• Dave Macias

    eventually they will still use this, AU is using the same approach in Japan so why not T-Mobile?

  • maruichan

    Yeah it’s been doing this for a bit now. I’ve removed it from my phone. Slow unresponsive app half the time anyway.

  • JFetch

    Just ignore them like I do. It’s not that big of a deal.

    • Deadeye37

      If the app is pushing ads in the notifications, what sort of things is it doing in the background that it shouldn’t be doing?  At the very least, its probably a CPU/memory hog.

  • guest

    Try air push detector. It catches and blocks those same pop-up ads from other downloaded apps so maybe it will here too.

  • hater on the rocks

    i know right i got one yesterday and it keeps on coming.

  • Rob Reder

    Slippery slope. If they keep up with this it won’t be long before they push notifications from T-Mobile partners.

  • i will admit .. it’s annoying however infrequent it may be for me .. when i see it, it’s annoying.

  • jrr

    this is why your phone’s software shouldn’t come from your carrier.  conflict of interest much?

  • It is annoying, I can’t remember opting in to this and would love to opt out. I logged into the website and I’m opted out of marketing messages there but I read that this is supposedly “different.”

  • Deadeye37


    ads in notifications = fail!

    ads as shortcuts on your screen = double fail!! (I wish I knew which app is responsible for that)

    Seriously thinking about doing a master reset and starting all over again to try to clean up this kind of junk on my phone.  Or even better…root my G2 and install a custom rom on there.

    • crazyfunky77

      ROOOOOOT!!! You won’t be sorry!! Well, unless you do something wrong and brick the phone!

    • Egashop22

      Rootign FTW.  No more stupid My Account app, no more Photobucket every time I take a photo… , then get ILWT CM7 (see XDA) on there (until ICS is past beta stage), you won’t be sorry.  

  • Ebok

    I hate the ads on tmonews also!

    • Sorry, it costs money to run the site!

      • MSalam11

         But why ads when viewing tmonews on mobile version?

        • TrevorMadden

          Ad-free app for the win…

        • Oreo

          Rooted Samsung Galaxy S 2 for the win lol.

        • TrevorMadden

          Indeed! Rocking the same thing

        • TMOSince2003

          Block ad servers with router deny rules, more winning.

        • maruichan

           uhh because it costs to run a mobile site too?

        •  Sorry, it costs money to run the mobile site.

  • Whew! Fortunately, I haven’t updated My Account app in such a long time that mine still renders in its original black. :P That app just gets worse with each iteration!

  • That’s one of the main reasons I rooted….to take off all of the T-Mobile garbage they force onto your phone. 

  • Kalel

    It’s part of their sales, sales, and more sales push.  They look at it this way, they hammer customers that call in with pushy sales BUT there are many customers that don’t call in or have issue.  Why shouldn’t they be involved with the pushy sales too.  That’s what this is, to push sales to as many people on the phones, through the apps, and through notifications.  This is the new T-mobile that’s been around for almost 2 years.  They don’t care if you’re annoyed, they just want you to buy their features. 

  • TMoFan

    I got a few of these and figured it was the My Account app doing this. Definitely not a fan of notification bar ads and agree that it should be an opt-out option, but am I “angry”? No way. I hit clear and move on. 

  • Roger

    I get annoyed with the notification after a few days telling me “maintenance” is required which when you dig into the notification turns out they want you to reboot your phone every few days.

    Or the annoying “Battery Alert” from this app.  It includes cunning advice like turning down display brightness so I can’t see the screen, and turning off wifi.  Wifi is the reason I have 5 days of uptime – access point uses WMM which saves a lot of power.  And there is no cell signal at my desk anyway.

    • The most annoying part about that is I think that it’s actually auto rebooting my phone every few days. No warning, of course, so I take my phone out of my pocket to be greeted with a lovely “Enter PIN code” message since I lock my SIM. *sigh*

    • Maierchebus

      you’re battery alert issues can be fixed in settings.

  • eYe

    New, all time low.

  • Gouv

    hey man, they need every opportunity to make money.  Leave em’ alone!

  • I haven’t seen it yet but who cares?  We pay less than the other big 3 carriers and whats the harm?  A lot of apps do the same thing.  Ignore it.  How often do they popup?

  • Johhnybgood

    lol, glad i got an unlocked Galaxy Nexus GSM, no more T-Mobile bloatware and junk! Clean and lean ICS is very fast!

    • tmobile rep


      • jordanjay29


  • Mmmaxheadroom

    And this is why I wait about 2 weeks before I ever update any app. I wait for all the angry responses to whatever app it is that is broken force closes or throws up stupid adds. guess which app I’m not updating any time soon?

  • tmobile rep

    sooooooo the blaze is a low budget galaxy s2 for the ppl that can’t get the s2????

  • Femmefatale Atlanta

    I downloaded an app from the Market – oops, I mean “Google Play”- that finds apps known to produce these notifications after I sent an angry email to xa opt and only garnered a response of downloading another one of their apps to stop the ads. So far so good.

  • zps

    Appalling.  I loathe any carrier mucking with Android.  That’s probably while I’ll eventually try Win Phone.  Android is too OEM and Carrier controlled.

