(Update) Nine-Minute Walkthrough Video Of The Upcoming HTC One S For T-Mobile

Update: Sorry everyone, the video has been removed, the poster tells me another video will up later tonight. 

The luckiest T-Mobile customer walking the street is back with a 9:15 walkthrough video of the HTC One S developer version for T-Mobile. This early version of the HTC One S runs Android 4.0.3 with HTC Sense 4.0, Beats Audio and a host of other features that will drop on T-Mobile. Inside this video you’ll see what the One S can do on quadrant with a score of 4005 along with Speedtest.net results of 14.3Mbps down, 2.3Mbps up and a second test of 12.9Mbps down, 2.8Mbps up. Check out the full video for a walk-through while keeping in mind this is a developer phone so it’s unbranded and the software is still in the beta phase.

Check out the first video.

Thanks J!


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  • nice hair…

  • Ryanavega83

    wow don’t really waste your time watching the video.  The summary gives you all the info your interested in.   IMO it doesn’t seem like the person doing the video is the actual owner of this phone, if they are they don’t really come off as very techincally capable.  Never the less interesting, I guess.

  • jonathan3579

    That ad is seriously too much. It makes visiting the site from any phone a real pain.

    • Deadeye37

      Visiting this site from a phone is kinda annoying because of that full screen pop-up.  Desktop works fine, though.  I wonder what happens if you visit using Dolphin HD set to desktop mode?

  • Joseph Wong

    Didn’t hide his phone #.

  • Deadeye37

    This is a much better video than the last one this guy did.  Still didn’t clip his nails, though.   Also, sounds like he finally made it home instead of doing this at the playground in McDonalds.

    I still wonder how he got that phone?  Did the T-mobile employee accidentally leave it at McDonalds and this kid found it?

  • Nice looking device…

  • Blah

    Why is there not even a rumor of Tmobile coming out with additional Nokia Lumia models in the future?
    By all accounts sales have massively exceeded expectations.
    Really hoping tmobile would sell the Lumia 800

  • JBLmobileG1

    And it’s gone…

  • Yvrcouve

    Hard to get excited abt this phone knowing other carriers are sporting the HTC One X

    • UglyPete

      obviously you haven’t read much about both phones

      • Yvrcouve

        read enough to know it’s not as good…..for me anyway.

        • Oreo

          Ha I find it funny. What so other carriers get the 720p HD screen phone which is the only difference between the One X and the One S. Other than that I don’t see why people put down this phone. The processor in this phone is going to Handle the qHD screen a lot better that if it was at 720p. 

        • Yvrcouve

          ONE S has 4.3″ screen, ONE X has 4.7″ screen

        • guest

          One X has 32 GB Memory and NFC.  One S has 16GB and no NFC.

        • Deon Davis

          The AT&T One X only has 16gb not 32gb

      • Honestly they are both really great, but it is clear that the One X is the most current.. but if the One S (for me) packed NFC, I wouldn’t mind.. too much, on missing out on the 720p display (I think that’s it..)

  • Youngt82

    The video has been removed by the user:( So David you might want to update this post:)

  • Derrick227

    Wtf removed the vid???? -___-

  • Chris

    The dude felt bad about how he held his GS2 upright, to record the walk-through. So he’s gonna post another holding his phone/camera CORRECTLY…..hopefully!

  • dingaling

    I dont see what the big hype is about phones that is equipped w NFC feature. From what ive read, Phones that are equipped with NFC technology as of today is not even working properly and also what if your phone gets lost or stolen? Whats gonna keep the person that finds it or stole it from charging up your financial account? 

    • guest

      To me, a good analogy would be Bluetooth a few years ago.  When Bluetooth first came out there wasn’t much use for it but a lot can happen during the 2 years that you are under contract…

    • NFC is only going to get better.. Google made a push with Wallet on the Nexus S, now NFC is basically a feature of ICS with Android Beam; to not have NFC going onward would be like launching an Android Tablet with HVGA (480×360) resolution.

  • Tomnewtn

    I’ll go for stock 1x if it’s available, otherwise I’ll pass.

    • GazaIan

      Why? Who would take a Tegra 3 over a Snapdragon S4 with Adreno 225? 

  • Craig4life20089

    How come no u.s. carrier is getting the quad core one x? What’s up with that?

    • Deon Davis

      The tegra 3 does not support LTE or HSPA 42 that why. The dual core S4 is just as strong.


       I saw a video demo of the HTC ONE X with a AT&T branding on youtube yesterday. I was upset when I saw that b’cuz I hate AT&T, & TMO wasn’t getting the HTC One X.


      Hey Craig4life, Here’s the youtube video link of the HTC ONE X with AT&T branding.



      HTC ONE X with AT&T branding.


  • Rat

    Great!  I just wasted my time coming here.

  • Hump

    He was showing his full IMEI in this video which started with 00…..

  • Bob

    again this is an employee and he has to send his test one s back tomorrow.  its really not that big of a deal.

  • StonersLane

    Would love to get this. But why remove the side camera button?

    • Anonymous

       I had the same question initially, but if you have seen the videos and saw how fast it takes pictures, it really doesn’t necessitate a dedicated camera button. I still wish there was one, but with the speed of this sensor, there doesn’t seem to be a need.

  • Izzybrexx

    Honestly now which is better…galaxy nexus unlocked or htc one s?…

    • Wait for the ONE X to hit Tmo, there will be an internal contest to see which rep can sell the most ONE Ss from each store, the winner gets the entire line of HTC ONE phones to keep with one year service.