Welcome To The HTC One, The Phone Designed For Everyone

“Welcome to HTC One, a phone which was designed with the belief that no one person is the same as everyone else.” This is how HTC introduces their newest YouTube video showing off the HTC One line, except they aren’t showing off the phone(s) at all. This video attempts to introduce the idea that the HTC One (HTC One S for T-Mobile of course) was designed because we’re all different and yet we all want the same thing, a good solid product that we can have a lot of fun with. Will this make you run right out and pick up the HTC One S the day it launches? No, it won’t…but it’s a great commercial and HTC is definitely on the right track here.


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  • Rudy Belova

    It really was a nice commercial. Kinda apple like.

  • One < S3

    now was that too hard?

  • Geri Paloli

    makes me want to buy the phone but im going to hold off untill the g infinlty comes out! my galaxy s2 will hold me off for now

  • Deadeye37

    I was watching the video imagining the people on each of the clips were using the phone’s camera to record themselves.  If that were the case, would any one take their HTC One S base jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, or diving into the pool?  The last I would attempt with the Motorola Defy.

  • Hamster

    Can we please get the cell phone industry back to making 3.5″-4.0″ screens? This big phone trend is starting to get really annoying.

    • antoine harrison

      i feel u bro but this is the way the industry is going 

    • mreveryphone

      This note is SICK!

      • Wex

        I dont understand how guys carry such a big phone…I can understand women with their purses or using it for business…but going out with friend wearing jeans- where the heck do you put a large phone.  I guess I need bigger pockets or more room in my pants?

        • OJdunit

          These boys have smaller “thingys” so more room for the Note. Fact.

        • mreveryphone

          That’s probably the gayest statement of the day. Refering to a man’s manhood as “thingy”. And what man carries their junk in their pocket. Anyway I don’t wear skinny jeans so my note fits in my pocket just fine, and in my blazer pocket

        • Steven

          Hahaha retire the skinny jeans. What’s your package doing in your pocket anyway?

    • Cybersedan

      Every touch screen phone I’ve bought has been as large or larger than the last, starting with my 3.2 inch Mytouch 3G.  I tell you one thing, I don’t ever recall saying to myself at any point, I wish I had gotten a smaller one.

      Of course there is a point where too big comes in, but that’s for the individual to decide.  Not everyone wants a 5+ in screen phone, but believe it or not 3.5 – 4.0 inches won’t work for some people.  Personally, I’d never look at anything below 4.3 inches.  

      • Yvrcouve

        My wife doesn’t like anything below 4.3″ either.

        • davis

          That’s what he said.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Anything below 4″ is for girls. 4.3″ is the sweet spot.

  • Psaux

    No SD slot, no purchase, or at least that’s my thinking.

    • LoganK

      Yeah, I started getting swayed by the One S talk, but I will never buy a phone without expandable storage. (I don’t care about having a battery.) I hate having to wait while things buffer, I hate having to waste data copying stuff I own across the network, and I hate that I can’t copy files onto other people’s phones/computers faster than the network.

      But I guess that is what Android is about. Somebody else will come along and offer me exactly what I want.

  • antoine harrison

    I just looked at a video on youtube comparing the HTC one s vs the HTC one x and I gotta say tmobile dropped the ball again. Its clear as ever that the one x is head and shoulders better than the HTC one S for T mobile. For all of you T mobile die hards if you are ever wondering or thinking if they are gonna get any better phones or even improve there service you might be waiting for that train ride for a very long time because they are not gonna do it. This is it. 

    •  T-Mobile will be getting the One X as well later down the road hater.

      • k-mack

        gosh, I really hope so.  that phone looks so awesome.

    • J-Hop2o6

      I actually rather have the One S. It looks better, plus its not plastic like the One X. But I wish it was 32GB instead of 16GB of storage.

  • Rfgenerator

    no removable battery = I am ONE who will not be getting this phone.

  • DannyAves

    no removable battery = I am ONE who will not be getting this phone.” – make that TWO.

