Samsung SGH-T769 Passes Through The FCC, User Agent String Appears

Chalk up another forthcoming T-Mobile device we can’t name in the form of the Samsung SGH-T769. It was back on January 25th that we identified the SGH-T999 user agent string and while we believe it’s the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, we can’t say anything with 100% certainty. Given that Samsung has all but maxed out its T9x9 model numbers, we’re not sure if the T769 is high-end, mid-range or somewhere in-between. Unfortunately, the FCC report lacks anything beyond their standard test report which lack details on the looks of the handset, though it does seem to be candybar style. We can find the WCDMA bands of 850/AWS/1900 further verifying that this handset is a forthcoming T-Mobile 4G model. Of course, the Txx9 model number is always a dead giveaway as well.

What we do know about the T769 comes from the user agent telling us we’re looking at an ARM11 processor with a 800×480 display. That’s about all we can decipher for now, but rest assured we’re looking for more!


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  • Alvin B.

    Well if it’s 800×480, it’s certainly going to be a mid-range device. They wouldn’t launch an 800×480 device as a flagship model in 2012… I hope.

    It does have WCDMA 850 though, that’s interesting.

  • Hmmm 800×480? Probably a Low-Mid range smartphone…

  • Vim

    If it really is an ARM11 then it’s low end, the G1 and MyTouch 3G were  ARM11’s…

    • BigMixxx

      Please stop calling the G1 low end.  That’s like calling a 1997 chevy impala ss, old and big….

    • BigMixxx

      Please stop calling the G1 low end.  That’s like calling a 1997 chevy impala ss, old and big….

      • Vim

        Please think for a few moments next time before hitting the post button. I never called the G1 low end. That doesn’t change the fact that what used to be a high end processor architecture in 2008 is a low end processor architecture in 2012.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Nobody uses ARM11 chips anymore, so this will NOT be a ARM11. I don’t know why it still gets listed in the UAString tho.

      • Vim

        I think you’re probably right.  David however keeps mentioning that it’s an ARM11, so these sorts of reactions are to be expected.

  • Dswagg2k10

    Interesting… Though T-Mobile had a “business as usual” model going on thru the at&t ordeal, I’m not sure they invested in a flagship phone for 2012. It may be way later this year when we see some good stuff. SN: If the at&t merger went thru, David said he had an alternative website domain reversed. I wonder what it was. 

  • Yeah mid-range all day.  I’m going out on a limb and saying the next big phone from Sammy (Galaxy III?) will be a T-1XXX number.  

    Really need that Samsung Blaze to come out this month, my upgrade is here on the 18th and I’m stuck with a POS MyTouch 3G.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Actually T9XX9.


    Isn’t this the Exhibit II 4g? Google searching seems to indicate so.

    • I thought the same thing as well…but that is the T679 and not T769


    sadly it looks low to mid range.. like a previous person stated. i do not look for anything big to hit tmobile until at least late 2nd qtr or 3rd. Sadly so

  • Joey mombini

    this device could be the Exhibit 3.

  • 850 is for the Roaming Agreement via 3G. 1900 is for the Re-Allocation/Network Switch/Roaming Agreement.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Weird that its missing HSPA+ Band 1 (2100). So not able to use in Europe.

  • anonymous

    the 769 is the Blaze, Samsung rep brought it into my store one day.  

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t it make sense to think that THIS is the Blaze?  Everything points to the Blaze being mid range.

    T999 is something high end we don’t know about yet…. Hopefully a Galaxy Nexus.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Maybe, hopefully so.

  • Antoine M.

    Another website reported this as being the blaze and the T999 as being the Galaxy Nexus

    • I don’t see ANY reason why the Galaxy Nexus would require a separate model number for T-Mobile so I doubt that. A ready to use on T-Mobile’s network model exists and needs no changes.

      • Anon

        Could it be a different radio GalNex for the 42 speeds?

        • Nope. That would be T-Mobile specific changes to the device. Unless T-Mobile wanted to launch with LTE, there’s no reason for a customized Galaxy Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          HSPA+ 42 would require a newly customized Nexus though.  42, if I understand it correctly, is only compatible with certain chipsets.  This was one of the reasons The Tmo GS2 uses an S3 instead of an exynos.  the exynose was not compatible with hspa+ 42.  What are the chances that’s what’s going on here?  We’ve yet to see a Nexus device sold in T-Mobile stores though, so there’s that.

