T-Mobile To Introduce Unlimited Calling To Any Mobile On April 4th, No Contract Required

I have to say, I’m thrilled to see T-Mobile add this to their current rate plan offerings and for such a good value. “Beginning April 4th, T-Mobile will offer Unlimited Any Mobile, a $10 per month subscriber-level feature that includes unlimited calling to any domestic mobile number, including Puerto Rico, regardless of carrier.” Love it.

So why choose Unlimited Any Mobile?

1. No contracts required — Customers currently on rate plans with limited minute allotments may be hesitant to bump up to the unlimited plans due to a contract extension. This $10 add-on doesn’t require a contract extension and considering 80% of T-Mobile calls are made to mobile numbers, it can just be as good as Unlimited.

2. Bill reduction — Customers with monthly overage charges but still hesitant to jump on to an unlimited plan may find the $10 a month Unlimited Any Mobile plan very beneficial.

3. Does not change existing rate plan — Unlimited Any Mobile will not require a change to your existing rate plan and can be added or removed at any time. Customers anticipating a short-term rise in call volume, can add Unlimited Any Mobile for a billing cycle or two and then remove the feature.

I love the idea of a Unlimited Any Mobile feature and while it’s hard to argue that Unlimited Minute plans don’t offer the very same feature, for some…this is a great offer.

Thanks TmoExpert88!

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  • Taron19119

    Cool ant this what sprint did right befor they got the iphone right

    • Bruce Banner

      You’re thinking to hard. The iphone has nothing to do with this article.

      • Sdboy77

        This deal is sad, It’s only good if u have a family plan, individual talk or talk&text , If u add the web it’s costing the same as getting a true unlimited plan, Blah

        • JBrowne1012

          Families pay more overall than any other subscriber its about time t-mo gets back to focusing on family, not that they really have diverted from family plans or anything though.

    • Freak4Dell

       Sprint had this way before the iPhone.

    • ERIK

      Its part of sprints unlimited data 450 min plan; no surcharge

  • Jaygqitalia

    I dont get this? If you add 10 dollars to any of the 500 min plans, you can just get an unlimited plan.

    • NoX2o02


      • phunk

        I think this is focused around Family offerings.

    • Fallen

      You said it.

    • Nearmsp

      But you would need to go on a contract to get it? I guess here people not on contract can add and remove this feature as needed without getting on to contract.

    • Brandon

      That is exactly what I was thinking. It’s only a $10 difference to go from 500 to unlimited. Why would anyone add the m2m add on instead of just going totally unlimited. I guess it may be good for grandfathered plans…if it is even available for them…T-Mobile makes me laugh at the way they do things sometimes. Just a side note did anyone notice that they raised the price of the Galaxy S 4G by $80 just because of the fact that they are out of the Galaxy S II? Its no wonder people are leaving in droves. I mean, every company has their issues, but T-Mobile needs to be more aggressive about getting and retaining customers now, more than ever. Give the M2M option free!

    • UglyPete

      Well then common sense would say it’s not aimed at classic individual plans. Family plans and grandfathered individual O_o

    • ERIK

      EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT!! Another bonehead marketing ploy

      • sidif

        looks like you are a bonehead because you can’t read.

        • phong nguyen

          I don’t get why my earlier comment was deleted as I posted nothing offensive, nothing false, and nothing that can be considered “troll baiting”. This option makes no sense as other competitions options are much better and cheaper. Like I said earlier, ATT has a family version of this for $30 which includes unlimited texting for the entire family plan + unlimited Mobile 2 Mobile regardless of carrier to all LINES on the family plan. Tmobile keeps spouting that they want to keep customers, and every time a bad JD review comes out they keep pointing out that these “scores” don’t reflect “changes” implemented yet; however, from what I read Tmobile hasn’t done jack to change anything. 

          They need better building penetration for their DATA services, I’m tired of walking into a building and my data coverage disappears, at least with ATT I still have coverage. 

  • Y314K

    Wish TMobile had smaller plans then the 1000 Minute Family Pan…  This would be an awesome add on to a 300-500 minute 5GB 4G family plan…

  • bpcguy

    Some people are hesitant to sign an agreement, so this is a win!

  • WillieFDiaz

    Sprint adds this with ANY Everything Data subscription cost, AT&T does this of you have Unlimited Messaging plans which most people do, yet T-Mobile wants to charge $10 more? Seems T-Mobile is back to $5 and $10 aka Five and Dining customers for features included in other carriers. After adding this, my rate on T-mobile would be $20 more than Sprint. No deal!

    • Frigadroid

      I’d pay $5 for dining with Carly and $10 to dance with her latin coworker who does the advertising on estrella & univision ;-)

    • Freak4Dell

       Think of it this way. On AT&T, the unlimited messaging is $20 and $30 for individual and family plans, respectively. On T-Mobile, it’s $10 and $20. This extra $10 brings the cost to the $20 and $30 that AT&T charges, IF you want it. On Sprint, the price for the lowest ED plan is $79.99 and $149.99, respectively (this is after you’ve added in the $10 premium data fee for each line that has a smartphone (which I’m guessing is true for you, since you are comparing to a Sprint ED plan)). On T-Mobile, the price for the tiered minute plans with 2GB of data is $69.99 and $119.99. With this added cost, you get to $79.99 and $129.99. The same price as the Sprint plan for individuals, and $20 cheaper for families. Granted, if you need more data, then your prices will be different, but even with the 5GB data option, the T-Mobile family plan and the Sprint family plan become the same price.

