Some More T-Mobile Tidbits To Finish Off The Week

As we finish out this crazy week we thought we’d bring just a few more little tidbits of intel to talk about T-Mobile and the future. Let’s start with what seemed mostly obvious yesterday…T-Mobile isn’t likely to carry the iPhone until Apple changes their terms for subsidies. We should, of course mention that is subject to change and ANYTHING can happen with T-Mobile and the iPhone as 2012 progresses.

Moving on to LTE, T-Mobile plans on covering a considerable portion of the population by the end of 2013. The “brand relaunch” will begin with the start of the third quarter of this year (as early as July?) with a strong emphasis on devices and services. T-Mobile will continue to go after AT&T, specifically disgruntled AT&T customers with a new marketing campaign. Bring your own device plans will again be a focal point for T-Mobile as the 1900MHz PCS HSPA+ switchover progresses through 2012.

Speaking of the 1900MHz changeover, UMTS should be available in most areas by the third quarter of this year. HSPA+ 84 is unfortunately on hold as T-Mobile moves resources to the 1900 HSPA+ and LTE rollouts.

The best part of what we learned today, how about a new Nexus device for T-Mobile in the third quarter of this year? BOOM!

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  • Hello MOTO!

    Razr Nexus

    can please haves it?

    • Gutter

      Your on this person because he feel to excercise his options. To each their own. Besides, he will pay more but he will get better service. With Tmobile, you get what you pay for, unstable service.
      Another thing, tmobile CEO is a jerk. He’s been known for lying. I think this news was just a ploy to stop the bleeding of losing so much customers. Have to make the company look appealing and valueable. Besides, tmobile always last to get a new phone or tecnology

      • Th3problem17

        you don’t know the ceo so that’s doesn’t mean much coming from you. and people who aren’t whiners are sick of people saying they will leave for the iphone but haven’t after a while it’s like go please good so once the company stops having customers no 1 in the world will please that maybe they can focus on the people that actually matter.

  • Guest

    Don’t care about a new Nexus device.  Already tried WinMo, already tried BB, already tried Android.  Already tried WP7.  iPhone or I’m out.  It’s that simple, really.  Noy paying $700 for a phone to use on their shoddy network either, and their new plans are an abomination of red tape.  With AT&T having a 3GB data plan, I’m ready to move on.  Only reason I’m still on T-Mobile is cause I have free tethering for my iTouch which is holding me over until I ETF my account within a month, since all my ETFs are $100 now :P

    • Calvin Z.


    • Eric

      We won’t be missing ya.

    • Robcii

      Bye bro, have fun paying that bill for shorty att service

    • Bye Bye! Dont let the door hit u in your whining a** on the way out!

    • scarfacemario

      Seriously man get out


      You should go cry to your mummy,,,,
      Go pay more and have horrible service where i live t-mobile has the best internet speed and reception,,,,,,I have friends that work for all four carriers and they agree T-Mobile is the place to be in our part of Florida…..BYE BYE GIRLY MAN

      • Wilma Flintstone


    • I actually agree.  Not saying there aren’t nice phones at TMobile, but I’ve used Android with my wife’s phone enough to know its plusses and minuses.  Windows Phone looks nice but is so different that it feels like having to learn a new language almost.  I’m pretty much holding out until iPhone 5 to see if TMo gets it.  If not, I’ll move on to another carrier.  I know it’s not entirely TMo’s fault they don’t have it, but I just prefer the iPhone and its ecosystem over that of the competitors.

  • EddieT

    Tmo with 4G LTE!! Now your talking.. i can’t wait :)

  • hater on the rocks

    For me I careless for lte I’m curious about how fast would that hspa+42 and 84 would be? If there’s a way that lte doesn’t drain ur battery life I may consider it but at this time no. But its good that T-mobile is laying back and wait for lte in 2013. Its almost like them with 3g they waited and now their 3g are pretty fast.

  • Anonymous

    Wow big news!!!! The whole iphone situation is intetesting. What if carriers decided that apples terms are no longer acceptable? Apple would then have to bend to the will of the carriers to sell their product. Many may say that carriers would never try to stand up against apple in this way bc of the iphones popularity. Its been proven that you can be successful without the iphone (verizon). With tmos spectrum refarming plan underway, i think it would be wise of apple to work with tmobile…..though tmo is the smallest national, theres still money to be made from their subs and with common bands theres no more excuses. The iphone isnt going away….Everytime a new one launches, tmo goes through hell trying to weather the storm…..not a favorable position for the smallest national carrier.

    • Drewmelcher

      Apple wont let T Mobile have their devices because Apple has standards. Apple doesn’t want their product represented by a service provider that has serious lack of coverage.
      Why did it take so long for Sprint to get the iPhone? Sprint has had horrible service for years, but once Sprint started leasing towers from Verizon Wireless and investing money into their own, Sprint was able to prove to Apple that they in fact do have enough coverage for iPhone customers to be able to use their phones.
      T Mobile doesnt have that kind of coverage, and Apple stands behind its product. Go get em Apple, I believe in you and cant wait for another year where you reject T Mobile form having Apple products..!

      • Blank21

         This is perception but not reality. Do some research….

      • d1andonly

        Then how do you explain C-Spire carrying the iphone?

        • 30014

          Its just a rebranded verizon iphone. They’re both cdma and c-spire uses the same 3g bandwidth as verizon.

