Want To Accessorize Your Future Galaxy S Blaze 4G Purchase?

With the Galaxy S Blaze 4G preparing to launch in “select retail” locations tomorrow and nationwide on March 28th, the time has come to start thinking about how to protect your next T-Mobile purchase. Thanks to one of our ninjas, we’ve got a brief look at just some of the upcoming accessories being offered in-store for the Blaze 4G. We’ve got three different types of shells and protective covers that will be available along with a host of other accessories.

Personally, I’m a “naked” smartphone guy and I think covers are just clutter. That being said, I’ve replaced my smartphones more times than I care to count because of drops and falls that likely would have been avoided had I placed a protective case on the phone. Just saying.

See anything you like?

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  • Robert Beier

    That last one could be a keeper…assuming I buy the phone. 

  • None

    Less than 24 hours away in select locations and still no off contract price?

    • Lawrence of Arabia

      Someone in the comments said 399 (rep told him). I asked my local store and they dont know if it is 399 or 499

  • I really like the last one w/ the skull at the bottom, is that Skullcandy? & I like the black & white one with the zig-zag lines. I’m still skeptical about getting one because there as been no announcement of whether or not it’s getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Jmicronis

    Which is a better case, the D3O or the Skull Candy?