      Yes, this is not for everyone, and it offers pretty much no benefit at all to individual plans. But, it’s a great feature for a lot of people that have family plans. It’s great because if you don’t need the entire buffet that Sprint gives you, you can save money on T-Mobile. If you don’t need the messaging that AT&T forces you to buy, you can still get this feature without it on T-Mobile. One of the reasons I left Sprint was because I got tired of them forcing me to get plan features that I wasn’t using. The model that T-Mobile (and every other carrier, to an extent) uses works much better, since I can pick and choose what features I want, thereby maximizing my savings.

    • ERIK

      Join me in adding to the 2012 churn stats. lol. Keep wondering what happened to the great magenta I joined years ago. Stupid mktg moves over & over and a lot of incompetent & unknowledgable reps

  • fatima

    so this is $10 per line even on a family plan?

    • phunk

      No. It’s a subscriber level feature like Family Allowances and such.

      • Guest

         that would be a BAN/Account-Level feature. Subscriber-Level features are per-line features.

  • As a current T-Mobile prepaid user on the $50 monthly 4G plan, I have ALWAYS had unlimited minutes, text messages and data. I really don’t understand why consumers don’t switch to prepaid. It’s VERY simple, get your own handset online or directly from the manufacturer. I got my iPhone unlocked directly from Apple. Next, go to a T-Mobile store and ask for the $50 monthly 4G unlimited plan.

    Now I enjoy unlimited minutes, text and data for just $50 a month. That beats ANY contract based carrier plan. I would have chosen MetroPCS since they have the same plan for $40, but MetroPCS doesn’t use sim cards so the next best carrier is T-Mobile USA.

    Oh and on a side note, I can LEAVE T-Mobile USA whenever I want since I am not locked to a damn contract. :) CONSUMERS CONSUMERS! You have to start thinking long term and not short term!

    • Frigadroid

      When does the throttling start on your plan 2Gb or 5Gb ? Even at 2Gb that does sound better to me than value plan just because of no contract. Others might debate saying you get the outsourced customer service but I hardly ever use customer service. Can’t you get the same unlimited plan at walmart for $30-$45 depending on data? Seems that tmobile is competing against themselves with all these different plans.

      • Ty

        The throttling on this plan for $50 is after 100MB, that’s why nobody switches to it, 100 MB might last me a week max.

        • Frigadroid

          Lol it might last me 5 minutes. I should have known that if its inexpensive with no contract there has to be a catch. Last month I used 4.2Gb but this month I hit 5 with 10 days to go:( I think the best option for me might be to get the walmart sim for an extra 5gb at $30 and not mess with my contract since it will expire in july. I Hope my vibrant can last 4 more months and they come out with a sale on the 10gb plan.

      • theking_13

        It doesn’t matter, they have an iPhone. All he can get is 2G speeds.

        But, to answer your question, its 100 MB. Pretty pitiful. The Walmart/T-Mobile plan costs $30 for 5 GBs at 4G/3G, then throttled, unlimited messaging, and 100 minutes. I hope I can add this feature since I only call people on cell phones.

        • info411man

          Just because it’s 2g speeds doesn’t mean they can’t use a lot of data. Here is my sons usage on his iPhone 3g on T-Mobile last month: 
          3,977.7318 Megabytes That’s nearly 4GB

    • This would be helpful for family plans also for people who like to have there phone subsidized. 

    • Diordna

      If you can get by on 2G data speeds I guess that’s not a bad deal. I’ve been spoiled with 17 to 27Mbps on my GS2 so that wouldn’t fly plus I can’t see anything on that tiny little Iphone screen either.

    • Darkbotic

      People don’t switch to this plan because they don’t like the “Unlimited” (only 100MB) data.
      After those 100MB, you get throttled…

      •  My iPhone is always on edge so it doesn’t really matter. I’m “throttled” from the start.

    • UglyPete

      It’s actually the exact same price as the value plan when you look at 2gb data, except you dont pay any junk taxes and fees. 2gb of data unlimited talk and text is $60. on the value plan for the same thing is $59.99 if you are going to make a comparison to the other plans, you have to compare apples to apples. 

      Now the real deal is $70 for 5gb. on the value plan i think that’s 85… 

    • ERIK

      But for $50 you get throttled from 4g to edge after 100 mb which Ice tested can be used by leaving your phone on the nightstand or checking a few webpafes or apps. Im on prepaid now but Im on wifi mist of time and turn data off constantly so most apps games work and Im spared annoying ads

      •  Doesn’t apply to me, I am already on edge because I am using an unlocked iPhone. And I am also on wifi almost ALL the time.

        • ERIK

          Can you tell me what you can /can’t do on Edge. Ive been told you basically can do nothing but check email.  Nothing else – even GPS – won’t really work.  So I just wonder because it seems kinda useless.  Many of the apps/games work fine without any data and that way I don’t have to deal with ads

        • Cecil

           You can do anything without the word “video” in it.