      • Micah Madru

         Not only is that not the reason, but there’s many not true facts about that. For instance T-Mobile has better service in a lot of places and not to mention is faster on 3G bands. The real reason is that Apple wants a ton of money from the carriers. They want the most from their phones in subsidies. Sprint had to buy 30 million iPhones in a contract lasting 4 years that is worth 20 billion to Apple. That’s a pretty hefty price to pay. Sprint ended up with a huge net loss last quarter as a result of it. T-Mobile just isn’t financially able to make that sort of deal and there was uncertainty about them joining up with AT&T. Apple is not doing this out of some way to protect it’s “products” they’re on a mission to get money. It’s that simple.

        I know this isn’t the most accurate yet but take a look at
        and Sprints terrible service in comparison to T-Mobile. If the reasoning is T-Mobile doesn’t have good enough coverage yet, it just doesn’t make sense at all.

      • Th3problem17

        dumb post!

      • TMOLOYAL

        You are one very ill informed individual. When the very first iPhone was being released Apple actually came to T-Mobile first, but T-Mobile would/could not put up cash that Apple wanted for the exclusivity of the device. Once the exclusive contract between AT&T and Apple was over the device has went to anyone who is will to shell out the big bucks. 

        My personal opinion is if T-Mobile has 20 Billion sitting in the bank 3 years ago and has to make the decision to either get the iPhone or launch the largest and fastest 4G network in the US. I would rather them build the network. 

        If today they have 20 Billion sitting in the bank and have the option to build a solid LTE-A network as well as repurpose their 1900 PCS band to HSPA+ for increased device compatibility and harden their network with more fiber and more robust backup systems or get the iPhone. I would rather the give Apple a big high middle finger and BUILD NETWORK.

  • CommenterOnly

    Still with TMo thruough the years…can’t wait for things better to happen! Bring the NEXUS please!

  • scarfacemario

    Hey this is awesome news :) though I just bought my galaxy s2 yesterday I love this phone so much ill upgrade till LTE.

  • Drewmelcher

    T Mobile doesnt work indoors in a lot of place, doesnt have coverage in a lot of areas that Sprint and Verizon Wireless do. I am talking about t mobile will have 1 bar edge network, and Sprint and Verizonn will have 4 bars 4g  network???

    So, as far as I can tell,T Mobile isn’t going to change their ways: cheap spotty cell phone tower deployment, cutting corners on deployment and engineering. Hey T Mobile, why not instead of investing money into making your barely usable networks faster, invest into expanding your network so your customers can use 4g consistently.

    the T Mobile map on their website is a complete lie.

    I have used T Mobile for 6 years all throug out the San Feranando Valley and parts of Los Angeles, and every I go it is all the same with  T Mobile.
    Your phone will go from 4g 4 bars to G to Edge 2 bars in 42mbps speed..
    They are truthful about the 42 mbps speed, except it doesn’t apply to upload or download, but to how quickly you will lose 4g speed to  2 bars of edge.

    You cant stream video or play music through the internet with T Mobile 4g network because you need a consistent 4g signal to do that and if you are using your phone while traveling on a bus or in a car you will never have enough 4g coverage to.
    If you are luck enough to find a tower with 4 bars of 4g, I guess you could stop what you are doing, re plan your whole day, and use your phone from that location.
    but hey, good luck.
    there is a reason why T Mobile cant rise above Sprint AT&T or Verizon..
    plain and simple, you get what you pay for.

    Verizon Wireless, plain and simple, is the number one wireless provider because they work.
    Verizon is worth the extra $20 + a month. Why have a 4g phone, data plan that doesnt work?
    T Mobile has gaps in there 4g towers, valleys of Edge, and these “Edge Valleys” are quite to common.
    For some reason, T Mobile is very content with the amount of coverage their towers are providing
    and instead of focusing on what should be priority number one, expanding where they have coverage/more tower deployment or just renting towers from other providers, T Mobile focuses on making their current unusable 4g network faster.. T Mobile 4g is hit and miss, and really more just miss.
    Hey T Mobile, we don’t need more speed, if you are willing to invest money into your network, Please give us more coverage. Tired of not being able to use my data!

    • Vim

      Refarming the 1900MHz PCS band will move all those EDGE-only gaps to HSPA+ 3G/4G.

      • will that also take evil GPRS away?

      • whoda

        I’m also interested if this will take GPRS away.  If so, does that mean devices that can only connect through EDGE won’t be able to connect to data?

        • nps

          Gprs will still exist along with 2g just much lower allocated spectrum. Btw. edge is an evolution of gprs. so edge areas can fallback to gprs if a non edge 2g device us used.

    • Anonymous

      And that is your experience with your phone in your part of town. I have a totally opposite experience.  Everywhere i go in Jacksonville i have HSPA+42. I havent seen edge in years. Never had a problem with my data connection since they did the upgrades a couple of years ago.

    • Jshy82

      I hope u r kidding…Sprint is terrible they treat customers and employees so rottenly. I was a store manager in Seattle and KC for them for 5 years and we were taught so many deceitful lies and tricks to make consumers happy(until the new bill arrived). Verizon and Sprint have an entirely different network that is not obstructed(for the most part) by cement walls while tmobile and att networks may slow down or even hault all together. That being said, IN Florida, I have my 4g everywhere I go. My Sprint employee phone would not even ring or transfer data in or around my home. I live 6 blocks from Sarasota international airport where the service should be soaring!

    • whoda

      I agree with you with poor indoor coverage.  You’re speaking from the West Coast, and I can say very similar about NYC coverage.  I mean, the coverage map sure says you’re getting great coverage but that only applies to outdoor coverage, and it may vary indoors (can range from just as good as outside to quite poor coverage).  I think it’s due to the lack of Tmo compatible repeaters in buildings?