        • now_onTMO

          the verizon version is LTE, it’s the samsung SCH- I515 with LTE

          galaxy nexus international version is GT-I9250

          T999 could be tmo’s galaxy nexus compatible with 42mbps connectivity..

        • Anonymous

          There are plenty of reasons. Faster processer, like Sprint’s. More internal memory.

        • Anonymous

          I’m drawing at straws here but if you watch the Google keynote where they introduced ICS and the Nexus they showed a chart of HSPA+ 21, HSPA+ 42, and LTE.  The intent was to demonstrate LTE is the fastest of the three but to throw HSPA+ 42 is interesting… they KNOW T-Mobile USA is pretty much the only carrier worldwide to aggressively adopt it.

      • Anonymous

        Haha…come on David. It could have a different processor like Sprint’s model. It could have more internal memory.

        You doubling down on your previous “The T999 is the blaze!” post?

      • Anonymous

        There’s also no reason why a mid range device like the Blaze would launch with 42mbps while a high end device like the Galaxy Nexus would launch with 21mbps

      • Jarrod

        Possibly carrier things. You saw how Verizon drug their model through the mud and added a ton of unneeded things.

  • Chris

    After I saw ARM11, I closed this tab and quickly forgot I opened it.

    • J-Hop2o6

       Don’t pay attention to that. For some reason it still gets listed in the UA String. I assure u its not an ARM11. Hasn’t been used in new phones since 2009.

  • Anonymous

    480×800? Really?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not so bad on a 4 inch screen especially if it’s super amoled.  If it’s the Blaze then it’s not designed for high end tech enthusiasts but for people who want HSPA+ 42 speeds but don’t want to pay a lot of money for it.

  • now_onTMO

     this could could be the blaze..
    the t999 is the nexus.. :) let’s hope so

  • Anonymous

    OK people…we now have two samsung model numbers that need to be matched to actual phones. The only announced phone is the blaze. The only unannounced phone that would be likely to come T-mobile way is the galaxy nexus.

    So let’s see…the T999 has an HD screen, the T769 doesn’t.

    The galaxy nexus has an HD screen. When the Blaze was announced, there was ZERO mention of an HD screen.

    If the T999 is indeed the Blaze, then the T769 would be some phone no one has ever even heard of.

    It makes the MOST sense that the T769 is the blaze. Same screen as the Galaxy S2, but with hspa+ 42.

    It makes the MOST sense that the T999 is the galaxy nexus. HD screen, high model number.

    TMO News will only say “we can’t say anything with 100% certainty.” That’s code for “we might have been wrong in proclaiming the T999 as the blaze. Oops.”

    • Mhart1082

      I agree; there are several other sources that cite that the Blaze 4g has a resolution of 800×480… and why would T-Mobile release two phones with HD resolutions, from the same brand, nearly indistinguishable to joe blow consumer, at two different price points, in the same relatively small time window?

      These tmonews guys may have their heads a bit too far up their own arses, methinks…

      • Anonymous

        Only two weeks to that supposed Feb 18th date with two phones scheduled to be released. I assume if that’s still true, we should hear something solid really soon.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great if T-Mobile stresses HSPA+ 42 on all it’s new devices this year because that is a vastly different experience than HSPA+ 14.

    It’s frustrating to see consumers pick up something like the exhibit II 4G on the cheap which only has HSPA+ 14 and compare it to Verizon’s LTE.  Giving a cost effective handset like the Blaze HSPA+ 42 is a great move.

    I’m going to cringe seeing high end devices come out this year WITHOUT HSPA+ 42 though.

    • Jarrod

      That will be next to impossible unless it’s a iPhone blackberry(which will do fine without it due to the compression) and windows phone unless the innovate up a storm

  • Lani

    I wish Tmobile was announcing news of a upcoming Samsung Note. 
    AT&T will be getting all the attention when they receive that huge screen mobile. 
    Like it or not (Samsung Note), some peeps want to supersize with more than just fries.

  • Hidingfornow

    My guess? Low to low-mid; 800×480? Way subpar at this time….

  • This Way

    Working for tmo, I was able to see a Blaze recently. The phone is very close to Galaxy S2 in design, but smaller and has a screen a little smaller than 4 inches. Really not sure of specs, I only saw it for a few minutes, sorry.

  • Snapdragon S4

    Can this be the Samsung Exhibit II while the SGH-T999 is the Blaze 4g?

  • Jgarofola

    Exibit 3 with hspa+42 ? O:-)O:-)O:-)O:-)