90 days, there’s a MAJOR overhaul that needs to be done, not just a screen.

  • I had the Sidekick iD, LX,Tony Hawk Limited Edition LX, Slide, & (09 briefly before turning it in due to call quality issues). Love Sidekicks, but this time make it COMPLETELY HIGH-END. We’ve had mid-end for too long, gives us options.

  • TechHog

    I wonder if this means a new one is coming soon.

  • carcomptoy

    Funny how T-Mobile forgot about the 2008 Sidekick–the one with the interchangeable shells–as many people on FB are pointing out on the page.  

  • I.d.k. why T-mobile left out the Sidekick 2008 :( it was the first 3G Sidekick but it’s porcessing chip couldn’t handle 3G 

  • Kris

    I Never Owned Any Of The Danger/Sharp Sidekicks But Damn The Sidekick 4G I Purchased It Last July And Was Working Fine For About 4weeks Until The Andriod Update Then The Phone Went To Shit.Kept Freezing And Turning Off But Now I See That T-mobile Is Discontinuing The Last Remaining “Sidekick” Its So Sad That Its Not Gonna Be Around Anymore But Hey T-mobile If Ever You Decide To Bring The “Sidekick” Brand Back From The Dead Please God Dont Gip The Customers That Have Been Loyal For Years If I Had To Redesign The Sidekick Id Take It  Off The Andriod Platform And Give Maybe Windows Or HTC A Try? Or Maybe Bring Back Sharp But This Time Please But A Much More Better Camera With A Flash Please Is That To Much TO Ask For? Thanks for Listening

  • guest

    Bring back the swivel screen and make it different to every single smart phone that is out there right now. and make the screen huge with AMOLED.

  • Asdfjkla

    Maybe the 08 missing is a hint?

    Also, if sony could work on the nrxt one, thatd be great as hell. Their new transparent strip designs would go well!

  • portaltonowhere