T-Mobile Responds To Planned Occupy Wall Street Protest March

T-Mobile has responded with a brief statement to todays news regarding an Occupy Wall Street protest planned for a T-Mobile store in New York City that was set for 12:30pm. As it stands, we haven’t heard anything or seen any imagery that tells us the march itself actually took place.

From my experience with TmoNews and over three years of constant conversations with T-Mobile employees they tend to be some of the happiest and generally friendliest bunch of folks in the wireless game. In my opinion, T-Mobile wouldn’t be able to maintain their consecutive streaks of JD Power awards for customer service if their employees were truly unhappy and mistreated. They are a great bunch of people and they have helped shape T-Mobile into our favorite wireless carrier.


T-Mobile Statement:

T-Mobile USA respects the rights of unions to exist and recognizes and respects our employees’ rights to organize or to refrain from organizing.  That said, we remain convinced that it is better for both T-Mobile employees and our business to maintain a direct working relationship between management and employees. The vast majority of T-Mobile employees have chosen not to be represented by a union.

T-Mobile is a great place to work. Our employees receive competitive compensation and benefits including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as a 401K and educational assistance.  We’ve added new stores and new employees in New York City this past year, and we remain focused on making wireless affordable for everyone.  Today’s protest seems misguided.


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  • they should picket “no AT&T”

  • Raemarie Mail

    i have never liked a job or an employer better. Tmobile is the best employer i have ever had!!!1

  • Anonymous

    “Today’s protest seems misguided.”

    The whole Occupy Wall Street thing seems misguided…

    • PhantomWraith

      They should go harass Verizon after all they are holding a lot of phones hostage..

    • Jabombardier

      Actually no one gets the message. But i see what it is. Stop up corporate greed to make them feel what the poor and out of work do. However it wouldn’t be fair to the working for they could be affected by disruptions like this probably.

      • Anonymous

        Its more than Corporate greed. Its all GREED and Corruption. They are speaking to the Corporations telling them that they are sick of them buying off our Gov’t for their favor and screwing the little guy. Problem is with most movements including the Tea Party is they lose credibility when establishment organizations latch on like leaches tarnishing the movements. I would love to see all Union, Church, Corporate, money out of politics, for most in the movement that is the core. Can’t speak to those directly in Washington, have to go to the overlords bribing those in Washington. Either Washington listens or they will get voted out over and over until a group gets in that listens. It won’t matter if it is Republicans or Democrats. The first group that holds banks accountable for their actions and creates laws that hold politicians accountable are winners. People are tired of a Gov’t that is bought and that these folks getting their palms greased and moving on to million dollar jobs after serving corporate masters. They are elected to serve us


  • BP


    Well said.  My experience has been the same.  And kudos to T-Mobile for breaking their lying streak in press releases.  I thought they would keep lying to us until the trial date.

  • DallasDude

    While I am all for people having a right to choose, CWA needs to stop misrepresenting T-Mobile employees. Instigation is an incorrect approach to add T-Mobile workers to CWA especially when T-Mobile offers the best work environment and benefits in the Wireless industry.

  • Anonymous

    A happy employee is not measured by J D Powers.  Customer service is.
    You assume good customer service is given by happy employees only.  People who live under the stress of job loss give excellent service because they are afraid they cannot pay rent or support their families if the service is not excellent.  They live in fear of making a mistake or live in fear of their boss.  They have no representation if they are being fired or even due process rights.
    The employer has the last word.
    T-Mobile USA is being sold and if it goes through, the top brass will be rewarded handsomely, while the workers will be let go or even fired.  A union would guarantee their right to a job or compensation if the company is sold.  The only ones who make it are the executives because they will profit from the sale while the employees are thrown under the train.  Do you really think AT&T will protect the T-Mobile employee?  They will be let go in a heart beat.
    This would not happen in T-Mobil Germany because the employees are unionized and have rights. The company respects them. The T-Mobile sale wouldn’t happen in Germany.  The workers have a voice.
    If T-Mobile employees had a stronger voice in T-Mobile, the company would have been more successful and not be sold.  Customer service knows what we want, not the CEO. Too bad the company is all about the executives and not the employees or customers.
    Why is T-Mobile afraid of their workers and unions?

    • PhantomWraith

      being in a Union does not guarantee anyone a Job last I checked, for if that was the case Detroit wouldn’t be in the boat its in now right?

      • Anonymous

        We’re talking about customer service. Nothing about job loss. See my first 2 sentences

        • Rob

          My question is why are you talking about customer service when David did a good point explaining. He never said good customer satisfaction means happy employees. He made an assumption that happy employees are the cause of customer satisfaction and I understand where he’s coming from.