  • Spyin78

    For family plans is it per line or per account? I have 4 lines $10 more is fine.. $40 more is no bueno.

  • Freak4Dell

    Hmm…if this applies to Value plans, I could drop down to the 1000 minute plan, add this, and be at $95 for 4 lines. Now that would be sweet.

    • Magentadress

      Aren’t you in a contract?

      • Freak4Dell

         Yes, but with other companies, a contract doesn’t stop you from changing rate plans. I would hope T-Mobile would be the same way.

        Unless you’re talking about the migration fee thing for going from Classic to Value. I’m already on Value, so that wouldn’t apply to me.

        • 21stNow

          To change your minutes plan, you would have to extend your contract for two more years. If you plan to stay with T-Mobile anyway, it’s not a big deal.

        • Freak4Dell

           I only signed up in December, so an extra 4 months won’t kill me.

  • Elias Ibrahim

    I don’t understand, does this mean that if i have a family plan with 5 lines and i want to apply this,does that mean it is 10 dollars per line (extra 50 dollars) or 10 dollars for the whole family

    • Magentadress

      Per line

    • UglyPete

      but unless you are on a grandfathered plan and dont want to renew your contract, there is no point in adding it on to every line. because then you could just switch to unlimited and save more

  • FILA

    Can you apply this to the Monthly 4G plan at wal*Mart? I want the 30/month plan, but i need more then 100 minutes…

    • theking_13

      Same here, the 5GBs at 4G speeds is unbeatable. Same data costs around $70 I believe on Unlimited everything.

      • FILA

        Thats what I got, the old what was it called, no contract, but 60 (70 with taxes) /month, 500 min and unlimited data. This would be better for us, same plan but more minutes and save 30/month wow! $360/year!

    • Magentadress

      Common sense would say NO.

    • ERIK

      I doubt it..would be too good 2be true. Btw do u have exhibit2? I get screen freezing daily, frequent 4g sms failures, sometimes power cycling or phone randomly restarting & they say ‘nothing we can do’

      • Frigadroid

        Join the club of people who vow to never buy another samsung. Once you have been samsunged and felt the pain you realize they won’t stand behind their products nor will they deliver the required updates. You can have the best hardware in the world but when the software is samsdung crap it is all wasted.

        • ERIK

          Luckily I didn’t buy it but I would never buy another Samsung product – and sadly, it has really turned me off Android entirely.  Nothing but problems.  Done 8 factory resets and 2 repairs in 3 months, and still won’t work.  I will be iphoned soon.

  • Memohugo

     you can cancel a value plan after 14 days? I’m in LA California. Value plan, no classic.

    • Miguearanuero

      You have 30 days in California.

  • theking_13

    Will this option be available to Prepaid/Monthly 4G? customers?

    • ja5219

      I’d love to know the answer for this as well. Monthly4G plans CAN have addons added to it (International calling etc) but only on plans $50 or higher.
      I’m hoping both $30 plans (100mins plan, + 1500 mins/text) I have can take adventage of this.

    • JBrowne1012

      I’m assuming so it says no contract required so why wouldn’t it?

      • ERIK

        Because everyone would switch to wm $30 plan. They told ne I couldnt get it since Im already prepaid customer..so would I have to port my number elsewhere for few days & then port it back to Tmo or how can I get the WM plan?

  • Nates29p

    this is the bait for people out of contract to entice them to switch to a lower plan (WITH CONTRACT) and then add the $10. If you are off contract, don’t do it! 

    • JBrowne1012

      It says “NO CONTRACT REQUIRED” how would this bait people into a contract? especially considering a person with no contract could get this.

      • Nates29p

        You don’t understand. Some people may have a $60 off contract plan. They may consider switching into a $30 plan WITH CONTRACT plus $10 unlimited cell calls to save! get it?? 

        • Realcool2000

          Shut up Nate, go find something else to hate on.

        • jonathan3579

          Nate is not hating on anything. Take the time to read and you’ll see he is actually making a good point as to how they could entice people off-contract back into a new one. Get your head out of your ass, Realcool2000.

      • trife

        You serious, brah?  

  • NardVa

    It’s ok. Nothing special to make a big deal about. I don’t see it making much of difference on if people stay or leave T-mobile. A game changer would be if T-mobile offered mobile to mobile at no extra charge to all plans.That’s how you make noise and give customers real value that can not be matched by other carriers.

    • JBrowne1012

      Thats asking too much t-mo still has to make money somehow.

      • Msrozz

        They just made 3billion from ATT, lol!

    • ERIK

      Thats what sprint did. get their sero plan for $70. (google it for employee discount code). U get 500 daytime landline minutes, free calls to any mobile, free weekend and night after 7pm (not 9pm), unlimited text and data. im seriously considering it – just nervous @ complaints Ive read @ Sprint network & I dont know anyone w/Sprint. But Atl is supposed to be decent & one of first LTE mrkts. Im tempted but maybe wait for iphone5 in fall.

  • JBrowne1012

    Ah.. thats the t-mo i love and know great deals with no bs. Good job t-mo an actual good move with your rate plans. This will keep and possibly bring a few more customers our way.

  • Fiveliterfox

    Need to find out if you can add this to the $30 Monthly 4G Plan (5GB Data One)!

