T-Mobile Named And Awarded As Walmart “Supplier Of The Year”

A big congratulations for our beloved carrier T-Mobile as they have been named Walmart’s 2011 “Supplier of the Year” in both the wireless category and overall entertainment division. T-Mobile was recognized with the retailer’s highest honor for supporting sales growth with the carriers innovative devices and affordable services.

It’s nice to see T-Mobile receiving recognition, especially in light of some recent pitfalls in the world of JD Power surveys. Check out the full press release below:



T-Mobile Named Walmart “Supplier of the Year”

Walmart’s Highest Recognition Awarded to T-Mobile for the Wireless Category and Overall Entertainment Division

BELLEVUE, Wash. — March 14, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. announced it has been named Walmart’s 2011 “Supplier of the Year” in both the Wireless category and the overall Entertainment Division. T-Mobile received the highest form of recognition from the world’s largest retailer, which honors the accomplishments of an elite group of top-performing companies, for helping to drive growth in wireless sales through the carrier’s innovative devices and affordable services. Walmart’s Entertainment Division comprises eight categories with more than 1,200 suppliers.

“We are incredibly honored to receive ‘Supplier of the Year’ from Walmart across its entire entertainment division, including such recognized brands as Apple, Microsoft and Disney,” said Amy McCune, vice president of national retail, T-Mobile USA. “Our team has worked hard together with Walmart to deliver great value and innovative product offerings to help them better serve their customers as well as grow in the dynamic wireless business.”

To meet an increase in consumer demand for both no-annual contract wireless plans and faster data speeds, Walmart and T-Mobile last October began offering a $30 unlimited Web and text Monthly4G prepaid service plan — providing customers great value on a no-annual contract 4G data offering. Walmart Family Mobile™ powered by T-Mobile, another exclusive product offering that offers cell phone service without an annual contract or multi-year commitment, also saw increased sales throughout the year. Currently, T-Mobile services, as well as a wide range of smartphones and handsets, are available at Walmart stores nationwide and on Walmart.com.

“As more people are relying on mobile devices as their primary phone and source for entertainment and social networking, Walmart is proud to offer our customers a wide selection of mobile options, including the latest devices and affordable services,” said Seong Ohm, senior vice president of entertainment, Walmart U.S. “T-Mobile has been a great partner, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers with innovative products and services at every day low prices while achieving strong sales and profitability.”

The 2011 Walmart “Supplier of the Year” award was presented to T-Mobile at Walmart’s annual Supplier Summit held March 9 in Orlando, Fla.

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  • Commander_Fury

    I guess this means TMO will be purchased by a Chinese company. / JK ….kinda

    • Starchild776

      No you’re not…agree! :)

    • Rudy Belova

       If t-mobile replaces their sales agents in the retail stores with those from the walmart around here, Im outta here!

      Door Nazi: Sir, i need to see your reciept..
      Me: I was making a payment!
      Door nazi: TACKLE HIM!! HE GETTIN AWAY!

      • Simi4

        I agree. Tmo rep @ my Walmart either is totally ignorant of his companys policies or is a liar. From telling me tmo throttles from 4g to 3g — not Edge…to telling me if I used prepaid plans, I couldnt change my individual rate plan from month to month. Walmart employees as a whole near me are incompetent & lazy (not all but majority & esp workers in wireless dept).

    • Rudy Belova

      Does this mean i need to start getting all dressed up now?

  • ja5219

    I saw your tweet earlier about this, “Sweep it under the rug” haha.. i agree
    but hey an award is an award!
    Not to mention, the $30 Monthly4G plan helped A TON, Im one of those on that plan. 
    Best plan around. 

    • EXIBITman

      I am on that plan also its the best 4g plan in the wireless industry.

  • Angeldevil75

    sounds kike walmart is the only one who get the best of Tmobile….that sucks

  • Pirate67_2000

    those two go good together. WAL MART and  T-Mobile you think cheap. CHeap crappy service

    • Tomnewtn

      I get great service

    • Scarfacemario

      Speak for yourself I get great service

  • Rover

    To all you, Walmart hating snobs: yours is a pathetic tiny, politically correct minority opinion that counts virtually nothing to the masses that shop at Walmart. But then I suspect you shop there, too, when you find out that something you want is a lot cheaper there than somewhere else and when you think your fellow lib friends won’t see you. The situation reminds me that Progressive insurance commercial when one of the insurance guys from a competing company runs into his fellow salesman in Flo’s store. Pathetic!

    • I don’t hate shopping at Walmart, I hate that Walmart has for years been embroiled in a case revolving woman’s pay and is consistently known to mistreat employees. I didn’t mention anything about shopping there or there prices, just that as a company, I dislike them. In that same capacity, I loathe AT&T for threatening to terminate the service of the kid who sued them over their unlimited plan and won. Evil corporations. 

      • Rover

        David, you drink too much union propaganda KoolAid and that’s what makes you such a Walmart hater. What do you think where that “they mistreating their employees” propaganda comes from? They want all those millions of Walmart workers unionized so they could fill their union coffer with membership dues that could be then channeled to their favorite democrat politicians. If Walmart is such a bad employer, how come so many people line up working there whenever a new store is about to open? Nobody forces them to work there. They should try to apply at a unionized supermarket.