  • Muxmarine

    Heres the fix…root your phone and removed the “my account” app…plain and simple!

  • I got those today, yeah they are aggravating ..

  • Ash

    There are many ways
    1. Get a none t-mo brand phone.
    2. Freeze the my account app. (Use Titanium backup and the likes)
    3. Airblocker. (Find in market)
    4. Use Airpush detector/Addon detector to find the app doing so and uninstall. (Some apps need root to be unistall)
    5. Install custom roms.

    • BB87

      just get a Galaxy Nexus

      • Ash

         Isn’t that my point #1 ??

  • It’s funny because I’ve been getting those notifications for 2 weeks. It was annoying as hell. I was told by tech support that it must’ve been an app that I recently downloaded. SMH!!

    • Concerned

      As someone from tech support, I apologize. This is the first I’m hearing about it and I am not enthused, they told us NOTHING about this, and I would have come to the same conclusion. :( 

      • tmotech

         Agreed. I’m becoming more and more disgusted with the leadership at T-Mobile. I was a little hopeful when the leadership team acknowledged missteps in their policies and said we need to get back to our “core values” in the videos played for our kickoff meetings. But it appears that all they meant is piling that on the shoulders of their frontline employees while they continue to introduce “bottom-line” measures that show disrespect to our customers. We get meetings where we are pushed to find any way to show the customer we care while they are introducing shit like this? I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to stand working for a hypocritical company like this.

  • SamClems

    I am rooted and see them anyway, so that’s no fix. I called T-Mobile and told them to stop sending me the notifications. They said that they could opt me out of them.  That was just a couple of days ago, and I only saw them a couple of times, so we’ll see if it sticks.

  • TMOSince2003

    Why I never auto update. Wait a week, read the reviews.

    What a bad, bad idea. Thanks for the warning.

    One thing you can always do if you already installed the latest crapware is go to settings, applications and uninstall updates. Leaves you with a really old and probably buggy version, the one you can’t delete, but at least you’re free of notification spam.

  • Aaron Slater

    Is that the app that’s been doing that? It’s gone now.

  • jonathan3579

    I don’t download or update ANYTHING from T-Mobile. They’re right up there with Verizon when it comes to bloatware and general intrusion on the(ir) phone.

  • Wex

    I havent gotten those notifications yet but  I could do without being woken up by free Tmobile text messages at 3am…counting the days till churn 2012

  • Wex

    The My Account app doesnt work for me 3/4 of the time anyway…maybe thats why I havent seen these yet.  I just keep thinking of an SNL skit of a Tmobile marketing meeting where they’re all sitting around trying to figure out new ways to piss off customers and get them to leave…

    • TMOSince2003

      I see the Weekend Update segment, “Really?”

      “Air Push, T-Mobile, really? Really?”

  • I stop seeing them after i switched from a htc amaze 4g into a galaxy nexus but I keep seeing them on my G-slate

    • Magmaspawn

      i see none on my wifi g slate

  • Nrgmusic

    Ya I just bought the amaze and am getting the same thing! Very annoying. To the user below who switched from the amaze to the galaxy nexus….what do you think??? I’m wanting to do the same….is it worth the switch?

  • Haiquan Ma

    No annoying texts from T-Mob for me….I turned off my GPRS on my unlocked Acer Liquid Metal. :P

  • WirelessRefugee

    I switched from MetroPCS to Straight Talk SIM (where for $41 monthly I get unlimited 4G data, text and talk) on an AT&T SGS II. Before I switched, when I was with MetroPCS they were sending me marketing e-mails, texts and doing these icons on the notification bar gimmick.

    It was annoying as hell because I assumed the icons signified legitimate messages of some sort. Come to find out that when pressed the marketing messages appeared on screen, but at times they were not text messages, they were some kind of standalone graphic message pushing Metro’s additional services.

    In addition to that, I would get Metro texts and e-mails. I guess on average I would get a marketing message of some type every three to four days.

    Finally, I would swipe to a home screen and a MetroPCS ad would pop up. I figured out that that was caused by a MetroPCS app. But when I tried to uninstall it, the app could not be removed. Obviously MetroPCS installed the app deep into the inner bowels of the OS.

    IMO we pay for services, not to be inundated with ads from the carrier.  And I consider the notification bar sacred. They should not be taking up space with “ad bubbles.”

    So far Straight Talk seems to be clean of what I call “ad crapping.”

    • Tbyrne

      My thoughts exactly!

  • TMOSince2003

    So since they are probably using 3rd party ad servers for air push, does that count against your data cap?

    This annoyance stops with the next release or I will be leaving. I am not just eyeballs and a funding source, I AM THE CUSTOMER, AND I DESERVE BETTER.


    They should push third-party ads for profit, and offer free or extremely discounted service. (as an option, I mean, not forced)  I mean, make it a billboard for viagra or whatever, but charge me $10 a month or less, and free phones for the devices that do this, since it is an ovious annoyance, drains battery, may effect data limits etc. – Watch in Five years we’ll be there.