    • tmotech

      If this can be added to prepaid lines(which I highly doubt), that WILL be a pretty big game changer. 5GB data, unlimited, messaging, unlimited mobile-to-mobile and 100 minutes to/from other numbers, 40 bucks a month? THAT’s a “value” plan!

  • SadSOB

    noneFML… I work for ATT and have for a while but just decidced to port my number over from tmo today for this vey reason, because since i dont know anyone that even has a landline i call, its cheaper for me to be on att with the lowest rate plan and unlmtd m2m. Now tmo decides to do the same??? I knew i should have waited to switch over

    • Gil

       Just switch back.

    • TMoFan

      TMo will welcome you back. :)

    • Gouv

      Wouldn’t it be cheaper since you are an employee? don’t they offer some discount on the at&t service if you are employed by them?

  • Fiveliterfox


    Called Retensions (Post-Paid) & Spoke with a wonderful Rep Pre-Paid..neither knew of this promotion (They checked their community boards/news resources). The Pre-Paid Rep (Wish I could have got her Idaho number, although im in Cali.) did mention though by definition she didnt see why this promotion couldnt be ‘stacked’ onto the $30 100 Minute Option. She couldnt confirm it, yet referenced other options and their ability to be added to a pre-paid account.

    Guess we shall know more as time nears.

    • Honestly, anyone calling customer service asking about this, after the story just leaked is doing nothing more than a fools errand. I know this is easy to forget, but these are leaks, most reps don’t know about this stuff at the time we leak it, so calling now seems futile at best.

    • Magentadress

      Biggest idiot on here. Why would you call them now when this is a leak and not available until April 4th. Are you trying to get T-Mobile to completely do away with retentions and loyalty?

      Idiots like you ruin it for the real loyal customers.

  • iTried

    This we would be a lot cooler if it was part of the FT text feature. $10 per line is CRAZY.

  • Tryini4

    Is it $10.00 per phone($30.00) on a family share or just a flat $10.00?  I was going to switch to Sprint for the any mobile to mobile, plus my corporate discount is better with them.  As much as I hate to say it, Sprint is the better deal in comparing the two lowest family plans.  

    • Johnwayne

      hahah good one buddy. Sprint may give you a bigger discount, but you are getting less for your money plus T-Mobile is still cheaper even after that discount that Sprint will give you

      • Tryini4

        explain how i get less?

        • UglyPete

          unless you want to surf the web at under 1mb/s….. even if you get unlmited data, their data is slower than TMO when you are throttled!!!!! at least in my city =)

        • jonathan3579

          I am sure their data speeds will be changing very soon. ;)

        • kevin

          Orlando and most of the cities I’ve been in (Tampa and up the east coast to Albany, NY) Tmo’s 4 g isn’t faster than the sprint I left. Most of the time with sprint, I didn’t bother with wifi because sprint was almost as fast. With tmo I get some occasional bursts of great speed but not on a regular basis, maybe it’s my phone tho. The sprint 2g which is what I get when 4g not avail is painfully slow. When throttled is there still a 3g version that would show up as 4g with slower speeds? I’ve never hit my limit so I have no experience with it.

        • UglyPete

          Well yeah if you have wimax, it’s going to be fast. I was taking about cdma.

    • Realcool2000

      Numbers please, this is the real world, so please prove your point by showing what sprint plan is cheaper and to what tmo plan ur comparing it to. Thanks.

      • Tryini4

        3 phones classic 1000 5gb of data vs everything data 1500.  do the math.  if you add on the anytime mobile to mobile which will probably be at the most 10.00 but i think more for family it costs more.  

        • UglyPete

          what are you talking about?  unlimited for 2 lines with 2gb is $140. add a line for $10 and then add this unlimited feature makes it another $10 and add data for $20 makes it $180. This is still cheaper than sprint’s unlimited plan for $210 for TWO lines. and on TMO you get 2 lines with unlimited calling to everyone and one line with unlimited mobile to mobile. 

          even if you add 5gb data to every line that’s $30 more. ($10 per line) so…….. now we are at $210….. the same price sprint charges for TWO unlimited lines.

    • UglyPete

      It’s actually the same price. $179.99 on sprint for 3 lines sharing 1500 minutes unlimited text and data.  Tmobile is $179.99 for 2 lines unlimited minutes 1 line 500 minutes. add mobile to mobile to that one line. 2 gb data for everyone. makes it $179.99.

      If you want mobile hotspot on sprint’s (god awful slow) network, it’s an extra $30!!!!!!!!!! It’s included in Tmo’s 5gb plan for $10 more =) 

      So for the same price, you get super fast data on tmo or awful awful under 1mb/s speeds on sprint……. which is about tmo’s throttle speed from what i have tested…. is your discount worth it??????

      • Tryini4

        Don’t forget to add the price for mobile to mobile to. I did the same thing you did. A mock buying. When you add the anytime mobile its more and yes my discount makes it 35.00 a month cheaper.

        • UglyPete

          Yeah I did. Look at my math. Two unlimited lines and one 500 minute with mobile to mobile.

        • in2android

          Your seriously compromising service when you go to sprint though. I know a few ppl with the less than 1mb speeds. Sprint has a terrible data spectrum. Your honestly better with a pre paid like Family mobile, or simple, maybe metro, than sprint. Its the same low quality service without a contract, and you’ll save alot more.