  • Sidekicker89

    is WalMart good for America? :p

    • UlyssesGhost

      Economic analysts have consistently reported that without walmart, inflation would be 2 to 3% higher.  As for whether or not that is good for America, I leave to your judgement.

  • Fakesubmite

    What an honor.

  • Tomnewtn

    Not a huge fan of Walmart as a corporate entity…..what a bunch of crap.  Walmart provides outstanding value and variety. Beyond that, I won’t waste my time commenting further, except to say I agree with Rover’s comments.

    • I don’t hate shopping at Walmart, I hate that Walmart has for years been embroiled in a case revolving woman’s pay and is consistently known to mistreat employees. I didn’t mention anything about shopping there or there prices, just that as a company, I dislike them. In that same capacity, I loathe AT&T for threatening to terminate the service of the kid who sued them over their unlimited plan and won. Evil corporations. 

      • Tomnewtn

        Your passing remark in your story was unnecessary and opens up a line of discussion irrelevant to the issue at hand. I too can find fault with Walmart, but there are similar issues, or problems in every work place. I am well aware of the demonization of Walmart that the left has engaged in. Your comment reminds me of…..

         I saw a young man driving a new Subaru with a sticker on the back that states “corporations are organized crime”, I am amazed at the contradiction. The person driving that corporate built car, wearing their variety of corporate made clothing, as well as eyeglasses built by another corporation, while using his bluetooth made by yet another corporation via his cellular device manufactured by….you guessed it….another corporation. Don’t forget the coffee drink produced by…. another corporation….was apparently oblivious to the contradiction.

        • Magnum

          all that from “I don’t like walmart”? can you write my next essay?

        • Tomnewtn

          Yes, for a nominal fee.

        • Herb

          Excuse me if I’m wrong, but this is David’s blog so… everything he says is relevant, right? Plus, he said “Evil corporations” not “corporations are evil.” He obviously doesn’t hate corporations. He runs a blog about a corporation. His passing remark is far more relevant than your anecdote.

        • Tomnewtn

          Stop kissin up Herb. It’s not relevant, it’s a passing remark that detracts from the story, which was that TMO accomplished something positive here. I would have responded sooner, but I was busy running my own corporation. And by the way…..not all corporations are evil, and evil is tad strong…..isn’t it?

      • Hello1245

        Your salary doesnt happen to be paid by the taxpayers does it?

  • Booooo

    Thank God my contract has come to an end. Tmobile sucks so much d!€k now its unbelievabe. After 8 years it feels good to move on. Wish i could say i wish tmo the best but i dont. Customer service went from amazing (which is why i stayed) to a cruel joke. The last year they really made it clear they dont give a crap about their customers or customer loyalty.

    Bye tmobile =). I wont be seeing you around.

    • Go183652

      Your one of the type customers they need to ditch anyway- You had a cheap grandfathered rate plan and wanted all your phones free.. Am I right?

    • What does this have anything to do with this post?

      • Tbyrne

        Nothing Chris. He’s dating Hesses daughter and needs to look good in dannyboys eyes. Thank goodness he’s leaving.

    • philly8

      we dont like your kind anyways! Have fun with your droid without a sim card

    • fixxmyhead

      let me guess u want it with no lube from verizon? typical “droid” fanboy

  • These comments about Walmart, while predictable, are really pretty stupid from a business perspective. Walmart had revenue last year of $421 BILLION. Net income of $15 BILLION. It’s the largest company by revenue in the world. It doesn’t matter what your opinions are of Walmart as to the important of T-Mobile’s accomplishment here. Do you realize with that kind of scale how much money T-Mobile makes from it’s partnership with Walmart? You may have opinions one way or the other, but the one thing you can’t deny is that a hell of a lot of people shop at Walmart and it’s damn successful. And that’s a good thing for T-Mobile.

    • Tomnewtn

      well said. 

  • TMoFan

    I’ve come to the conclusion that people will hate on T-Mobile no matter what. I would have thought that this relationship and award are positive but some people just don’t see the good in things.

    I say congrats Magenta. If this deal with walmart brings in more customers and helps T-Mobile in any way then it’s all good.

  • Frigadroid

    It sounds like good news to me, I hate to think where tmobile would be if walmart decides to do them like radio shack & others did.
    I don’t care much for walmart either but my wife who is half Chinese loves the place go figure. I don’t give their unfair policys much thought because when they are the only place open 24/7 besides the casinos she saves me money by going to walmart. The reason I don’t like walmart is because I’m a food snob and their food selection & quality sucks. Same goes for their clothing. I like the fact I can buy ammo/fishing tackle, tires & batteries, electronics, miscellaneous hardware and gardening supplies all under 1 roof close to home. So I doubt I will be boycotting them anytime soon. I prefer to channel all my hate towards samsung having been samsunged before, but never walmarted.

  • Place your “YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK” here:
    ________________________________________________________________________________… then yoouuuuuu might be a Redneck

  • TMO SUCKS !!!

    I say TMO executives bent over backwards to get this award… thats all TMO can do, they penny suckers. They are not ashamed to snatch penny from a kid if they have to…

    • Remember when your parents told you not to smoke crack? Well this is why.

  • walmartredneckblackasianguy

    oh of course! since tmobile is been place 4th place in jdm, this stupid redneck walmart thing is all a cover up. A COVER UP!!!!!!!

  • ok lets just complete the damn thing:

    Heeeeeeeere’s your sign….