It’s Over, AT&T Drops Bid To Purchase T-Mobile, Will Pay Break-Up Fee

Here it is TmoNews readers and T-Mobile lovers, the news we’ve all been waiting for, hoping to hear and believing in. AT&T has dropped their bid to buy T-Mobile USA and will pay Deutsche Telekom the $4 billion dollar break-up fee. That’s one hell of a price for a bad first date. Viva la T-Mobile.

AT&T will pay a total of $3 billion in cash plus around $1 billion in spectrum and the two carriers will now agree to a roaming deal allowing devices for each network to work on each others. Sounds like we might see more of this.

Let’s get right to the official statements and we’ll revisit the next step in our next post.

AT&T released a brief statement announcing the end of merger talks:

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) said today that after a thorough review of options it has agreed with Deutsche Telekom AG to end its bid to acquire T-Mobile USA, which began in March of this year.

The actions by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice to block this transaction do not change the realities of the U.S. wireless industry. It is one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the world, with a mounting need for more spectrum that has not diminished and must be addressed immediately. The AT&T and T-Mobile USA combination would have offered an interim solution to this spectrum shortage. In the absence of such steps, customers will be harmed and needed investment will be stifled.

“AT&T will continue to be aggressive in leading the mobile Internet revolution,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and CEO. “Over the past four years we have invested more in our networks than any other U.S. company. As a result, today we deliver best-in-class mobile broadband speeds – connecting smartphones, tablets and emerging devices at a record pace – and we are well under way with our nationwide 4G LTE deployment.

“To meet the needs of our customers, we will continue to invest,” Stephenson said. “However, adding capacity to meet these needs will require policymakers to do two things. First, in the near term, they should allow the free markets to work so that additional spectrum is available to meet the immediate needs of the U.S. wireless industry, including expeditiously approving our acquisition of unused Qualcomm spectrum currently pending before the FCC. Second, policymakers should enact legislation to meet our nation’s longer-term spectrum needs.

“The mobile Internet is a dynamic industry that can be a critical driver in restoring American economic growth and job creation, but only if companies are allowed to react quickly to customer needs and market forces,” Stephenson said.

To reflect the break-up considerations due Deutsche Telekom, AT&T will recognize a pretax accounting charge of $4 billion in the 4th quarter of 2011. Additionally, AT&T will enter a mutually beneficial roaming agreement with Deutsche Telekom.

That’s not all we’ve got for you though as we’re TmoNews so we’re bringing you the internal statement from Philip Humm, T-Mobile CEO announcing the end of the deal before T-Mobile’s 37,000+ employees:

Dear colleagues,

Today AT&T and Deutsche Telekom announced they have mutually decided to terminate their agreement for AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA. This announcement effectively ends the acquisition process launched March 20, including the regulatory approvals process with the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission. Additionally, with the termination of the agreement, T-Mobile will receive certain spectrum licenses and a 3G roaming agreement from AT&T, and AT&T will pay $3B to our parent company, Deutsche Telekom.

What does this mean for T-Mobile USA? Our Challenger Strategy continues as before, with energy and focus. We have seen early successes with our great 4G network, affordable unlimited rate plans and strong Android portfolio. We now have an exciting chance to build upon these and other strengths to bring our business to the next level of success and beyond. We have an opportunity to write our own future – making the latest mobile products and services affordable to more people. We call it “4G for All.” We’ll continue on this path through 4G network leadership, affordable smartphones, being a trusted brand, evolving as a multi-segment player, and executing our Challenger business model.

The leadership team and I will be meeting intensively in the next few weeks on our go-forward plans for the business, to identify and map out any and all options to further strengthen our strategy and prospects for the future.

I know you also want to know what this means in terms of retention bonuses and other details that impact you personally. I promise to make that information available to you in the coming days and weeks on OneVoice and through your leaders.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for the amazing effort and focus each of you put into the business over the last nine months following the acquisition announcement. You performed well under extraordinarily unusual circumstances. Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.

Let’s now go into the new year and show everyone we are, indeed, ready to be Challengers!

With sincere appreciation,

Philipp Humm

CEO & President

T-Mobile USA

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  • Anonymous

    helllllllll yeahhhhhhh  david i guess we will see more tmonews and i just hope they dont do something more stupid and just let tmobile USA die

  • fixxmyhead

    i always knew this would never go through

  • Kev30591

    This is good news!! I couldn’t be any happier!

  • HKd

    awesome news .. happy holiday tmo customers.

  • TmoFan

    TakeOver bid came as a surprise on a weekend, and the superb no-go news comes on a Monday! Go Tmo!

  • MagentaMadness

    Welp, let see whos next up for bid??? Google? Dish Network?

    • Antoine M.

      Hopefully Google

      • If it’s google i’m out.

        • Anonymous

          Ya, Google is too Playboy (inconsistent and unreliable) to have a steady, far-seeing steering T-Mobile needs.

  • Shawn Neely

    good!!! now get some better pricing going and new phones

  • I’m as stoked about this as the next customer/employee ….but now what….

  • Anonymous

    :) that’s all I have to say.

  • Anonymous

    If DT went through this just to get spectrum and money to invest in TMUS network and knew it would never pass, they are pure geniuses.  

    ATT is dumb. they basically paid for Tmobile’s network upgrades to MultiModal base stations, and now tmobile can join up with Dish Network.   LTE/HSPA+ sounds great to me. 

    • Whylee77

      I think they should roll out a dual LTE/HSPA+ network. Best of both worlds! Team up with Dish and Direct TV.

  • Rv800x is down. It’s finally over. 

  • Anonymous

    CHRISTMAS DONE COME EARLY!!!  Im guess im doing like Van Halen and standing on top of the world!!!! i know Tmo will get bought out by someone, but at least i get to keep my job!! congrats my peoples!

  • What a great Christmas! Yes!

  • ABE

    Not good news, Tmobile doesn’t have LTE or any plans to roll it out. DT wants to sell us and the money it will get is probably not heading to Tmobile.

    • Msn

      do some research before you throw things out there. T-mos 42+ is better that most LTE networks out there, and are currently working on an 86+

      • ABE

        Not everywhere, the highest I’ve gotten is 3.1mbps mytouch 4g

        • HM

          3.1 mbps speed is more than enough for full fledged desktop or laptop running windows/unix/linux even for business applications using cloud. Most applications on phone are just minor applications and that too with claimed higher bandwidth and dual/quad core processors, unbelievable!! Seems like overkill!!

        • Anonymous

          3.1Mbps is basic cable-speeds. Many of use still live with that, and it’s plenty enough!

    • Anonymous

      hspa+ if built out properly turns into LTE.  They are doing it in a cost effective way by expanding their current network instead of building out a totally brand new one from scratch like Sprint, Verizon, or ATT.

      • Props2us

        Last night with my amaze 4g I was hitting 17.35 mbps on our 4G network in fort Collins CO. Never have got less then 11 mbps. Can’t wait till 84 mbps phones come out.

    • Whylee77

      Get a better phone! HSPA+ 84 is already being rolled out as we speak and it kicks LTEs ARSE…. HSPA+ will support up to 168 Mbit/s theoretical peak rates. LTE is no savior. HSPA+ is also supported over all the world. LTE is the worlds best marketing Strategy! They are already testing HSPA+ 336….. Jeeze….. It also has to do with how busy your tower is. Since HSPA+ is an upgrade of 3G its already being utilized for 3G….. Get a 42 phone and youll notice the difference. I saw speeds on an amaze of 12, with the speeds on my my touch of 4. Understand the technology before you bash it.

      • ABE

        Can’t upgrade until march 2013, and phones without contracts are exlensive.

      • Guidomus_maximus

        Agree.  There really isn’t much you can do on a phone that will use HSPA+ 21, let alone 4 times that.  You aren’t going to get any value for the premium you pay for LTE.

        Max you can get on HSPA+ 42 is about 27, which I have gotten.  My cable at home is only 15 and I never get even close to using it

    • Let me spell it out for you and everyone else who comes up with a similar argument: What would have happened if there was a merger was not that you would have had “T-Mobile with iPhones and LTE”, it’s that T-Mobile *wouldn’t exist anymore* and you’d be forced to be a customer of an operator you never chose.

      If you want LTE or the iPhone or whatever, your choices are unchanged. Had the merger gone through, you could have chosen AT&T or Verizon. Now it hasn’t, you can still make that choice.

      Except… that now that hard reality has taken hold, T-Mobile can once again reevaluate its options and consider rolling out LTE itself, either (unlikely) by sacrificing some 2G spectrum, by buying more spectrum (such as that widely available in the 2.5GHz band – it’s not great, but LTE TDD will work fine with it and it’s cheap), or by partnering with another operator, such as LightSquared, or a soon-to-come-to-their-senses-and-switch-to-LTE ClearWire.

      Either way, your choices just got better. T-Mobile will continue to improve its HSPA+ services so they’re on a par with everyone else’s LTE roll-outs, and they’ll continue to examine options as far as LTE goes. You wouldn’t have gotten this had T-Mobile been swallowed.


    i can’t wait to see if the rural coverage they give us is the black hole in southern tennessee.

    you would think att would have learned their lesson after the gov’t broke them up 30 years ago.

  • On the other hand, the employment outlook is worse for this: all those shills, who posted here pretending to be T-Mobile customers who really actually wanted to be AT&T customers, are going to have to find new work!

  • Ilyas_k15

    And the Death Star is no more…

  • BP

    Philipp said affordable too much in his statement.  We better start back getting the high end phones!!!

  • The Joe u know

    As a T-Mobile Employee all i can do is sigh in relief and would like to extend a personal thank you to Mr. Humm, your strategy for profit and spectrum was challenging and scary for a lot of us employees but it pay off in the end.