  • dan

    I wonder if they will offer some version for family plan? Since this would be beneficial if they could make one for family plans. It would cost more than 10 dollar I expect but it would be beneficial.

  • watbetchh

    They should call it AllFaves, run a nice commercial campaign on it. 


    Many of you clearly do not know how to read and don’t understand that THIS IS NOT FOR YOUR ALREADY CHEAP PREPAID PLANS. Under exceptions, it states “Unlimited Any Mobile follows rate plan rules for customers on LEGACY AND REGIONAL RATE PLANS”. It also clearly states “unlimited mobile allows much more usage without a contract extension”; keywords CONTRACT EXTENSION. There is no way a prepaid plan, regardless if it did or didn’t extend a contract, could even extend because it is a NON CONTRACTED PLAN. 

  • TMoFan

    Great move by T-Mobile. This is perfect for people like me on grandfathered in plans.

  • an0n

    oOoh.. me like :D

  • southtx

    Wow I work for tmo customer care and I hadnt even seen this this is great!

    • Gouv

      That’s probably why they lost jd powers.  

  • Good Luck T-Mobile 
    This is perfect for World

  • Discus

    Yah, I think this works for me. Just in time, I was about to port a number to Simple Mobile. The new green SIM came in the mail yesterday, in fact. If we make it to April 4, I’m in for one.

    Now set up pooled data for families and you’ll keep us past contract expiration. I swear, I will never sign another cell phone contract.

  • UglyPete

    This is going to save some people a lot of money. If you are on the Unlimited classic plan with your add a lines unlmited, you are paying $30 per additional line for unlimited minutes…. now you will be able to add a 500 minute line for $10 and add this feature for $10, saving you $10 per month per extra line. Awesome.

  • Thecityboy781

    smart move by T-Mobile…

  • MSalam11

    Can this be added to grandfathered plans as well?

    • Jon

       This is what the article says “Unlimited Any Mobile will not require a change to your existing rate plan and can be added or removed at any time.”

      • JBLmobileG1

        It would be a great deal with anyone who still may have an old $29.99 plan. After all who doesn’t have a cell phone?

  • Cashman

    This is really ONLY for family plans, since an extra $10 a month on an individual plan would bump you up to the unlimited value or classic plan………..It’s really not a game changer or anything major

  • not having a contract extension to do this is huge for people .. i’m already unlimited but for those who aren’t this is a cool new addition.  but like someone mentioned .. ten more bucks a month for individual plans is really already unlimited .. still pretty cool for some.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Not the best deal around. I did have the individual unlimited loyalty plan for $49.99 but since I couldn’t use my corporate discount I decided to go back to my 1,000 minute plan with Myfavs for $39.99. If I could add this deal it would bring the price back to where it was except I could call unlimited to any line. Too bad it wasn’t just $5… then maybe I would consider it.

    • in2android

      we use my wifes corporate discount on all four of our line, 15% off, & they all have 49.99 unlimited talk and texr. 2 of them also have 5gb data plan for $20, and they apply our discount there also, making them 5gb for $17. I could never leave Tmo, i think you should call them again & speak with a different rep, theres a good possibility you weare misinformed.

      Good Luck

  • Taron19119

    This site dont have the story that the ones now says comeing soon

    • dipami83


  • heh!

    i wonder if this is gonna be available for prepaid customers??

    • Jcj1

      doubtful, that defeats the purpose of prepaid

  • ERIK

    Sprint offers unlimited to aby mobile at no extra charge..I thought thats what the headline meant…not an additional $10 surcharge which wont really make difference to many peoples plans where 500min vs unlimited min is already a $10 difference.

    I assume this wont apply to the $30 prepaid plans (either the WM 100 min or the 1500 min/text plans)

    • Sprint offers unlimited any mobile on a plan – no extra charge – with a MINIMUM $69.99 base charge. Big difference. For people on 500 minute plans (or any legacy minute plan) this could potentially be a big deal to them – getting unlimited any mobile for UNDER $70

  • ERIK

    My 4g in Atlanta every time Ive speedtested has only been 1-3 mbps

    • CactoesGel

       That’s terrible. What phone?

      • ERIK

        The phone from hell – Samsung Exhbit 2 which also freezes once or twice every day – and like many Tmobile devices often has SMS failures on 4G which requires you to switch to Edge or turn packet data off to send a text message.  That plus Tmobiles horrific customer service is going to put me in the churn stats for 2012 after being a Tmobile customer for ever.  I don’t think that phone has the HSPA+42 but they market it as 4G and every time Ive tested it it hovers around 1-2 mbps

        • Jcj1

          why dont you try managing your memory

        • ERIK

          I do.  I have task killers and the like.  Tmobile says its a device issue; Android people Ive talked to say its just a phone with a weak processor and low RAM

  • Emily Delgado

    SOUNDS GREAT! Good job Tmo!!! This would benefit a lot to other people, personlally tho, I would prefer this is Unlimited Text Messaging for family for 10bucks! my parents rarely texts, it would be nice to have a pooled messaging or data service, so they can bombard me with pictures of our pet and mom’s garden, lol :) 

    • Deaconclgi

      I have unlimited family texting for $10, actually it is $9.99….

