T-Mobile Confirms Sidekick 4G Retirement, Says Sidekick Line Will Continue

In a brief follow-up to our story earlier this week on the discontinuation of the Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile sent The Verge a brief statement about the Sidekick 4G.

While the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G is being retired, it doesn’t mean we are discontinuing the T-Mobile Sidekick line. T-Mobile continues to update and expand its 4G product portfolio and we’ll keep you posted when we have news to share on T-Mobile’s latest 4G devices.

This confirms our intel that the Sidekick 4G is in fact being retired and our assumption that T-Mobile hopes to continue the Sidekick line down the road. There is a lot of nostalgic value for Sidekick owners and we imagine T-Mobile will look to continue improving the Sidekick hardware and Android overlay. The Sidekick 4G remains one of the best QWERTY devices I’ve ever used and while it’s a mid-range device, it’s a great value. You can still pick up the Sidekick 4G on T-Mobile’s website for $329.99 or free on contract.

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  • ncmacasl

    Sidekick 4G-LX?? 
    Sidekick LX-4G???  Will they go bigger, or smaller or both?? (hoping bigger and more powerful).

    • Realcool2000

      Im hoping for 5.3 in screen with a physical key keyboard. Lol

      Then hear everyone complain that its a computer…..

      • Jose Hernandez

         lol!!! that is so true. And so funny!

  • Guest

    Did this thing even sell well? I get that alot of people were curious about its initial release but did that equal alot of sales? I remember teens several years ago liked this device but aren’t most teens today into hardcore androids and iphones? I can’t see why even bother anymore the way this piece of junk was made. Same goes with the MyTouch brand since HTC left although I’m beginning to think that HTC canceled those models for tmobile to focus on flagships only. My point is… these remakes are cheap plastic shadows of previous models and it shows. The Sidekick was weak along with the new MyTouch ones. If Tmobile is gonna put any money into them… make them upper mid range and not lower end smartphones. Just hurts the brand name and any chance of proper revival. I get that Tmobile might attract a few kids and some people from the deaf community but don’t halfass it this time!

    • Jose Hernandez

       I posted something similar to another person, if YOU do not like the device, then YOU don’t like it. That does not mean that other people feel the same way. Think about what you posted here, why would T-Mobile and HTC continue to make a model that did not sell? That’s right! they would not. So apparently, the Sidekick still has a following and is making money. as for the MyTouch line, Seriously? T-Mobile owns the line, not HTC. HTC did not cancel the those models, T-Mobile decided to have LG build the latest ones. And I agree with you, those new models sucked so bad, I was ashamed to be a MyTouch 4G owner. Hopefully, they do as you suggested and make the new models higher end ones. They do need to make better smart phones.

  • Loopylogic

    Oh no. This phone is free. Subsidies are ruining the wireless industry because of people’s entitlement issues ::rollseyes:: 

  • justme

    I hope that Andy Rubin and his Danger Inc. colleagues currently at Google/Android
    are involved in the building of newer Sidekick!

  • UlyssesGhost

    Don’t know if it sold well, but was one of the most searched topics last year, in the top 20 I think.  Of course those searches were probably on how to make the thing stable or actually work right.  This was the worst, buggiest phone I have ever seen or experienced in application.   Even with several updates samsung could never fix it fully.  EOL’ing this was the kindest thing that t-mobile could have done, I still remember the sighs I would hear in the voices of CS when they heard the “I am having problems with my sidekick4g” start of the conversation.   I love t-mo though, they eventually took pity on me and sent me a mt4g slide and that fixed my problem.  Good riddance to this version of the sidekick, hopefully the next one will be greatly better.

  • damn my friend had one

  • ThreeLAKE

    I would LOVE a new sidekick! One that actually twists and has a top of the line spec list. I would get it on day 1. I’m actually holding on upgrading hoping and wishing for this phone. I loved my Sidekick 3 and it was the whole reason I went to Tmobile in the first place.

  • D4nd4n

    Still no gingerbread update :(

    I still love my phone though, the last update fixed pretty much all bugs for me except the gallery crashing causing a phone reboot when trying to view photos that were recently taken

  • Ged92781

    I first got the Sidekick 3 and then the 2008 model. I then got the 4G the day it came out. The first 2 firmware versions had memory leak issues, but the most recent one was solid and the folks at XDA did awesome work removing the bloatware, speeding up the device and making it feel like a Sidekick should. The keyboard is better than any other phone on the market. I would LOVE a new Sidekick with higher-end specs with this keyboard and the 4 corner buttons!!! I’m saving my 2 upgrades for this! 