  • Chris

    No removable battery? No SD slot?? WHO CARES. There’s literally less than 5% of us who actually carry a spare battery anyway. 25gb of drop box storage really not enough? This phone is super sexy. Do I wish the One X was coming to T-mo with vanilla android? OF COURSE! Still holding on to that hope actually. (G4X)

    • DannyAves

      Some of us travel all over the world and actually have to carry a spare battery, sometimes two.

      • Steven

        I heard chargers work all over the world…may have been rumor though

    • The cloud is worthless without a connection and there are a LOT of examples of when one would not have a connection. So, yeah, not having enough local storage does matter actually.

      • Steven

        16gb is plenty of space, and I’m sure it will keep the price down. I don’t really see the need for more than that. I don’t need several HD movies as well as several thousands of songs on my phone at once. If enough of you wieners cry about wanting to cart your entire media library around on your phone, I’m sure a 32gb will be available soon after. So, in short…keep crying!

  • Chris

    4.3″ is perfect. Own one, use it for a month, then come tell us its too big. Not gonna happen. Not to mention the One S is probably the smallest 4.3″er out there.

  • Chris

    I really want to know the difference between the S4 in the One S, and the S4 in the AT&T One X, besides LTE/HSPA+ compatibility. ANYONE?!

    • Vim

      No difference. The phones differentiate along factors other than the processor.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Since Tmo doesn’t have LTE yet, the Tmo S4 wil use S4/8260a. AT&T One X has LTE, so it will use S4/8960. But they are the exact same processors, only different radio setup.

  • Nrg

    No removable battery and sd card slot equals fail for me. How lame is that?! That’s one of the big draws to Android over iphone! I am one of those who carry an extra battery for every android phone I’ve owned. If your battery fails you are s@#! Out of luck. Stupid idea HTC. Go back to what you’ve had and stop trying to copy iPhone and giving customers less. Folks this puts HTC where Apple is on the control over you and your phone. Ask yourself this question…you are on a trip or vacation and your battery fails, what are you left to do but ask tech support for a replacement and wait or wait til you get home. This is seriously a bad idea and going in the wrong direction. I personally like the idea of having spare batteries and being able to have larger capacities. On the other hand if your phone locks up (which android phones do) you won’t be able to do a battery pull!!!!

    • Cybersedan

      I know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone whose played with the One S.  I’ve heard that the lack of a battery pull option is not an issue.

      • Nrg

        That’s what Windows has said about their operating systems for the last 20 years, when all else fails…REBOOT!!! Well….I have owned 6 android phones and am on the Amaze now. When you run your phones as hard as I do and truly use them for what they can do, sorry but the occasional battery pull is necessary when you lock up. It’s like having the luxury of a power cord on your home computer, if you can’t get it to respond and it locks on you, you have a second option and that is to pull the power source. I myself want that option. All though the one x looks awesome…I’ll pass and wait for something else with options.

        • OJdunit

          If you are pulling a power cord on a computer – you have a piece of crap.

        • Alex


        • Xrayspeed

          hold power button for 4+ seconds? no need to pull cords anymore

    • Great Idea..I feel the EXACT same way bro.

  • Taron19119

    if the rumor is true then at&t well get the one x first (which is true) then sprint well get the one x which well be rename name htc evo one (which htc and sprint is haveing a press event on april 4) then t-mobile well get the one x wit out sense runing stock android ics rename g4x (rumor to be announce at ctis 2012) so i think this is true

    • Aydthird

      Sorry for my dumbness but.. What is ctis?

      • Taron19119

        My bad ctia and it is where cell phone companys talk all things wireless and
        announc new phones basically a cell phone companys vision of ces

      • kevin

        He’s making himself look like a dumbass on purpose. Thats f*ing  stupid….

  • Then next year they’ll hit us with the HTC Two and it’ll have a 5 row qwerty :) Hopefully.

  • Good looking device

  • This is “in theory” a reworked Sensation…Besides the Capacitve buttons and the camera they look almost identical. HTC needs some form of differentiation between devices other than changing 2 things and telling us “its the best phone in the world” every time they release something. Same size screen and shape as Sensation. We the people shall pass. NEXT!