      • Magentadress

        Me too

      • kevin

        I think that the $9.99 unlim messaging for families may have been a special promo. I came back to tmo in september and the best I’ve found was $20 unlim texting for families. I need to call about other things (was supposed to have the unlimited wifi calling (which is free by the way) on all 3 lines but now only showing up on 2) and when I called to change my data plans last month they put me on the wrong one and need to have it dropped down, so I’ll be on the phone with them anyway..  The unlim wifi calling is a better deal (free) but if you loose the wifi you loose the call. 

  • Deaconclgi

    Basically this is like MyFaves, just with an unlimited number of people instead of 5, and there’s none of that “checking to make sure your MyFaves contact number is correct or risk a $500 phone bill because you fat fingered the number by one didgit” stuff. :)  now, if I had more than 5 people I talk to on a regular basis….

    • Magentadress

      Except MyFaves includes landlines, this doesn’t.

      • Deaconclgi

        And how am I a Troll? Please explain.

      • in2android

        what is with ppl and this “Troll” B.S.? I spend alot of time on Tech forums, and there is not a more retarded sounding phrase to hear! Do you guys realize just how much of a nerd that makes you sound like? How is this guy hating in any way? And if he was, do you really care? Get a life man! You sound like an idiot running around calling ppl stupid names. You sound like my youngest daughtet screaming foolish names like “poop head” at her older siblings! Go ahead & say it out loud once and hear how retarded you sound…..lmao! You’d sound smarter using poop head! lol…. Go ahead and call me one, just for practice! haha…. I might have just started a whole new Nerd catch phrase! lol

        • Hateraid

          The irony in your post is both delicious and pathetic. The only thing you started in your rant is a nerd rage. Hope you have had the chance to calm down, Troll.

          And Magentadress is correct, MyFaves still serves a great purpose and if you fat finger a number and get hit up, thats your own fault. Double check the numbers before you spend 10 hours on the phone. Some lessons are written in blood, Or high phone bills. :)

        • JumboJimbo

           You are not hateraid. You are an idiot without any aid.

        • Mark

          They don’t sell MyFaves anymore, do they?

        • windows?ithinkso!

          lmfao best retort to a comment i ever heard lol

  • EXIBITman

    I just called tmobile monthly 4g custermer care and i added it to my 30$ 100min unlimited text and 5gb of super fast 4g. it will start on my next bill cycle. now i have basicly every thing unlimited for only 30:00$ a month.yesterday i bought a brand new samsung galaxy 2 on craig list for 280:00$ unopened in the box.

    • Magentadress

      LOL troll

      • EXIBITman

        L o l. twat

    • Fiveliterfox

      Any proof of this?

      • Scarfacemario

        Yeah sounds to good to be true

        • That’s because it is. The $30 5GB web / unlimited text, 100 minute plan is one of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans.

          This add-on feature is not compatible with that service at all…

    • mstwinkie2u

      That’s a lie…. 1st the is a prepaid plan and you cannot add this feature to prepaid service… it is only for post paid.  2nd the feature not available until 4/12. Need to check your plan again becuz you still have 100 mins.

  • Taron19119

    This site dont have the ne that the htc one s on t-mobile web site says comeing soon

    • It’s been saying coming soon since the day after it was announced on the HTC One S site specific page on the T-Mobile website.

  • i wonder if this will work calling to Google Voice

    • I doubt it will because when you use google voice to make calls, you are calling a landline that google has set up and then that number forwards your call to the number you are calling. So technically you aren’t calling the mobile number.

  • former T-Mobile employee

    T-Mo is desperate to overcome it’s shitty customer service and will do anything to get it’s churn down.  

    • in2android

      Thats a great thing that they recognize the need for change though. I love Tmo, they’ve always been good to me and alot of friends of ours have moved to them after seeing our prices and service over the last 10yrs.

      • phong nguyen

        Recognizing it is one thing, but actually implementing actual changes is another thing.   Like I said in my other post, they keep issuing these “replies” everytime a JD Power review comes out showing how shitty they fell stating that those “scores” and “rankings” don’t reflect the changes implemented, yet I’ve seen nothing so far when it comes to actual changes that makes me think they do want to change. The sales are crap, especially when you see Tmobile increasing the prices of the phones during the sales making the Rebates even less appealing than they already are.

    • go_tmo

      getting rid of sh++y employees like yourself is certainly a step in the right direction

  • NardVa

    I like how T-mobile tries to do something, but really does nothing. If this is the best idea the marketing team can come up with then T-mobile needs to hire a new marketing team.

  • Julia Oeland

    This is a good idea in theory, but my boyfriend and I combined don’t come near our 1k minute per month limit.  I can see it being useful for others though that talk a lot more

    • Then it’s not a good idea in theory, it’s just not a good idea for you. For someone like me, I don’t know anyone with a land line and I barely use any minutes at all but my mother on my plan uses thousands but mostly to cell phones, I could reduce my minutes down from the current unlimited status to just a few hundred and for 10$ she can talk all she wants. My total bill will drop by like 60$, so yea in “theory” it’s a great idea.

