T-Mobile Discontinues The Sidekick 4G, I Hope We See A Follow-Up Soon

We’re sad to report that the day has finally come for T-Mobile to retire the Sidekick 4G, the very first Android Sidekick cross-over to hit T-Mobile shelves. I first got a hands on the Sidekick 4G back in March of 2011 and loved the keyboard, and it remains one of my favorite pieces of QWERTY hardware in recent memory.

First leaked in January of 2011, the Sidekick 4G brought the Sidekick brand back to the T-Mobile world after a lengthy absence as a result of the great Sidekick outage of 2009. We’re sad to see the this smartphone go, especially after we learned in December of last year that the Sidekick 4G was one the most searched consumer electronics via Google for all of 2011.

I can only hope that the Sidekick brand remains a staple in the T-Mobile lineup for many years to come and while we haven’t heard anything about a follow-up, the Sidekick name deserves as many chances as we can give it.

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  • I have a Sidekick 4G :( I truly hope they create a follow up to the device that will be a worthy upgrade, now I’m just wishing on a star, but I hope the next Sidekick is made by Sharp, has the trademark swiveling screen, great keyboard minus the extra emotion keys, no joystick, maybe a tad bit wider with a bigger screen, a chasis much like the LX 2009.

  • WillieFDiaz

    Sidekick is in the same category as brands TMobile has retired permanantly, like the SDA, MDA and Shadow. Tmobile has no plans to bring Sidekick back.

    • ncmacasl

      got a source for that? or just opinion??

  • PimpStrong

    I never saw someone using a Sidekick 4G, but then again I’m not in High School.  Uh-oh here we go again!

  • ncmacasl

    end of an era (and we are STILL waiting for the Gingerbread update!!)

    Hardware (especially keyboard) was excellent, but software was buggy (lots of reboots and force closes have been widely reported) and required ROOT and lots of bloatware removal to get the thing working “normal” with the built-in OS skin (which I have done and am now using comfortably)

    Really hope they will release an update with better specs & less buggy software. 

    • Mack E

      any tips?

      • ncmacasl

        for Rooting, go to XDA Developer’s site. they have a Sk4G page there. use easy task killer set at 30 minutes and 70%, after rooting remove a bunch of software. XDA can step you thru it. (also a factory reset before rooting helps but you have to re-load everything and games and stuff lose their data.)

  • ncmacasl

    almost 1 year to the day (March 14, 2011) since T-Mobile officially announce the device.


  • ncmacasl

    Interesting only the BLACK version is listed but not the Magenta version. 

  • PimpStrong

    Do you know any way to track total sales of our devices?

    • ncmacasl

      nope. Danger never released data. Samsung sometimes does but this device was a Joint venture with T-Mobile and Samsung so I am not sure if Samsung is authorized to release sales figures (also not sure if Sidekick sales were counted with total Samsung sales)

  • Cjballer55

    Does this mean if u have a sidekick 4g, u can send it in and get a phone that isnt discontinued? I have had problems with this phone since i have had it and have prayed for this day to come!

    • Kalel

       Nope, you’ll get a refurbed Sidekick.

      • ncmacasl

        …until the refurbs run out. after 3 returns they often will allow you to swap out with another device.

        • JBLmobileG1

          They offered me a Sidekick when I had issues with my G2. It was either that, another G2, or the Amaze 4g. You might want to call in and ask what’s available because it switches from time to time.

        • TmoCSR

           actually its 3 exchanges within 90 days.  if your 3rd exchange is on the 91st day itll be another sidekick.

  • JamesJ13

    hopefully they discontinue the mytouch line as well…

    • ncmacasl

      They will probably keep both lines to compete with Verizon’s “Droid” lines (name recognition beyond “vanilla Android”)

  • justme

    Wonder if Huawei Prism is the next Sidekick?

    • ncmacasl

      Doubt it. The 3 main trademarks of the sidekick: 1)  Landscape default orientation (most Androids including the Huawai are portrait), 2) 4 corner buttons (1 on each corner, instead of the default Android orientation of 4 buttons at the bottom “chin”), 3) 5-row, well-spaced keyboard.  

      if it doesn’t have at least those three qualities, it doesn’t keep the Sidekick “flair”.

  • Prospector

    The sidekick was a disappointing price of hardware, and I’m glad it won’t be sold, it made a lot of local people max, and I had to return multiple sidekicks to get a working one, I’d like to see one that is faster and still as good a keyboard, but those don’t seem to work with the sidekick name

  • GinaDee

    No sense in creating and marketing a device nobody wants anymore.  The Sidekick may have had its day but those days are long gone. 

    To the furor of Android zealots people want the iPhone and the iPad and those are the devices T-Mobile USA needs to try harder to get. 

    • Brandon

      I would take the sidekick over the piece of shit iPhone any day of the week! They make a good sidekick an I would go back to t mobile in a heart beat best phone ever invented if you think other wise your an idiot!

  • Bklynman

    Everyone that is hoping they bring back another SideKick,just hope Paris Airhead wants one! Then I am sure they will bring it back!

    • None

      Hey now, Paris Hilton helped make that the *IT* phone for years and TMO benefitted greatly from her unpaid usage of it.

      • None

        *unpaid endorsement of it through her constant usage (if what I should have said).
        I have met her several times at animal events and when she is away from the public, she drops that baby voice and is much more intelligent that she would like to have you believe.

  • FILA

    I dount there will be another one, i dont think this one did to good did it?

  • None

    I think the issue is “there are no more teen phones” — the teens have the same taste and want the same awesomeness that comes with the top of the line stuff we have occasionally landing on TMO.  I think there just is not a market for the Sidekick other than 30’somethings nostalgia..

    • ncmacasl

      Actually the hard keyboard is top of the line. those of us with big hands/fingers have a hard time with soft keyboards. Also the Jump+ (///) feature makes it much more powerful to jump between apps without returning ot the homescreen (tho on any Android hard keyboard with a hard search button you can do the same kind of combos, but Sidekick makes it much easier)

      • None

        I do agree with you on the great keyboard 100%.  I was commenting more on how the “teen” market has changed so much that I believe it is almost non-existent as a consumer base because they want the same greatness everyone else does.  But you are right about the keyboard and those small features for sure!


    TEENS of the 21st Century = A Keyboard… 


  • TechHog

    It was such a shitty phone. Nobody will miss it.

    • Derp Deplume

      You’re an idiot.  I know a lot of people that loved the SK 4G.

      • TmoCSR

         they may have loved it, but that doesnt take away from the fact that its a terrible phone with a laundry list of serious issues.

  • SJV

    T-Mobile should come out with a sidekick that has a swivel screen, a screen the size of the new razr, and original sidekick software.. oh and did i mention a light-up trackball and not a crappy sensor?

    I’ve had my sidekick 4g since last july, and it’s okay, but it just doesn’t compare to the older sidekicks. I have a lot of friends that say they just want a phone with a big screen and an actual keyboard… So why not something like.. a sidekick 4g-lx? :)

    • Ayoshawty2192

      really nice idea yew got there…

  • Klawatti

    Really, this will be missed?  I thought the Gameboy replaced this piece of crap a long time ago.

  • Kheir Francis

    the follow should be a Galaxy Sidekick, with 4G, 8mpx camera, full qwerty keyboard, 1.4 GHZ dual core processor, and its own personal messenger, 2.0 front facing camera and a gorilla glass screen, and Ice Cream Samdwhich as the operating system

    • Brandon

      I agree minus the ice cream operating system that’s Jus stupid! Use the jelly bean operating system!