        • Anonymous

          Huh? He made the comment about customer satisfaction and J D Powers.

    • Retail Guy

      As a retail employee of T-Mobile for nearly 6 years I have never once been in fear of my boss or losing my job. Nor have I ever felt inclined to offer great customer service for any reason other than my respect for our customers, they are after all the reason I have a job. I am not sure who or where you are getting your opinions from regarding the type of environment T-Mobile fosters in their retail stores, but as a retail employee I can tell you without a second thought that this is the best company I have ever worked for. And as far as the merger goes, the executives are the ones who need to worry about losing their jobs. Do you really think that AT&T will want create new, high paying positions when they already have a leadership team in place. The people who have the best chance of staying on will be retail, customer service, and engineering. Obviously not everyone will be absorbed but with an increased customer base and new tower network, these people will be needed more than the executives. All of this merger debate may be a moot point anyway as the DOJ still seems to feel strongly against this happening.

      • Anonymous

        The reason why T-Mobile USA was a great company is because it is based on the German company treating their employees well. I support the company and am loyal to it but it is the issue of why the American version cannot unionize without a fight from the employer.
        (Workers at other carriers are not as lucky as T-Mobile employees)
        The sale does not cause worry for the top brass because they get bonuses if the company sales to AT&T. They simply stay if it doesn’t. Why would the workers worry? Because AT&T would not need that many employees. The Justice Department knows this too.

        I do not doubt it is an excellent company to work for but that doesn’t mean it can’t improve and give workers their rights.

      • Dswagg2k10

        Hello guys. I WAS en employee of 6 years, 6 months and 28 days until Wednesday when they let me go for performance. That being said, I’m still ok by not being represented by a union. I still believe T-Mobile is a GREAT company. I hope they don’t go under. They are fair, benefits are something I’ll never find anywhere else, I’ve never felt mistreated. My problem with my performance was mostly with the customer. If they didn’t get what they wanted, me being a retention rep, they felt they would just argue and argue forever amen and that hurt my call time and well as my one call resolution b/c the greedy customer would callback to try to get it with someone else. But I must say I’m happier now. the customers, not the company caused a lot of stress. that is all, signing out :)

      • Anonymous

        Bravo for actually making sense, you are one of the few on this page that do.

    • IT Guy

      I have to disagree with you here. I worked for T-Mobile for a few years and never felt anything like that. I enjoyed my time there and probably would have stuck around if I didn’t get hired on with a firm that’s paying me substantially more.

      Unions don’t magically make everyting better. Customer service is still customer service, and it still sucks dealing with unhappy people calling in to tell you they’re unhappy. A union can’t negotiate them having to get 1 happy caller for every xx number of angry ones.

      Having worked at a few union places, my experience has been less than good. As a reliable, hard worker they didn’t do anything for me. What they did do was keep people from getting fired. Unfortunately, those were the people who showed up to work drunk all the time or were too lazy to do their jobs and ended up making more work for me.  That kind of thing causes morale to go straight down the toilet.

      I don’t really see how a union would have stopped T-Mobile from being sold. It all comes down to who owns the company. If they want to sell, and someone else wants to buy, it doesn’t matter if there’s a union or not.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe if you had negotiated your contract, you might still be working there at a higher salary. I agree T-Mobile would be a good company to work for but the assumption was good service means happy workers. It doesn’t.

        • Joe

          You really just need to get the heck out of here with your pro-union rambling.  Nobody cares that you have a love affair with unions and all the current and former t-mobile employees speak higher of t-mobile than any other company I have heard about.  Plus if we had crappy unions representing everyone, they’d just push the wages so high that rates would have to go up and I’d cancel and go with a different provider.  So unions do just as much harm (if not more) than they do good.

        • Anonymous

          Why don’t you talk to the workers at T-Mobile in Germany to see how good they have it? They share much more in the company’s wealth. They even went on strike to let their benefits cross the Atlantic for us. Any company that wants to sell to AT&T doesn’t have the best interest of their workers or even customers in mind. In fact they are throwing all of us under the train to get big bonuses to sell and get out.

        • Lukestation

          “Under the train” you are exactly right – I am T-Mo employee of 12 years – almost 13 –  I have done everything I possible to help this company succeed – am so disappointed in DT – Field Tech –

        • Lukestation

          “Under the train” – exactly right –

        • Anonymous

          Thank you.

        • Anonymous

          It sounds like you are plagiarizing some propaganda from a CWA flyer.  STFU!