  • Elsaganjineh

    what’s up!!!!!what are you doing guys in customer services?????? every month i charge for extra $20 for the service that i have not requested and spend my time and my minutes with customer service to explain it for them and from the last month i have been charged for $20 more for the new plan that i am not willing to have it. the only thing that i know is that i won’t continue my contract with Tmobile any more.that’s it.

    • Brandon Swenson

      oh shut up. go ahead and switch already.

    • 98clru

      Calls to customer service from a tmo phone don’t count against you.

    • Mstwinkie2u

      You need to check your bill again, you don’t pay to call customer service….. if you don’t like the service kick rocks… go to another carrier and pay more money for the same service  tmobile needs to get rid of customers like you

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think Tmobile needs to start some type of rollover data plan. Any used data is added to your next month. Now that would be something special.

    • EXIBITman

      You mean any UNused data?

  • JBLmobileG1

    After thinking about this deal.. I really wonder if I still had my old $20 kid connect plan if I could have been eligible for this. I guess it doesn’t really matter since I haven’t had the account for years but it does make me curious.

  • Recorptnh

    I see this being a huge deal… to people that still live on the minutes era…no one else

  • phong nguyen

    T-Mobile needs to get a family version, AT&T has a family Messaging, with Unlimited MOBILE 2 MOBILE all for $30 for the entire family plan. Meaning if I had 5 lines on the account I only needed to pay $30 and all five lines would receive unlimited messaging and mobile to mobile to mobile regardless of carrier.

    • Jcj1

      you do realize they had that for a long time on family plans, even before ATT did

      • phong nguyen

        Oh really? T Mobile has had the option to call ANY MOBILE REGARDLESS OF CARRIER Unlimited (not fav five) meaning as many numbers you want for free? Than someone needs to tell Tmobile they are introducing something they already have. Next time try reading it, ATT has a package that includes UNLIMITED TEXT and UNLIMITED Mobile to Mobile on any carrier and ANY number for $30. Where is Tmobile’s? The Article clearly states that it is $10/line.

  • chumlee46

    Who is on minute plans anymore? Am I reading a page from 2005?

    • me

      Uh, lots of people. I stay well under my 500 anytime minutes thanks to unlimited myFaves + M2M/nights/weekends.

    • deeoh1084

      we (family share plan 5 lines) only use about total of 450 minutes per month average 

    • Guest234

      I have a 450 minute bucket. I used 3 minutes in my last billing period. However, I used 823 of my free nights & weekends and mobile to mobile. Depending on usage, not everybody needs unlimited.

  • EXIBITman

    Yea its compatile just call custermer cares. i get the same services people who sign contacts do the same handsets same 4Gs data. For about 60:00$ less per month.

  • Fed Up

    aw dang, t-mobile is bringing us a great NEW service for 10$…. per month, per line!! oh what’s that you say?!? sprint has had it FREE on its plans for years now? AT&T offers it for FREE on a 20$ texting plan? WELL you know, T-Mobile does have the BEST PRICES AND ALL… So i guess we have to make some tradeoffs.. right? We have to give up things like competitive service quality? competitive data speeds? competitive customer service? well all of those are GONE so it appears as if they’re definitely succeeding! but hey, at least we have cheap prices!

    dear sprint,
    if only i didn’t have a contract…..

  • UMA_Fan

    What’s amazing about this is how a family plan of 5 on T-Mobile completely destroys anything else out there.  Including the Sprint any mobile any time.

    5 lines, 1000 mins to landline, unl any mobile, free wifi calling to landlines, unl texting, unl 2GB data for everyone comes to $260…. That’s nuts!!!   Increase your data by $10 per line if you need more high speed data of course.

  • Brenton Cotter

    FML  I just left TMO for Sprint and now I see this.  


      The Grass ain’t always greener now is it? 

    • fixxmyhead

      i hope u like dial up speeds

    • in2android

      Thers like rwo places in the country that Sprint runs more than 512kbps. I’ll never understand why anyone goes to them? Ppl say Tmo’s phones are looking bad right now, but Sprints lineup  is worse IMO. I don’t care for the iphone, so that’s not enticeing to me. Not to mention, that with Tmo refarming for the 1900 band, you have a vast amount of choices if your willing to pay for them.

    • Tierra Jackson

      I did the same thing I got sprint last week.

  • JrC

    It is unlimited, but after 1000 minutes you have to talk real slow!



    • in2android

      That’s the funniest comment I’ve ever read on this site! ROTFLMAO!

    • TechHog

      I love you.

  • Gouv

    I’m actually surprised T-Mobile wasn’t the first to roll out such a feature or include it in some way.  Some of the competing carriers have had it for a while but something like this always struck me as a t-mobile style feature considering they used to the my faves thing.

  • voodchl

    This is a great option for people out of contract and grandfathered rate plans. It’s rare to come across a grandfathered rate plan that works out better for the customer, but it does happen from time to time. Don’t hold your breath on the monthly plans getting this option. There are a lot of features that are contract only. I don’t seeing this being any different.

    And for all the complaints about having to add it per-line on a family plan, the idea is that you only add it to the lines that need it. Little Suzy might only use her line for text, Little Timmy might use a lot of data, but Mom could use the extra voice coverage. If you’re adding it to all the lines, then yes, Unlimited makes more sense.

