HTC HD7 Receiving 8107 Update, Fixes Disappearing Keyboard Bug

Word coming out of the T-Mobile support forums tells us T-Mobile is ready to roll out the Windows Phone 8107 update to the HTC HD7. The 8107 update introduces a number of changes including a fix for the disappearing keyboard bug. Take a peek at your Zune or Mac Windows Phone Connector for any notification of the update. Word comes straight from Joel, a T-Mobile Forum moderator who wrote “The 8107 update for HD7 will be available in Zune sometime today, 3/19. Thanks for your patience.”

We’ve already heard from a number of users that the update is in fact coming through right now so HD7 owners should keep an eye open for the update. As of right now there is no word for the 8107 update for the Lumia 710.

T-Mobile Forums

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