  • Chad

    WE WIN! So what’s next? 

  • Tmosince2003

    Our nine month nightmare is over, thank goodness. Roaming agreement sounds good to me. Happy holidays indeed :)

  • Guest


    …And there was rejoicing and dancing in the streets…

  • Brandon Carpediem

    Lets be real – tmo is getting spectrum, but DT isn’t going to invest that money in Tmo. They are going to keep it for DT. Tmo is probably still up for grabs. To come – Google Mobile? Dish Network Mobile? We’ll see.

    • +1 for Google mobile

      • Noooo – no Google Mobile.  No mobile service run by any phone/OS manufacturer.  No Google/Microsoft.Apple/HTC/Samsung/Nokia owned and run network.  The conflict of interest between providing a range of handsets to customers, and furthering the fortunes of one OS/hardware platform are too great.

        • Anonymous

          But I am tired of carrier (e.g. Verzion) screwing up phone launches one after another.  The rest of the world are enjoying Galaxy Nexus while we were still wondering when US is going to get it?  I will take Google mobile in a heart beat.

        • Much of the rest of the world can buy their phones unlocked for any network.

        • I disagree. I want a carrier that will act solely as a freaking pipe. If all they support are Android handsets (highly unlikely) that’s fine by me. Google is a company that I feel would push the competitive envelope in terms of plan pricing and speeds. 


    dont kno what to think about this…

  • Time to diversify, Tmobile leadership! Dont put all your eggs in the android basket, bring high end WP7, BB and whatever OS available devices to your network as well to push not just value but choice across the board! Attract big spenders and cost-conscious costumers alike, spoil them for choice, improve the network and keep up the pressure!

  • Will the roaming agreement help Tmo customers in poor coverage areas?

  • Cellllllllebrate good time come on!!  da da da da da daa da daaaaa!!

  • Mike

    Wooooo!!!!!!!!! Maybe now we can get an iPhone on Tmo!

  • Charlie Laster1

    that is what im talking about! this is exactly what tmobile needed!!!!! LONG LIVE TMOBILE!

  • Dpro

    Perhaps an Iphone on T Mobile? I was quite surprised when I saw it come across the screen on CNBC and posted in the asset sale thread and sent you a message David as quickly as I could so you could put together a post like this. This is good news that competition will survive. Oh and to anyone thinking T Mobile is just going to die? This actually opens doors for DT they are getting Spectrum as well as roaming agreements and they have new options for deals with the likes of Dish , Clear and a few others.

  • Silk7412

    I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator kill the T-1000! Good bye att-i wouldn’t miss you.

  • Oh well… I watched this since it started, REALLY needed to upgrade our 3 year old phones (including my ancient Blackberry), became convinced that AT&T would either merge with or cannibalize T-Mobile, and finally made the switch to VZW last week after more than 11 years with T-Mobile. No complaints so far – phones are great, signal is great, prices in my particular plan are close enough to not be an issue. Ah well… not my issue any more for the next couple of years…

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    They should share the break up fee with the retailers that didn’t give up on tmo.

  • Supaflash3

    That’s great news,, I like tmobiles plans and phones better,, would of not been good if they emerged with att..

  • quick someone find a pic of Hess as he finds this out, can you imagine the smile on his face

  • Nearmsp

    As an AT&T (T) share holder, I call for the resignation of Randall, for blowing up $3 billion in shareholder money by gambling on something that had less than 5% chance of happening. As a Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY)  shareholder, I am elated that the sky high dividend yield will continue even though the stock has lost 10% this year. As a T-mobile customer I am thrilled that the most unethical company in the US, which came last ever in 5 years in JD Power and Associates survey will not be my service provider. I am hopeful that T-mobile which was turning in to a pseduo AT&T will start reverting to going back to the top spot in the JD Power and Associates annual survey by once again becoming an ethical business focused on its customer.

    • Tbyrne

      I concur! Randall step down! Randall step down! RANDAll STEP DOWN! EVERYBODY!!!

  • Anonymous

    ‘ It’s all over baby.. everything’s going to be just fine. That big bad ‘ol AT&T can’t hurt you now. 

  • Anonymous

    Now if only T-Mobile could celebrate this by announcing that starting next month they’ll be selling the Galaxy Nexus. Been sitting on an upgrade since March and that’s the only phone that’s piqued my interest.

  • It feels like we just won World War II! 

    • Anonymous

       Terrible comparison

      • Anonymous

        Hilarious comparison 

  • ATT shot themselves in the foot. They made a lot of mistakes and are now going to pay. This would have been a great deal for everyone. Better coverage, better phones, sounds like a winning proposal if you ask me. Never understood why people were so hesitant w/ ATT.

    • Kyjeepbear

      No better coverage would have come from this… T-Mobile has roaming in place where they have no service and the roaming is usually on AT&T so the coverage would be the same. or worse because SURPRISE!!! AT&T has roaming in place with T-Mobile also for the area’s they need a boost as well.  T-Mobile has a great selection of phones…no there’s no iPhone but if you want an iPhone customers can always go to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and pay MORE for their service….These are only a few reasons that people here were so against it.

    • Kyjeepbear

      No better coverage would have come from this… T-Mobile has roaming in place where they have no service and the roaming is usually on AT&T so the coverage would be the same. or worse because SURPRISE!!! AT&T has roaming in place with T-Mobile also for the area’s they need a boost as well.  T-Mobile has a great selection of phones…no there’s no iPhone but if you want an iPhone customers can always go to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint and pay MORE for their service….These are only a few reasons that people here were so against it.

      • Dpro

        Ah really you have not done much analysis lately. The prices on Sprint and ATT are actually not that off T Mobiles. If you know how to package. Both Sprint and ATT have whats known as Unlimited Any Mobile to Mobile whatever carrier. Since for most people 90% of their calls these days are to other Mobile phones that means no minutes drawn of their plans if they get it.
        On Sprint that translates to a 450 nationwide minute plan with a 5 GB data plan and unlimited Mobile to any Mobile for $80 a month.
        On ATT you can get the same deal except 2GB of data for $85 now granted T Mobile has it for $70 with unlimited calling and 2GB of data but basically when it comes right down to it the plans are more less equal given the fact that most people call people on mobile phones these days.
        So T Mobiles prices are actually not all that much better. Verizon is the one that costs on average $20-35 more than any of them.
        T Mobile at this point would effectively hurt their growth in the U.S. without the Iphone. It was I stated above why their has been so much massive post paid attrition at T Mobile. Their prices are really not all that much better. They just want the public to think that.
        Given all of this I still a fan of T Mobile but I am not wearing rose colored glasses like you seem to be.
        I want T Mobile to succeed, to do this an Iphone would be a much needed addition to the phone line up purely for the sake of success.

        • Kyjeepbear

          You may need to re-check your ‘facts’ as AT&T does not in fact offer an unlimited mobile to anymobile feature like Sprint… to my knowledge Sprint is the only company offering this.

        • 21stNow

          AT&T does, in fact, offer unlimited mobile-to-any-mobile calling.  The caveat is that it is with the unlimited text messaging plan that costs an astronomical (by comparison) $20 for individuals, or $30 for families.  I passed on the deal because it doesn’t make financial sense for me.

        • Dpro

          yes and in that fact 450 minutes for 39.99 plus $25 2 GB data and $20 unlimited text and mobile to any mobile adds up to $85

          just saying. lol

    • David (Not the publisher)

      Because AT&T as a company sucks. It would have been a great deal to foster the ongoing near-monopoly they desire by simply buying and consuming a competitor and sucking more money from customer’s pockets. 

      When AT&T took over my landline back in the early 2000’s, I ran as fast as I could to convert to the phone service from my local cable provider. When I heard complaint after complaint from ATT mobile users about lousy service and high prices, I swore I’d do everything I could to stay away from them for my cell business, too. 

      That you think for a second that ATT had the slightest interest in fostering anyone’s interest other than their own, you’re either delusional or a shill for ATT. They are not a benevolent company out to service the cell needs of the country, they are a self-serving monstrosity bent on reconstructing what the government broke up thirty years ago under the same name, albeit a different company. The statement released by ATT today is a disingenuous, derisive diatribe spewed by what amounts to the schoolyard bully who finally got his eyes blackened when he didn’t get his way. 

      More competition makes the consumer the winner, and that’s what the free market is about. Not buying your competitors and shutting them down. 

      • Cp60188

        This is what I have been waiting for ever since this ridiculous merger was announced. Both the FCC and DoJ exhibited a great deal of common sense and knowledge of antitrust law in denying the evil empire their bid to take over T-Mobile. I’ve been with T-Mobile since VoiceStream days, and have always been happy with the great service and rate plans. I’m definitely an Android fangirl, although I am one of the first to admit that TMO is not the first to get some of the hot phones.

        Throughout this whole ordeal, AT&T has done nothing but lie, cheat and attempt to bribe its way to success. Because we supported T-Mo, we won.

    • Anonymous

      “Never understood why people were so hesitant w/ ATT” seriously? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know why people were against this merger/takeover. for starter at&t is known for having the worst customer service among all the carrier, their plan prices are too high, and their prices keep increasing. those were some of the complaints that people kept going on about.

  • Anonymous

    Im guessing ATT customers will get new fees on their bills and some Higher-Ups over at DT are getting a nice bonus this holiday season.

  • Kyjeepbear

    As a former employee i can almost assure you that a good chunk of that 3billion dollars will go to several meetings about meetings that will be coming up so that they can have a meeting to let all the employees who are left know that they will NOT be getting the iPhone but yet 1 more phenominal android phone, 8 marginal android phones. 2 crappy low end android phones, a couple blackberries, and educate them on just WHY that’s better than getting the iPhone.  And no i’m not an apple fanboy…I actually AM a T-Mobile fan boy and a fandroid who spent 12 years working for and whole heartedly promoting T-Mobile, I just know that’s how things usually work.

