Initial Speed Test Results From My First Two Days With The Galaxy S Blaze 4G

I’m just getting into my tests and trials with the Galaxy S Blaze 4G — but I thought these speeds warranted a little teaser post. Yes, these speeds are more the exception than the rule though I have to say when I ran the same speed tests on the Galaxy S II, I did not see the same kind of back to back results two days in a row. The image I included with the Galaxy S II review only saw one test result over 20Mbps. My last two days of tests on the Blaze 4G has seen more than two dozen results surpass that same number. I’m impressed.

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  • Who needs LTE with download speeds that high! :O

    •  as much as I’m looking forward to LTE, I am SERIOUSLY impressed with HSPA+42.

    • Erod188

      The upload speeds are not that great in comparison to lte but hey download speeds are a start

    • redman12

       LTE is overblown. HSPA+ work just fine. LTE also drains the battery a lot faster compare to HSPA+

    • Vic

      Yes, because speed is the only benefit of LTE…

  • terryjohnson16

    florida has serious aws spectrum. i dont see those speeds here in nyc.

    nyc has only 30mhz of aws spectrum.

  • william wadsworth

    LTE is just as good and has much better upload speeds.

    • scottyrob82

       And has 5 times the battery drain.

    • What’s your complaint or point? T-Mobile is also rolling out LTE next year. Now I am in amazement that they could do this with HSPA+, reach these kinds of speeds, and you’re telling us that the next generation is “just as good or better”. I think the word “duh” is appropriate.

  • terryjohnson16

    once tmobile has lte, it should be fast since they already have hspa+ 42 to fall back on.

    • TRUTH. And they should have BETTER 42Mbps HSPA+ as well when they re-farm it over to 1900 Mhz. That combined with LTE on top in major markets will be killer.

  • whosaidwhat


  • I personally prefer HSPA+ than LTE. It’s hard enough with a lot of Android Smartphones with battery life, LTE will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Plus, I’m still confused why somebody wants speed so high to that of what LTE can supposedly offer, especially when you think about our data plans are tiered. I mean what am I seriously gonna download w/ 42Mbps+ & beyond? I barely need 20Mbps download, let alone 10. I mean I’m happy with the outstanding speeds, but honestly I do my speedtest as a show off, of what my network capabilities are, I don’t actually  use the speed to that extent. Great test results Dave.

  • huh

    How is this possible? The most I get from my Galaxy Nexus in NYC is 7mpbs and that’s rare. It’s usually 5mbps.

    • Galaxy Nexus is 21mbps, not category 42.

    • Guest

      Galaxy Nexus isn’t a T-Mobile Phone….

      • s10shane

        there is a gsm galaxy nexus just to let you know.

    • You need a dual channel HSPA+ chipset to get the 42 Mbps speeds. Like Simon said, your phone doesn’t have that. It only has HSPA+ 21. That’s why you see half the speeds.

    • UMA_Fan

      Instead of people having the most insane irrational debates about what’s 4G and what isn’t.  People should start taking into account all HSPA+ is not equal.  There is a big difference if your device or network support HSPA+ 14, 21, or 42.

      • Realcool2000

        So true.

        Also, the particular phones strength to receive a strong signal is a factor. Its interesting because my HTC G2 a lot of times receives the 4g signal when my Samsung GS2 cant get one ( the phones are right next to each other, lol ).

        I’m think the GS2 ( 42mb? ) is capable of faster speeds then the G2 ( 21mb? ), but if it cant receive the signal then it doesn’t matter. Im not an expert on the subject tho.

        Both are awesome phones tho!

        • TMOTECH

          G2 is 14.4 Mbps


      Galaxy Nexus is Max capable of 21Mbps. It is not a dual carrier phone. The Blaze is a dual carrier Phone capable of 42Mbps. Which means it is using 2 down link paths at the same time.

  • carcomptoy

    Those download speeds are definitely impressive…I can’t wait to upgrade from my G2.  That being said, where LTE shines is upload speeds.  Not that everyone’s doing some serious uploading on the go, but uploading’s the area where HSPA+ still has to catch up on…or may never catch up on.

  • Whylee77

    Im sick of the HSPA+ Bashing.  This is faster than Verizons LTE here in Chicago

  • terryjohnson16

    LTE might not be a big deal to us now, but the same can be said back in the old GPRS days regarding EDGE rolling out, and when UMTS was the new kid on the block.

    battery life still hasnt improved to give us 2g like battery life on 3g or 4g lte.

    sony and even nokia is sure coming close with their 7 to 9 hour 3g battery life.

