T-Mobile myTouch 4G And myTouch 4G Slide Set To Receive Small Maintenance Updates

Some quick update details for myTouch 4G Slide and myTouch 4G owners with two maintenance updates beginning today and later this week. For myTouch 4G owners, this small update brings your Android Gingerbread device up to software 2.32.531.1 and begins today, March 15th. This update will continue rolling out through April 15th. This is an over-the-air update which can also be performed manually. The following changes are found within this update: Google security update, new version of Swype and software improvements.

Beginning March 19th for the myTouch 4G Slide, this update brings your device up to the current software and continues through April 19th. Once again, this is an over-the-air update that can be performed manually. This small update includes the following changes: Google security fix, Improvements to Wi-Fi calling, Improvements to Genius Button and Improvements to the Netflix app experience.

Optimally all OTA updates should be done via Wi-Fi with more than 50% battery life. If you wish to do these updates manually, hit Menu > Settings > About phone > HTC software updates > Check now and follow the on-screen prompts.

myTouch 4G, myTouch 4G Slide

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  • Nothing to see…..move on

    • ogopogo

       Do you have a Mytouch4G or Slide? If not, don’t comment. This is relevant to those that do.

  • SamM

    For the MT4G Slide, any word whether this is the same update that started back in December, only to be halted in January?  The version number appears to be the same.  I believe folks were reporting improved battery life with the update, along with supposed fixes to the camera (green stripes) and random reboots.

    • Jmart922

      Actually the previous update ended with a 1, this update has a 3

  • ABE

    I already had 2.32.531.1 on my MT4G……

    • redman12

      Me too. It’s the same version from the last update. Now I’m confused.

      • As am I. And I was excited there for a second, lol.

        • Petzcindy

          The update u got. Was paused. Some people did not get it (me).
          So now its resumed…

  • Morgan Chiu

    MT4G here.  Already have the updated software.

  • Bupahs

    Someone didn’t cross their t’s this is the last update not a new one for MT4G, it’s useless for anyone not on gingerbread anyway and that update is still paused. And the pop up ads on this mobile site means it’s the last time I visit!

    • jonathan3579

      It happens on more sites than this one but, yes, it’s very intrusive.

  • mmaestro

    Nice to see updates, but I’m still frustrated that it looks like no Ice Cream Sandwich for either phone, both of which are more than capable of running it.

  • AgustinRodriguez

    Do you think that the mytouch 4g and g2 will receive ICS? they both run the 2nd generation qualcomm chip. The G2 has 512MB and the mytouch 4g has 768mb of RAM. Hope?

    • Nick

      Yes and no

    • According to Google, ANY device running 2.3 Gingerbread technically is capable of ICS.
      According to HTC, they see no reason to update any single core phones to ICS unless they were released Q4 2011 (It will equate to slower sales for their flagships if they did)
      According to T-Mobile, they see no reason to continue to support upgrades to the MyTouch line up as they offer more powerful smartphones for users who demand more. MyTouch line is for the entry level user and people who want a nice but simple phone.

  • Jmart922

    Hopefully they needed this update before they can list the MT4GS on ICS list

  • Russell

    yeah smooth, got that a couple of month’s ago, where’s our damn ICS??

    • Mr.Highway

      Go to XDA developers,find the glacier section, bam ICS. Make sure your rooted.

  • Kimly

    waiting for mytouch 7G, hopefully in 2014

  • Englishgraham1978

    I’ve had this version on my phone for the last 4-5 months.

    Calm down dear its only a commercial!

  • Cupcake

    I never even got the Gingerbread update.  SMH!!

    • MT4G, from Froyo? That one was never pushed OTA. You had to go in store to get it.

      • Not true.

        I did it via computer. I didnt need to go to store or use that special SD card they had.

        It wasnt that hard to look on HTC support and do it.

  • The last update i did manually was 1.55.531.3 I saw no difference performance wise with that one.

  • Ty

    My wife’s MT4G got this update ota like 2 months ago

  • This isnt news… This was pushed out to MyTouch 4G phones late last year and earlier this year. How do I know? Look at the date it was approved too, that doesnt match up, and is wrong.

    Either way, I have the newest software version according to T-Mobile, which is ironically, listed above 2.35.xxx. I see no improvement to WiFi Calling or Netflix however, so I dont know what they are pushing out.

  • logicmarselis

    Who cares? I am rocking CM7. These updates need to happen sooner than a year or so after launch.

  • Nick Picone

    I’m very glad for the fact we’re still getting updates. I love this phone, perhaps the best I’ve ever bought from T-Mobile. If I could have one wish, it’d be to see ICS on this thing. I know I can dream, but it would sure help reassure me I can keep the phone until August 2013 when my contract is up and not haggle for weeks to get a discount on a newer handset say in the beginning of 2013 when the MT4GS starts to chug and show its age (it already takes a full 2 minutes to reboot b/c of all the stuff I have installed)

  • Jmart922

    Has anyone got the update yet???

    • Pandanicole89

      Just got my update!

  • Trayblackd

    Still waiting to,what’s taking so long

  • Jmart922

    Yeah checked a few hours ago, I really hope this update is a necessity before MT4GS enjoy some ICS

  • Jmart922

    Update just got paused, no ETA yet, just give us ICS already!

  • Jmart922

    They just paused the update today, ugh! Just have this update along with ICS already!


  • XConan

    T-Mobile should just go ahead give the ok for HTC to roll out ICS so that they can get all their Android phones on the same version.  Come on T-Mo…