T-Mobile Sending Out Text Messages Announcing The End Of The AT&T Deal

I’ll assume for the moment that if you are reading this, you are already well-aware that AT&T’s offer to purchase T-Mobile was withdrawn by AT&T last week. If you haven’t already heard, AT&T withdrew their offer to purchase T-Mobile for $39 billion dollars. Glad that’s out of the way as we thought we’d post up this little nugget of goodness as T-Mobile began alerting customers regarding the ends of talks with AT&T via text message.

The messages, which began yesterday and will continue through January 4th will be sent to every postpaid T-Mobile customer. The message itself will direct you to T-Mobile’s official newsroom page where you can read about the end of the proposed merger. Or just go back and read this post. Same thing.

Truthfully, the image below is the real reason I wanted to get this post as the bit.ly short link cracked me up when I first saw it. I’m sure you can figure out why. Anyway, if you get the message, just know that the AT&T deal is over.

Thanks @SlashDW for the image!

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  • Mikehawk

    *wipes forehead*

  • Schneider

    This is like the CIA getting news from CNN.
    Guess T-mobile figured out Tmo news is better at gathering and disseminating T-Mobile news then T-Mobile so true and awesome.

    • Erica_angelique

      As a former usaf intel analyst Cnn really does get leaked info on confidential info the same as tmo news… this is an amazing site and as an employee I like reading this over some other sites to get good info…

  • Rob

    What ROM is that?

    • Anonymous

      That’s a Galaxy Nexus GSM version. The ROM is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

      • Lawrence of Arabia

        Probably not, there is no soft buttons, it may be CM7 + ICS theme oooor a Nexus S.

        • Drew

          I’m gonna go with a Nexus S on ICS but with a custome theme…

  • Anonymous

    I got this SMS two or three days ago.

  • Guest

    Tmobile gets 4 billion dollars from AT&T as a failed merger fee and they send us a text?  LOL!

    • StrongArm

      And you think T-Mobile owes you something? T-Mobile doesn’t owe you a damn thing, moron.

      • Maschwar77

        That was a little harsh and unnecessary.  Guest was having a little fun.

        • Anonymous

          His name is StrongArm for a reason…..He strong arms the comments:)

    • Tmoguy

      Its tmo who gets the 4billion is DT who gets it.. Tmobile aint getting a penny from that break up fee

    • Realcool2000

      Yeah yeah they should give us half! No no, they should disperse it to all the customers that complain about everything, that’s it, yeah!

  • Roaming

    when will roaming take effect

  • 30014

    I got it yesterday, didn’t bother with the link. Thanks to tmonews there was no need to.

  • Cracked me up… Lol

  • Silk7412

    sent text  -via email toJoan Marsh and Randall StephensonWith at HA HA HA !!! at the end!!!Randall StephensonWith at HA HA HA !!! at the end!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yikes what tacky rom is that?

    • Anonymous

      Looks like stock ICS.

  • Anonymous

    did Tmobile just give Tmo news free advertising?  I think so.

  • TMoFan

    Oh my god of course I know about it. I’ve been obsessed with the news during the whole thing. I even set up a Google alert to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

  • Corvette Morales

    Awesome! Didn’t even notice there was a link with the message.

  • Bin

    Never got that msg. All I got today is Due to the amount of data you have used this billing cycle, your data speed will be slowed for the remainder of the cycle.

    • Tbyrne

      Quit downloading tons of movies and music from your data plan. Use your WiFi for that.

      • Bruce Banner

        Maybe he doesn’t have wifi. Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

        • Realcool2000

          Hahahha Hulk Mad, Hulk Smaaaashhhhh

        • Realcool2000

          Btw…they made it so ur not Hulk anymore….they split u guys up lol. I think Bruce can smash when mad too tho so it still works….not hatin, just sayin….

      • Davenycept

        True..just use wifi

    • Kahlayoh

      lol..that sucks!! hahah

  • well, they always talk to you.

  • Mike_SLU

    When that came in yesterday afternoon I thought YOU were sending me a text and couldn’t figure out how you had my number.  Then I smiled (for this sit)e when I clicked the link and saw the official tmo website come up.