    • When it’s a big deal, T-Mobile will have it. As in next year. And T-Mobile’s will be a LTE Cat 10 network, which is software upgradeable to LTE Advanced when it is necessary and there is market need for those speeds. 

  • DannyAves

    In Miami those speeds are easily reached. My Galaxy S 4G very rarely goes below 10 Mbps, my G2 is about 7Mbps. Even my old BlackBerry 9700 3G consistently gave me over 2.2 Mbps.

  • Get_at_Me

    I got 24mbps down on my s2 once

  • These speeds only mean so much, because as long as you are getting more than 5mb or so down you can stream very well.  Nice though…on my GSII I got about 20 before.  Still did not stream any better than my 4G Radar, and in fact the Radar streams Youtube and other videos better.

  • ghulamsameer

    This is great. T-Mo’s HSPA rivals AT&T and Verizon in down speeds and is only a little behind in up speeds. I’m eager for the LTE network. Oh, and 3G restructuring so I can use my iPhone with intended purpose.

    • A little behind In uploads? That’s not accurate at all.

      • ghulamsameer

        Well out of all the test’s I’ve seen, 5mbps seems to be the average. T-Mobile depends more on the area you live in and those are the speeds over here.

    • tommy

       ping speeds are very important and so is penetration of buildings.

  • YouNoHaveDaPotato?

    I get WAY higher speeds here in Dallas TX.

  • Phozfate

    i’m lucky to get over 5 on my sII in philadlphia

    • carcomptoy

      That can’t be in Center City during the weekday.  I swear I can barely even break .5 Mbps much less get a server response during the day!  Absurd!

  • JustBeingHonest

    The problem with T-Mobile HSPA+ speeds is that they are so very isolated.  Move 10 feet in any other direction and your phone is back on GPRS.  

    I live in a 42 Mbps area here in SoCal.  We literally have one cell site in the 10 mile radius near my office that delivers anything near 5 Mbps down.  Everywhere else it’s less than 700 Kbps down even with full signal.  

    We’ve had T-Mobile 3G here from the beginning back in 2008.  For some reason T-Mobile fails to get the needed backhaul to their local cell sites even though their competition (with the exception of Sprint which is also slow-spotty) has no issues doing the same. 

    • Scarfacemario

      May I ask what area are u located ?

      • JustBeingHonest

        Ontario Mills.  Go to the parking lot of McDonalds off Milliken (near the T-Mobile Corporate Store0 and your phone will go to EDGE in a wide open area in the parking lot with little interference from buildings.  Very busy metro area but poor download speeds and spotty HSPA + all around.    

        The coverage map shows the darkest shades available indicating the fastest speeds.  

        Zip Code:  91761

        • Toddrasmussen

          Yeah I’m from your area too.  Even on 4th Ave. near Ontario Mills go into any restaurant or pub and your phone automatically goes to EDGE or GPRS.  It seems the power output from their HSPA cell sites is very weak so in-buiding penetration is poor and with a lack of backhaul data speeds are slow. 

          If they can get PCS 1900 MHz 2G networks to penetrate buildings well then they surely can get the AWS 1700/2100 MHz network to penetrate just as well but I suspect they went cheap and only added AWS radios to a few select sites and neglected the others.  

          It’s 2012.  They have to really focus on quality even if that includes spending a bit more CAPEX and growing/expanding the high speed network more than the shareholders may want.  2G service is really lame especially when you know T-Mobile can build out something so much better if they weren’t so cheap. 

        • UMA_Fan

          Switching your connection to ‘WCDMA only’ in your settings will help when signal drops to 2G when indoors.  This mode will lock you on 4G, however if there is no 4G you will get no reception

        • TMOTECH

           if there is supposed to be 3G/4G where you are on the map and you are outside not getting any then customer service should be called and they need to create a ticket for Field operations to go out and check what is going on. It should not be that weak at this location. 

        • TMOTECH

           if there is supposed to be 3G/4G where you are on the map and you are outside not getting any then customer service should be called and they need to create a ticket for Field operations to go out and check what is going on. It should not be that weak at this location. 

        • Frigadroid

          Couldn’t it also more likely have something to do with the volume of users in any giving area? Kind of like plumbing the more taps you turn on through the line the less pressure you feel at the end.
          I’m just speculating I haven’t been to tech school since PMEL training back in the 80s. Back in those days we still used old frankenstein looking lab equipment like the VM3 for calibrations.

        • TMOTECH

          Well I didn’t want to get that technical because some on this forum tend to want to argue with me, but yes. Because UMTS is WCDMA, where every handset is on the same frequency, coverage fluctuates. During busy hours output power lowers itself to reduce interference. CDMA and LTE work the same. So the more users there are the weaker the coverage is. GSM does not do that because every user is on its own frequency which is why you may see 4 bars of 2G signal and 2 bars of 3g/4g signal at the same location.