    • Anonymous

      i’ll go one further and say all these meetings will be happening overseas with the DT executives swimming in bonuses while T-mobile USA is hung out to dry.

    • Anonymous

      Well i’d agree with you except i’m too busy being excited that I won’t be absorbed by ATT and have my bills raised $60 /mo for sub-par service.

  • Whylee77


  • The Dude

    HIP HIP HURRAH !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The fat lady has sung!!!!

    • Tbyrne

      She sounded so good! Didn’t she?

  • Sally

    Yay!!  The most GPRS coverage in America remains in tact!!

  • TMO_tech

    Being a TMO employee, that is the best Christmas gift!!! Woohoo!!!

    • Anonymous


  • YogiBear


    Now, DT get your German heads out of your AZZZZES and realize this isn’t a bad franchise to own. Our Gov just told you YOU CAN COMPETE HERE, WE’LL ASSURE IT.

  • Youngt82

    Sounds like Phillip Humm wanted this all along lol well I’m really happy about this deal being dead and looking forward to what T-Mobile brings in the days weeks and months to come. I wish them all the luck and success. Hopefully we will get the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 5 (for the iPhone fans) lol and the best deals, devices and tablets to come. GO TMO!!!!! Its our time now yezzirrrrrr haha

    • Spooln3

      are you kidding? Why do you think DT brought him over to TMO USA? TMo is dying, all of you on here complaining about this not going through were the same people complaining a year ago about tmo having crappy service, or not good enough phones or whatever and threatening to leave because of it. TMo’s churn is horrendous and the customer subs are down, its going down regardless, celebrate this while you can, will look forward to your complaints in a month when they start back up…

      • Tbyrne

        We can see right thru you. You’re not going to be able crash this party fool! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Randall’s outa here!! All you minions can go with him to cry the 4 Billion dollars away!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, i’m quite happy with my T-Mobile service. Just like any other network, it works best if you’re in an area with good coverage, and I am. Even better everyone I visit is in a good T-Mobile area. So i’ve never actually complained about it at all. I don’t know why everyone assumes its still going under when they’re still being profitable quarter after quarter. Even if DT pulls out of T-Mobile, T-mobile is still making enough money to stay open. It may slow down them spreading their spectrum, and will likely slow down any attempts at LTE, but honestly i’m fine with 42.2mbps HSPA+. 

        BTW, if you like ATT so much, you could always go pay $60 + more per month to those crooks and go whine on their blogs about it.

      • Gsm1900

        TMO’s churn is stablizing, and once they get the iPhone, will likely reverse. Humm has publicly recognized the need for the iPhone to get TMO US back on track.

        TMO USA is not dying. It turns a very tidy profit for DT, however without continued investment, it will die. DT stopped investing in TMO US late last year, and began the process to sell them off. It will sell TMO US to somoene, but not make as much now. I’m ok with that, as they already abandoned them.

  • Anonymous

    glad to see this nonsense over early. 

    The lack of clarity in what’s going to happen to T-mobile USA was aggravating.  Now i don’t even need to re-up my contract until i need to.

    I have to say i’m absolutely shocked that AT&T bowed out early.  I thought this was going to be some sort of cage match that dragged out through most of next year.

    I still won’t rule out T-mobile USA and AT&T teaming up for some sort of spectrum deal.

  • Navylostboy

    all the people who are celebrating for t-mo need ot realize that this was not a hostile takeover, duetchcom wanted out of us market, and they still do.  So now what?

    • Anonymous

      I think people are just happy that it was NOT AT&T that took over…

      • Spooln3

        ya, will be much better with a company that has no idea how to run a wireless company taking over, IE Dish Network… Or hey better yet, when DT decides to divest all of its customers and sell off its US Spectrum because it clearly does not want in this market anymore. All the people that were hoping for this to not go through were truly ignorant, TMoNews included. You all are so short sighted and refuse to see the bigger picture. In a year or less, there will be no more T-Mobile, and most of you will look back and wish that this had gone through. Selfish and ignorant. 

        • Anonymous

          I completely agree. I have been saying this all along. I don’t know why Everyone thinks T-Mobile can sustain itself. It’s reputation is the equivalent to MetroPCS and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Customers are leaving in droves and the company has no idea how to stop it. I highly doubt that T-Mobile will still be around in a year or two unless it is simply another “contact-free” Cricket style company. I mean they continue to have “everything free” sales and they still can’t even “give it away”. A joke.

        • Jeffreygreen1315

          T-Mo has been turning a profit all along. Customers coming and going is a part of the wireless business!

        • Spooln3

          Wrong. No we haven’t. We have been losing more customers than we bring in and keep. Thats why two years ago they cut all bonuses and raises/promotions. Our EBITDA has been horrid. You are clearly speaking about things you do not know.

        • Tbyrne

          Get the hell outa here already!!!

        • Anonymous

          And please tell me how Verizon and AT&T and Sprint (now even) are
          losing customers… They aren’t.  The only thing T-Mobile has to look
          forward to is maybe some new prepaid additions. Postpaid customers are
          leaving by the droves.

        • Guest

          Again, more manifest idiocy! 

          TMobile is a *profitable* company, and their churn rate dropped drastically through the last quarter of the year. Given the shadow of the horrendous, market-stifling ATT merger is now gone, TMobile has a great chance to construct a partnership arrangement with an entity that can help them establish an LTE roadmap and give them a shot at the future.

          No, the future isn’t perfect and rosy, but it is infinitely better now than when framed in the spectre of an ATT acquisition six months ago.

          The sour grapes ATT apologists desperately need a life. The DOJ saw through the faux market arguments ATT made, and now ATT is ducking and running. Its a win for consumers all the way around.

        • Anonymous

          Turning a profit yes… Mainly because of its push to Value
          plans and the way it can count revenue for full priced devices even without having cash in hand (installment plans) but that is definitely no long term solution. Also finding small loopholes to close such as employee PTO balance reductions, no merit increases, and closures, etc doesn’t really indicate a company that is “doing well” so much as a company that knows how make themselves look like they are hanging in there.

        • LOL.  Dish, Vodafone, Orange/French Telecom.  Somebody will come in a buy T-Mobile and make it work.  My money is on Dish as they have spectrum holdings they can use to deploy LTE (in fact that is why they bought the spectrum was to create a from scracth LTE-A network).

          But even if worse comes to worse and T-Mobile just shuts down I would rather take that then be forced with AT&T.  That way I can scout the entire market and get the carrier I wanted.

        • Spooln3

          Ya screw all the employees that work there, as long as you get your cell service, you are one of the people I was referring to. 

        • Wow.  I do not owe you anything.  I am not required to have cell service.  I can cancel tomorrow If I choose.  We don’t owe anything to T-Mobile employees, your sense of entitlement is amazing (as is some customers, but I am not one of those).

          And while a union job can be comforting, AT&T could have easily gotten rid of certains jobs before actualling merging the jobs into union jobs.  Not to metion that any employee not official hired by T, such as a outsourced call center would not have any union protections.  I’ve worked in telecoms before in exactly such a position.  Working for a big name but not officially hired by them.

          But divesture is a worse case scenario or I would not have been so strongly against this merger.  Sprint and Vodafone were rumoured interested before.  Now Dish is.  Anyone of them is better than AT&T.

        • StopTheATTShillsAndApologists

          Hi, Spooln3. Could I ask something? Are you an idiot professionally, or do you have to take pills?

          DISH Network is in a position to make a *great* strategic move in the marketplace to expand their position in the content delivery market, whether by satellite or wireless. A carefully conceived joint venture could be a great boon to customers of both. To say they don’t know what they’re doing is, well, inexorably stupid. 

    • Brian

      DT said what they were suppose to during the merger to help it happen.  As a former business owner who sold his business this whole merger thing does not mean that DT wanted out.  They were offered a whole lot more money than they should have been and they tried to take it.  While they might still try and sell the business, and it is still a valuable business, they could easily take what they got and put it towards their business and make it that much better.  During the process of when I was selling my business we had multiple offers and during the process of selling to the people that offered us the best deal we had decided that if the deal went south that we would not sell to the other people but that we would take some of the ideas we had gotten from the buyers and make our business bigger and better.

      This was a win win for DT.  Either they got over paid for the USA division or they got a great break up package and can choose to sell for less or grow the business.

      • Gregp74

        DT said they wanted out of the US market before AT&T made their offer. They’ve been trying to get out of the US market for quite some time.

        As I see it, TMo’s value has dropped since this AT&T takeover business started. The breakup fee (Which goes to DT, not T-Mobile) is there to offset that.

  • If you’re happy about this news, please consider making a donation to the consumer groups like Free Press that helped block the merger.

  • NYgirlinPR

    Yes !! Hopefully that improves t-mobiles crappy coverage over here in puerto rico. Cuz i hate at&t its soo expensive but at&t literally covers the whole island and all of is 3G coverage. And t-mobile which i had before and several different phones from them doesnt have alot of 3G/4G coverage over here most of it its edge and coverage is not that good as at&t. People in the states complain about at&t over there but over here in PR its a whole different story with at&t (we dnt have verizon over here) at&t is the only company with the fastest 3G network and the most 3G coverage its even faster than sprints wimax cuz we also have sprint over here and they have wimax 4G and its slow when compared to at&ts hspa+. T-mobiles hspa+ is also fast but its SOO limited once u out of a major city u drop down to sloow edge .. while at&t has hspa+ everywhere even in the virgin islands and vieques PR Which is another island close to puerto rico were t-mobile and sprint dont work at all! Im willing to switch back to t-mobile if they improve there coverage because like i said at&t is expensive its ridiculous i pay 130 a month for 1 phone!! And t-mobile has cheaper plans.

