Office Depot To Begin Sales Of T-Mobile Prepaid Devices Inside Their Retail Locations

Thanks to a partially leaked deck of slides we’re learning that Office Depot is set to launch T-Mobile’s Monthly 4G rate plans and partial device selection inside their retail locations in the very near future. With T-Mobile’s great lineup of Monthly 4G devices, large 4G network and affordable pricing, T-Mobile is a great fit for customers looking for a low cost offering with no strings attached.

The device lineup is going to knock your socks off as the first devices to hit Office Depot includes the Samsung T199, T-Mobile Sparq, Nokia X2, Samsung Dart and Samsung Exhibit II 4G. In our eyes, the Exhibit II 4G is the real heavyweight in this lineup however, as the phone choice are geared toward the prepaid crowd and not the powerhouse smartphone user we think they are all good options.

With no credit checks or contracts, affordable monthly rates for different talk, text and web needs and affordable, family friendly phones,T-Mobile’s Monthly 4G is a great value. It looks like this offer will go live the week of March 25th, but we’re still trying to get 100% confirmation on that date. Hit the deck of slides for the breakdown.

Sorry, not every bit of news can be about exciting new handsets, sometimes the prepaid crowd needs some blog too!

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  • ja5219

    Nice to see that Monthly4G has become so popular, the plans they offer are good but for me, coming from $25 a month Virgin Mobile service, only the $30 seemed ideal for me and sadly that is a “Wal-Mart” exclusive. They should add a similar plan that fits in somewhere in between with just a bit more minutes than the 100 you get on $30 to become standard and not just an exclusive to something.

    • Wex

      Yeah $50 for only 100mb? But I got a survey asking if Id be interested in Boost-like promos…ie $$ off for every 6mos paid or other options like gift cards,additional data, or even credit toward future handset purchases. I shouldve taken screen shots to send to David.

  • Can’t help but wish T-Mobile would either fix prepaid or distance themselves from it. With, for example, the broken call forwarding (which disables third party VM systems like Google Voice), and the third rate phone support, it’s not doing T-Mobile’s image any favors. If I had been introduced to T-Mobile via the current prepaid service, I’d go with AT&T when it was time to get a postpaid plan.

    If it’s going to be a different service (and it is), T-Mobile should do what Sprint did and brand it differently. Can I suggest a name? “EZCheapBroken 3G”. 

    • Wex

      Yeah they treat it as separate company; they even port your number (they didnt tell me & I lost saved voicemails frm dead friend & they said they couldnt retrieve it)..Plus cust serv is outsourced to Asia & hurts Tmos already poor rankings

  • TMoFan

    Great to see T-Mobile branching out to other businesses after they parted ways with RadioShack. Not exciting, but definitely a good thing.

  • TM

    Tmobile is such a rip off HORRIBLE company to do business with GO WITH STRAIGHT TALK

    • Ash

       Says you, best price/ coverage in my area.

    • Wex

      If u have att iphone u can get straighttalk unlimited for $45. Sadly their new BYOP program doesnt access Tmo 4G from what they told me

  • Wex

    Exibit2 freezes up every day;beware

    • EXIBITman

      My exhibit 2 works great!!!!!!!!!!

      • Wex

        You’re lucky- The forums are full of complaints and Tmo tech support saying the phone has problems they’re ‘trying’ to work out.  Everything from freezing to sms failures

        • Jonathan Wong

           Well that’s odd because Amazon has great reviews for this phone.  And other websites also give it good reviews.

        • Wex

          It only seems to be affecting certain people.  Look at the Tmobile Forums…Ive been a ‘victim” – They tell you t o turn off 4G in order to send a text – and freezing and power cycling problems…My handset freezes every single day and Ive already sent it in for repair twice.  Just the other day, yet another Tmo rep posted on the forums:   created by tmo_alicia_b in Samsung Exhibit II 4G – View the full discussionHi undlin,
               As mentioned above, this is a known issue with this device, and we are working with Samsung to provide a resolution to make your experience with this phone better. As of now, there is not a data as to with the issue will be resolved, but in the mean time we suggest following steps in this document, to decrease the occurrences of freezing and lagging.

        • Wex

          And this about SMS failures

          Correct Answer by tmo_alicia_b  on Apr 10, 2012 6:00 AMHi nyroman,
               Both the Galaxy S 4G, and the Exhibit II have known issues with text messaging. As a work around on the Exhibit II, you can put your device on 2G only.
          From the Home screen, press the Menu key.Tap Settings.Tap Wireless and Networks.Tap Mobile Networks.Tap Network mode.Tap GSM Only.See the answer in context

  • Guest

    are the data rates changing …more expensive, can tmo keep on tagging on more charges

  • Who cares about pre-paid? The technology on prepaid phones is 2 years old and its shit. 3.2 in screen, 600MHz processor 3M camera. St8 dumpster juice. Pay your damn bills thats on your credit and be responsible. That way you can have a real phone with no deposit like the rest of us.