        • Frigadroid

          Thanks! That’s like 3 times this month tmobile’s employees made me feel good. I guess I’m not as stupid as some of these kids think I am.
          Lol It’s funny that you mention people like to argue with you here. To bad most of them are uniformed teenagers who have little knowledge or life experience to add anything constructive. I’ll admit though I do enjoy playing with them and getting their goat ;-) this blog brings me plenty of laughs and joy. Thanks for your input and keep up the good work!

  • Jorgerodriguezcontreras

    Wow. And this suppose to be a middle range Android phone. These speeds changes my concept of this phone. Hats of.

    • Where do you get “middle range” from?

      • TMOTECH

        Because it doesn’t have a 12 inch screen and a 42 terahertz 64 core processor and make your Volkswagen fly.

        • Someguy


  • Nain Fuego

    I get 20-25mbps here in Connecticut. I really don’t want LTE =

    • Jeanette

      That’s funny.  Most of CT is gprs.  Where are you located?

      • Mark Hennessey

        I’m in the Hartford area. My wife’s Amaze 4G gets some pretty high scores on speedtest. My vibrant, well, not so much. I just tested while sitting in a cubicle in an office in Hartford, 4.4mbps down, 1.1 mbps up.

        • Frigadroid

          4.4 Mbs for a 3g vibrant is actually pretty good considering it’s speed limitation that’s plenty fast for streaming.
          I haven’t been to connecticut in a while I wonder how are the speeds at the Blue Parrot or Garden of Eden massage parlor in the Meriden area ;-)

      • RICKCT


  • CCollision

    On my G2x I’ve gotten up to ~9mbps in downtown Seattle. That was a while ago though, usually I get 5-8mbps in the metro area.

    • Steebie

      These are my daytime speeds.  I head home to the Eastside at night and consistently get 18-27Mbps at night :-)

    • Steebie

      I think it’s network congestion in the daytime:

  • Jamestownwren

    I live off the 15 FWY halfway between Los Angeles and Vegas.  I’m rocking 40 Kbps GPRS on days my phone doesn’t get stuck on GSM only.  Things haven’t changed much since 2000 hard to believe.

    I’ve been off contract for years and have been using unlocked GSM phones from overseas.  I’m itching for a new 4G phone and ready to sign a new contract and add a data plan.  The first carrier to bring 4G to my area will get my 6 lines.  Sadly I don’t think it’s going to be T-Mobile.    

  • Frigadroid

    Those speeds are indeed pretty sweet. This phone might catch fire (pun intended) for those who don’t need the latest greatest biggest most expensive. I see it as a possible good option for someone who’s budget choice is to buy off contract and use with one of the walmart plans. Some people have small hands or could care less about the latest screen technology and would rather keep the extra couple hundred to pay bills.

  • EXIBITman

    That is very impressive i will be pickn one up today i will post results from my own speed test

  • Auser72

    Considering price point and performance, this phone may be best phone in T-mobile line up. I also think t-mobile hit the sweet spot with screen size and feel.

  • hater on the rocks

    and this is hspa+42 lte  like speeds i wonder how fast would the 84 would be maybe 2 or 3 times faster then the current lte users. but i cant wait to upgrade my phone im going hspa+ devices all the way no lte even though lte represent “long term evolution” shoot hspa+ can do the same without any new equipment but upgrade to the system that might be a little bit less expensive. im curious if they would use the multi-flow i think qualcomm or seimen invented couple month back which genius in my opinion

  • HSPA+, LTE etc etc .. blah . I just want TMO to give me proper HSPA in Dallas .. too often i have to switch to WiFi because the 4G around Dallas is so spotty.

    • Justinzak

      Not sure where you are in Dallas, I get faster speeds through my tmobile 4g than with Time Warner Roadrunner.

      • Screw 4G, I just want reception in my apartment that is right off 75 and Park Ln. Literally zero signal in my entire apartment.

        • Robkurtz

          what type of phone do you have? Does it have Wi-Fi Calling? If so then you can have a perfect signal in your apartment.

  • Steebie

    These are speeds I get at night in Seattle.  My day speeds drop down to 8-14 Mbps.

  • cosmo10292

    All im hoping for is better coverage of 4g. when i have good signal i get speeds from 3-14 mbps and 90% of the time i unlock my g2x i see edge “/ if this doesnt get better im gonna be upgrading to the note… on at&t fml i dont want to pay more but at least when i feel like watching a youtube video or downloading an app i can be sure i wont be staring at my phone pressing try again because my phone wont even load any data on edge >[