    • Vim

      Speak for yourself. I disagree.  Change brings risk, and changing for the sake of change isn’t always smart. When something is really sharp it becomes timeless.  

    • Hump

      it is thinner and has amoled

    • guest

       I own the sensation and had hands on with the HTC one. They are total different. The one is super thin and felt amazing. The camera was sick. I was so impressed. I won a HTC amaze and sold it and kept my sensation. I will get this phone when it comes out for sure. Hopefully I will get it free. And in this case I would not sell it, I would kept it. 

      • JBLmobileG1

        Why would you sell the Amaze? It’s better than the Sensation and if anything is more like the One except it has an SD card slot and removable battery. True the processor isn’t as new and the screen isn’t as good as the One but it’s very similar. So I am confused to why you’d want the HTC One when you pretty much had it and sold it.

        • guest

           The HTC one feels so great it blows away the amaze. When I got a amaze for free I would have sold my sensation used for maybe $200. and use the amaze which is only a tiny bit better then the sensation. Instead I sold the amaze for $420. Hopefully I get a HTC one from a training event or something for free.

          And one thing to point out which not most people know is the the HTC sensation can still use t-mobile’s mobile hot spot feature for free. But t-mobile fixed that in the amaze and you need to be paying for mobile hotspot in order for it to work. A few other things that make the sensation a better deal then the amaze is that it came with a headset and sd memory card. T-mobile got cheap with the amaze and it came with no headset and no sd card. 

    • 21stNow

       You have a right to your opinion, so I’m not questioning that.  I am trying to understand your reasoning.  Once there are hundreds of smartphones on the market the phones will begin to look alike.  How can HTC differentiate the Sensation from the One?

      I often wonder about this type of comment because I can’t remember the last time that people complained about all mattresses looking alike.  : )

  • kresk

    Definitely looks promising. Looking forward to checking it out in person. No SD slot isn’t a big deal for me person. I’ve had the Nexus S (no SD card slot with 16gb internal memory) for over a year now and I haven’t even come close to using all the space. I transfer bids and pics to my PC every now and then. Along with using google cloud for music, memory space is quite plentiful. The only thing that concerns me is the non-removable battery. I don’t normally have to use my extra battery but it’s some great piece of mind knowing I can if need be.

  • If they cant improve the battery life or their crappy digitizers , well im not buying anothe HTC phone ever!

    •  My HTC phone is slow and it legs and now my battery life is getting shorter and shorter

  • EXIBITman

    How much off contract. Dave?

  • definitely not impressed with the no battery removal .. i can deal with the storage .. oh well .. it is what it is .. the One X is what i prefer but well let’s hope the One S is good for us lowly TMobile folks.

  • david weekley

    Hopefully this isn’t a sign to come of all HTC products. I hate being tied to a cord and switch the battery on my sensation when needed. No removable battery is a deal breaker in my book no matter how nice the phone is. HTC batteries are crap. I use anker and get way better performance not to mention the battery on the MT4G slide quit working after only 4 months. (warranty only covered 90 days on batteries or so I was told). 

    • Hump

      battery can be removed with a screwdriver

      • DannyAves

        Sorry, but I’m just not walking around with a screwdriver.

  • Paul

    Well just wanted to say thank you for information you provided here during these years that we were with T-Mobile (6 years).

    But it is time…

    I just pre-ordered five Nokia Lumia 900 phones for our family plan with new AT&T contract and therefore we are leaving T-Mobile after being their customer for many years.

    I wish T-Mobile was the one who offer this phone but oh well we couldn’t wait anymore for T-Mobile.

    So good luck to you guys and maybe in 2 years if T-Moile offer some high-end Windows Phone devices we will back to T-Mobile again but who knows. Till then we are going to enjoy our Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Windows Phone.

    So again thanks David and good luck!

    • Yvrcouve

      Who cares…….go!

      • Joseph

        It seems you care and that’s why you felt like you need to respond like you don’t care.

