T-Mobile Stores Offering Accessory Discount With Foursquare Check-In?

We’re still trying to nail down all of the details regarding this special offer but we’ve received word that some T-Mobile retail stores are offering a 30% discount on one accessory purchase by checking into foursquare. It’s very easy, walk into a T-Mobile store, check into Foursquare, receive a 30% discount on one accessory.

A quick check on Twitter showed that a large number of reps were familiar with this special social media offer but not all so it could be a hit or miss scenario depending on your location. Still, if you’ve been looking to pop into a T-Mobile store to grab that one accessory, than Foursquare might just provide you with enough incentive to make a special trip.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • Smiley in LA

    Glendale, CA store (on Foothill by the Korean BBQ place) gave me the 30% option last night on Foursquare. i chose not to check in because i don’t need any accessories… yet. but 30%, shoot, that’s an awesome deal. and the guys working last night were top notch. people like them make me glad I’m a TMo subscriber.

    • VibrantKid

      i wish all t-mobile people were like that, some can be dooshy and not care about anything else other than making two year contracts =/ once you’re on contract, you can kiss there sweet awesome caring customer service goodbye =/ now, i did say some, that means not all.

  • Mightyabdul

    Hey David,

    On T-Mobiles facebook they posted this…post its posted from an iPhone. As in the screen capture. Not saying anything linked on T-Mobile getting an iPhone …just that…well…

  • William C Bonner

    I bought the Radar on November 2. The store didn’t have the desktop dock which is the one accessory that I really want. I’d seen it on the T-Mobile site before the radar was live, but now can’t find it. It’s supposed to be about $45, so saving 30% would be a really nice deal.

    I read that the screenshot was produced from the Foursquare service, and they auto-mock up screen shots that look like they come from the iPhone.