  • Platypus

    The real question is how will the roaming agreement manifest itself?  Will we get to roam on 1900 spectrum so my phone actually works in buildings?  If we buy iPhones or other 1900 models, will they work on T-Mo?  We all know that DT isn’t going to invest the $3b in the US.  So, the spectrum sharing is really the only thing that matters

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the “love” button?

  • TMoFan

    This is FANTASTIC news! I’ve been a tireless critic of this buyout/sellout since day one, and I know many here have been too. We have been vindicated starting with the suit filed with the DoJ, the damning report from the FCC, the leaked docs that proved that at&t doesn’t need T-Mobile and finally with this announcement today. We were right all along and seen right through the corporate bs.

    Huge thanks David for keeping on top of all of this, and my fellow T-Mobile fans. There’s a certain sense of camaraderie after going through this and commenting here together.

    I think T-Mobile’s best times are ahead of it. If DT is so determined to get out of the US they have plenty of options. Personally I’d like to see a heavy international player come in and breathe new life into T-Mobile, but I’d be happy with something like a partnership with Dish. Regardless we won’t lose a national carrier and that will benefit everybody. Whether people admit it or not T-Mobile and Sprint play a role in keeping the Twin Bells in check.

  • YogiBear

    Time for a….

    “Thank You for sticking with us Legacy Customers, we’re sorry we did this to you” Sale

    An upgrade sale that lasts from now until the end of January!!!!!

    All phone upgrades at T-Mobile “cost + handling fees”.

    • Sabku21

      You don’t want a phone at cost. Cost is WAAAYYY more than you pay at regular upgrade price.

  • Will this roaming agreement let me use an unlocked iPhone and get 3G speeds?

    • Frank Jacobs

      Probably not in areas where you get a T-Mobile signal. It’s going to use it’s “home” signal before it goes to roaming.

  • TMO Steve

    I don’t think this comes as any surprise to any of us in T-Mobile Nation.  It does seem to be a great holiday present for T-Mobile’s hard working employees…at all levels.  Hopefully this will be the first step forward in quite some time for TMO.  Based on the information on the new roaming agreements, I am hoping to see ATT customers flock over to TMO with their iPhones (aka the only thing that has kept ATT in business).  Maybe we’ll take them over…..

    Now Dish or Comcast can step in and make a bid for TMO.  As long as it will save TMO and it’s employees, I’d hope to see some traction on that begin shortly.  In the mean time, happy holidays to all of us T-Mobile Nations family members (employees and customers).

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure why you see this as a win for T-Mobile employees. I’m not sure how now working for a company who will no longer be able to support itself and has no clear path to a winning solution (LTE, exclusive handsets, better coverage, etc) that some of the other carriers have means their jobs are now “safe” if anything I would be more concerned now than before. T-Mobile could be broken up and sold off for parts leaving them with nothing and consumers with still 3 national choices. Seems bad in my opinion.

      • Alekhine

        I agree. At least att is union and said they would keep our jobs. Sprint leap cricket all outsource. Were screwed unless we organize and force tmo us to recognize their people as Assets in any proposed transaction.

        • ByeByeATT

          Screw the unions. Unions are in bed with Obama and nearly killed thousands of jobs in South Carolina, and ATT was more than happy to kill off hundreds of “union” jobs “in exchange” for the unionization of prospective TMobile transition employees. Bottom line is that ATT was ready to screw the unions just as much as the customers, so please spare us the union crap. I’ve watched unions destroy this country in my lifetime. 

        • Anonymous

          Yea, except the FCC proved that their claims that no jobs would be lost is a lie. So there’s always that….

      • Anonymous

        Its funny though, because T-Mobile actually does turn a profit with their current employee base, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy DT and keep them investing. That doesn’t mean its shutting its doors. Either way, as a customer, being absorbed by ATT was still absolute worst case scenario. When I dropped ATT 6 years I told myself I would never go back to those crooks, and now I get the relief of knowing I don’t have to. Having only Sprint and Verizon to turn to if the merger had happened was quite depressing. I had a choice of a terrible network, or even worst prices than ATT. In the end, I would never have been an ATT customer, and as far as i’m concerned ATT can sit on it and rotate.

    • Frank Jacobs

      I see it as a good thing in the short term. I’m happy that AT&T won’t be buying us and shutting down T-Mobile stores that are close to AT&T stores, won’t be laying off network engineers and the like.

      The future still looks pretty uncertain.

    • Anonymous

      is the mention of Comcast a joke?

      that’s about the only company we could pick that’s worse than AT&T.

  • James

    the only thing AT&T has to do  to kill T mobil and  Sprint is lower the plants and they will bank rupp

    • Auser72

      Not when their business model and current value is based on that higher pricing structure.

    • Anonymous

      James said: “the only thing AT&T has to do  to kill T mobil and  Sprint is lower the plants and they will bank rupp”

      Say what? Let me try to understand this.. there’s one of two things you meant:

      1. If AT&T wants to put TMo and Sprint out of business they just need to lower their prices.

      2. If AT&T wants to kill Mr T, Mobil, and Sprint, they should bomb them with various trees and shrubs and then go to the bank and use a sound project process.

      My money is on 2..

      • If  AT&T lowered thier prices I’d switch.  See AT&T has the phones I want.  As it is I’ll stick with what I have a bit longer because I’ve been a T-Moble customer along time and love the rate plan I have.  But if TMO doesn’t come up with a highend Windows Phone soon I will move on.

  • Milenri Figueroa

    This made my Christmas that much better.

  • James

    I have been a
    t mobil customers since 2001 and there is not future there its always been down fall

  • Frank Jacobs

    I guess this is good news for those of us who aren’t particularly fond of AT&T, but I’m not exactly rejoicing yet.

    We’re still looking at an uncertain future. DT still wants out and we don’t have anyone else shouting that they want to buy us. 

    • Nearmsp

      WSJ reported that DirecTV is looking for a partnership/investment/renting resources of T-mobile. I think the spectrum that T-mobile holds is very precious.

      • Frank Jacobs

        I’d heard about Dish Network being interested in a partnership. I don’t think that would play with DT’s desire to get out completely though.  They’d still have to find another party that’s interested in buying them out that would partner with Dish.

  • Whitegirl23

    It wud be coo if t-mobile started offering service in the 850 mhz band..for better signal inside buildings.i love t-mobile and all but i hate having no service inside buildings on my sensation while my friends always have service on ther iphone 4s on at&t.. either way im sticking with them but still it id be nice to have service inside buildings cuz over here in LA most buildings have wifi but there locked so im screwed .. while at&t always comes tru..

  • Anonymous

    And boom there goes the dynamite…on ATT’s head!

  • I am fine with Dish buying T-Mobile, AS LONG AS THEY DON’T re brand and make things shit.

  • Anthonyryan22

    Well now that is done we have another offer on the table coming up since at&t can’t have us and dish network wants us I think they should they have the spectrum for they just need tmo for the T-mobile and there the only company who seems to be interested in buying T-Mobile.. .I would say Google but idk I love Android and everything but that would mean no support with windows phone or very little and windows phone OS isn’t bad at all …mhm dish network make your offer for T-Mobile!

  • There it is, congratulations to T-Mobile for a sweet win! Now take that 3 billion and spend it smart!

    • Spooln3

      You realize TMo USA doesnt get that money right? DT gets it. Even IF they put it back into tmo it wouldnt be enough to finish building out our networks…

      • That doesn’t matter, the deal is done. ALSO You don’t know what they will do with the money, you’re just assuming. Which is fine if that’s what youbwant to do.

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

        • MagentaMadness

          The money does NOT go to TMO USA. We were told, and I quote, “…no we will not be getting the money, the money will be going to the shareholders in Germany.” SO to say, “Now take that 3 billion and spend it smart” isn’t gonna happen.

        • Let it go, just let it go. You do not know what’s gonna happen.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

        • Spooln3

          Lol because its not possible that any of us on these boards work for TMo and have been told things right? 

        • MagentaMadness


        • Spooln3

          and how can you say it doesn’t matter? lol It definitely matters. Considering you think they, being TMo USA is getting this money, which they arent. Nor is it clear that these roaming agreements will even be based in the USA. They could be in Europe for all we know, but we do know that DT gets the money and spectrum, and they choose what they want to do with it. I do know for a fact that they will NOT be investing the 3billion as it has already been stated that they will not. And this is straight from the CIO/CEO levels. So ya, I will believe what I want, and those are facts, from the horses mouth.

        • Wow. You guys really read too far into things, lol. Let it go, the deal is done. Celebrate damn it. You all cried about it going through, lol now you wanna fight over who gets what. You do not know the final outcome, so let it go. People once thought the earth was flat, wow. Stop it guys, please. Seriously. Some of you guys just look for reasons to be bitter about or argue over.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

        • MagentaMadness

          I was actually looking forward to AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile. I’m not only a TMO customer, I’m an employee.

        • Good for you then…

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

        • Realcool2000

          Then that makes u a traitorous honorless backstabbing lowlife loser. Congratulations!

        • MagentaMadness


        • Anonymous

          You know for a fact? Really? Those were statements made before the merger fell through. Unless you’re sitting on the board of directors, I don’t think you know an f’n thing for certain. You’re just another troll raining on our parade. Seriously, go join ATT and quit f’n with us.

      • Auser72

        Blah; Blah Blah……you are one of the people who were saying that it was a done deal……lol!!!!