        Paul said thank you to David for his work on this blog and I don’t see why you fanbois have to make this as opportunity to trash competitions and other OS.

        I think his point was saying thank to David and what he did in this blog for last few years.

        And I wish Paul good luck as well and I know he will enjoy his Nokia Lumia 900 while many of us here still looking for more cores to prevent lag on our Android phones.

        So the way I see it obviously some people care enough that he is leaving T-Mobile for better phone on AT&T.

        • Yvrcouve

          So you think he is not going for read and make comments on this site anymore? Like he really needs to announce to the world that he’s leaving tmobile…..as it is some monumental loss for us all. Give me a break……

          -Not a Fanboy

        • tapmaster

          Tmobile had a net customer loss of over 500,000 last quarter alone.  I think alot of those little losses add up to a monumental one for those of us who want Tmobile to succeed.  

    • no2apple

      Who uses windows phone ???. Seriously 

      • The beauty of a Windows Phone is that the software is designed to run so fluidly and smoothly that you don’t need a quad core processor. Go look at the latest customer satisfaction results and you’ll find that the Windows Phone OS outperformed the iPhone and Android phones in multiple categories. Furthermore if you go look at Amazon.com and see which three phones top their charts for highest customer satisfaction; it’s Windows Phones. 

        It’s not trolling, it’s a revolution and a competitor rising up to offer a wonderful alternative that is amazing.

      • Jeff

        Clearly people use it and like it that for Windows Phone they leave T-Mobile and go to AT&T. I know it’s hard for fanboi like you but that is a truth.

        And please educate yourself so don’t make urself look like stupid by saying quadcore is the standard or is need. For Android is a need to help with lag and still it lags.

        Windows Phone with one single core beats any Androd phone in market in term of speed and being smooth and fluid.

        Grow up man. People like other things and not everybody like what you like and find it useful more than what you like.

        I hope Google stop paying trolls like you too to come to every blog and post trash and say crap against competion too.

        • no2apple

          Quadcore is the standard in 2012. Im sorry but if nokia doesn’t have the design ability  to put together a quadcore, you have to accept it and not deny it… Not all companies are vertically integrated and not all companies can come up with   cutting edge technology. Forget how much success they had in 1990s… Like RIM..

          For you troll to come and defend a statement such as ‘ Bcoz t-mobile doesn’t have high end phone’… is either your lack basic knowledge of technology or just plain dumb.  

          Microsoft pays people like you to push internet explorer with the same arguments and comments. Sorry, isn’t gonna help. Why else would MS give free Lumia to almost everyone lined up at their stores during that phone challenge ????.  

          Before you make a bigger fool of yourself, define HIGH-END to me and tell me how lumia is high-end in 2012 ??? 

        • John

          You think Micorosft pay people for come and post here? I mean come on you can’t be more dumb than that.

          The only troll here is you that thinks all people are tool like you.

          And FYI they don’t offer Lumia for free to anyone in their store you fool.

          It call advertising they take your crappy Android and give you better phone which is Windows Phone.

          The fact that you think Micorosft pays people to post comment in some blog and tellig Quadcore is standards shows how much you know.

           Anyway no point to answer to your BS comments and you can talk shit as much as you want and I am not gonna waste my time for tools like you.

          I have better things to do in life and you can go back to your hole Tool.

        • UMA_Fan

          The Windows Phone 7 platform is a million times more stabler and smoother than Android.  I say this as an Android user.  Those extra cores give you nothing.  That’s all geek speek.  A single core Nokia Luma 710 with its 1.4ghz single core processor is a faster phone in most processes than the dual core G2X

        • Justamazing87

          Lol … More stabler. The things that make android great also make it suck. Android needs multicores to run as efficiently as ios or windows but. I work for t-mobile. Windows has its is issues like android does.

          When Windows phones have problems nothing I can do really. the allows u to do nothing… That 710 leaves no dual core android in the dust in real world performance …. Lol ur funny tho

        • UMA_Fan

          The 710 does do day to day tasks a lot faster than the Galaxy S II or the Amaze with its dual cores.