  • Tmoguy1

    Since the announcement of the takeover by AT&T and AT&T putting out nationwide commercials saying they were buying T-Mobile, Many customers have stated that they wouldn’t add additional lines of service, or upgrade and extend their contracts until they knew if AT&T would actually take over( meaning they wouldn’t want to be AT&T customers).
    This text helps in that regard, but Many ex or want to be ex-AT&T customers who came to our stores asking if the rumors of the takeover were true, who said they’d wait to see if the merger actually happened before signing p for tmo because they HATE AT&T… won’t get this message.
    T-Mobile needs to put out a nationwide commercial saying AT&T is not getting us.
    In actuality the AT&T threat hurt us in regard to customers. we used to get a lot of people leaving at&t and with Sprint getting IPHONE 4S at the same time, I am sure most of the customers who typically came to us , ran to Sprint and Verizon  instead.
    We still get customers in stores asking for batteries and things for AT&T exclusive phones, and when we say we don’t have them, customers say, I thought AT&T Bought You.
    Funny thing is all that happened was an offer. But AT&T really made it sound like they bought us in those commercials. Guess that’s partly why they are now paying us billions.

    • William Cron

      Perfect time for Carly to pop up and trash the AT&T suit again. Maybe having him arrested for trying to proposition her?

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        There’s probably terms in the Buy/Sell Agreement that prohibit either party bad mouthing the other, whether in the news, ads, interviews, or in any manner. Usually non-disparagement clauses are for a one-year term following the deal going bad.

        The penalty to Deutsche Telekom for violating those clauses would be returning the break-up fee.

        Besides, Deutsche Telekom would not want to burn that bridge. Just because this deal was called off there’s nothing preventing the parties from doing a new deal later, one that could pass muster with the FCC and DOJ.

        • Realcool2000

          wow Mikey, you’re so smart! Thanks for telling us this! I’m so informed now…..

          Keep up the good work. Let us know as soon as you find out any more of your made up “buy/sell agreement” clauses, and anything else you can think of that will make you feel like a champ…..

        • Realcool2000

          Hahhaha….Mikeyyyyyy Mike…thinks he is so smart lol…….

    • Kevinmarchibald

      I agree with the nationwide advertising to let people know the AT&T deal is over to try to retain/attract new customers. But T-Mobile may not have the money to do this special advertising. DT may need to cut a check for that, which I doubt. It would be smart investment because even if DT plans to still sell T-Mobile, spending some money to help shore up T-Mobile’s image and customer base would make T-Mobile more attractive to buyers.

    • bill

      I live in Oceanside, Ca. And for the last couple of days the only commericals I have heard here are for prepaid plans from TMobile. Get stations from San Diego, few from LA. Very unscientific, but that is what I am hearing here.

  • Why?  Anyone who knew the merger may have occurred would probably know that it never will by now and even though it wont occur who cares?  MOST OF US ARE ON CONTRACT!!  Stop wasting money/time on Carly (if she gets fired though she can always work for me), terrible commercials, crap in-store promotions and everything else.  A low cost (great value) provider needs content, low overhead and great devices. 

    Kiosks in malls, no third party sellers and basic commercials saying “We cost less, provide great service and have top of the line devices!”  “Want to save up to 50% on your cell phone bill?  Visit http://www.tmobile.com today.”

    Advertise like crazy in markets where you actually have great network service and the expand.  Most people skip commercials so why waste money on them?

  • None

    Lol for some reason when I got that lol today I was thinking it would bring me here

  • Rwalford79

    Reward my loyalty by offering me to add a line without deposit, reward my loyalty by offering me a 1/2 off month of service or something. Reward loyalty, dont just recognize it with a “thanks”

    • Tbyrne

      Your loyalty has been rewarded with low monthly rates and great service. Right?

      • Tom

        Great service?  Haven’t gotten great service from T-Mobile network or customer reps lately.  Of course, on this forum, they’ll just blame the customer for one thing or another, or stereotype them.

      • Rwalford79

        I have a plan that costs less than Sprint, yet Im paying more than AT&T prices for less than either company offers with data in edge speed in 4G areas..hmmmm. Great service and rates isn’t the word I’d use.

        • Realcool2000

          Why u still on tmobile then?

        • Kahlayoh


    • Lilmicky3

      Their ur service provider.. If have car insurance they will not reward you with a half off each month on your bill.. Tmo is the best valued cellphone company out there..

      • Rwalford79

        No, insurance companies offer lowered premiums and lowered deductible for remaining loyal. Duh.

        • Guest

          LOL!!! I laughed so hard when I read this. +1 like for you.

  • Anonymous

    They rewarded me with a FREE White Galaxy S2, free expedited shipping, waived upgrade fee AND $10 off for 24 months. Go figure…

  • Lijdj

    $30 a month for 5gb, 100 min, unl messaging what more
    Can i ask for . Thank you tmobile for having pland like this.

