The TmoNews Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G First Hands-On

T-Mobile’s newest Android offering comes in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, their third HSPA+ 42Mbps capable device to hit the market. With a 3.97″ Super AMOLED display, dual-core Qualcomm S3 processor and 4G connectivity, the Blaze 4G will try and to steal attention away from the Samsung Galaxy S II, currently T-Mobile’s highest-end offering.

I should first say that this is not a review, it’s barely a preview considering I just received the device yesterday. I’m definitely going to put the Blaze 4G through a bunch of paces and my regular work schedule to see how it holds up in the next few days. For now, I’ve got some close-up images of the Blaze 4G but mostly this is just a quick look at T-Mobile’s newest handset.

For $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate, I can absolutely see where the Blaze 4G is going to grab your attention. The size is perfect and I mean that, it’s perfect…for me. I know a significant number of you are looking at a 3.97″ display and shaking your head, “too small” you might say. I can’t rave enough about how much I love the size and feel of the phone in my hand, the curved body is one of the best Android device I’ve ever held. The bottom line: the Blaze 4G is curvy in all the right places.

Unfortunately our review model was having some issues connecting to the T-Mobile network and we’ve checked around with some of our friends at other sites and none of them were having duplicate problems. I was planning on doing a video unboxing but I’d rather do a video review with a working phone as T-Mobile has already sent out another review unit.

For now, check out the gallery of images below and be sure to ask any and all questions you may have so I can get them up in my review. The Galaxy S Blaze 4G launches in select T-Mobile retail stores on March 21st with a nationwide launch on March 28th.

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  • Dave Macias

    waiting for the review

  • Get_at_Me

    They need to lower the price of the gs4g!!!!
    As it stands now, the blaze is cheaper

    • Matt_Hatter

      and it’s a better phone. besides, the gs4g is only 100.00 after a 50.00 mir.

      • CanyonMan67

        The SGS4G can be found for free on new lines and upgrades. Just need to do some looking. 

  • Nice first look, and great to see more hardware reviews from you David, keep up the awesome work!

  • Ohgeez10

    As a former TMO rep, I know a lot of people who complained about the size of the SGII. i personally have one and love the phone.

    To me, this phone is a like a combination GS4g and the SGII. The guts of one phone and the form factor of the other.

    My wife currently has the SGS4 and would love this phone. Faster and camera flash. 

  • Lloyd La Goodwin

    I wonder is that memory card the new “rugged” ones that samsung are putting out

  • Davis

    It looks so big in your little hands. 

    • Brent

      That’s what she said

      • Frigadroid


      • Guest

        Wow… rehashing one of the oldest, most stale jokes in the world is so clever! Did you attend to the Michael Scott School of Comedy also?

        • Realcool2000

          Ur mom went to the Eddie Murphy School of comedy, fool. That too old of a reference for ya,Guest?

          My name is Realcool baby, whats yours fool :).

          Yeah we got names round here, see. Get a name then come back.

        • StonersLane

          I has a name too. “Guest” oh and no thanks Samsung. I’ll wait for the G4X by HTC

        • None

          You ‘name’ is not likely Realcool.  I would imagine it is not an attribute either.

    • Guest

      Makes sense because David is so tiny. Remember him next to Carly and how short he was? He makes Tom Cruise look like a giant lol

  • v4p0r

    The back looks similar to a Blackberry. Thanks review pics.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Lol, yea it does.


    My main concerns are the camera quality and the screen quality. I definitely like the size of the phone, and I’d love to upgrade from my G2…but there hasn’t been much that stands out, especially for the price, and especially with the HTC One S on the horizon. I probably would have gotten the new LG Mytouch if it weren’t for the fact that the rear camera didn’t have flash.

  • Frigadroid

    Lol t-mobile and samsung sent you a lemon. Where is the quality control? Oh well I guess David is the latest victim to have been samsunged. Thanks David for being fair & honest in your report.