        • Spooln3

          It is a done deal. ;) 

        • Auser72 is what a 30 yr old unemployed maintainance man and he knows what the parent company in Holland is going to do. HOW FUNNY!!!

      • Hernando Trujillo Ruiz

        As a Tmobile employee I get tired of these ignorant comments. Tmobile is planning on hspa+ dual band 84mbps network and has invested millions of dollars into network upgrades during 2011. Talk to any contractor who works on network infrastructure and they will tell you they had more work from Tmobile then any other carrier. Personally where I live my parents and inlaws both live in rural areas where their use to be only edge and I would encounter numerous dead spots driving their. I know have no dropped calls and 4g with decent download speeds. Tmobiles challenger strategy recognizes that service issues are a poke in the eye to our valued customers;with a 3g roaming agreement and massive spending in network enhancements and and coverage its safe to say things are looking up.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, anyone can see that they continue to invest in network infrastructure in the quarterly reports.

        • raisingtheflag

          tell me Hernando, what do you do for tmobile? Yes we spend money on building up our network, however anyone that knows will tell you that those networks being built out are in big market areas, most people in the smaller markets do not and will not benefit from these buildouts. TMo has already stated that they do NOT plan to build out the HSPA+ to smaller markets and will focus on the larger markets. I will tell you being here in Bellevue my service is still rough, even at the FSC. Also that 84mbps is on a tower with little to no activity. Yes we have fast service, but throwing out that number is just that, throwing it, when it lands, its not the same as it started. 

      • Anonymous

        T-Mobile already spends a little under a few billion a year on the network regardless of DT-the mothership.

    • Anonymous

      DT has already said in plain english they have ZERO plans to invest in T-Mo US.. ZERO..

      I’m sad about this and will keep buying AWS phones and putting my SIM into them until the day comes that they are no longer the most attractive option, if that ever comes. Picked up the Galaxy Nexus last month, here’s hoping now that the next Nexus phone also supports AWS. :)

      • tmotech

         Plans change, my friend. Even if we see very little investment, we get the $1 billion in spectrum. Combine that with a 3G roaming agreement with AT&T, and say hello to much better HSPA+ coverage. What was that story posted here a day or two ago? Something about testing HSPA+ on the 1900 band … ? ;)

      • Enoel69

        Just remember that Plans do change

    • Adam

      Yeah like maybe the next iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      we know from past history that DT isn’t interested in investing in T-mobile USA. While i’m glad to see this AT&T mess over with early, we still have to deal with the reality that DT most likely still wants an exit from T-mobile USA. $4 billion is only going to keep DT shareholders happy for a very short time.

      I think the only thing that’s going to change DT’s mind in the near term is for T-mobile USA to start gaining subscribers in larger numbers.  Hopefully there are some good quarters ahead.

  • One for the Gipper

    Simply said, we  (T-mobile customers, customer service representatives and fans) did it!

  • lion heart


  • Very happy about this, and maybe ow we will go back on a new contract, though my wife want’s to wait and see if anyone else “evil” is going to try and buy them first.

    I am happy about humm’s comments though and he sounds bullish about making T-Mobile USA good without help from others.  Just depends what those meeting in the next few weeks lead to i suppose.  But yes, today is a very good day, and i can’t think it likely that any other outcome or buyer will be as unwelcome as AT&T was.

  • jon

    Music to these ears…

  • Guest

    ” Second, policymakers should enact legislation to meet our nation’s longer-term spectrum needs.”
    I believe this is a thinly veiled reference to legislation pending in Congress to effectively kill off free local television via spectrum auctions. This isn’t getting much national play, unsurprisingly, as the media conglomerates want nothing more than to kill off anything free that they can, in turn, force customers to pay to receive. 

  • Gwapo

    Yippeee!!! 3G on IPHone 4s in TMobile!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Turning a profit yes… Mainly because of its push to Value plans and the way it can count revenue for full priced devices even without having cash in hand (installment plans) but that is definitely no long term solution. Also finding small loopholes to close such as employee PTO balance reductions, no merit increases, and closures, etc doesn’t really indicate a company that is “doing well” so much as a company that knows how make themselves look like they are hanging in there.

  • Jon

    This is awesome news but we aren’t out of the woods just yet. AT&T is bitter and will become more aggressive in the market in attempts to sink T-Mobiles ship. So let’s see what the future holds for us all. This small battle was won but the war is far from over guys.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Im not a huge fan of sprint because of there speeds, but something tells me they will be the ones who buy up T-Mobile as weird as it sounds. All I ask is please please please keep wifi calling, whoever buys them. 

    • Mopar6464

      And if Sprint does , i leave faster than they can sign the deal .
      They suck hard and have the worst data speeds on earth.
      No wonder they offer unlimited service.

      • Jaygqitalia

        So no ATT and No Sprint. What are you expecting. They want to sell T-Mobile and either way its going to be sold. Better of just leaving now then if thats how you feel

  • Anonymous

    Awesome… but… where do we go from here?

    • Tbyrne

      Up my friend, up!

      • Anonymous

        I certainly hope so.

        • Anonymous

          Only if the iphone comes….it’s all perception folks and the perception of tmo is that it can’t compete…..DTT has written us off

        • Anonymous

          Why does everyone think the iphone is all it takes to save a business? Does no one look at the sales statistics that Android is dominating in all categories. Like seriously, kids and hipsters use iphones, and little apple fan boys. Who cares. 

          And if the spectrums get merged as is implied here, you’ll likely be able to buy an iphone and bring it to tmobile soon anyways.

        • Jaygqitalia

          Kids and hipsters? Your sadly mistaken. I dont have any interest in an Iphone, but Im not one of those people who likes to act like there in denial about the selling power of an apple product. Truth is, the Iphone could help the company because its a reason alot of people arent on T-Mobile. If T-Mobile had the iphone with 79.99 plans, ALOT of people will jump on that, instead of paying the 139 on ATT or Verizon.

        • Too bad Apple would never swallow enough greed to allow new phone subsidization on that low a level though isn’t it? So we’re back to square one. They’re garbage and their phone has been boring since the second time they released it with nothing much different except the case and claimed it was brand new.

        • Guest911

          People do look at sales stats and if you can actually get past market share, you will understand why the iphone is important for survival. Android domination and low prices have done to Tmo what it is today.

        • If you want an iphone you know where to find it… is htc selling so many smart phones if the iphone is so wonderful?

  • Guesty

    finally GO t mobile. :), t mobile will be better now with extra spectrum and roaming arrangements compared to att which ended up loosing 3 billion spectrum  he he . i wonder why i hate att so much lol. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Yay!!! Now let’s keep T-Mobile going in the right direction!

  • Anonymous

    you bought the bs tmo is selling employees. gotta think long term. dt doesnt want anything to do with tmo

  • Anonymous

    Do you really think a “smart” company who knows anything about future planning would be dumb enough to pay to fund two different brands… Hell even AT&T spent the money after spending millions to convert to Cingular to convert back to AT&T branding once the merger with Bellsouth was complete because it made no sense to run two different brands.

    • Spooln3

      Its possible, I mean, sirius and xm do it, tho I think that was part of the agreement for the merger to complete via the FCC, and car companies do it all the time, but those are apples and oranges. I don’t think DISH buys TMo with out rebranding it some time down the line. They want their name on the stadium so to speak. Sad truth of economics and business. 

      • whiskers

        I can see it now , “Duche Mobile”.
        Oops , i mean Dish Mobile , lol.

        • Realcool2000


  • Anonymous

    Turning a profit yes… Mainly because of its push to Value
    plans and the way it can count revenue for full priced devices even
    without having cash in hand (installment plans) but that is definitely
    no long term solution. Also finding small loopholes to close such as
    employee PTO balance reductions, no merit increases, and closures, etc
    doesn’t really indicate a company that is “doing well” so much as a
    company that knows how make themselves look like they are hanging in

  • Anonymous

    And please tell me how Verizon and AT&T and Sprint (now even) are losing customers… They aren’t.  The only thing T-Mobile has to look forward to is maybe some new prepaid additions. Postpaid customers are leaving by the droves.

    • speak for yourself from you limited knowledge goofy.

      • Bratty

        Me thinks you are the one with limited knowledge. And i do use the term loosely. You are downright ignorant! Congrats

      • Nikki

        Considering the fact that I am a 5 year veteran of T-Mobile’s workforce, I would hope that my knowledge would be just a little bit larger than yours. Consider this, as of Dec. 2010 TMo USA was the third highest grossing company that DT owned. Since the attempted buyout, we have dropped to the bottom of the list. How is that “goofy”? I find it slightly amusing that you would claim that I have “limited knowledge” with nothing to back you up to infer that you have more knowledge than I.

    • Nikki

      Prior to the buyout announcement, T-Mobile was adding subs every quarter. It might not have been as large as DT wanted, but it wasn’t until afte the buyout was announced that people started leaving TMo high and dry. A lot of that had to do with customer service.

      After the announcement, morale in the call centers went WAY down the toilet because they didn’t want to work for AT&T, but also because they way TMo does business changed to reflect the way AT&T does business… Just get the customer off the phone. Fix it in less than 9 minutes, so don’t build a relationship, just get them on their way.

      • Anonymous

        You have no idea what you are talking about.  Q4 of 2010 had the high 3% churn for T-Mobile USA PLUS the net LOSS of contracted post paid subscribers.  Even in the previous quarters where T-Mobile had a net addition of subscribers they still had an alarming high 2.5-3% customer churn rate which is ridiculous for a company that only has 33 million customers.  This is what frustrated Deutche Telekom, the US wireless industry was growing, but T-Mobile USA was not.  Customers were (and still are) leaving for two reasons. 1)Price 2) Perceived Quality.  Many THOUGHT Verizon and At&t were of higher quality and fled there and the rest fled to prepaid carriers like Leap, Metro etc.  The biggest hurdle T-Mobile USA has to overcome is the PERCEPTION that it has a poor network and they need to talk about that Wifi Calling.