          They only advantage to all that extra hardware in the GSII and the Amaze is some of the high end graphically intensive games available.  Meaning not 90% of what the majority of consumers use their phone for.

          When it comes to android phone owners arguing about how many cores their phone has it devolves into geek speak about people trying to emasculate themselves.

          Windows Phone 7 is stable.  Deal with it.

        • tapmaster

          It’s funny how Android fanboys have been suckered into thinking all phones need more cores.  iOS and WP7 don’t have the signature Android lag so multi-core isn’t as important.  The only thing of consequence that is better on and Android phone over a Windows phone is the screen resolution.  Of course, the iphone screen beats any android screen anyway.  It’s like an Android fanboy saying “look at me.  Look at me.  I have a huge engine…… on my bus.”  Whereas the WP person knows they have a smaller engine but their sedan is alot zippier.

        • Vim

          I agree with you that Windows Phone doesn’t really need quad core at this point. Nevertheless,  it needs to support newer processors.  The Snapdragon S2’s integrated radio is limited to 14.4Mbps HPSA+.  Its GPU, the Adreno 205, is also badly outdated so the Nokia 900 will never be a premier gaming device.  To get LTE and higher level HSPA+ support on there they had to add an extra chip onto the board.  This will increase both the battery drain and heat produced by the phone, and  even still the HSPA+ support does not include 42mbps dual carrier mode.  21mbps is as high as the Lumia 900 will go.  Nokia is going to have to find a new HSPA+ 42 modem and write a Windows Phone driver for it before they can get the 900 to play nice at 42mbps, and that’s going to take time.  I know the most die-hard of Windows Phone fans won’t care, but if Microsoft would just get around to supporting the Krait S4, these issues would disappear entirely.

        • postulation

          You are ignorant troll.  Stop with the specs and put the phones side by side and then judge the experience.  Go find some bad reviews for WP7.  Very few.  Also, the Lumia family also receives very solid reviews across the board.  Android?  Plenty of bad reviews.  Also, go check the customer reviews on every major carrier and see which phones are rated the highest.  I know, its all a conspiracy by Microsoft.  Just curious, have you every used a WP7 phone?

          I don’t understand people like you.  What do you get out of bashing Microsoft and WP7?  Stick with you beloved Android if that is what you like, but there is no need to spew your unhappiness with your life to the rest of us.

    • Good luck to you as well! Enjoy those 900’s! I had a chance to play with it at CES and it’s a beautiful piece of hardware!

  • BahamasGeek242

    Who cares about this phone it should have come stock with ICS then I might care. The end of life for this phone will be 6 to 9 months and it will never get a OS update from HTC.   I will wait and buy a lumia 900 when it becomes available on T-mobile in the next 3 months 

    • Guest

      It does come with ICS…

      • BahamasGeek242

        like I said in my comment I said STOCK ICS not ICS with htc sense 4.0

        • just sayin

          Actually you said “stock with ICS” not stock ICS, learn to read

        • james

          LOL. you got him.

  • I’ve been a loyal HTC user since the T-Mobile MDA (2006?).  I’ve always loved their products, but this one has really disappointed me.  No SD card slot?  No removable battery?  I have the Sensation 4G and I carry two batteries or my charger with me.  Besides, I’m one of those people who like to root their phones and install custom roms.  It looks like it will be difficult to do that with this phone.  Sorry HTC, but it looks like this partnership is over.  Looking forward to the LG Optimus 4X



  • Any info on the HTC One S color options? I hope they’d offer the black one too.

  • Illnest602

    here’s my problem! If tmo and htc are so called partners why are we getting screwed by not getting the X??? It’s a more powerful phone with a bigger screen but yet att is getting it and we are not what s&”t is that?!!!

    • Lookingforlove_ru

      The HTC one X ATT is getting is not the Dualcore Tegra 3. If you follow the rumor mills (and these have substantiated by some pretty reliable sites) Tmo is getting the HTC One-X with the Tegra3 but it is going to be called the G4X! Help this helps with your anger over not getting it!