    • TrevorMadden

      Samsung is hands down the best carrier still:D

  • NardVa

    “I can’t rave enough about how much I love the size and feel of the
    phone in my hand, the curved body is one of the best Android device I’ve
    ever held. The bottom line: the Blaze 4G is curvy in all the right
    places.”  Is Tmonews getting some type of kick back to hype this phone up..?

    • Frigadroid

      You have to realize that David’s daily driver is the iphone that most of us consider tiny. He did honestly admit they sent him a lemon, so I doubt he will get the same christmas card stuffed with cash that are annually distributed at the samsung media christmas gala in seoul south korea.

    • Brent

      does a review have to be negative for it subjectivities you? Jesus Christ, he makes one positive statement and you are accusing him of kickbacks from tmobile

  • Rover

     “… the Blaze 4G will try and to steal attention away from the Samsung Galaxy S II, currently T-Mobile’s highest-end offering.” Really? Then what is HTC Amaze 4G? Where is it lacking compared to GSII?

    • FatleoZ

      ah… battery life, less ram you can use, annoying HTC sense, way more heavier, compressed photos, the list goes on.

      • 3560freak

        personal taste I guess.  The GS2 feels way too light/cheap compared to Amaze, IMO. And I don’t know if your vision is going but the camera on the GS2 is utter crap.  As for Sense of Touchwiz being worse, that a toss up.

      • Rover

        Well, battery life could be better in Amaze, for sure, not to mention voice volume, but for me the extra UMTS bands (after unlocking) won out. They come handy when travelling abroad and using local SIM cards there. The FM radio is nice having, too. And the heftier wight to me is more of a plus as it also projects more solid construction and quality. But that being said, I have to admit that Samsung has been making really fast advances lately and my next phone might just be from S. But even before that, I am probably going to get a Samsung tablet.

      • None

        compressed photos?

    • I’m sorry, I’m a big Amaze fan and I have to say that the GSII really is the better one; Samsung’s software is better optimized to work with the chipset than HTC’s, plus its less intensive.. and I handled my friend’s GSII.. not to steal HTC’s thunder but it really is an Amazing device.

  • DannyAves

    If this has a notification LED and a decent external speaker I’ll defiantly get one.

    • Guest

      It looks like Samsuck STILL doesn’t understand the concept of a notification led. Sad…

      • jaquan saliard

        actually samsung does but not across all diffrent carriers. sprint so far is the only one with a notification led. so dont say they dont understand because sprint apparently is the only one who wants it. 

  • Nickts1989

    Very reminiscent of the original Galaxy S line. I admit I was not a fan at first but it seems like a good mid range phone. Unfortunately I would pass as I am waiting on the follow up to the Galaxy SII. Although my phone has been giving me problems lately so if they offered this as a potential replacement I wouldnt pass it up…

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    Looks like an iPhone+Blackberry. But with more BB influence

  • Guest

    Why would anyone buy this when the SGIII is around the corner? Samsung needs to put out less so so models and focus on flagships like HTC and Motorola. It just pisses people off when a better one comes out next month. I get they are a business and around to make cash but at some point you’re gonna lose money by angered, lost customers keeping away. This hasn’t happened to them yet and they have quite a lead in Android sales atm. Just saying they may need to shake up their gameplan because the competition is sure is.

    • Realcool2000

      So sorry that u r so upset because tmo comes out with new phones, poor u it must really mess up your day.

      Maybe u would b happier if instead of new phones evry month, they had them every 3 months or every year….yeah nothing makes u happy cause u will complain about anything no matter if it makes sense or not.

      Of course tmo AND all the others will have new phones whenever they zee fit and people will buy them and thats good because competition is the driving force behind good business fool, so quite down and let tmo do what it does , they got this $4¡t…..

