T-Mobile Shifts Marketing Message To Focus On 4G Network

Yesterday, March 14th marked a shift in T-Mobile’s marketing message away from specific Value Plans and toward its 4G network. Their $49.99 per line message will remain as consumers are responding favorably, but T-Mobile will emphasize more choices at that price as well.

They list a few benefits of their new messaging:

  • Allows for better focus on the network and providing value through devices rather than specific rate plans
  • Emphasis on providing a great value on 4G data plans powered by America’s Largest 4G Network
  • Retains the $49.99 price point and delivers a new “Plans with Unlimited Data starting from $49.99” marketing message
  • Customers can avoid subsidy discounts and receive the full value of unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data for $49.99 per line
  • Allows T-Mobile to advertise the $49.99 price as a starting point and increase purchase options for consumers
  • Customers can “start” at $49.99 and then customize their plan and device experience to their liking and pay off that experience over 20 months, instead of a one-time bill shock

It’s an interesting but smaller shift than one might expect given T-Mobile’s reinvigorated “challenger strategy.” I would have preferred to see T-Mobile combine their network and price message developing a new strategy. Perhaps we’ll see something new yet.

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