    • I think you need to remember that your milage may vary.  I am in LA too and I get great coverage, in fact, it’s better in the places I go than AT&T or Verizon.  Plus, where there’s a big event and all the iPhone users can’t get a signal, T-Mobile is usually all good.  Add their Cel-Fi booster options and UMA and I don’t think you can do better.

    • Steebie

      Their 4G rocks (Although I live close to their HQ, maybe that makes a difference)…I get about 25Mbps and it’s actually faster than connecting to wi-fi.  Your coverage area varies which is why they give you a grace period and you can test out a phone in your daily activites.  My coworker switched from T-Mo to Sprint because they had better coverage in his neighborhood, but he’s jealous of my 4G speeds compared to his 8Mbps Sprint 4G.

      I will agree that T-Mo doesn’t work in buildings which is really frustrating.

  • Vim

    A new Nexus device in the 3rd quarter sounds good, but they could really use a subsidized Nexus device now for those on Classic/Legacy plans with Nexus One’s whose contracts have expired.

    BYOD is a great option for more knowledgeable customers and iPhone-fans, but the Value plan shouldn’t be the primary emphasis, like it was in much of 2011, because it confuses the heck out of Joe Sixpack who has been trained to expect a free (or discounted) phone by the other carriers.  Sales reps should push the Classic plan unless the customer mentions that they want a handset like the iPhone that T-Mobile doesn’t carry or otherwise specifically asks for the plan.

    Pity about the delay in the HSPA+ 84 rollout, but LTE-Advanced is the future.

  • Jinx8402

    Anyone else think the Nexus device might be the Nexus branded tablet that is supposedly going into production in April? 

    Was really hoping for the Galaxy Nexus myself.

  • Anonymous

    I think TMO should offer only one type of Contract Plan (instead of Classic and Value).  T-Mobile’s says that it gets a faster return on investment on a Value Plan because the customer is buying the phone outright (down payment + 20 monthly payments). To me that’s like a shell game…it doesn’t make much sense when you really think about it (from a ROI standpoint), b/c Classic customers pay more for their service every month, but they get discounted devices while Value customers pay lower service rates plus a phone installment.  A customer who buys a GS2 on Value will pay the same amount as a Classic customer (minus taxes/fees).  Why not just recoup those upfront costs thru service charges like the other carriers?  A Value Plan would make more sense if customers brought their own devices or paid in full for new TMO devices, but then why not just go Monthly 4G (Non-Contract)?  In regard to rateplans/phone pricing, i believe that TMO tries to “reinvent” the wheel when its really not necessary.

    • The value of it at the carrier side comes from devices like the iPhone. T-Mobile would take a loss for each iPhone of approximately $20 over the course of two years with Classic plans. That puts it in the hole by about $5 per customer. Additionally, early upgrades would increase the loss to about $40, since it’d be paying off two devices at once. 

      With the Value plan, the customer will pay T-Mobile back the entirety of the device cost in some form or fashion, negating the subsidy hit that it would take. Additionally, a person can upgrade again as soon as he/she pays off the device. Suppose an iPhone was purchased on a $199 down payment with $20/mo monthly installments for 20 months on a Value plan. The next iPhone arrives on month 13 and the customer wants it. The customer would have three options: pay $199 again for a new one and pay $40/mo for 11 more months and have it go down to $20/mo for the remainder, pay $419 to finish paying off the previous iPhone and buy a new one, or trade in the old iPhone to cancel out the remaining debt and pay $50 or so up front to get a new one. 

      I’d probably take the second option, since iPhones hold the resale value quite well and you can make a profit selling an old GSM iPhone to pay for a new one.

    • Eddie_k85

      No actually value pays more if you add all the features plus the phone gs2 with a 5gig data, php, and the phone pushes the bill to over a $110. Value is long term savings for customers looking to upgrade on a regular basis or spend less in store. You will pay the same when all said in done

    • tommy

       Why complain about such trivialities as Value Vs. Classic? I wish I had your time.

    • Agree, the Classic/Value idea is dumb, and frustrating to consumers.  ONE rate structure, with an add on line item cost for contract customers phone payment would be much easier to understand.

  • T-Mobile may have been last to deploy 3G years ago but when they did T-Mobile INTRODUCED THE FIRST ANDROID POWERED DEVICE.  While all the other carriers where adopting Android T-MOBILE INTRODUCED THE FIRST HIGH SPEED NETWORK IN AMERICA.  So T-Mobile doesn’t lack technology… all we have to do is be patient and T-Mobile will prevail again.

    • Popo

      And what did they do with that? Three months of exculisive g1 sales then we handed the android brand to verizon whose ad campaign made it seem like they were the android gurus. Same story wirh first high speed network.
      You are a jackass.

  • Alvin B.

    3rd quarter for the Nexus? LOL… you guys kill me. Seriously….. 

    • Dashtheartist

      Yes.. I’m so excited to buy year old hardware. We wanted the nexus a month ago T-Slowble. Get with the program.

      • Jon

         If you really want that phone so badly buy it then. It is easily found on the internet unlocked. Before you go and say it’s too expensive it actually isn’t. If you were to get it sans a contract you end up paying a whole lot more for the term of the contract. Subsidized handsets are nice but it is more expensive and the mobile companies love them because they force you to remain with the company. unless you pay the ETF which some companies have incredibly increased to $350 for select devices such as high end smartphones.