  • EverybodyNeedsASidekick

    If T-Mobile releases another Sidekick with higher-end specs, it might become my wife’s first Android device. She has been a Blackberry user since the Curve 8320 came out! I love using my Sidekick, but wouldn’t mind a better processor and nicer camera.

  • EXIBITman

    I hope they just retire the damm sidekick line they already played this device out for to long the style is very old and boring . i never had one never wsnted one. PLEASE tmobiles discontinue this very OLD style of a phone

    • Jose Hernandez

       Just because YOU never liked or had and interest in the device line, it does not mean that the device was not a good device, that it was not liked or wanted. I know quite a few people that have it and love it. That is why there are a lot of different devices out there, if YOU don’t like it, then YOU get something else YOU like. Notice the theme here? If YOU don’t like the device or have anything good to say about it, why are YOU posting on this thread?

    • You would have had to been an original Sidekick user before the torch was passed on to Samsung from a Danger OS to Android. Most people didn’t buy the Sidekick 4G for the features, but the excellent keyboard. Some of the new layout threw us original users off but we became used to it after a while. The experience as a Sidekick user was much better in the past before Android. Android is too cumbersome and has many faults such as force closing and freezing which was a big let down. I’ve owned many Sidekicks and many Android devices. Androids pretty much all have the same problems.

    • Guest

      you never owned one so how can you comment oh how boring it is doofus.

  • ep

    Y U NO SWIVEL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • musclehead18

    Since the sidekick 4g has been discontinued, do you guys thing its going to get gingerbread update? I hope so because I’m already tired of those roms at xda. Don’t get me wrong they are good and fast, but they got old. Plus maybe if we get gingerbread, we going to have a path for ics

    • Kris

      unfortunately that means that the SK4G has been abandoned, no gingerbread and no more updates.

  • fixxmyhead

    i REALLY REALLY hated the stupid ass rapping white guy for the commercial. wtf were they thinking

  • Brianx220

    My Sister turned it down after looking at it. it looks cheaply made and the android UI isnt really that good. she baught the HTC MyTouch 4G Slide because it looks expensive and its android (HTC Sense 3.0) is beautiful it takes magnificent pictures and its running 2.3 possibly 4.0 soon. i got the HTC Sensation XE in i fell in love with the device. T-Mobile hit it with the Sensation as may people own one. mine is from Europe but im sure both models are the same. The new LG MyTouch devices really look like toys. Not sure why HTC stopped producing the MyTouch after the 4G Slide. but HTC will always make the better phone aside from LG. like the G2X… HTC G2 was better and it was an older device. still beats the G2X.

  • Kwan Lee

    Danger needs to get back together. Maybe work with RIM to brind us the best experience possible. The sidekick was my favorite phone along with the BlackBerry. I write lyrics on my phone and the Sidekick made it very easy…. 

  • i can’t see how this is better than the HTC 4g slide

  • Lowkey123

    I had a lot of problems with my Sidekick 4G but I still love it, it is by far the best phone on the market for text messaging, that being said I think it really needs some improvements. If it is going to be an android phone, make it a true android, or just leave it uniquely Sidekick like it used to be, not halfway in the middle…A bigger screen and a far better camera would be very welcome. For once I would like to own a Sidekick that has a decent speaker on it for hands free speakerphone use, or listening to music. The best QWERTY imaginable everyone absolutely loves that about my phone!

  • Ooshiewooshie

    Team up with Microsoft to make it a swivel screen sidekick like it used to be. Beef up the specs and have HTC build it. I’m not a big fan of windows phone, though, but I’m sure it’d be cool on a swivel HTC built sidekick!

  • Itsjords


  • Billypea

    That was the worst phone ever !

  • Sonny J <333

    I’ve had this phone for a year now.. and it’s stuck with me through thick and thin. I have fat fingers so the keyboard is like… my best friend? Haha, but I miss screwing around with the swivel screen on my older sidekicks. Soooo, maybe T-Mobile can take a hint and somehow bring it back? I know for a fact that a newer sidekick with a swivel screen would sell like crazy.

  • Pejuarez

    So I take it we’re *not* getting our promised GB update then? /sigh. Samsung at their finest.

