Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Full Retail Pricing, Now Available In “Select Retail Stores”

If anyone out there has wondered what the full retail pricing would be for the Galaxy S Blaze 4G as it goes on sale at “select retail locations,” wonder no more. Thanks to a leaked price card, we can finally confirm a $449.99 retail price for the Blaze 4G. Value Plan customers will see $119.99 pricing after a $30 mail-in rebate with a $15 monthly equipment installment plan. Classic Plan customers will pay $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

The Galaxy S Blaze 4G is a brand new installment in the Galaxy S line and has already impressed me with the best speeds I’ve ever achieved on T-Mobile’s 4G network bar none. T-Mobile announced that the Blaze 4G would be available through “select retail locations” today and nationwide online and in stores on March 28th.

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  • Its like shopping for a new vehicle: $30 mail-in rebate with a $15 monthly equipment installment plan and 0% apr. sheesh.

  • Derrick227

    Damn if i wasnt already on EIP i would get this

    • Thomas Brezinski

      You can pay off your EIP at any time.

      • Derrick227

        I know

  • eYe

    Or, one can just pick up unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $459….. Just saying.

    • phone guy

       Not everyone has that much money just lying around.

      • eYe

        Only 10 bucks more, what do you mean?

        • flailingwale

           its even more absurd they charge 10 dollars for text, even if its included in the plan and they charge for data… even if its included in the plan.

          when i buy a plan that says “Unlimited Talk -Text and Web” why the hell are they charging you for text and data still separately. obviously its not included in any plans anymore then and they need to remove it all.

          its just ridiculous, all i want this phone for is videos and pictures and the occasional WIFI usage but because of all this recent nonsense with forced charges i dont even want to try to get it.

          its like i find a way to get around the charges, then they are like well since you arent paying for data you have to pay full price for the phone. then i find a data plan thats reasonable then they are like that plan doesnt include the rebate for the phone.

          like i said it doesnt matter what you do, you arent saving crap these days and they are taking advantage of peoples ignorance to willingly take such abuse. it should be illegal for them to charge extra to text and data with plan that already include it… which you already are paying for…

          im sorry i hate this crap, bunch of great phones but all tied down to so many stupid marketing schemes.

          i got no problem being tied to a contract but im not going to sign up to contract to get ripped off more than someone who pays prepaid… contracted costumers should be getting better deals than prepaid ones but oddly that isnt the case.

          i even spoke to a rep and he admitted its wrong and its not right that prepaid customers get better advantages, less fees and more flexibility than a long term paying customers. i mean shit what can i even say to that when their own employees admit its a rip off.. like seriously?

          fuck phone carries today seriously, bunch of greedy pricks and nothing but dumb asses buying into it feeding their bullshit schemes.

      • mab212

        eYe is talking about customers who are paying full price because they are EM+ customers, prepaid customers, or other customers, who are already under contract.

      • flailingwale

         tell me about it. it blows my mind people just spend that kind of money on a phone of all things and just mark it off as a good deal.

        my biggest problem with all carriers now is i do not need their data, yet i will still be charged for it when i already pay out the ass for existing internet from a actual ISP.

        its ridiculous carriers think their version of the internet is going to replace PC’s or ISP version. its beyond stupid, i understand having net on your phone is handy but getting over even 6mbs of speed on your phone is beyond ridiculous and unnecessary.

        outrageous people give into such ignorance. they just see the high speed and pay for it realizing a phone will never need to have that high of speeds. i mean the day smart phones replace PC’s… will truly be an extremely ignorant era.

        then god forbid you try to find a plan that fits your budget, they wont give it to you unless you pay full price of the phone and no im not stupid. either way you get screwed with a contract or without.. they are getting their money and you arent saving anything special.

        wow every 2 years without a contract you would save literally a measly $100 dollars. after paying like 2 grand.

  • Dave Macias

    im on a even more for families contract so that means i can’t get it for $149??