  • artcarney

    The bit.ly link seems to be dead …

  • Anon Ymous

    My last cell service provider was basically a bully.  What they lacked in reception, they made up for in over billing.  T-mobile has always been straight up and affordable.  I hope the never change.

  • Realcool2000

    T mobile has always been great to me.

    3 lines, unlmt text, 1000min talk, 2gb data on line 1, 200mb line 2, line 3 for the folks that don’t need much for $5 extra :) total is less than $100.00!


    Btw I switched to value plan when the merger was still up in the air, cause I’m not afraid to go for what I want! ( translated I’m not a little biznatch, real G for life, don’t know any other way to be, suka’s! All u fakes, and haters, and fronters, and wannabes and followers should man up every once in a while, so they can feel like I do all the time :)

    • Frigadroid

      Lol you’re not conceited you’re convinced! Some of us wouldn’t like what your smokin Mr. Kools so as usual you’re wrong opened your mouth and stuck your foot in it. Nobody wants to feel like you!
      As scrooge would say bah humbug don’t fool yourself kid my charter member loyalty plan is better than your value plan so learn to deal with it. You will figure it out about 6 months in to your great new contract, that high you’re feeling now will go away leaving you disappointed and depressed.

      • Realcool2000

        Well I’m saving over $40.00 a month so yes I am convinced and I quite smoking cigaretts cold turkey over 15 years ago, and they where never Kools bro, that’s for sure.

        That’s great that u like your charter plan, maybe its better than what I have but I’m sure happy with the value plan I got.

        You should list what u get for your plan and put ur money where your mouth is like I did, instead of talking about scrooge and wishing depression on me hahahhaha….you wierdo :)

        That’s right I’m callin u out, so what’s the numbers on yur plan

        Post it and prove u got it better, but that won’t change the fact that I’m still saving over $40.00 from my previous myfaves pln ( which I thought was pretty good too compared to all other carriers )

        Anyway I’m waiting Pilgrim, show yer grit….

        • Realcool2000

          I didn’t think u would reply frigawierdo, cause u know the numbers on ur plan suck.

          So stop hatin cause I have a great plan now and just be quite and jealous…..

          Btw u don’t have to be smokin anything to be happy about who you are, just so you know….I’m sorry for u that ur so angry at yourself that you have to hate when someone says they like saving money on their new plan and thanks t mobile for it……

        • Realcool2000

          My advice is…..man up frigadroid.

    • Tbyrne

      That’s right! You the Man Realcool2000. Listen up haters and pretenders, Realcool is just saying what needs to be said. This site is for the loyal T-Mobile fans. If you don’t like it too bad. Go home and cry to your mommas you wussies. You lost, we won, case closed! Go home and tell Randall, Dan and Ivan the scam didn’t fly. DT took the $$$$$$$, the spectrum and outfoxed all you wannabes and followers. Go ahead and enjoy paying more than we do for service. You earned it! Ha Ha Ha!

  • Guest

    Too late. The damage is done and consumer confidence is already mangled. 

    • branden

      or maybe it was all a plan to get 3 billion dollars and more spectrum from att because they knew nobody in their right mind would allow the deal to go through?

  • That’s excellent! I left for Verizon already because of the merger and some other network problems, but  I may go back to Tmobile in the future now! Excellent!

    • 21stNow

      What do you think of VZW’s new convenience fee for online credit card payments?  I’m not being snarky, but I am curious.

      • Tmobilecust

        I see a opportunity to get out Verizon contract and return t-mobile, but T-mobile still bleeding badly (losing customer postpaid every quarter), make me think how will they recover confidence that this kind of selling attempt wont occur near future. Oh yeah, T-mobile needs to put more money to improve their network (where i live gets busy network, hard time to make call and receiving call direct to voicemail system) one of the reason I left tmobile but love tmobile value price and customer service. Come on!! get to work now build a better network.

        • So go back to T-Mobile, I’m sure they’ll receive you with open arms. :)

        • Ashk20

          i agree t-mobile needs to build out a better network. . . over here in downtown LA t-mobile is err not that great. in my loft i only get 1-2 bars of edge on my s2 as my girlfriend gets on her sensation. good thing we have wifi. we invited some friends over that have at&t they had full bars of H+ in our loft and they did a speed test without wifi and got 11 mbps . pretty good if u ask me ..im the kind of person that tought at&t sucked because i read sooo many horror stories about them. during there stay they had less dropped calls than me and better reception on at&t. i was very shocked that my friends at&t infuse rang in the metro red line to hollywood underground train while it was moving underground and he was able to mantain a call without it disconnecting while we were underground on a moving train and the most shocking thing is he showed me his phone only mantained 1 little bitty bar of H+ . while i had absolutely no service on t-mobile. . so yeaa ..