        • Laz

          After looking constantly for a good deal i finally found a gnex on craiglist for $500. I was then able to call tmobile loyalty department and reduce my bill by about $29 a month. Phone was definitely worth it and is already paying itself off with the reduced data rate.

  • Laz

    Isnt there a new nexus device introduced every year? I predict there will be a new ford mustang this year. See what I did there ?

  • Anonymous

    Hey all, what is this read about 1900mhz?? ??I’ve been CONSUMED by work the last week and haven’t been keeping up as much as I like… Are we getting the 1900 forunlocked devices?! ?!

    • Anonymous

      Yes T-Mobile is going to refarm spectrum so att phone get 3G access when unlocked and used on T-Mobile

  • JamesJamesJ

    If someone can please answer this question I would greatly appreciate it. I also think other people will find this helpful as well.

    David, when you say “New Nexus” does that mean a new new Nexus? or the Galaxy Nexus already released? (People are getting confused here thinking the Galaxy Nexus will come to Tmo without having to pay for an expensive one online)

    If its a new Nexus, then I will hold out with my G2 till then…and maybe consider an Iphone if it becomes available since my contract will be up. If its the Galaxy Nexus then I am not getting it…I was one of the ones going crazy for the Galaxy Nexus, but if this is the case I am not getting a year old device. So if this can be clarified thatd be awesome (:

    My personal question which no one has been able to answer:
    I have a grandfathered unlimited internet plan where I dont get throttled. Lets say the nexus becomes available to Tmobile…will TMO make me change my data plan to their classic/value plans? or can I keep my (real) unlimited internet plan?

    In this case if they make me change my data plan..I would rather buy an unlocked phone online (those expensive Nexuses) because I would rather keep my old grandfater unlimited data plan.

    • Turdnugget0420

      Even grand. plans get throttled, they throttle at 5 GB for those.

    • Kev

      I was on the unlimited data plan, but was constantly told that it really was not unlimited.  It still had a max of 5 gigs, then would throttle down.  I went with the 5 gig plan to get wifi and tethering.

      • Kevin

        That is – the old $35 unlimited data and text plan for the MyTouch.

  • Anonymous

    Will it be a new Nexus device or the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Princeasi

    Nexus for Tmobile? I’m on it like white on rice.

  • badbob001

    Will we need new phones to be compatible with 3G on 1900? Isn’t the original Vibrant compatible with 3G 1900?

    • Frigadroid

      Heck yeah, you can unlock your vibrant and go globe trotting that’s a tmobile orginal multinational frankenphone. Just don’t get lost because you know how their GPS is :-)

      • Sebastian

        Yes someone actually has knowledge about the vibrant. Yes the GPS is a downside nless you are on a custom 2.2 froyo from then you’re fine.

  • badbob001

    It would be great if there is a new nexus device based on the galaxy s3 rather than a souped up galaxy s2 that is the current nexus. If it is just the galaxy nexus, then how well will it sell given that the s3 will be probably be announced around the same time?

  • Anonymous

    lol it’s not like AT&T or VZW will just sit on its laurels.  I can see many things being flipped once the next gen iPhone goes LTE for AT&T and VZW lte bands.  Once that happens most people will be brainwashed and finally know what LTE is and will want their phones to work the same way where LTE streches far on the 700 mhz band.  The other guys are future proofed because they are huge and have the money to to hold tmo down.  

    I love how their supposed mentality is to go after AT&T but ignore sprint and VZW lmao just because they aren’t gsm.  If at&T was really that bad as many on here truly want to believe than they would indeed be smaller and less profitable than they are generally speaking.  It almost seems pathetic to go after at&t’s crumbs, i fear that vzw and at&t will eventually attack tmo in marketing campaigns simultaneously at some point.  Remember how effective the coverage map attack verizon pulled on AT&T??  and at&t’s luke wilson ad campaign?   I mean for goodness sakes, tmo has carly lol and we see less of her than at&t and vzw’s ads.

    This just sounds like tmo is up to their old ways of being value brand which disappoints me a little. I was hoping they would finally put out that premium brand image that attracts so many people to the other carriers.  If this goes according to plan they might pull it off…. but I think they are up to their old ineffective tricks.

    • Anonymous

       Keep in mind that when it comes to marketing both At&t and Verizon are in the top 5 of ANY company in the U.S with what they spend to advertise. Sprint is in the top 50. T-Mobile isn’t even in the top 100.

      • Anonymous

        well exactly, don’t pick a fight in an ad campaign against a company that has the resource to slam you non-stop if they wish.

    • BigMixxx

      I think you’re right…

      However, I like the value position, though.  You are beating the daylights out of MetroPCS and Cricket by offering a variety and always nipping on the heals of sprint (I really don’t like sprint, I’m thinking they will go broke REAL soon).

      Keeping the value position and offering up 1 good device per quarter keeps the modest to aggressive growth about right.  I don’t think the company could handle that million to 2 million per quarter. 

    • Jays_on

      Dude, did u not c tmo lost over 700k CONTRACT customers over iPhone? Ppl want to save $, and they want iPhone = Tmobile.

      • Anonymous

        Ok so how is tmobile going to swing such an expense by charging less??  exactly!!!

        • Jays_on1

           They won’t have to now that their network will natively support iphone. Buy it directly from apple or buy your friends old one and unlock it.