  • Anonymous

    maybe we will get iphone!

    • Silk7412

      whats that thing? i never heard of it before(sent from a android)

    • Do not count on it and  I do not want it anyway.

      • Bratty

        And if you dont want it, then off with its head!

  • Guesty

    not to mention att also lost out in buying spectrum which verizon picked up because of this deal was on. way to loose att .

  • Mattcat03

    $3 billion in cash, $1 billion in spectrum. Not bad for just sitting in the side line.  Way to go T-MO!!!

    • Anonymous

      not so much if they cant get the customers that churned to come back 

      • Anonymous

        that’s ok, they’re still very very profitable. Churn will take time to address, and they need to wake up and realise they need the iPhone. I for one can’t stand not having it as I dislike my Vibrant and can’t wait to ditch it

  • if the phones (future) will work on both networks i’m all for that ..
    and by work i mean 4G phones work on both HSPA+ and LTE .. i’d be happy.

    we’ll see how that unfolds.

  • Fuc* Yeah! who cares if T-Mobile gets bought by another company better than one GSM company

    • One for the Gipper

      Please Go to XXXX. 

  • Finally! This is over! Now let the competition thrive!

  • Schippma

    I knew this would end this way. This was DT’s last cry for help and they won. Tmo gets spectrum which it needs to compete. Hopefully this was a learning lesson for Tmo, that most customers generally like Tmo for their customer service, plans, and phones. This may be the steam they need to really compete in the national arena.

  • Jayhnl

    The next few months will be very interesting….I’m sure dt isn’t done trying to deal tm usa to another buyer, but I highly doubt it will be another wireless company

    • Anonymous

      totally possible if it’s another carrier that’s trying to get a foothold in the states…i hear China Mobile has an exploratory team here

    • Dish Network has expressed interest in starting up a wireless division. They could go for T-Mo USA.

  • Anonymous

    Victory for ALL!!!  Hopefully this will be an end to all the AT&T trolls like GinaDee =)!!!

    • Spooln3

      “Meanwhile, AT&T will pay T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom a $3 billion breakup fee over the scrapped deal. It will also allocate $1 billion worth of spectrum to the company before the year’s end. AT&T also plans to enter into a roaming agreement T-Mobile, which will allow customers of both networks to make use of the other’s network.
      That will keep T-Mobile afloat for the near term. But without enough spectrum to deploy a competitive 4G network, and with its parent company determined to sell, the carrier will almost certainly have to merge with someone else.
      “For T-Mobile, it’s tough sledding,” said Josh King, general counsel at and former senior corporate development executive at AT&T Wireless. “A Sprint tie-up is definitely possible, as is a sale to [Latin American providers] Telefonica or TELMEX.”
      Ya your right, it is over, one way or the other…. Not sure I like your vision of victory tho…


  • Verysweete

    Hi I am glad tmobile and at&t are not getting together. I have now got to the point I did not want tmobile anymore the way they work. I changed my plan so that when at&t took over I would be locked in. Now I want to know will I be able to change my plan back so I can have 4g. Please let me know.

    • Spooln3


      • Cookitup222

        Hi Spooln3,

        You stated in another post that you’re from the FSC, however after seeing your name pop up all over the place, I have a feeling that you’re not whom you claim to be. The majority of people working at the FSC are intelligent, Values driven employees (with correct grammar and spelling, might I add) that care about customers. However, your disregard for Verysweete makes me wonder if you really are a bitter AT&T employee. Especially given the fact that another poster provided his full name, however you asked where he worked for in T-Mobile. Any employee of T-Mobile can answer that question without asking the other. Based on the majority of your posts, I imagine that you are one of those horrible fathers that yell at their kids for getting second place in an athletic competition. Let those that want to celebrate this, celebrate it. Everyone knows that DT is no longer interested in T-Mobile: they just tried to sell us. The point that people are celebrating is that it’s not going to be AT&T that buys T-Mobile.


        Your comment can be taken in many ways, so let me try to help you. When you sign a contract for a rateplan, your are locked to that rateplan. However, your optional features give you flexibility. You mentioned that you want your previous plan so you can get 4G back: this has nothing to do with your rate plan. Depending on how much data you pay for, you get that much data at 4G speeds (assuming that you’re in a 4G area). Once you hit that limit, then your speed lowers. If you need to know more specifics, please call 611 and speak with an account specialist that can help you. Thank you for choosing T-Mobile!

        • Phonegeek

          Well said. There needs to be more people like you cookitup.

  • tmotech

    Well, well, WELL! What I’m most interested in now is the fact that we now will have 3G roaming agreements with AT&T. This casts a very interesting light on the recent story here that T-Mobile is testing HSPA+ on the 1900 PCS band. Combined with the AT&T roaming agreement, this could mean more phones coming out with HSPA+ and being able to use it in more places. I’m very intrigued, and now I’m more interested than ever to see what the future will hold for us! MERRY CHRISTMAS! <3

  • Anonymous

    YAY!!!! No ATT!!! Now I don’t have to go to Verizon and spend butt loads of cash. Seriously, never would have allowed my service to run on ATT’s networks for more than 24  hours. Those crooks can suck on it.

  • Tony

    I am so Happy this is Over for Now and NOT AT&T…..But another company will try and buy them.

  • Tmobilesucks

    T-mobile Sucks they are like a one dirty fish which makes the whole pond dirty. Their greed is unmatched in comparison with at&t and Verizon. They can keep their corporate greed to themselves rather than spoiling a good carrier like At&t.

    • Spooln3

      lol wut? T-Mobile is one of the cheapest carriers on the market, if not the cheapest as far as nationwide goes. I think you should direct that anger towards DT, not TMo usa. 

    • Ssmith76


    • Anonymous

      This At&T paid d-bag is pissed off that he has no job now… I love this…

    • haters on the rocks please

      I say he been drinking Too much haterade

    • Jj

      Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa gave me an early Christmas present.

      Tmobilesucks here is going to get a lump of coal in their stocking.


      I am thinking you were… noticed I said “WERE” a part of this At&t plan.. and now are probably jobless. If any company is evil… At&t would have taken that award. Tmobile is one of the best companies… if I could… I’d work for them. Just because your evil plan fell through… you don’t need to come on here and cry about it. Why not find some At&t site and do that.

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t take your meds today did u? Do your parents know you are on their computer again without them watching you?

    • Realcool2000

      Hahha , hey ur moms calling u ….she wants to introduce u to her new friend Tmo, she said Att is out and not coming back.

    • Phonegeek

      In my Kevin Hart voice, ” you must wanna go nite nite”! crack open a beer, milk, whatever you drink sit back and shut it …..thanks bud (can’t believe I’m giving the troll attention its my …present to you for Christmas)

  • Tmobilesucks

    They would have spoiled At&t merger would have been a bad deal for at&t. The only thing t-mobile would have brought to at&t is culture of corporate corruption.

  • Tmobilesucks

    Ssmith Moron are you part of the devil’s team called T-Mo ?

  • Tmobilesucks

    T-Mobile Should rename the company to Devil Mobile D-Mobile would a appropriate name for the kind of customer service and corporate culture they promote.

    • Anonymous

      huh? what’s wrong with the corporate culture at tmobile?

    • Realcool2000

      Sure buddy….lots thought in that post of yours

  • Anonymous

    go sleep in your mom’s basement and get a life. 

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for my retention bonus now! w00t

  • MemphisPapa

    Looks like Doofenshmirts (Randall Stephenson) will need to revisit the plans for his AT&Tenator! 

  • Ejsorto

    Halleluya!!!!…church bells ringing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Humm’s response makes him sound like technocrat. No sour grapes from him?

    Meanwhile, I hope this means a return of EM+.

    Sucks (in your wallet) to be some of you that ditched T-Mobile early for AT&T or Verizon.

    • Ogden Wernstrom

      It’s the statement to employees, silly. Did you honestly think there would even be a hint of negativity?

  • The only way Tmobile US will be able to go forward will be to gain
    subscribers. The only way they’re going to gain subscribers is to give
    them valuable alternatives, and the hardware they want.

    Their value plans are solid, however in to remain sustainable they’ll
    need more variation in their phones. Having 2 or 3 “superphones” isn’t
    going to do it. Neither is having a plethora of overpriced tablets.
    Hint, embrace Google as Verizon, Sprint,.and AT&T have. Apple is
    promoting the hell out of the iPhone, and guess what, it works. There’s a
    Galaxy Nexus out there that like all the previous Nexus devices has
    been and continues to be promoted poorly. Just get it done! Tmobile made
    Android famously dangerous, go out and secure the Samsung Note in the

    Get in bed with Apple. The iPhone 5 more than likely will be that
    multiband phone the works has been waiting for. Offer that with a
    Tmobile Value plan and count the people that will drop AT&T  come
    over. Cheaper plans, better value, less crowded network I’m major
    cities, what!?

    Invest in populated areas that need a 4G network. It’s not enough to
    offer great coverage in the major cities. Trust me, that’s not how
    Verizon did it.

    The people need and quite frankly demand more value for their money
    with better choices and more services. Something the other providers
    have figured out, but don’t practice. If DT is going to treat Tmobile
    life a red headed stepchild, then fuck it, go out there and make it on
    your own!

