T-Mobile Updates Support Forum Posts For HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Sensation 4G

T-Mobile has updated their support forum postings as of this morning for both the HTC Amaze 4G and Sensation 4G to let owners of both devices know an Ice Cream Sandwich update is coming. Of course, we already know this as HTC has said as much several times, specifically the Sensation 4G, which was expected to be one of the first phones to receive the update. Originally, HTC had set it sights on the end of March for the Sensation 4G ICS update, unfortunately with March ending in two more days, we don’t see that taking place. HTC has not yet released a new timeframe for the ICS rollout.

T-Mobile says that both documents will be updated as more details become available, which really seems obvious.

Amaze 4G, Sensation 4G

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  • Kalel

    I’m waiting for ICS on my Amaze but don’t like to have to do the whole root process all over again.  It does take time and you have to go in and delete all the T-mobile bloatware all over again but it does make it nicer.

  • YBT

    Sensation Update will be on March 31st 11:59PM – Just because! LOL

  • ICS would be nice for my sensation. 

  • PimpStrong

    Sure they’ll get updated.  Late April after the One S drops…

  • go of houston

    why wait for a software??the sensation battery still going to suck and the phone is still going to be ugly.just get a galaxy s2 the best tmobile

    • Kalel

       As a former rep, I can say that I have never received a call about a problem with an Amaze but have received calls about multiple SGS2 phones.  HTC has a much better track record in reliability and that’s more important to me than having to plug it in once in awhile.

      • go of houston

        amaze or sensation better then galaxy s2??you must have a illness

        • go of houston

          that sense stuff is played out the wrost thing i ever witness on a device

        • Deon Davis

          Touchwize is just as played too. The new sense 3.6 and esp Sense 4 are vast improvement in speed and smoothness.

        • Jared20089

          You obviously have never SEEN it. -_-

        • Deon Davis

          The Amaze is just as good as the SGS2

        • JBLmobileG1

          The Amaze 4g is an amazing phone. Very similar specs to the SGS2 with different screens. I prefer HTC over Samsung myself.

        • StonersLane

          Yeah I picked the Amaze over the S2. Like you said on the Specs. There’s not much of a difference. What about me was the side camera buttons.

        • Sammyesparza91

          the amaze 4g has a higher screen resolution and a better camera, what good is your huge screen if it has an inferior resolution

  • Youngt82

    Just root your phone guys. Its pretty simple especially with the Sensation 4G. Ive been running CM9 ,AOKP and Sense 4.0 back and forth for the last couple of months now and its awesome so far:D

    • Kalel

       It might be possible with the Sensation but you can’t say that for the Amaze.  You can’t get S=OFF with the Amaze, which has stunted the development of ROMS, including CM9 or even CM7. 

      • StonersLane

        Doesn’t HTC allow you to unlock the bootloader on this phone. I thought I read something like that on Engadget.

        • Sammyesparza91

          Yes they can unlock the bootloader but s-off is still needed to flash radio’s, and unlock the device, with a s-on phone there isn’t much we can do except flash gingerbread roms which is no fun

    • Dickrichards

      Why root our phones, when us stoners already rooted our brains with some smoke? What else do we need as heads anyway? Rooted phones are for when were sober not high.

  • T-mobile is a joke. They do not give a rats a** about their current customers anymore only new contracts. AT&T and Verizon both already pushed the ICS update to the Vivid and Rezound respectively.

    • Deon Davis

      No you a joke! They can only push out update as fast as HTC can give it to them to test first. 

    • StonersLane

      Jokes on you. :D

    • Susanne

      Bullshit – It’s the same with ISPs, they are all awesome and all suck — AT THE SAME TIME. It all depends on circumstances, but I can tell you I have never had a better experience with any tech company starting from @Hom:twitter e broadband. 9 years with Tmo now, and still happy. They bend over backwards to keep long standing customers happy. I actually feel they make ANYTHING happen for me! Customer Loyalty RULES!
      On the other hand, if you hop around between providers thinking you can always get a better deal somewhere else, you’ll never build a relationship and never benefit from one.
      So, if you prefer AT&T and Verizon, WTF are you doing with Tmo anyway? Oh, maybe because those suck pretty much in every other way and only have a faster ICS role-out going for them…cause you know, AT&T and Verizon forums are just full of happy customers holding hands and singing kumbaya together

  • StonersLane

    Let’s hope there are no delays. Just saying cause my last phone was the G2X.

  • TechHog

    I heard that the Sensation 4G ROM leaked, so it can’t be too much longer, right?


  • Bangincrazy

    Root your phones and get ICS now!

    • Nps_12

      No good with Amaze there is no ICS rom currently.

  • I_lied

    yay, i just got my update!

  • Rob

    I wanted stock version so bad I couldn’t just wait anymore. I. Rooted and got a leaked version. I’m sure like everyone says we ain’t getting it until the HTC one drops. Fk that

  • Fdsa

    what about the g2x ?

  • Jmart922

    Can not wait…this phone is already a super sweet device, can’t wait for it to get 4.0.3 and pack an ever BIGGER PUNCH!!!