Samsung SGH-T769 Passes Through The FCC, User Agent String Appears

Chalk up another forthcoming T-Mobile device we can’t name in the form of the Samsung SGH-T769. It was back on January 25th that we identified the SGH-T999 user agent string and while we believe it’s the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, we can’t say anything with 100% certainty. Given that Samsung has all but maxed out its T9x9 model numbers, we’re not sure if the T769 is high-end, mid-range or somewhere in-between. Unfortunately, the FCC report lacks anything beyond their standard test report which lack details on the looks of the handset, though it does seem to be candybar style. We can find the WCDMA bands of 850/AWS/1900 further verifying that this handset is a forthcoming T-Mobile 4G model. Of course, the Txx9 model number is always a dead giveaway as well.

What we do know about the T769 comes from the user agent telling us we’re looking at an ARM11 processor with a 800×480 display. That’s about all we can decipher for now, but rest assured we’re looking for more!


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