  • Cyclone

    It is simple. To offer iPhone T mobile would have to raise ETF to $325 like AT&T

  • AriM

    Straight Talk is also having a new ‘bring your own device’ plan for ATT and Tmobile customers.  Im not sure what the speeds are but they’re advertising a $45 unlimited everything prepaid plan.  Have a feeling its probably 3G..Im not enough of a tech expert to know if that plan would work with an ATT iPhone – but maybe some of you do.  I let my contract lapse and switched to prepaid and Im just very unhappy.  The customer service is outsourced -mainly to the Phillipines – and the people are just not knowledgable about Tmobile handsets, policies etc.  Pretty much everything they’ve told me has been wrong – so its been hugely frustrating.  I also don’t find the prices competitive with the other prepaids. And Ive had so many handset issues with Android that Ive decided that Im going to the iphone5…I know I may have to pay more but its worth it to me to have a reliable phone that won’t freeze daily — and one that I know I can get adequate support for if theres a problem.  I tried Android because it sounded better than iOS on paper but between Android Market problems and all the handset issues, Ive given up.  Ive wasted so much time just trying to get this Tmobile phone to work – only to be told by tech support that the problems Im having are ‘typical’ or ‘known’ and there’s nothing they can do about it.  I don’t think its normal to have to reset your phone daily.

    • WirelessRefugee

      Your mentioning Straight Talk is significant. The deal it made with WalMart and its “Straight Talk Sim” program – a prepaid SIM and microSIMS that allow to use GSM phone, including any iPhone – are the deals of all wireless deals between companies.

      In a nutshell, this is a move by America Movil, the owner of Straight Talk, to make available in all WalMart stores or online via Straight Talk’s site, an unlimited 3G data, talk and text plan for $45, AND your choice of using a

      Straight Talk LG or Samsung branded superphone;

      Any unlocked GSM phone;

      Any AT&T phone;

      Any T-Mobile handset. And the biggest news for many,

      Any GSM iPhone. I submit that being able to use any iPhone, on a $45 plan that gives you unlimited 3G data, talk and text, that’s big news.

      Those who are thinking “America who?” With 265 million subscribers
      worldwide, America Movil is one of the largest telecoms in the world, certainly bigger than any one U.S. carrier, it is a Fortune 500 company and it has big plans for expansion into the U.S. In other words, it is not some fly-by-night company who many in here like to insult anyone who uses prepaid.

      Quite frankly, as Forbes Magazine said, this is industry changing. And I agree with the Wall Street Journal rhetorically asking “How does any U.S. carrier compete against America Movil’s Straight Talk pricing.

      I like what Forbes said, that U.S. wireless carriers are going to have to rethink their pricing strategies. If America Movil was similar to MetroPCS, I would say “no worries” for the US carriers, at least not for a few years. But with 265 million customers and a WalMart deal, I would be afraid, very afraid of Straight Talk. I suspect Verizon and AT&T are, they are fully aware that America Movil has the largest fiber optic infrastructure on the planet. And DOJ does not hate America Movil. LOL.

      • Those 265 million subscriber numbers don’t mean anything. Do you realize that most of those 265 million subscribers are in third world countries and that the ARPU for America Movil is $13. That compares to an ARPU of $50-$60 in America. That means each third world customer for America Movil is worth about 1/6th as much as an American one. And if you want to talk about third world subscriber counts, you might want to start looking at India and China, they have FAR MORE. Latin America isn’t anywhere near as dynamic or as populous. But none of these third world wireless companies have high ARPUs.

        • WirelessRefugee

          Aside from the fact that you are mistaken, your comment is deeply flawed by your prejudices.

          The definition of “third world” is a country that is extremely poor and underdeveloped. Aside from the fact that I doubt you could identify countries beyond our southern borders that actually are “third world,” I disagree that America Movil’s US strategy does not mean anything because “most of its 265 million subscribers are in third world countries.” Even if the above was true – it is not –  the source of America Movil’s business is irrelevant.

          – What matters to corporations and conglomerates are revenues, profits, stability, and growth. The principles related to these terms are just as important to Mom & Pop operations, but let’s talk about big business for now.

          – What should NOT matter to T-Mobile is the composition of America Movil subscribers. By the way, since America Movil bought some European wireless companies, and they comprise part of that 265 million number, are those countries included in your statement about third world countries?

          – What should matter to T-Mobile is that America Movil cut an exclusive deal with Walmart, the world’s largest retailer – at $400++ billion annual sales. See “Straight Talk – Only at Walmart – Save money. Live better.”

          – In the meantime, T-Mobile got kicked out of Radio Shack, Apple refuses to give T-Mobile U.S. the iPhone, and T-Mobile is doing non-exclusive promotions with Best Buy, an electronics retailer with a horrible reputation who will be bankrupt in a couple years.

          – What should matter to T-Mobile is that both it and Straight Talk are going after the same
          wireless demographic, the value-conscious customer, those unwilling to
          pay prices charged by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

          – What T-Mobile’s vehement fans – who can appreciate lumping China, India and South America all into one giant third world basket – have to accept is that T-Mobile is no longer a top-tier carrier, a company in competition with Verizon and AT&T. Nope, T-Mobile is in league with the struggling, the poor, those with bad credit, or as you label, those in the U.S. right at home in YOUR third world.

          – What should matter to T-Mobile is NOT your thinking about who comprises America Movil’s subscriber base, but that Straight Talk’s micro sim allows any GSM iPhone to be used on its $45 prepaid plan. 

          Note: Your “third world beliefs” are akin to retailers such as Target saying they don’t need to be mindful of what WalMart does because, according to experts like you, most of Walmart’s customers are “living payday to payday” or whatever pejorative term you would ascribe to Walmart shoppers.