    • Winstons33

      Why is T-Mobile “afraid” of their workers and unions?  Talk about a loaded question…

      For starters, I’ve never seen any scare tactics employed by T-Mobile management in regards to union organization.  The fact is, such practices would be illegal.  Believe me, corporations don’t lightly tread on this sort of law.

      By what basis can you even make a claim that a union AT ALL benefits employees in modern day America?  I would argue that the reverse is more likely to be true.

      At it’s core, a union is merely a business.  They are a business whose job is to (essentially) shakedown corporations (in the name of the worker) for compensation and benefits that corporation may not be set up to afford – not without increased consumer prices or other concessions potentially disrupt-full to their overall competitiveness in the market.  Many unions are also highly political.  So much so, that one could wonder if the union most prioritizes workers – or the politicians whose pockets they so often help line.

      Now don’t get me wrong, there is most certainly a ying and a yang here.  I won’t try and defend multi-million dollar bonuses paid to CEO’s of failing companies.

      But your point seems very consistent with the miss-guided “occupy” protestors currently infesting our streets.  Quite frankly, a good portion of these people are either knowingly or through ignorance espousing communist ideals that might be easily compared to those of Karl Marx. 

    • Anonymous

      I was preparing a large drawn out response to this, but you are so far off key with your remarks it borders on the mentally ill.  You need to stop listening to everything you hear. 
      -Unions are a business not a charity.
      -Executives have much more to lose as there can only be so many directors and RVPs for the same area, they will almost ALL be out of work at the Severance offers really werent THAT great.
      -T-Mobile provides an insane amount of benefits to workers that is just unheard of in Retail or American companies.  I received 5 weeks of paid  vacation yearly, along with full medical, dental, tuition reimbursement, 401K with company match and plenty of others I am forgetting, what would a union do?
      -In most places T-Mobile pays more than any other retail job and gives you the opportunity to earn extra through commission.
      -The only people living in fear are the idiots that had been coasting for the past few years and just now realized that this is in fact a job and not a daycare center.

      Although I will be leaving T-Mobile shortly, I am leaving for a larger, more profitable company with more job security and pay, not because T-Mobile treated me poorly or because they treated their employees poorly.  

  • PhantomWraith

    If its so good at those union places why don’t you go work there? It’s a free country right?, If you don’t want to work at T-mobile then don’t there’s plenty of people who do.

  • Plankton

    Fools! My minions should deny the anarchists on wall street. the paid to protest crowd. unions…ru for real. My try to find out where yur dues go, Unions were needed back in the day. the persecuted have become the persecutors! BEWARE the ides of march.

    You say you want a revolution?
    Well you know,
    We all want to change the world…..

    When you talk about DESTRUCTION,
    Dont you know that you can count me out!!!

    • Jabombardier

      They are still needed. In my case, the union I am under produces good results. Also I have seen quite a few job scenarios where workers were abused and underpaid and they wanted to form a union to fight back.

  • iGuess

    Happiest, friendliest?  

    I usually read nothing but angst and a large sense of entitlement (everything for nothing) from T-Mobile employees and customers on this board.  

  • Bulldogbreed

    cwa, what a joke. the biggest bunch of morons in telecom.

    • Respawn

      Aside from Deutsche Telekom. Just saying.

      • Respawn

        Let me specify that: Deutsche Telekom “management.” After all, it was the DT Germany employees who were responsible for improving the benefits of T-Mobile USA by going on strike. I can’t speak ill toward them.

        • Winstons33

          You’re crediting T-Mobile employees in Europe for the great benefits enjoyed by T-Mobile USA employees?  What evidence do you have that backs up this incredible statement?  T-Mobile USA and T-Mobile Europe are run as completely separate organizations.  Arguably, the influence has actually been in the reverse direction that you are claiming.

  • Dswagg2k10

    Hello guys. I WAS en employee of 6 years, 6 months and 28 days until Wednesday when they let me go for performance. That being said, I’m still ok by not being represented by a union. I still believe T-Mobile is a GREAT company. I hope they don’t go under. They are fair, benefits are something I’ll never find anywhere else, I’ve never felt mistreated. My problem with my performance was mostly with the customer. If they didn’t get what they wanted, me being a retention rep, they felt they would just argue and argue forever amen and that hurt my call time and well as my one call resolution b/c the greedy customer would callback to try to get it with someone else. But I must say I’m happier now. the customers, not the company caused a lot of stress. that is all, signing out :)

    • Erivera989

      Must say, your statement was well represented.  Thank you for your service, wished it went a little better.  It’s great to see employees who separate from a company without harsh words.  Although, I do not work for T-Mobile but being a General Manager, I commend you.