    • Kalel

       Because not everyone wants a 4.5″ screen.  I prefer a 4″ screen because if I need a larger screen then I use my tablet.  By the way, people were saying the same thing about the SGSII being right around the corner last year at this time and it didn’t come out until October.  It’s midrange pricing with high end innards, when compared to the cameras out right now. 

  • Osasco

    I will get one of these on March 28! March 28 is exactly the day my upgrade is due!

  • way better then my tmobile g2x in build an with its capabilities

  • jonathan3579

    The GS2 and the Exhibit 4G had a bastard child and this is it. The specs are okay but it should be in the $99-149.99 range without all that MIR crap.

    • Realcool2000

      Its got newer processor tech, so why should it be cheaper?

      • jonathan3579

        The S3 is not exactly newer processor tech considering we are on the eve of S4 processors. Also, not to mention the fact that it has a plain Jane SAMOLED screen.

        • Realcool2000

          My bad thought it was the S4 in there, guess it sucks then ;).

        • jonathan3579

          I wouldn’t go as far as saying it sucks but the specs are rather dated. I still think this is the new “mid-range” 

        • Realcool2000

          5 stars for the new “mid range”

        • None

          Camera specs are outdated IMHO

      • guest

        It has the Super AMOLED screen not the Super AMOLED Plus screen. The cameras are different and the capabilities of the cameras are different as well. Just a couple of the features that are different.

      • Realcool2000isAtroll

        It has an S3 processor, not the new S4.

        • Realcool2000

          Hahaha ur moms a troll, bro ;)

        • Realcool2000

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          You can hide behind Realcool as a name just as easily as you can hide behind Guest.  And really, what is with the “hiding” at all.  Is there gonna be a rumble.  You sound like Mob Wives.

        • Realcool2000

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        • Realcool2000

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          6. This forum compared to most others is the highest % juvenile in posting content, unfortunately its the only pure tmo forum that gets great news and im aoyal Tmobile customer so this is where I go.

        • Realcool2000

          And yes David I am worried about myself, thats exactly why I bring up being singled out and those r some facts bout the matter.

          Like I said before,you go and delete whatever u want, its your forum and you have ALL the control.

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  • Its fat, but you can’t argue.. it does look nice on the design front.

  • Livas9

    does it have FM radio?

  • I love the design & I think it’s the perfect size for me too. I might get one. I love how the front looks kinda like a Nexus S, & the back, looks like a Blackberry 9700. That’s really a great design fusion to me.

  • Robert Beier

    It will be a tough fight for me between this and the HTC One s…I like the size of this one myself….bigger is not always better.

  • EXIBITman

    It looks like a bigger exhibit2. With a metal strip around they edge. I stoped by my local tmo store and they said that they will be selling on march 21. They open at 10 am she said they have around 500 units so i should be able to pick one up i hope the lines wont be to long she said they are expecting a lot of sales for the samsung blazer. 399:99$ out the door with a free D 30 protective case. and a free screen protector

    • Lawrence of Arabia

       Thanks for the info, 399 is a great price. I’ll be buying one.

  • EXIBITman

    NO fm radio it comes preloaded with slacker radio. what the hell you need a damm fm radio for!!!!!!!!. I swear sum these damm people are damm FOOLS!!!!!!!!

    • Beckoningfever

      You use the FM radio to save on data and battery life:)

      • StonersLane

        Also in case of emergency. You would first hand like like 9-11

        • EXIBITman

          Please enroll in a grammer course because you dont make any damm sense BLONDIE

        • j5ive

          Please enroll in a spelling course. GrammAr.

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        • StonersLane

          rElAx Br0. :D


      why are there stupid people like you in this world? The world would be better off without people like you.

      • EXIBITman

        Why are there damm fools like you. i am here to educate people like you that have no damm comon sense

        • Robert Beier

          Obviously having ‘common’ sense doesn’t necessarily make you educated.

    • Kalel

       I use the FM radio on my phone for the gym to listen to the TV that is playing in front of me. 