  • Anonymous

    Bravo to the Feds for standing up for consumers, who are finally noticing that AT&T and Verizon = The Most Expensive Wireless Plans in America. We know where Verizon and AT&T (both in the top 5 for corporate lobbying) get all that money to run commercials 24×7, pay out huge “fat cat” executive bonuses and hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists to try to push the U.S. market into a wireless industry duopoly — the American consumer.

    According to the report “Corporate Taxpayers & Corporate Tax Dodgers 2008-10,” two of the 25 companies with the largest total tax subsidies were AT&T at #2 ($14.5 billion) and Verizon at #3 ($12.3 billion). Also, there were 30 corporations that paid less than nothing in aggregate federal income taxes over the same period. These 30 companies, whose pretax U.S. profits totaled $160 billion over the three years, included Verizon. The report states the laws that allow this were not enacted in a vacuum, but rather were adopted in response to relentless corporate lobbying, threats and campaign support.

  • BigMixxx

    3 billion to the bottom line for DT, a 7 year contract in roaming agreements.

    Celebrate right now t mobile, but serious, really SERIOUS planning should kick in…..
    Marketing strategies, flood the market with sales, commercials, etc, etc get your customers back….

    • Wilma Flintstone


    • Realcool2000


    • Phonegeek

      I concur

  • Plympton

    I want to know when this roaming agreement goes into effect.  I paid full-boat for an unlocked iPhone 4S that needs some AT&T 3G lovin’… though, wait… AT&T’s 3G sucks so bad that’s why I left AT&T… hmmmmm… how’s that going to work?

  • NYer

    With the spectrum sharing, will unlocked iPhones work on 3G?

    • Anonymous

      yes, you’ll be able to take it to tmobile and it will roam and get AT&T 3G network access


    Yeeaahhh! What a great Christmas present. :-D I really hope this was DTs plan all along… figuring that if the deal fell through they would get a nice little bonus. Now that it’s all said and done let’s ring in the new year and compete with the rest of them. We need to get our JD Power awards back, keep the prices low, and get an iphone to make everyone happy. This is the new Tmobile. Now to hear some news from DT and what their plans are. Hopefully they will admit that leaving the US business is not a wise decision and that they will continue to fund Tmobile USA… committing to being the best national value carrier in the US and focusing on getting back on track in 2012.

  • Anthonynyc1a

    Yes yes finally this is over,this is a very amazing good news for all us,l wanna thank you to the Doj ,Fcc and also T-mobile,l love tmobile,merry christmas to every one.

  • Anonymous

    Can I get my T-Mobile iPhone now?

    • Creolecousin

      a tmobile iphone will never happen…….apple wont build the chipset for our 3G/4G bands

      • Dpro

        you obviously do not know what you are talking about. The Iphone 4S already has the radio chipset in it that it needs. It just needs to be tweaked to the frequencies and the antenna’s adjusted.  That was posted in a earlier thread.

      • Littlesis1774

        well apparently that already happen

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      It already exists, apparently! Check the earlier article about iphones running on our network :)

  • Silk7412

    Pack it in att and let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. !!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if there’s any chance at all, even a slim one, that Tmo will fix customer service. It has been nothing short of jacked up since this whole merger process began. It is so annoying and irritating to be forced to go through automated option after automated option just to talk to a live person. I don’t have to call customer service often, which is a blessing, but when I do it’s so frustrating.

    They have a lot of things that they need to fix but if they’re smart, they will start by improving their level of service for those of us who provide them with their paychecks and bonuses.

    • Anonymous

      they probably will, if there’s a trend there that things are turning sour. Although i’ve called several times and haven’t had issues.

      • Anonymous

        Me either,the most I had to wait before someone pick up was like 5mins.

    • Th3problem17

      highly doubt the automated system will go anywhere, when it’s the basis of major companies use for phone customer service, good luck calling a big company and the phone ringing and a person picking up.

    • The Big Daddy Bear

      If you take a few seconds to actually go through the automated system a little bit you will find that you can easily get to a service agent after just answering the first one or two questions prompted by the system. Not to mention that the majority of things you have to do can be done through the automated system. Its just people that dont listen to the system and press 0 repeatedly that have the most issues. 

      • Realcool2000

        Totally agree, when I got on the value plan a couple of months ago I had no problem getting thru to customer service. In fact its never a problem. I think these complainers just don’t know how to follow directions.

    • Lcc1_

      not only that…they have u waiting FOREVER!! They need to get back in the “voted by JD Power as having the best cust serv”…This and great price plans kept me w/TMo forever

    • Try something very simple. You ready? First, go through the first couple of options. Then say “representative.” Works wonders.

      Besides, using the automated system is faster and better. Why would you want to talk to a live person unless there’s a REAL problem? Some people are so set in their 1990s mentality that they’ll go to the grave wanting to speak to a customer service representative and then a supervisor about the discomfort of their coffins.

  • Anonymous

    Jedi’s win the Death Star will not be completed as planned.

  • Jarrod

    When do the roaming agreements start? Is there any details? I’m ready tO go off betwork and have a Internet warming party XD !!!

    • Gwapo

      I hope it will start tomorrow!!!!

    • Maschwar77

      I hope the roaming agreements trickle down to prepaid customers.  I mean, even if not the coverage is still outstanding for prepaid.

    • Rudy Belova

      I somehow have a feeling we still won’t have in market roaming. But, in areas where the at&t 3g/4g network reaches farther out than t-mobile, would have coverage. The At&t 3g network reaches a lot more places than the t-mobile 3g network. (Granted the t-mobile hspa+ network is faster)

      That and right now, prepaid accounts and webconnect devices (tablets, netbooks, usb sticks, etc) don’t include any data roaming… AT ALL. So i somehow doubt this will change.

  • Jarrod

    This is good I got a iPhone 3GS this means I wot have to go with out 3G possibly when I need it

  • Anonymous

    we’ve already been trough this, Dish Network’s wireless brand is going to be Ollo whether they hook up with Tmobile or not remains to be seen. They’re already cheaper than DirecTV

  • Anonymous

    How many here believe that T-Mobile will exist as a brand in 2013?

    • They will

      • Gwapo

        They will still be here for another 3 DECADES!!!!

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      I do!

    • Anonymous

      T-mobile will be here long after you are laid to rest….

      • Spooln3

        lol? go back under your bridge troll.

        • Nikki

          Lmao! Seems the pot *THINKS* he has found the kettle and is calling it black.

    • Realcool2000

      I believe that t mobile will be in business in 2013:

  • EEEE

    T-Mobile is stronger than ever!!!! We are a huge asset and have what noone else has!!! ATT PAYUS!~

  • Anonymous

    I really wonder what happens if T-Mobile introduces a new plan that is even lower price than the value plan now?

    For example, reintroduced a no contract plan that is cheaper than their value plan. :D

    • Giraffe

      Will not happen.  Promise.

  • Happyeee

    The best news is the roaming on a shared spectrum agreement…this could be huge. More people may end up on tmobile because of this. It way cheaper. Places like the united states virgin islands don’t even have tmobile but will now get service.

  • Tbyrne

    First off, I think huge props need to go to David here at TmoNews. There’s no doubt that all the sweat he’s put into this site that’s all things T-Mobile, has paid off big time for all us loyal customers & employees. The Death Star is gone and our parent company has got 4 Billion, yes that’s right, 4 Billion to hopefully build us up even more and make TMOUS a bigger force to be reckoned with. Happy days are here again.

    • Phonegeek

      Yeah david and staff seriously thank you for keeping us in the know. We definitely appreciate it friend, guys deserve a round on us. Please wait until I get paid LOL. Seriously though …thank you.

  • The Big Daddy Bear

    *Continues waiting patiently to hear from all the people who swore up and down and bet their left testicle that this deal was already done under the table in FCC backrooms and that everything else was just show*

  • Anonymous

    Report from the front! The death star has been destroy! I repeat,news from the front! The death star has been destroy!

  • Maschwar77

    This gives me some renewed faith that government is not fully bought by industry.  Kudos to the FCC and the DoJ for making the right call on this one.  As a T-Mobile customer, this could not be better news to my ears.

  • Havoktek

    Hot DAMN!……popcorn all done….Thanks TMO news and David for keeping us in the know.
    Now as the Empire has left Endore……..shall we continue to build and renew?

  • justsaying

    this is great news!!!!!!!!! I signed up for a new contract on july putting up all my hopes that this gross deal would not happen, and guess what it did nooot!. F att and all its BS wee need 4 big carriers or more say good bye to your dreamed gsm empire and monopolizing tactics att you will not rule a thing you are going down (I hate att) . I hope DT will come with better plans this time and use wisely those B$$

  • Wilma Flintstone


    Now I know you all are used to seeing me giddy with glee over MeeGo but since it’s been Dropped like a bad habit by Nokia and Picked up like a Good Habit from Samsung, (LOL!!!  I just had to make that phrase work somehow LOL!!!), I’m giddy with Glee over it’s evolved HTML5 form named Tizen.

    Enough about that though, this is a Celebration from me about this Tmobile USA (SCREW YOU DEUTSCHE TELEKOM!!!)!!!  Now in the spirit of Me and MeeGo:


    First off, I’d like to say HOLY TOLEDO COWABUNGA BATRIPPING CHEVY NOVA’S WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!  THIS HAS TO BE SOME OF THE GREATEST NEWS OF THIS YEAR (Outside of My favorite Fighting game series being named Best Fighter of 2011 by Gamespot KING OF FIGHTERS 13!!!!)!!!!!!!!  AT&Trash dropped the bid for T-Mobile US!!!!!  WE ARE SAVEDDD!!!!!!!!!  WWOOOOOHHHHOHOHOHOHOHOHHHOHOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just in time for CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I can now buy me that GS2 in White and NOT worry about, I hope AT&T don’t get this deal turned around some kind of way.  THIS NEWS IS JUST, JUST, *FLIES INTO HIPPIELAND With Funkadelic Music and the Scooby Doo Gang* YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JUST SIMPLY!!!!!