          In line with your logic, since Walmart caters to the lower classes and the poor – according to you, people who would be right at home with your classification of America Movil’s third world subscriber base – Target need not concern itself over what the “retailer to American cheese” is doing.”

          Note: U.S. carriers have even more reason to be concerned. America Movil is making a move to capture the other big market for wireless, American small business. Lest you think that also does not matter, the majority of businesses in the United States is classified as “small business.”  Just like the U.S. consumer market, America Movil knows there’s far more money to be made by courting small business and leaving big business to Verizon and AT&T.

          As to the balance of your comment, talking about “America,” MVNO, etc., please see above. It is not worth commenting on further.

        • Realcool2000

          F…ing awesome post!

          Way to school a “thought they were real smart” mofo…..guy probably didnt even realize how offending he was being to so many people ( or maybe he did ) and pretending they are of so little value.

          Bet hes re th inking his biz strategy now, lol.

          Props for that post tho.

        • Such a typical response. All emotion, no logic.

          Well allow me to bombard you with some facts now. I want you to look at the annual revenues for four companies.

          Let’s start off with AT&T:
          Revenue 2010 $124 Billion, ~100 million customers

          Revenue 2010 $106 Billion, ~100 million customers

          And now let’s get to America Movil
          Revenue: $47 Billion with 265 MILLION CUSTOMERS.

          Now let me ask you something why does America Movil half HALF THE REVENUE of each of the top American companies with TWO AND A HALF TIMES THE SUBSCRIBER COUNT? They have double the customers right? But half the revenue. Well there must be something going on here right emotion boy? Well your answer is, like I said, ARPU or Average Revenue Per User for companies with a primarily third world customer base like America Movil are PISS POOR. Less than half what an American customer is worth. That’s not prejudice that’s a fact. Now granted AT&T and Verizon are both diversified companies with revenues from things other than wireless, but so is America Movil.

          And by the way, let’s take a look at Deutsche Telekom as well just for fun:

          Deutsche Telekom:
          Revenue (in US Dollars): $82 Billion
          Now that’s pretty amazing isn’t it. A company with 130 million or so customers has double the revenue of America Movil with 260.

          These are your facts emotion boy. Your comparisons to Walmart are laughable. Walmart has a primary customer base in America. Even the poorest American customers have more disposable income than the average customer in America Movil’s primary countries. The lowest ARPU for any major American carrier is around $50. America Movil’s is half.

          Now as far as my last point which you cleverly glossed over. You do realize emotion boy, that America Movil HAS NO NETWORK IN AMERICA. They buy spectrum from the American Companies and Deutsche Telekom. They are an MVNO. They operate at the mercy of the American companies, and in America, any customer that Straight Talk gets, some revenue goes to the American companies. It just so happens we have extra capacity these days, so the American companies wholesale to companies like America Movil.

          Now I hope I provided some facts to you and your relatively dumb supporter down there.

  • Techhi

     IPHONE with the TINY 3.5″ screen and $100+ a month NO WAY – I hold up my Galaxy S2 to my friends Iphone and its like a little baby phone compared to mine and my T-Mobile service is great here in S.Jersey. In my local Bar my friends can’t get a good Verizon signal they are over near the windows and I show them my phone with max bars no problem.I was with ATT 10 years and could only get EDGE speeds with my Infuse now Im into the 6-10+Mbps range and love it and at only $60 a month unlimited, I will never go back to ATT with its cap or a provider that doesn’t use a SIM card (Verizon,Sprint) – try to read a webpage on the Iphone screen need a magnified glass

    • Jarrod

      It’s actually a pretty amazing thing I have been able to read web pages on that “tiny display” since mid january and I do just fine you might want to get your vision checked, just a suggestion.

    • Whiskers

      Time for some laser vision to correct those straining eyes,lol.

    • Tomnewtn

      After using the Nexus One, G2X, Nokia E7 (all unlocked), my unlocked iPhone 4S screen size doesn’t bother me in the least. I guess because it’s such higher quality that it seems to compensate. I like the size of the iPhone too. Easy to hold and use with one hand, which I immediately appreciated as soon as I began to use it. Would I prefer a 4″ screen? Sure, but life is full of trade offs, and I’m very impressed with the 4s.

      • Justamazing87

        Lol its such higher quality… I can read things on a 2 inch screen I just don’t want to… 3.5 inches is small…. To small

        • Jays_on

          I believe ip4 and 4s screen is higher res than gs2.

        • Jays_on

          Not that I wouldn’t want a larger screen!!!

  • Looking forward to the future??? Why is that old pic up there, surely you wouldn’t want to get back to the sidekick(it’s here) times. Lol!!!!!

  • Im for T-Mobile and im actually going to be switching back to T-Mobile from AT&T in the summer. Im going to the Army and all Army towns have strong 4G coverage. T-Mobile instantly loses if Verizon pulls up their coverage map vs ours like they did to AT&T. We can say how much cheaper we are to everyone else but if 60% of the population is stuck in GPRS/EDGE but still have to pay for 4g data, then we lose automatically. The rual market is terrible with T-Mobile and thats why part of the reason people quit. i kno because i work for a 3rd party retailer of cell phones. Why have a iPhone 4s from AT&T when the market you’re in doesnt have 3G anyway. They are doing little to expand coverage  compared to AT&T and Verizon so thats why T-Mobile and Sprint’s coverage will always be dumpster juice……

  • Anonymous

    Two questions about the 1900MHz switch over:

    First, what does this mean for future subsidized T-Mobile phones? Will we see phones with the new PCS frequency, or will we still get phones with AWS? Or possibly, what about more pentaband phones? This leads to my next question: Would a pentaband phone like the Galaxy Nexus, in theory, have better coverage than a quadband phone, since it’ll pick up both T-Mobile’s PCS and AWS 3G frequencies? 