  • Thomas Brezinski

    While tempting think I’ll be waiting for the HTC One.  Still sour on all the Samsung products which have failed on me over the years and I know someone with a Galaxy 4G and it is buggy as hell.

    • fixxmyhead

      i use to have a galaxy s 4g and it was really smooth idk what the hell people are talkinng about. it was better than that POS mytoucd 4g

      • Joelee90706

        My POS Mytouch 4g is still working and kicking. LOL

        •  So is mine. It still looks and works like new and I’ve had it since January. Still love it, but I am also now using other phones as well.

        • Frigadroid

          For some reason the samsung fanboys always have to put down htc or apple to make themselves feel superior in some very weird gadget worshipping way. Their views are so skewed one fanboy troll wants to claim android (a product of google) as the reason why samsung’s are of higher build quality than apple. They don’t realize samsung has plenty of other ventures including manufacturing the parts as cheaply and quickly as possible so they can mass market them. Without any forethought into the future support they might need. Basically they don’t care about their customers anyone who has had a problem knows that. They could make a great phone if they wanted to but they would rather sell you a new one next year. Just like their batteries and cords they could make them last longer but their goal is to do everything on the cheap. You earn your reputation and samsung has the reputation they deserve it’s that simple but they will never understand.

    • Frigadroid

      Even the samsungs that do get updated usually don’t take it to well, as history shows vibrant, sidekick, galaxy 4g. If you find a samsung that works well out of the box sometimes you are better off not to update.
      Majority of the people who claim how great they are have to use root access delete all the carrier and samsunged bloatware, mod install & test various custom kernels till everything works. For me that’s more trouble than it’s worth, when you can buy a phone that just works out of the box.

  • mab212

    Still too expensive for the older customers on EM+.  Why spend $449.99 when I can get a galaxy nexus for about $10 more.  As a matter of fact, it would probably cost less since the Blaze would have 6% sales tax in my state.  

    I’m on a 1500 minutes EM+ and it is hard to justify a new value when when 1000 minutes isn’t enough and I don’t need unlimited.  Further, for unlimited on my 3 lines and 5GB of data on one of those, it would end up being more than I am paying now for additional minutes I don’t need.

  • guest

    It looks like it says 80 dollar mail in rebate for classic, not 50. Which makes it 119.99 for Classic customers

  • Tlinthagr8

    I wonder how much walmart is gonna sell this for? I just might pick this up.

  • That’s good pricing. I wonder how much the HTC One S will be, I hope, $499 off contact, & now $599 like the Samsung Galaxy S II

    • Dominique

       Its weird, the SGS II was $529.99 before the Valentine’s day special.  I think they found out that people were saving too much money on the Value plan and decided to increase the price.  The full discount price hasn’t changed yet.

      • Really? wow, I didn’t know that. I remember a time when no T-Mobile Smartphone was over $499, & now the SGII is $599 & I’m like that’s ridiculous. What do we have a high-high end now? Because that seems like that’s what it is. The SGSII has made something like the HTC Sensation at $499 just high-end. 

        • Gwapo

          Yeah it was $529.99 then they increase the price because of law of supply and demand!!!! Tmo should just sell it for $529.

  • /Looks at watch and taps foot in hope/anticipation of the mythical G4x.

    I’m holding out until I know for sure if that phone is or isn’t coming out.

  • Woods

    I walked into the local T-Mobile shop hoping to buy a Blaze today for use with my Monthly 4G plan, but they don’t have any yet (and no other stores in the area do, either). The guy told me they got the accessories, but has no idea about the phones. He’s aware that the official launch is next Wednesday, but aside from that, if they get the phones early, they can sell them; no indication of if they’ll have any available between now and then. I wonder how many stores “select” equates to?

  • Jax

    Oh yeah! Im still rockin a Motorola Charm!

  • I hadn’t thought of some of these Interesting piece. It can be difficult to find good blogs nowadays. Found one here though by the looks of things.

    • PimpStrong

      David runs an awesome site.  Best place to come for all your T-Mobile news needs!