  • It’s great, but then again it’s kind of a fail, because I’ve read it’s only for outgoing calls, not incoming calls too.

    • Charlie Brigante

      Who are you? I should remember you? What, you think you like me? You ain’t like me… I’ve been with made people, connected people. Who’ve you been with? I don’t trust you, much less who you heard it from. I’ll wait and see what T-mobile says instead. Now stop spreading nonsense. 

  • These carriers really don’t compete on voice anymore anyway. Why not just throw in unlimited voice minutes period for $10. None of this mobile only/ no landlines/ outgoing calls only (maybe) nonsense. It just confuses customers. The real competition in the future is data bundles, voice is incidental. It’s just a matter of when not if.

  • It would be great if they left the monthly plans (Monthly 4G) up to be more personalized. Like I could pay like $30-$40 for unlimited messaging, & 500 minutes, & they allowed you to add your own data usage that works for you at a reasonable cost, then add on the $10 unlimited any mobile subscription & it would end up to like $50 or $60 w/ like 500 minutes, unlimited any mobile 5GB’s of full high speed 4G, & unlimited messaging.

    • in2android

      We have multiple lines, grandfathered prices, and 15% discount. Per line we pay $50 for unlimited text & talk and $20 for 5g of high speed 4g. Thats $70, before the 15%, so all said and done it’s $58.50 plus tax X 4 lines. T-mobiles amazing, and we could never let go of that deal! I was actually considering adding an AT&T line in order to use some of the unlocked international, but after paying my current rates for so long, i just couldn’t bring myself to pay the amount they wanted. I’m so excited T-mobiles finally gona have the 1900 band! I was ready to scream like a girl…. Lol. I really don’t think there’s a better service in the states at a better price than what T-mobile gives me! Unless you work for a major carrier, or you have a company paid line.

      • True, our bill is like $130 thou. I’m still confused how in a sense. We don’t even use stuff that much. I feel like $100 even would be reasonable. But this… ugh.

  • heh!

    its not gonna be available for families!!!!!

    •  Are they serious? I mean one person on a line can’t just add it for $10? I mean it doesn’t have to be $10 for both lines, but I wouldn’t be able to add it to my line for $10?

      • It will be available for each line separately.  As of now there is no feature for the entire account. 

  • i’m glad i just have unlimited everything so i don’t need to worry. my wife talks over 14,000 minutes a month. I am NOT kidding!

    • Netflyr


  • Edward M

    T-mobile also got that value plan that’s pretty good…and the monthly 4G that’s 100 minutes/ unlimited text/ 5GB of data for $30. I got it for my daughter she don’t talk a lot but she be texting a lot.

  • Netflyr

    @UMA_Fan:disqus  Rob Daman – I call bull pucky on 14000 min a month.  Do the math before you try looking cool on a comment thread that in fact makes you look like an idiot.  Simple math.  14000 min = 233.33 hrs.  that means she either spends a total of 7.78 hrs a day on the phone OR 11.67 hrs a day during the work week and no time on the weekends…assuming a 30 day month.  Ya…sure she does.

    • Anonymous.

      Before jumping to conclusions how do you know this guy isn’t saying “14,000” to over-exaggerate that his wife talks on the phone too much. You don’t have to take things so literal.

  • kennington

    I hope this will be availible for prepaid monthly4g customers too… I really hate having my minutes restricted…

  • SalesRep101

    I think this is a great feature for those customers that are on a bucket minute plan or an older plan that is cheaper or has as much value as some of our new plans. Working for the company and how tight-knit they have become with using a Right Fit Guide on EVERY customer that comes through the door and drilling us on the “Keep Them” aspect part of the company, this is going to make the sales reps angry with the amount of e-mails we receive and the responses from upper management.

    They are pushing us for contact renewals on any kind of plan. In our market, if a customer is on a grandfathered SunCom plan, they’re most likely going to stay on that plan and keep using a BlackBerry or a phone first device being their rate plans were extremely cheap by no comparison with any other carrier.

    Proactively offering this to customers will be good for a short amount of time as upper management always pushes new feature releases. After a month or so, they will be on our case about why the number of contact renewals have dropped significantly. Most of our customers enjoy T-Mobile as their cellular carrier but just like me, they enjoy being out of contact and being able to switch whenever that time comes with paying no penalty.

    This is a little longer than I wanted it to be but either way it’ll be both good and bad. It’ll be extremely beneficial for the customers but as for the sales reps, be prepared to receive that e-mail or one-on-one with your manager about “contract renewals being not to quota.”

  • JeremyMeiss

    I haven’t seen anything else on this – are they going to allow this on Monthly4G plans?

  • This sure is good news. Even if the service is limited to T-Mobile subscribers only, it will still give you a whole lot of savings on your phone bills.

  • Sarah10031

    I found this to be all hype

  • Earlgrey

    I simple can not take the horrible T Mobile customer service anymore. I found with the T Mobile plans that their is so many hidden fees and the ordering process of phones can be a nightmare.

  • Milicalen

    This seems great but I don’t see how or where to find this feature, it doesn’t appear in my change services page nor anywhere on T-Mobile’s website.

  • dmitriy

    on your mobile device go to My Account and then choose Plan and after go to change additional Services > extra Minutes.