    • Jarrod

      quad band phones typically reference to GSM but if you mean UMTS then no, if you were to get a phone from them and it was penta band or quad band it would be fine because they would both have 1900MHZ and 1700/2100(AWS)MHZ

      • Fabian Cortez

        Quadband UMTS does not necessarily mean it has 1700 MHz. Quadband UMTS contains two scenarios: 850/900/1900/2100 or 850/1700/1900/2100.

        But as you mentioned, it would be fine because 1900 MHz would be included.

        Ideally, you’d want a pentaband phone to maximize your coverage options (1700 and 1900) should one band offer dismal coverage in a certain market/region in a certain time.

        So to answer your “second” question Third_Strike: Yes, a pentaband phone would have “better” coverage during [local] travel.

  • Proapsaustin

    Would the new 1900mhz for tmobile let my unlocked galaxy note be on tmobile’s 4g? Or is it just going to be 3g?

    • Vim

      Yes.  The Note supports HSPA+ up to 21mb/s on the 1900MHz UMTS band.

      • Anonymous

        I haven’t had time to keep up on the news this week with so much work. This is FANTASTIC news!

    • Jarrod

      Im sure if it was in an area with HSPA+ it would be some variation either 21 or 42

      • Proapsaustin

        Sweet, that’s great news, and I’m in a 42 but 21 is fine with me, thanks for the awnser by the way! Sooner the better, edge is painfully slow.

  • Flyin18T

    Nexus device?…probably the tablet. Like we need another one of those. I really am not liking the direction the industry is taking on shrinking tablets and enlarging smartphone displays into this crossover area. Pretty soon 5″-6″ displays on phones are going to be par for the course.

  • Azazellov

    By the way it looks like the HTC One X is definitely coming to T-mobile, that will be my next phone, I own an HD2 running ICS right now…. Only thing that sucks is the battery is only 1800 mAh and no SD card slot either…. But it has the 2100 Mhz t-mobile band so I’m pretty sure it’ll come out soon for t-mobile.

    • No, it’s the One S that is rumored to come to T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s band isnt 2100, it’s AWS, 1700/2100. And soon to be 1900, but not yet, and it’s the One S we are getting NOT the One X

      • Azazellov

        Ah ok, well I knew about the One S but I forgot about the 1700/2100 AWS band, the One X has 2100 but not 1700, so yeah you’re right. 
        I’m hoping the One X will come in not too long though, maybe by June….

        • You can however pick up a One X unlocked (paying too much money I’m sure), and it will eventually work on T-Mobile’s 1900 HSPA+ network in the second half of the year. Or already if you’re in an area they are testing it out now.

        • Azazellov

          Well since the high end HTC phones usually come out by June/July for t-mobile (like last year’s Sensation 4G at the end of June), I’m hoping the One X (or a similar phone from HTC) comes out then for T-mobile. I knew about the One S, but it’s too close to the Sensation 4G (same screen size, resolution, etc).

  • Azazellov

    And here’s the link to the full specs of the HTC One X: 

  • Mr P

    would a Verizon 4S unlocked work with T-Mobile on 3G by the time they fix there network or is it only AT&T iPhones? the Verizon 4S takes sim cards btw

    • The iPhone 4S has a combined antenna that includes both CDMA and GSM in the same model. So a Verizon unlocked 4s is no different from an AT&T one. The iPhone 4 was different, there were 2 models.

      • Mr P

        thanks Chris

        • Jarrod

          You just have to convince the communist to unlock the phone before you jump ship. keep that in mind or else you will have to jailbreak.

    • SB

      No. a Verizon unlocked 4S will NOT work on a GSM network inside the US. Here is why…

      When Verizon (or Sprint) unlocks a 4S’, they stipulate that the phone will only connect to GSM networks OUTSIDE the US. VZW and Sprint 4S’ have a special baseband that prohibits them from connecting to a GSM network inside the US (Canada, Mexico, elsewhere… yes. US… NO). No one (that I know), has been able to switch the baseband on such an unlocked 4S to make them work inside the US. This policy has been effective for a long time. Several other CDMA world phones (Blackberry Bolds, Droid 2 Globals, etc., etc.) work the same way. Again, people have tried to get those to work inside the US… and have generally failed.

    • Tomnewtn

      But, if it is an APPLE UNLOCKED iPhone 4S, it does NOT have CDMA radio, GSM only.  Which I thought strange but I won’t use CDMA networks so no big.

  • Respawn

    Unlike “some carriers” who buy out their competitors to gain customers,
    T-Mobile’s gains have all been THEIR gains (aside from the 1 million
    they gained from the SunCom purchase).

    And how many 4G LTE outages has Verizon had in the last month? Please.
    Give me a more stable, more mature LTE network over “rush it to market so we can charge
    more for it” any day.

    • Daniel

      What about Voicestream?

      • Guest

        T-Mobile was VoiceStream till they were purchased by Deutch Telecom and rebranded. So technically, they still have had their own gains. Unlike purchasing out a company like, say Nextel and taking all their customer base into the company.

    • None

      I was VoiceStream.  I miss that company!