  • Guest
  • Jaladahsboy

    could you at least make a version for verizon? is that too much to ask pluss if it has a swivle screen i would piss my self of joy

  • Sokolsam

    I have the sidekick 4g and have had nothing but problems. I’m currently waiting right now for my replacement sidekick in the mail since my sidekick now decided to be a real shit and freeze as soon as I type and everytime I open any app/my web browser it gliches and the screen turns green and purple. My best friend had the original sidekick when it first came out and I would hog her phone up I absolutely loved it. Super disapointed with this phone, the keyboard is probably the best feature since my touch screen constantly freezes. Hope tmobile comes out with a better more sophisticated look along with bringing back the old swivel screen!

  • Eternalfiregod

    After it’s altered and fixed up a bit the Sidekick 4G is my best freind, runs well, runs fast, has great accessibilty :) Everything is very great on this after Samsungs TouchWiz and other mistakes are cleaned up

  • Dcalhoun1964

    this is the biggest peace of garbage t-mobile has ever come up with they wont be updating just ripping people off with it

  • Dcalhoun1964

    you have a problem with your phone then t-mobile wants to send you a phone that’s not as good as the one you spent 100’s of dollars on they send you a cheap peace of garbage call a sidekick that is slower then what you had and freezes up all the time and the only thing you can do is upgrade which costs you more money. what a bunch of crooks they are

  • digitaljedi559

    I hold T-Mobile, Samsung, and Google responsible for this. They all knew it had issues running the Android 2.2 OS and they failed BIG TIME addressing it. This is the reason these 3 companies cannot hang with Apple. When android can update everyone at once they may have a fighting chance until then….#TeamApple

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Samsung and T-Mobile screwed up.  They screwed up Android so bad that they can’t even figure out how to make it work.  This IS the worst phone I have ever had, and all they needed to do is drop Gingerbread on it, and the open developers could get it fixed… but they are too lazy.  This phone is terrible, and I have had 5 Android devices including this one, and this has to be the worst.  The majority of BAD Android devices are all Samsung’s with TouchWiz.  Touchwiz sucks, Samsung!  Test with a basic launcher (Launcherpro?) and then release the devices…

    I WILL wait until a phone is out for a while now, before I jump on it.

    Can somebody PLEASE just release a phone with a 5 row Keyboard running Pure google so customers don’t get crappy phones?!?!?!?

    Since I got this phone when it was released, I will not be buying from T-mobile again, I would rather give them ZERO extra money, and buy one off of e-bay that I know will work, and I could return it, because you can’t with this phone with t-mobile without a month-worth of hassle!

  • S244life

    This phone really sucks, always locking up and freezes up on a daily basis. I hate this phone and will never recommend to anyone

  • LISA E.


  • Alex

    I don’t care what people say I want that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tyler Johnson

    I’ve personally owned every sidekick that has been made, and even though this one freezes sometimes, and force closes apps, I love the phone. The swivel screen would be a plus, and a better OS. Let’s hope the new sidekick fixes those problems.

  • conrado

    does it even have a tools option

  • Brandon

    I had the sidekick lx the best phone I ever had! The sidekick was the only reason I switched to T-Mobile.but in northwest Ohio there service sucks! Sell the sidekick threw Verizon give it the 4.1.1 jelly bean system bring the swivel back not a slider!!! Longer battery at lease a 1.9 mega pixel front camera an 5 mega pixel back camera and have Motorola build the phone and I guarantee the sidekick would be the top selling phone! Apple, HTC, lg all suck go with Motorola!

  • Scott F

    It seems that finally a developer over at XDA has cracked the Gingerbread cherry for our Sidekick device. I was hoping if there were any developers lingering over here wanting to help us out over on XDA with some development. Check out this link if there is anyone who’s interested or could maybe provide some positive input. We have a small following but we finally made some progress with this device. Thanks everyone here and I hope that someday we could use our device with a stable ROM.


  • lilclassy

    I love my sidekick 4g the internet and data just needs to be faster other than that I love sidekicks I will never change I really hope tmobile comes out with a new sidekick

  • tiredof4g

    This phone, I’m sorry to say, is a pile of junk. It freezes like nobody’s business. I know I’m not the only one because my brother had the same phone and it did not behave any differently. I have to restart my phone several times per day.

  • Ryusaki

    I love the sidekick line, I like that the 4G add the touch screen, but need to improve. Hope they don’t give up, because I really prefer the qwerty keyboard, I hate to use the touch to write.

  • Tmobile

    Sodekick is my favorite phone

  • only if apple and sidekick combined,.. I hated the android operating system I just miss that sidekick have their original operating system and how it does.. one of my favorite feature is the qwerty keyboard for easy texting