      • Ingram1331

        Me too

      • None


    • PimpStrong

      Mailman is back!!

  • The back reminds me too much like the Blackberry Curve. Like, I was honestly looking for the embossed “Curve” =/ LOL. Cute device though. I have Verizon & I’ve been thinking about going back to T-Mobile, so I’m gonna wait to see what the HTC One S is like & fight over those two.

  • StonersLane

    Finally T-mobile is getting a high end phone that’s not egg shape looking.

    • EXIBITman

      Its not a high end phone. this is a midrange device sg2 and sg3 are high end devices. please read the specs BLONDIE!!!!!!!!!!

      • TrevorMadden

        Galaxy S III? Where have you seen such a (real) device? lol
        Edit: trolol looked down one news heading and found my answer….

      • CactoesGel

         HAR HAR HAR

      • StonersLane

        Stocking me I see. ;)

        • Kalel

           How does someone stock another person.  I’ve heard of stalking but not stocking.

        • None

          Samsunged is not a real word ether but SGII has got me Samsunged.

        • WirelessRefugee

          What’s “stocking?” Is that some sort of perversion or fetish? Are garters involved? I hear that’s called “retro stocking.”

          I never get stocked. And the only stocking I have ever done is on store shelves.

      • SomeoneElseToday

        Your idea of high and low is made up in your own mind.  It does not say on the box high/low/other and you get to the same internet.  Stop popping my bubbles bro.

        • PimpStrong


  • T-Mobile Sales Rep

    David, does this device have the “voice talk” feature of the GSII? I work for T-Mobile and really want this phone (not an HTC fan and GSII a little pricy/big for me) but we haven’t gotten our demo yet.  I have a GS4G and don’t want to waste $400 on a phone that doesn’t have much more than mine (I really want the dual-core processor, better front/back camera w/ flash)

    • Dingleberries

      wait for the HTC one S.

    • it does and it works like  SG2 but smaller with a little smaller with a little of it’s own personality

  • Derrick227

    Nice phone…..anyone know how much it would be without extending your contract? Also the top rear of the phone looks like a blackberry curve 9360 a bit lol

    • EXIBITman

      499:99 without signing a 2yr contract. Ok derrick?

      • None

        No way… is that really the price?  I was expecting 399

    • None

      You are “looking at it wrong”.  LOL

  • Wex

    After such a bad experience with the Exhibit 2, I can never bring myself to buy another Samsung product again

    • Randi

      yeah i agree – the exhibit 2 with its freezing and turning off for no reasons has drive me crazy

    • PimpStrong

      My Galaxy S II has never had a problem since I bought it.  Solid piece of hardware made by Samsung.

      • Realcool2000

        I have to agree with pimpy for once, SG2 is definitely a great working product. Btw I had some other Samsung phones in the.past ( old school ones ) and they where always good to me.

        Wex , u should.try out the blaze or sg2 for sure.

        • PimpStrong

          For once huh?  Gotta be at least one other time homie!

        • Realcool2000

          Ok ok…..maybe twice…

      • Wex

        I didn’t say the GS2 had problems; I said the Exhibit 2 and my experience with Samsung customer service and tech support – each person Ive spoken to was more incompetent than the previous one.  One rep even admitted he had an iPhone..and I told him he probably shouldn’t say that to customers, especially if phone calls are recorded.  But between the device failures daily & ongoing Google PlayStore problems, Im looking forward to joining the iPhone crowd in the Fall

  • thats because that a low end device that only gives you glimpse of andriod at entry level  want a real android phone get a that considered of a higher class get the blaze  orSG2  that does beyond the exhibit

    • Kalel

       Exhibit 2 had the same specs as the Mytouch 4G, so it shouldn’t give a glimpse of what Android can do.  I run CM7 Gingerbread on my Mytouch and it outperforms every phone that T-mobile has but the SGS2 and Amaze.  It’s faster than the Sensation with Sense.