      • UMA_Fan

        I really hope someone can confirm this.  I’ve been hearing it but It just sounds way too good to be true.

        • Guest

          Exactly! I’ll believe it when and if we ever see it. Don’t get me wrong… this model is sweet but lack of NFC (will be bigger this year and the next), 32GB, and quadcore is not gonna do it for all. The quadcore terga 3 spanks the 2nd gen dual in terms of gpu scores inspite of what people say. They are actually pretty close but that’s just gpu. The cpu would stomp it completely. The 4 to 1 core is an interesting concept which should address battery use while the 2nd gen dual of the One S will certainly do well with 30% less battery use than the first gen dual. Half of these issues would be okay if HTC had left room an sd card. The nonremovable battery is stupid but can easily be replaced by an ape with a T5 screw driver. It is a pain though and offers nothing for people who like extended batteries. Also, you can do a virtual battery pull like the old resistive screen and stylus days so that’s nothing. It looks like we’ll have to wait for the SGIII for the perfect device for everyone. Looks like I’m saying goodbye to htc after being their customer since 2006 htc wizard lol! Maybe they will surprise us with a G3 (One X with a keyboard or similar) I hope I have the patience!

      • k-mack

        Yes, the Tegra 3 is a quadcore actually and it may be stock ICS, to differentiate from the Sense on the att version. This will really compete with everyone’s best!

    • antoine harrison

      you know everything you have said proves my point that tmobile is horrible. they are good for getting mid grade phones but thats it. if you want a really hot phone you are gonna have to leave tmobile. my 2 year contract is up with tmobile in May and as soon as it comes to a end Im gonna roll out to Att. 

      PS: You might wanna consider doing the samething. 

      • k-mack

        Ps you might want to think about stopping wasting your time, dude…

    • Vjballa21

      att has exclusivity on the 4.7 in one for just a couple months and then were getting it too :) HTC rep came and took us out bowling and let us know. PHONE IS PHENOMINAL. you can take a hundred pics in a minute and record videos in slow motion…its water resistant! just absolutely was amazed at how thin and awesome it is. cant wait for the x!

      • CCollision

        JUST a couple months, and the phone will be obsolete too. That’s the whole point on these [anticompetitive] exclusivity agreements, I’m afraid.

  • Vim

    You have a legitimate voice, are clearly fervent in your belief, and make an interesting point overall, -but- the “if T-Mobile doesn’t get a high-end Windows Phone I and my 2/5/10 friends are all leaving for AT&T and the Lumia 900” and the “Good-bye T-Mobile, I and may family of 2/5/10 are all leaving for AT&T and the Lumia 900 because T-Mobile doesn’t have a high end Windows Phone” comments mostly sound like they’re written by the same person, and I suspect many of them are.  

    Given the huge differences between high end and low end Android phones, and even iPhones, the differences between all Windows Phones are pretty minimal currently.  The internals and display resolutions are all the same.  The software is the same. You can stretch the same number of pixels over a larger screen if you’re willing to put up with a lower pixel density, and you can choose between a 5mp and an 8mp camera.  Maybe I’m missing something, but those differences come across as pretty minimal to me. 

    • Jeff

      Well it sad to see that you judge people like that and if some people have same opinion or reason to leave T-Mobile you consider they are all same person!

      With your logic all these people that come and say Android is this or that are all same person.

      And base your logic I can assume that all these posting crap and trash competition from Android fanbois are all writing by same person, right?

      People do like and love other things than Android. People even hates Android and if it’s hard for you to accept then thats your problem not someone else.

      I am just saying accept people like other things as well and many can have same voice and ideas.

      One another thing is the differences between all Windows Phones are NOT pretty minimal currently. Form factor, build quallity, processor, camera, sound, and etc. all different between phones and design and look and screen quality make huge differences between phones.

      And it’s not all about resolution and stretch the same number of pixels.

      But base on your logic I cana ssume you are Android fanboi and can’t expect more than this from you.