      • Li10up

        I left T-Mobile, (2003) for Verizon in Nov.  Where I live have only Edge,1-2 bars. I had two lines one with data.  Never tried to change my account and it was 125 a month.  Got two IPhones cost me 160.  If I would have added data to TMobile it would have been 155.  but no matter the price I had poor coverage.  Coverage is not an issue with Verizon where I live.  I pay thru my credit union so the two buck fee does not apply.  Have nothing bad to say about TMobile.  I never used TMobile stores I did everything over the phone after two bad experiences, with store that the 611 number fixed without question.  My experience with the Verizon store is they are far more professional. I wish only the best for TMobile.

  • i thought there was no such thing as Santa Claus until i read this.

  • 55Hellzone

    I love tmobile but I hate them for jacking up the prices on us prepaid consumers when they started their talks with att that was just putting the shaff job on us maybe now they’ll take a step back n look at what they did n correct it

  • Don’t just send out text messages, do a commercial. Say you’re coming back stronger than ever. That will attract new customers. :)

  • Chuck Liddelll

    i pay $250 for one line with 500 minutes and 200 text messages and no data.  Is that a good deal?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Chuck, I assume you meant $25, or are simply kidding around on the Net (like that infant in the e-trade commercials ;), (maybe it is none of these, you are living  in a remote country and not getting T-Mobile service.)

      If it is the former, that is borderline OK. Consider that up until October 2011 Virgin Mobile had a $25 plan that included 300 talk minutes, and unlimited text and 3G data. Most prepaids will be running sales to get entry level customers.

      You basically have a feature phone prepaid plan. At $25 you could do a bit better, say with Net 10 or TracFone. Care to reveal more detail and we can tell you where to find a better price?

      • Realcool2000

        Way to latch on to something to make yourself feel special Mikey.

        Chuck don’t care what u think ……and why don’t you stop promoting Net 10 and tracfone on the tmobile forum…..this forum is for people with phones that do more than the ones from 1995 bro.

        Your new years res should be to stop trying so hard to impress yourself and being so anal for 2012 hahaha

        Happy New Year! :)

  • Guest

    Chuck, you’re either lying or a fool.  nobody pays that anymore for any carrier, unless you’re calling overseas or going WAY over your minutes.  get with the 2010s

    • Tbyrne

      Maybe a little of both?

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    I wonder what that pointless Christmas musical cost?

  • Mel 101

    Yea! So glad no merger! Never planned to stay if merger occurred. Now, looking to renew!

  • Susanmeg

    Dish network is VERY interested now in Tmobile.  They have lots of CASH.  They own even more spectrum than Sprint or Tmobile.  That would be a fair merger.  They would build out a LTE network fast because they have a mission, cash and technology.  They even talked about buying Clearwire as well who already has a decent LTE infrastructure.

    I don’t love Tmobile changing in to a Dish network company but it’s MUCH better than it disappearing into AT&T.  Dish would leave it as a mobile division with a different name.  Thus america would have 4 large SEPARATE mobile carriers.  I like this idea.

  • Angcurry1

    RIGHT THE HELL ON!! I am so happy , that it is still T-mobile and not the greedy AT&T. T-Mobile rocks !!   Been a very happy T-mobile customer for years .

  • Good, now please add iphone to your selection.

  • Diana

    I’m not mad by any stretch of the imagination…but I never got the text.  I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for ***twelve years***.  It’s one of those “things that make ya go ‘hmmm’.”
    (Maybe my loyalty wasn’t in question?) ;)

    Having said that, y’all oughta hear customer care on the very rare occasions I have to call them.  They’re all “and we’d like to thank you for being a customer since…HOLYSHIT!”  LOL.  It’s *awesome*!

    • lol i get it too. im a ten year customer

  • Jelacher

    Oh what a shame! I was looking forward to far better phone service, customer service, and a better selection of phones. T-Mobile is one BIG money pit. Oh yeah and the BILL. My bill is nevr the same. It’s always one damn tax after another. I am a PI BULL when it comes to screwing me on fees. After I pay the January 2012 payment I am shit canning the MOB.

  • Jelacher

    What a shame. I was looking to better phone coverage, better customer service, and a better selection of phones.

  • Terry

    A lot of employees were cut because T Mobile did not want to pay the severance pay when they merged. Did you notice you have to wait longer to get to a live person and then they don’t speak English very well! They Really hurt a lot of families.

    • yes ive noticed that as well

  • Deut435

    I agree w Angcurry1  100%!!