    • Respawn

      As a former AT&T customer care supervisor (I quit when they started taking away our benefits and outsourcing their supervisor calls), I have the deepest respect for the retention departments, regardless of the company. Customer Care looks like play time at the carnival compared to the stress that department has to endure. Wish it went a little better for you as well, but you never know. It might lead to something even better.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more. This belief that,”the customer is always right” has created a culture where people think they can get away with acting like a$$holes.
      No your not entitled to a new phone early because you want the latest and greatest.
      You don’t have a green light to curse out the CS rep.
      I am glad that with what I do I don’t need everyone as my customer so thankfully can pick and choose.

  • Aldo99

    After 8 years working at T-Mobile (still there today), I’d rather be let go after the acquisition goes through (and it will) than pay dues to CWA or any other form of organized labor out there. Unions served a purpose in 1911 not 2011.

    • Domador

      that sounds autistic…

    • Unions absolutely serve a purpose in 2011, too bad that purpose to to funnel money from employees to the union leaders.

  • Silk7412

    Quote ” The vast majority of T-Mobile employees have chosen not to be represented by a union”

    So we can Tmobile employees do when (if) Att takes Tmobile? Will they be MADE to join the union?
    This is only one of the reason this deal should be stopped!!!

  • c4libwdn

    I couldn’t ask for more from my employer.  T-mobile is AMAZING to work for.  I love the atmosphere, I love the people I work with, and I really do enjoy helping out my customers when they feel all hope is lost!  I have amazing insurance, benefits, I have no complaints about what I am paid… I have never felt like my job is in jeopardy – UNION SHMUNION!  If you show up and do your job you have nothing to worry about!  T-mobile makes every effort to create a great environment AND great incentives for their employees and I think they do a pretty darn good job.  I feel very rewarded working there.  I won’t leave until they make me!  – 3yrs in Retention

    • Action 6

      hey retention guy,  will you credit me back the $269 charged for galaxys2 upgrade for 8 year customer?

      • Anonymous

        8? That’s all? Paid $279 for my S II…customer of 12 years (at least my parents were, which I am on the plan) and I’ll be getting my $50 back soon

        • Action 6

          did you just wake up when you gave that reply or you chose not to read? i said $269 not 8. your parent maybe 12 year customer but not you.  i have been with tmobile since early 2003

        • Anonymous

          Woww 8 years…seriously dude? Think I’m stupid? Insert your own “and” because my ? and paid

      • c4libwdn

        If you havent looked at your plan in awhile call in you will probably be able to lower your bill. If you have lines out of contract call in. There are always improvements to be made.

  • Specialed

    This march is for the dumbest reason ever
    Work for t-mobile has been the best i have never been happier with my work environment

    If anything they should be marching to stop the merger with att

    Do something productive people

  • what the..

    Who the f### put  lollipops up everyone’s a$$ like it is Shangri-La
    at t-mobile
    some of the many quotes from just a few months back (lack of short term memory)

    Some of our team leads or going to the Philippines to train

    bronzing customers, pissing off customers with new ivr

    Same here I just left Thursday I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The
    reps are so stressed out by all the changes and trust me most of us
    don’t want to be doing this to the customers.  It is really hard for me
    to sit there and sell stuff to a customer that just lost their job.
     There has been an increase of reps being fired or people like myself
    that have found another job.  It was hard to watch people being taken
    out by ambulance, hearing how they’ve had heart attacks, and other
    issues.  Also all these metrics that were piled on us were really hard
    to meet all of them and they said that people were meeting it.  Funny
    thing was that there was just a small number of people that were meeting
    and not always by ethical ways.  It turned into a very threatening
    environment and I was told they’d fight me tooth and nail if I was fired
    and I applied for unemployment benefits.  

    I ask this of all the
    readers here if you have to wait a long time to get a rep than please
    understand they are doing the best the can.  The reps can’t help what
    leadership has decided and trust me you get more from reps when you
    aren’t yelling at them and getting an attitude.  It doesn’t work and at
    least not with me it doesn’t.

    well i can confirm that a lot of the reps are stressed over the changes
    to the business metrics for calls.  most of us didn’t go to work at
    t-mobile to be sales reps, we went to perform customer service.  i
    thoroughly enjoy working with people and solving their problems and it
    was the main reason i started there. then they started with “right
    fitting” then started raising the bar each quarter with what “right
    fitting” meant.  by the time i left, it meant a data plan on every line
    on the account (regardless of the phone you are using), and i was a
    wreck since i am not the type of person that likes to push things on to
    people i can see that they don’t want or need.   since i left, i have
    been happier, lost weight, and don’t snap at people for no reason
    outside of work.