      • Vim

        You’re getting mighty defensive here, even stooping to personal insults, when I never pointed the finger at you personally.  Clearly your emotions have gotten the better of you.  I’m going to step away and give you the opportunity to calm down.

    • Justamazing87

      Use the lumia for 2 months and watch how much it sucks … Lol. The guy who was the lumia champion at my store hates it.lol

      Atleast get the radar…… The limos is really not built well

      • tapmaster

        Oh, well if the guy at your store says so then is must be true for everyone.  I guess all those folks who made it the third highest rated phone on the Tmobile website are paid off by Microsoft too.  You’re right though. The Radar is a better phone.

      • Vim

        Yeah, I’ve heard the 710’s have build quality issues that become more apparent the longer you have them. I have nothing against Windows Phone personally, and my last phone was Windows Mobile.  I’ve played with Windows Phone 7.5 and it is a pretty zippy OS that makes the most of the older processors it runs on, but feature-wise it isn’t yet on a par with either Android or iOS.   Hopefully Apollo will close that gap when it gets released later this year.


  • no2apple

    the words you use to push windows phone

    ‘Out perform’

    Just proves that windows is everything except the above… If windows was Jesus phone 2 ( I have to assume bcoz your words seem to say so), why is MS giving this away free with no contract ???. Why is nobody talking about it except you and 2 more ppl ??.  

    • More people do talk about it and I never said it was a Jesus phone 2.0 rather an incredible device and viable contender. Giving away free phones through the Smoked Competition helps people to see how great the phones are while building excitement and brand loyalty.

  • tapmaster

    Oh, well if the guy at your store says so then is must be true for everyone.  I guess all those folks who made it the third highest rated phone on the Tmobile website are paid off by Microsoft too.  You’re right though. The Radar is a better phone.

  • cuppycake

    I don’t know what all those numbers u people speak of mean. Will I be able to surf the net quickly, talk on the phone, take a great looking picture, and text at speeds that rival my phone with a keyboard? Is it better than the galaxy s2?

    • Dht

      I am one of the lucky few that has had the opportunity to see this phone in person aand yes this is far superior to the sgs2. Better camera great screen and quality build is absolutely amazing.

      • Not just a great camera, but the only mobile camera with an f-stop aperture of f2.0. This makes for great low noise picture in all conditions. The camera is whats making me get this, and it packs in HDR out of the camera too that blows away the iphones HDR. It’s gonna be sweet.

  • TsuNami

    Does anyone know what the screen is made out of? Will it be gorilla glass or will it be something else? Just curious.

    • Gorilla glass 2, the glass almost falls down and around the edges. Very nice.

      • TsuNami

        Music to my ears. :) I have the original Samsung Galaxy and I will never EVER purchase another Samsung, no matter how great everyone says the II is or the III will be. Sure, mine has held up, but I’ve had lots of issues over the last 2 years; also Samsung has been and is notorious for being terrible with fixing bugs (it takes them forever) and providing updates.
        Seems like this phone is similar in size, has quick processing speeds, and now (icing on the cake) has gorilla glass…I can drop it without worrying too much. So I guess we will wait and see what everyone says between April 22nd and the end of June when I’m due for an upgrade.
        Thanks John.

        • My local Tmo is taking names for a call list for the 22nd. Cant wait. Agreed Samsung was a bad rep for updates, and I cant stand that touchwiz.

  • Was bike riding today stopped by the 23rd St T-mobile store in NYC, asked the rep if he thinks any new HTCs are coming down the line.  He said the HTC ONE X on 22nd of this month and he is excited about it, I said I think its going to be called the HTC G4X, he said he is not sure but he cant wait to get his hands on a  Quad core. He also said he is taking names and numbers down, so I left mine.  Thats about it, short of him saying the HTC G4X name I’m pretty excited.

    • Whylee77

      I totes want in on this phone!


    • Why?

      • HTC phones are crap

        • I know you said that in the post, why exactly give some examples.

        • Whylee77

          Dont you get it John, because its CRAP!

        • Im not getting why you think its crap.

        • Whylee77

          I dont I was making fun of the other person. LOL

        • Ah, got it got it.