  • I remember a few months ago an uproar when KDDI in Japan started the same shenanigans.  It wasn’t cool then, and it’s not cool now.  Their users revolted, and they reneged.  Let’s hope T-Mobile is listening.  The last thing they need is more bad PR.

  • Alex

    It all makes sense now, since the latest update, along with these ads my battery has been lasting maybe half as long as it used to. It sits on my desk for 4 hours with no use and I turn it on to see a red battery icon. Good job TMO.

    • Alex

       maybe if we all reported the app for pushing ads with no option to remove or change settings? Surely that is against some T&Cs of the app market (or whatever the hell it’s called this month). 5 million downloads+. More like 5 million forced downloads.

  • Dfkji

    my contract is done bye tmobile u will not be missed

    • Leachpunk

      There seems to be a fair amount of these same similar responses on other carriers’ forums and such. Seems everyone hates mobile service.

  • david weekley

    I guess another benefit of root and being able to remove bloatware

  • Eric Strebel

    I don’t understand why ur complaining, u let tmobile do it to you! You sign up on a contract to take one of there phones at a subsidised price and you expect anything less, you let them run there garbage tmobile rom on your phone… Buy a phone out-right and run the rom of your chose, don’t let tmobile or any other carrier fleece you…you only have your self to blame!

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Glad I bot the Gnexus instead of the Blaze 4G for the same price.
    There is no excuse for this Tmo.

    • Leachpunk

      what else do you bot?

      • Lawrence of Arabia


  • C Powell Ver1 9

    Speaking of invasive, these popup banners that you guys have suck! What hapPened to regular banners? Why do we have to have them follow us down the page and slow down mobile browsing!?

  • Bruce Richards

    It should be an opt-in service. I shouldn’t have to figure out how to stop getting things I didn’t authorize.

  • Alex

    I just threw the can spam act at TMO customer service. They told me I have now been opted out of all future communication for new offers. Let’s see what that means. 

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    no wonder why users leave Tmo and go to iPhone

  • Concerned

    Indeed, they want JDP back so bad they can taste it, but they either have no clue why they lost it or they genuinely don’t care. Pulling crap like this puts us in a terrible position and they think it can be fixed by sprinkling a few insincere, mandated phrases into the call. 
    “Yes, Mr. Customer, I realize our bloatware has left your phone unusable, but we need to wait on Samsung to fix that with a maintenance release that’s never coming, so you’re pretty much boned. My goal today was to provide you with great service and a great resolution, did I get that done for you today?” 
    Any customer who has their experience improved by that last statement is either insane or hopelessly dim.Incompetence or apathy, either way, I feel the same way you do and I’ve been interviewing with another carrier for a few weeks.

  • schtum

    I can’t uninstall My Account, but I can revert it to the version my phone shipped with. I recommend everyone do this until this “feature” is removed.

  • Krewdout

    I completely agree. I cleared the data for the tmo account app because of this and it hasnt happened since

  • SocalTeknique

    Thats it! if i win the Jackpot today, im opening Android Rooting Centers countrywide lol. No more Android basterdizing. Me and my CM9d Nexus S say Buahahahaha……..

  • HM

    How funny this article is! I see the ads on this web page as well as ads when I browse this website thru android firefox browser on phone. Another funniest thing is ad on this page of “Verizon” telling to switch service. What the author is preaching to T-Mobile should act to implement on this website first,. If he can not, then he take this article offline as well.

    • Yeah, did you actually READ the article? Also, you’re searching the website out so you have to deal and understand advertisements are necessary for us to keep the site alive. T-Mobile pushed advertisements to your phone. BIG BIG BIG difference.

      • Calziel

        I totally understand why the ads on this site are necessary, they are quite annoying! Sorry David…

      • ficuscr

        Took me forever to find a page discussing this. These push ads have been annoying me the last couple of days. Sad to see that the comments all seem to be from complete idiots. People. the crux of the issue is tmobile is not respecting the notification preferences of their users. I opted out from this type of communication for my phone. Period. It is not whining. Take a stand now or don’t complain as it gets more and more intrusive.

  • Therealmikebrown

    Just push clear and it goes away, Better than the sms they send because it dosen’t make a sound. Stop whinning.

  • Danieldk75

    Not as bad as my friend’s Metro PCS phone, a full screen ad will pop up.

    What T-mobile should do is charge 5 dollars less per plan and in return have ads pop up on the notification bar (for those penny pinching consumers.)

  • robonik

    Idiot whiners.  I had a “marketing message” from Tmo pop up on my phone on 3/13/12.  I saw a small hot pink “T” in a triangle on my Vibrant’s notification bar.  I opened the notification and it was an offer: “As a loyal Tmobile subscriber would you like a new Samsung Galaxy S2?”   Of course I clicked “yes” and then called Tmo to verify.  Not only did the rep confirm the validity of the offer she upgraded the shipping to express at not cost. 

    Good going idiots – keep complaining. 

  • unhappy customer

    t-mobile kept sending me a free marketing sms early in the morning, 4 am, 5 am. woke up my baby! i’m switching as soon as my 2 year contract ends!