      • part right exhibit to it doesnt even offer the same features of the orignal galaxys s phones . it uses a light version of android and samsung software it . it does partial what the high end or even mid range. Its only there for people who want a little experience of android for low price . If you want a  full experience you have to pay more
         a better working phone. Only thing the my touch an exhibit have in come i 1 ghz processor an even then the my touches is more advance.

    • Guest911

      This is just a dumb statement. If the Exhibit is low end is such a poor experience, then maybe Samsung should not sell it. The fact that Android is a half baked software explains the Exhibit’s performance, not its “low end” specs.

      • that for people who want partial experience at an a more affordable rate . so if pay that low of price don’t expect much. that doesn’t have to do android

        • None

          I do blame android.  But moreso, I blame TMO because if you are going to get a partial experience, I believe they should not sell it. 

        • PimpStrong

          I don’t have an Exhibit nor have I used one but I would like to hear what parts of the Android experience it is lacking.

  • I see a few posts saying that the Samsung Exhibit II has issues.  I haven’t experienced these issues myself.  It’s just a mid-range phone, and it does it was intended.  The T-Mobile G2X aka LG Optimus 2X has way more issues than the Exhibit II.  It has the latest update, and it actually has more freezing and rebooting than I’ve ever gotten with the Exhibit II.

  • Hi David!  While this may seem unimportant to others, I’m interested in finding out where this Galaxy S Blaze 4G says its made.  Also, I believe in another piece said that this device is getting the Android 4.0 ICS update?  Thanks!

    • It’s made in China and yes, they have definitely said it will get ICS.

  • chumlee46

    I’m not getting the hype here. I don’t see where the niche for this phone is. Why should I sell the GS Blaze over say, the Mytouch 4G? Or even the GS 1? Seems like sort of a pointless phone, given the current lineup. 

    • I haven’t seen any of the local stores in my area sell the Samsung Galaxy S for awhile now.  As for the Samsung Galaxy Blaze v. T-Mobile (HTC) MyTouch 4G, some people prefer Samsung TouchWiz over HTC Sense.  It’s negligible but the Blaze has a slightly faster processor.  Where the confusion is in my opinion is with the Blaze in the lineup, what is going to happen to the Exhibit II 4G?  It could go low end, but if that is the case, the Samsung Dart should be getting EOL…

  • randyohsofly

    Android phones are all alike.they look alike and all basically do the same thing.there are a million variants.I say rim should hook up with nokia.ovi maps with bbm sounds amazing.the keyboard of the 9900 and up the screen size from 2.8 to 3 and up the resolution some and then use nokias camera and got a solid phone that will last and for apps and what not just grab a could wish right?

  • WirelessRefugee

    Hmm… I dunno about the brick walkway as a background.

    I remember when PhoneDog first started out, on occasion they would use a white hotel towel as the backdrop. Yikes.

    • None

      I’ll take those south Florida bricks any day of the week! I<3FL

  • MikeyD87

    I was in one of the area T-Mobile stores yesterday and they had this for sale.  I didn’t know much about it but the specs seemed better than my old Vibrant so I decided to just pick it up.  One day in and this is quite a bit snappier than the Vibrant I had, at least before I lost it a few months ago. Now I’m finally able to watch my DISH subscription in my downtime with the DISH Remote Access app, giving me access to my TV wherever I’m at and whenever I want.  On a side note, I work for DISH and if anyone wants to test out streaming TV you can do so with DISH Test Drive. Anyway, this is a great replacement until the GS3 comes out – hopefully that doesn’t have the same gigantic form factor as the GS2. 

  • DannyAves

    I got this phone a couple days ago mainly because I have to travel and this is a real international phone and has just about every band including the 850 band for data. 

    I am not disappointed, in fact I think it runs better than my Sensation, the speeds are ridiculously fast, very rarely under 20 Mbps.