    • JQuest

      There’s something for everyone Marcus… You’d be surprised how many people care about pre-paid.. Being the fact that some people don’t want to be tied to a carrier for two years like others. So what are you trying to say about that crowd?

      • Remember: You think you are getting a deal with it being so cheap, you really arent. I used to have Prepaid before i turned 18. When things are aggresively cheap, its for a reason. People eat it up because they are too ignorant to look past the cheap price to wonder, “why is it so cheap?”.. like walmart for Example: A 42in Sony TV is sold at Best Buy is $700-$1000.. At Walmart, the same TV is $499-$599..Everything cheap isnt good.. Think about that one

        • Hypocrite

          Everything expensive isn’t good either. FIAT – fix it again tony, reason for that saying. Pay more upfront for a nice phone, save more in the end. TMobile has excellent service in major cities. I don’t see why you say cheap when it is really just inexpensive.

          Kettle calling the pot black over here. Ignorant.

        • Loopylogic

          so true about the ignorant statement. 

        • Trolololololol :o))))))

        • ayg1

          Lets talk about all the top of the line phones I’ve had on T-Mo 4G Prepaid.  Currently: Galaxy Nexus, Previously: SGSII, Nexus S, G2X, and SGS4G… Basically I buy the brand new phone and then pay $70 a month for Unlimited Voice Text and 5Gb of Data.  I was on T-Mo contract for 8 years and there was no clear benefit being on contract anymore.

          You sir seem like the broke one.  Pay full price for the phone, free yourself from contracts.  You get the same network from T-Mo Prepaid as from Contract T-Mo.  If you need less data you can even go with the MVNO operators like Simple Talk and Walmart who offer cheaper plans with less data that still use T-Mo’s network and any phone you put the sim in.  Cell service is a commodity, the idea of a contract is archaic with today’s options.Contracts are like HIV, you can’t ever get rid of it and it takes Magic Johnson money to make it go away.

        • Ash

           Yeah, “why is the phone so cheap” you pay less up front and end up paying more monthly.
          Basic math….sigh.

        • Jonathan Wong

          Cheap doesn’t always mean goof but for some of us, cheap satisfies our needs. 

    • Kalel

       Marcus, I think it’s kind of stupid for a single person to be on a contract plan.  With prepaid you pay the $60 a month for unlimited talk, text, and web AND you don’t have to pay the taxes.  It’s cheaper to go with the prepaid over the value plan, you just have to pay for your phone without the payments getting broken up.  Prepaid is actually better for those that have the disposable cash to purchase the phone they want.  You don’t have to buy the “prepaid” phones. 

    • Loopylogic

      Wow. You are a huge d#ck. I am in the classic plans…but what you said still bothered me. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford basic things like a cell phones. You should know and be able to empathize especially since so many guys from the hood are on prepaid phones.

    • TR

       I switched to prepaid because of the pricing.  And no contract.  My phone has a 3.7 inch screen, 1GHZ processor and that poor 3M camera.  $200 phone, and $30-$60/month with 5GB of 4G data. 

      • 1212YOu

        This is as clear as it gets, T-Mobile is really the only company that offers real 4G on Prepaid. You can use any T-Mobile Phone on Prepaid. so it it very smart to buy the phone outright and pay 60 or 70 Flat Monthly. If you ever signed a contract the bill is really never the same monthly, you never know what to expect. Contracts really are for ones who cant afford the phone or who dont want to spend the money for one. actually a person who buys there phone outright values the device, the ones who get free ones have no clue of the device thats why its broke or lost in no time and then they have to file insurance cliam:lol im done

      • Jonathan Wong

         That phone is the Exhibit right?  It isn’t that bad really.  It runs fairly well and coupled with this awesome ICS rom I found, it’s great. 

    • EXIBITman

      You ignorant silly fool its are fault you have to sign a contract to get your free phone because you dont have 500:00$ to buy a phone outright so you wind up. paying about 1800 to 2000. Over 2 yrs . when i pay 1150 over 2 years for the same service because i can aford to lay out 500$ for a brand new galexy 2. You silly broke azz FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mahonzu22

        I agree with ExIBITman

  • EXIBITman

    Hey marcus friday i am buying a brand new samsung blazer 4Gs its only 449:00 cash. o yea i foregot you cant upgrade for another 14 months LMAO damm boy you dummer then you look LOL!!!!!!!

    • Theman

      T-Mobile customers. Honestly the dumbest people on the planet.

      • EXIBITman

        Yea that boy is dumm man you no what am saying. theman?

      • Ash

         You just insulted almost everyone who comes to this blog. and the blog owner himself.

      • I don’t know, I think I is pretty smart.

      • Jeffreygreen1315

        if Tmo customers are so dumb; what the hell are you doing in our blog?