      • Awwww man you’re making me blush!!

  • jay_max

    This sounds like a decent, mid-range phone.  However, it is well into 2012…ICS should be on this thing, not Gingerbread, which came out in, what, 2010?

    • PimpStrong

      Dam it sure did lol.  Hopefully Google will stick with one update per year each winter because that will give manufacturers a much better schedule for releasing these devices.  No manufacturer should even bother with developing a phone in the 4th quarter with soon-to-be-outdated software.

  • Taron19119

    So sprint is geting the htc one x

    • IT

      What does that have to do with anything?

  • Ziggy123

    This is priced a little to aggressive for EM+ / prepaid customers.  At about $350-400 they could have this phone flying off the shelves.  You can’t price a phone touted as mid-range a few dollars less than your flagship phones.

    • PimpStrong

      A few dollars?  The Amaze and GSII are $599.

    • T-Mobile Sales Rep

      Like I posted above the Blaze is hardly mid-range.  It has a similar camera/front facing camera as the $650 Verizon Galaxy Nexus and the same processor/network as the GSII.  The numerous speed tests I ran on it gave me mostly 20+ mbs with a few around the 17-19 area.  It also scored over the Amaze and SII in quadrant benchmark testing (over 700 over the Amaze and about 100 over the SII).  The only thing “mid-range” is the screen size and clarity which again as I posted I put the SII and Blaze next to each other and there wasn’t a noticeable difference.  I think the Blaze is a great addition to the T-Mobile lineup and originally I even have my doubts.  I’m currently rocking a GS4G and as soon as the Blaze becomes available for employees I will purchase it.  The SII for my personal use is a little too big plus I didn’t want to pay around $500 for it.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Just waiting on that Tmo Galaxy Note or some Tizen devices :D
    Blaze is a nice device for mid range though.

    • sergio

      The phone has a Dual core for god sake!

  • T-Mobile Sales Rep

    I would hardly call the Blaze mid-range device.  I work at T-Mobile and got speeds of 16-22 mbs consistently and also did quadrant bench mark tests and it scored about 700 points higher than the Amaze and about 100 higher than the S2.  I also had the S2 and Blaze side by side and the screen wasn’t noticeably different in clarity and color.  The Blaze is an amazing deal for the price and I can’t wait to be able to purchase one.  It’s a lot less than the S2 and personally I like the 4″ screen.

    • moises1204

      i agree, 4″ screen is the sweet spot.

  • mingkee

    I tried SGS Blaze and I say it’s pretty good as midrange phone.
    It’s much, much, much better than SGS 4G for just $50 more.
    It has 1GB app storage
    It has ~2GB storage + microSD
    The phone is FAST (much faster than Sensation) and the screen looks good.
    $450 isn’t bad at all.

  • Woods

    I got mine today, $450 plus tax out the door. Most stores in the area (Boston) have it now, although no one did on the 21st. I’m using it with the $30 unlimited data plan, and all I had to do was give the sales rep my number to prove I had an account (since they won’t sell phones to non-customers). He did seem to look at me weird when I told him I wanted to pay full price, but whatever.

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  • super

    Plz let me know how much it costs without contract n  fully unlocked…

    my bro want to gift me … i live at India
    i dont knw whts US Mobile pricing System …..
    whts its exat rate….
    till where cn it be available in dec
    plz reply … i’m so needy

  • Supermanrvs

    Plz let me know how much it costs without contract n  fully unlocked…
    my bro want to gift me … i live at Indiai dont knw whts US Mobile pricing System …..whts its exat rate…. till where cn it be available in decplz reply … i’m so needy

  • Samsung Fan

    I had this phone for 3 years and I am using broke but I found my way aroid that it right now. The charging port was the only thing I found a way around that. I bet you guys got the s6 or at least the s3. I might not upgrade at all but it does not matter to me. Most apps are still supported not google apps though. This phone is durable for the countless times I have dropped it.