      • Jacobmsaenz

        Me too. Nothing good ever stays around. 

  • Hey I just realized that we’ll be able to use an unlocked iPad 2 (or 3) on T-Mobile “4G” (HSPA+) in the second half of the year (on HSPA 1900). That’s pretty exciting, especially if the iPad 3 is going to get the major improvements like the Retina Display and the A5S or A6.

    • guest

      lol! Apple is going to sue anyone who uses HD claiming they stole their retina display. I wish someone would dig up Steve Jobs and stab him in the retina ;) F*ck Apple and their sue-happy asses!

  • By the way, just to simplify the news, by the second half of the year, all unlocked AT&T smartphones, and most international ones (by the virtue that most include 1900 HSPA+ because of AT&T in America), will be compatible with T-Mobile at a minimum of 21Mbps (if the chipset supports HSPA+ 21, some support only up to HSPA+ 14.4, etc). It isn’t clear if they’ll enable dual channel 42Mbps on the 1900 band yet.

    • I don’t think phones lower than HSPA+ 21 will be left out. T-Mobile is only repurposing its PCS (1900MHz) holdings from GSM to WCDMA, So UMTS phones with 1900MHz compatibility should start working on T-Mobile.

  • Nate29p

    get the unlocked Galaxy Nexus (GSM pentaband) and you are set 

  • Maschwar77

    So all of us that spent money on HSDPA devices will be left out in the cold once LTE rollouts are done?

    • Fabian Cortez

      No. You’ll actually be in a better position versus the competition. Whereas the CDMA twins fall back to EV-DO Rev. A when and/or where LTE and/or WiMAX isn’t present, T-Mobile users would fall back to sweet 42/21 Mbps HSPA+ in both the AWS and PCS bands.

      Also, if your device is 3.6, 7.2, or 14.4 Mbps, an increase in the threshold of HSPA+ (42 Mbps for T-Mobile) means that your device will more than likely reach its rated maximum speed.

      • Jarrod

        Don’t forget 1X in a lot of areas for verizon, sprint and a lot of the other CDMA carriers which is just about as fast as GPRS most of the time.

  • Guest

    You realize the Ipad3 is *MADE* by Apple, right?

    • Daniel

       It’s designed by Apple and made by Foxconn.

  • Littlesis1774

    I know that Tmobile is switching to 1900 for iphone users and other phones.  Does anyone know if my area Farmington Hills, MI is going to get it soon

  • Jarrod

    Does any one have a guess on what the criteria will be for what markets get 1900 3G first?

  • Darkbotic

    My question is:
    What will happen to those phones that don’t have the 1900mhz 3G frequency (like the Galaxy S 4g)?


  • Jarrod

    There going to be fine because they are still going to use EDGE and HSPA+ on AWS in conjunction with PCS so nothing is going to change except capacity on EDGE its going to be shrunk because of refarming.

    • Anonymous

      OK. Thanks!

      I know that this will not happen but, in case T-Mobile decides to stop providing 3G via AWS bands, people who have those devices like the Samsung GS 4G will have to be stucked on EDGE until they upgrade to a newer device? Right?

  • Riopato

    There should be an article about Tmobile’s subsidy terms and why they get all the crap phone while AT&T gets all the exclusives.

  • Adi

    Why are they doing this over and over PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BRING THEIR PHONES OVER…existing customers don’t want value plans or affordable prepaid plans don’t you get it (TMOBILE USA) .. All we want are first class phones and same old classic plans. People that make decent living don’t care about cell phone bill being $20 more as long they get top phones at reasonable prices and good customer service….As long as tmobile keeps pushing value, prepaid and bring your own they will loose more loyal postpaid customers than they will gain fly by night no contract customers……  

    • Jarrod

      To some people with family 4X20 could be pushing the bank for them. Or some people like me don’t feel like having a carrier locked phone and still paying more even though the phone wasn’t subsidized. Look at Europe they have even more flexibility then us and cheaper cell prices.

      • Adi

        It is ok to like cheaper prepaid or value plans and people switch to cricket , metro pcs , boost and so on. But Tmo is trying to compete with AT&T Verizon and sprint. Most people leave because low end handset selection and bad customer service. I’m with Tmo for 12years now and they always had worst handset selection but customer service was 1000 times better than anywhere else. This August I’m probably going to switch to AT&T or Verizon ( will have to pay $40 more) but at least I will get great handset selection good coverage ( where I live) and customer service will not be worse than Tmo (Tmo ranked 4th after AT&T) …….

        • Justinbartels

          That’s very interesting. So you’re going to pay a subsidized price when you could purchase an Unlocked device that will work on T-Mobile just as well if not better than ATT or Verizon and pay more? If the 1900MHZ band is going to work, I’ll just hack a phone and keep using my t-mobile account while you waste your money.

    • Dominique

       I can tell you as a rep that there are more people out there with Value plans than there are people with flagship Android phones on T-mobile.

      • Adi

        And it is not working 800000 people just left (last quater) ………

  • Tomnewtn

    I confirmed with Straight Talk that I can use my unlocked iPhone 4s and move my sim to my other unlocked phones. (of course) I cannot see why I should keep paying TMO $95- a month for the same thing. 

    • Tomnewtn

      Just to clarify, Straight Talk is $49- month for unlimited everything.

      • Jarrod

        Straight talk uses At&T right? If so within the next few months you will receive faster data speeds than At&T has plus I think straight talk has some clause to their data part due to At&T. Plus you there are cheaper T-Mobile plans that probably have the same things you are wanting.