    Ahh, the delight and joy, wonderment, and bliss that is the dropping of that bid.

    The Deal is now dead
    Straight up hole in the head
    CEO’s upset
    Now they Faces are Red
    They Jaws dropped when they heard the news
    Out of Disbelief
    is exactly why they singing the blues
    The Bid straight went
    the way of the consumer
    Goin all in
    Like the King as the Ruler
    ATT had to back that noise up
    We as the consumer
    had the guts to Voice up
    Now as I end this verse
    of this song
    I’m passin the Mic
    to my Homey  @pimpstrong:disqus

    Oooohhhhh, Chatter where you at Fam?  Bimmerz where you at?
    We Goin in, We goin in, We Goin in, Tell ATT we da truth, We Goin in!!!

    Get in this David, bust a flow too
    David, David, David, David, David (crowd cheering)

    • Phonegeek

      Only you wilma, everyone lets rate this comment as comment of the year lol. I could never top the creativity of this comment, made me feel like dancing. Cmon David join in the festivities!!

    • Anonymous

      Ahh man you done called me out
      Skimmin’ through the page see you scream and shout
      Somehow I knew that I would see my name
      But I didn’t know that I would be joinin’ the game

      Late last night I had to check my Pulse    (<– that's an app)
      To my surprise AT&T's white flag was tossed
      When it came to the deal yes I repulse
      And I'm just glad Death Star paid the cost

      The deal went from easy bread
      To swiss cheese instead
      The holes got too big
      Now they steeze is dead

      Yeah yeah now that's a big deal 
      Question is will DT do just what they feel
      Let us use the spectrum and money get consealed
      Or will they keep it real only time will reveal

      We need that money to keep this thing goin'
      A BILLI worth of spectrum will keep the map growin'
      HSPA+ shows no signs of slowin'
      The towel we'll never throw in.

  • Guest

    hmmm, now I can get that AT&T phone & plan even cheaper with them. TY
    I don’t Tmo will be sharing the winnings w/ their subscribers though. OUCH

  • R.I.P. T-mobile, YOU SUCK! :)

    This termination will not hurt AT&T! T-mobile sucks and AT&T has billions and billions of dollars.  If we were to compare t-mobile to AT&T its just like comparing an ant to a human. T-mobile has sucked for a long time, and they are unreliable.  when I worked for that stupid company, all they did was outsource and hire idiots who would read off of screens, which led to b*tching customers running into my store and wanting us to fix that crappy dropped calls fake 4G network.  I am so happy I’m not affiliated with t-mobile anymore.  I now have less stress and I get paid more. I now have AT&T service and they are great and knowledgeable. AT&T has over 100 million customers and their strategy is to take over.  IT WILL HAPPEN! T-mobile will feel the Rockefeller effect! “if you don’t wanna join, then just die a painful death!” R.I.P. T-MOBILE you are not Jesus and you will not be resurrecting so GO TO HELL!! 

    • jon

      Bitter ex-employees make for very entertaining reads..I literally laughed out loud reading this post. :sarcasm: I am sure the grass is greener wherever you are. Clearly it must be….I mean, I know I’d hang out on a fan-site of my ex-employer if life was peachy. :sarcasm:

      • rip Tmobile you suck

        Life is peachy Jon! I am glad I don’t have to deal with trashy and complaining customers like you anymore. Hallelujurr

        • jon

          I am not a customer. I am the husband of a call center manager. (You probably hate me more because someone like my wife walked you to human resources. And as you sat clueless in HR, someone like my wife walked back to your pod and packed all your crap into a card board box. After you got canned, someone like my wife then got the pleasure of walking you and your cardboard box past security and out the door)…now beat it little

        • Tbyrne


    • Timothy Desaules

      At&t doesnt have 100 million customers.  This just shows off the average mentality of america.  Let’s just bash what we don’t like, and use some made up numbers in the process.  You sir, are a moron.

      • rip Tmobile you suck

        And you are dumb Timothy! Stop assuming and get your facts straight you unknowledgeable scum bag.

    • Tbyrne

      Well hello there _ATL_Guy!

    • I hate to break it to you, but I used to be a supervisor for AT&T before I left for brighter, greener pastures. Guess who also “outsources and hires idiots who read off screens?” Yup, welcome to AT&T. Rethink Your Decision.

    • AJ

      Looks like somebody got fired from t-mobile and is still bitter….lol

      • Rip tmobile you suck

        AJ I quit that place just like life quit you! Please shut the hell up lol!!

    • Rudy Belova

      lmao.. My fake 4g phone gets faster speeds than the at&t LTE network in chicago! You can keep your LTE phone and poor battery life!

      • Rip tmobile you suck

        Lol Rudy why do I see you as a turtle? Lmao you slow piece of garbage! Sperm is faster than your fake tmobile 4g trash! Get out of here with those lies!!!

    • Anonymous

      MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,seem’s there another one that forgot to take there meds! He must of went on the computer when his parents was out of the house!

      • ConspiracyTheory

        Lmao! You people are really brutal tonite. Must be a full moon.

      • Rip tmobile you suck

        Bklynman this was all done when your parents were on my floor playing with their AT&T phones! So I was well supervised! They just got tired of having you as a disgraceful ignorant son. That’s all so now you can go take your mmmmmmmmmmedicine you jerk wad

        • Havoktek

          With that Vocab, you must be 12 or something…..Why are you here?
          Get mad often? Seen any good doctors lately?
          Prescription ran out and rite aid was closed?
          No even of value in this forum dude….kick rocks…..

    • Anonymous

      Wow dude, kill yourself please…..

      • Rip tmobile you suck

        Irie kill yourself first and show me how it’s done you loser! Find the nearest cliff and jump off! Oh and take your sorry tmobile phone and it’s service with you! :) kill two birds at one time!

    • Aw someone is bitter because their plans for world domination failed? Too bad T-Mobile isn’t dying anytime soon. In fact, I think they’ll flourish more than ever now, with their aggressive pricing strategy!

    • Aw someone is bitter because their plans for world domination failed? Too bad T-Mobile isn’t dying anytime soon. In fact, I think they’ll flourish more than ever now, with their aggressive pricing strategy!

    • Jack the R.I.P.-er

      <3 Trollz, but I still pay less, get faster data speeds where I live, & get better customer service. :)

    • Kahlayoh

      Well looks like the human needs to use some of the ants network!!! Ants might be little, but travel in many and eventually dominates!!! Sorry to hear your bad experience with T-Mobile, but seriously…if you hate T-Mobile with a passion, why are you on this website?? Happy Holidays and hope Ol’ Saint Nick brings you a Samasung Galaxy S2 for Christmas along with one of T-Mobiles wonderful and affordable plans to choose from!! ;-)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    LOL…. as I said in my previous comments, AT&T would announce this BEFORE the New Year so it could take the tax benefits in 2011.

    End of story.

    • Realcool2000

      Whatever mike, u said originally that the aquisition would go thru for sure, way to act like you’re right all the time. I hate when people switch their script to act like they know what’s going to happen with things like this when they couldn’t possibly know and when their original prediction is wrong they act like they still where right all along.

      On top pf everything you’re not even on tmobile.

      You must be a professional brown noser.

      That said, I’m so glad that the aquisition didn’t make it through the doj. Att tried all their dirty tricks and failed.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Thanks for the nice words and admitting you’re a fan. Perhaps you would like printouts of every comment I made in here, with time and date stamps, to prove who said what you allege. I’ll even autograph them for you.

    • Rudy Belova

      At&t announced they where taking the write off like 2 weeks ago. (back around thanksgiving) Today didn’t change anything. We have all known they where taking that write off this year. It was on every major newspaper and blog. ???

  • Lcc1_

    buh-bye ATT dont let the door hit yer a$$ on the way out. Now ques is…whats gonna happen to TMo…seriously doubt DT is gonna put the 3 bill into TMo USA. This is my only concern. What are their options?

  • TweetMo

    I think that this possibly was a behind closed doors deal all along. AT&T gets roaming from T-Mobile too, but I don’t think $4B worth. If so, I was totally fooled.
    Who knows… could’ve been a shady way for AT&T to pay T-Mobile for something. Michael, calm down… it’s just a thought.

  • Okay, I might be the only one here, but I nearly hit the ceiling with joy when I read the article title. It took me 20 minutes of jumping around the world like a crazed schoolgirl before I actually read the article.

    I need to consider switching to decaf.

  • Rudy Belova

    I bet this is the last time At&t uses the usps to mail that very large cashiers check.. No.. could have used fedex but they had to be cheap!

  • ConspiracyTheory

    Now let’s see how many ppl get fired between now and end of January- when retention bonus gets paid out.

    • Milo17

      What retention there isn’t one no deal no bonus

  • SenorAnderson

    When does the roaming deal go live?

  • Tortionist

    I remember back in March or April when I said that there was still a chance that this deal would fail and people argued with me that it was a done deal. Now the only thing stopping my smile are my ears. David and crew. Excellent job with this great blog you guys rock. Thank you for always keeping us in the loop. 

  • Enoel69

    I am in celebratory mood cuz we all made our voices heard and right now the money saved to buy the G-Nex is burning my pocket. It is imperative that Tmo ask their long time partner Google to just bring on the unlocked 32GB 3G/HSPA+ GSM G-NEX with the 1850 or 2100 mAH battery ASAP…can’t w8 any longer. WE NEED THE 32GB GSM PENTABAND 3G/HSPA+ MODEL PLZZZZ….at least give us a time frame to expect it and make it in Jan or feb.