    I am soooooo glad someone brought this to the forefront. Its not the
    reps that are deliberately trying to give bad customer service…for the
    most part. If the customers knew the metrics, the scrutiny, and the
    overall anxiety and fear that people have coming into work, then there
    may be a different stance on some of these views. The obvious response
    may be “well if it ain’t for u, then quit”…well in case ur hiding
    under a rock, the economy sucks. So next time you call to T-Mobile
    complaining how the merger may affect u, think about this…THEY DONT

    I want to say yes, people are getting fired and call centers have a hiring freeze.

    Back to back calls are common now, instead of being rare, especially for summer months!!!

    they cut and changed customer care schedules to make it very Unpleasant
    to stay. (worst in at least 5 years,lack of people and mismanagement at
    least in my sister’s call center).

    This is not going to be fun
    on new shifts  at least for most of the ones left at
    her site, that are still there.

    Lack of shifts usually means you
    are left with someone who you don’t want to have, someone yelling sell
    sell sell and prodding you to get off the phone…. Now!!
    (or someone who is brilliant at firing people)

    She said that they even have too many mangers now at some of the sites.

    Didn’t want to create “more” favorable choices for working schedules.
    tmobile speak for “we won’t more consolidation on teams”

    btw why are the teams so sparse in the first place?

    opps, that?s awkward

    Lack of shifts created more 10 hr shifts which for her, were most of the options.

    used to say 10 hour shifts were too much for reps to handle customer’s
    calls properly, with sales now in the forefront, it makes it harder for
    the customer and the rep.
    (and not getting anything from it…such as bonus because of a missed crazy metric, see below).

    The following appears to be true:

    ATTRITION” is how AT&T plans to avoid layoffs….the metrics that
    T-Mobile Reps have to meet to keep their job is beyond
    impossible….this is why its turning shitty.

    Yeah but
    how realistic is it for the average rep to meet all the goals necessary
    to get that bonus? How high must their SPH be? How High must their RPPH
    be? How low must their CRT be? How low must their Trans/Cons be?

    How low must their iOCR be? How high must there VOB be? How high must their VOC be?

    Anyone from “upper, upper management” (above call center level) getting paid from this?

    Metric or bonus for them?

    Commenters who say leave then, have you checked the market?

    sister does ok, feels very sorry for her friends that have been at
    tmobile for years and who excel in cs not sales. The ones who gave
    tmobile all those cs awards are now almost extinct.

    • Wesellfoeu

      You work for a sales organization. Either get on board or go to wendys. Things evolve and because we were a retailer and not a sales organization : that’s why we are broke as a company and up for sale.

      • Willm1975

        the reason why the company is “broke” is because our parent company has over extended itself throughout europe. get a clue cellular companies are not sales organizations they’re service providers, or is the old T-Mobile goal “america’s most highly regarded service company” gotten lost under the intoxication of the kool aid?

        • jon

          Good thing you don’t run a company. You would run it into the ground on the first day. Let’s start by getting rid of the idea T-Mobile is broke. They aren’t. Broken? Yes. T-Mobiles struggles are due to a poor marketing strategy and because for years they gave away the farm. T-Mobile has recognized they cannot continue to be ‘the nice guy’ that gives customers whatever they want and never “throws a punch” at its competition. As the manager of a retail business, we went through similar struggles 5 years ago. We have worked hard the last 5 years to retrain our associates that they must create gross margin for us to be successful. It was a slow rollout with a focus on ‘getting the customer everything they need.’ Putting it in those terms helped put associates at ease and didn’t make them feel like used car salesmen/women. I will admit, T-Mobiles rollout of a selling culture was sudden, and it left a lot of otherwise good reps dead in its wake. But the change was NEEDED and the right thing to do. The only thing is, it came far too late. If T-Mobile manages to wiggle out of this deal, 6Billion dollars awaits and they have a solid selling culture to build on…As I said before, anyone can provide world class customer service AND can also promote a selling culture.

    • jon

      You can provide excellent customer service WHILE creating a selling culture. Those who can’t adapt to change will be let go. Sorry you couldn’t adapt.

  • annon

    Who are we kidding.  We all know what this is.  A lot of employees read this blog.  I understand a lot of you cannot question the ridiculous benefits and competitive.  These benefits come with a price.  Stress is at all time high.  People are getting fired left and right.  It wasn’t always like this.  The air around my building definitely changed.  Sorry but it’s not like it used to.  I don’t honestly believe front line employees have a voice anymore.  I talked to the CWA and they are complete idiots as well.  I guess life goes on.  

    • Chauntizzle03

      I completely agree. I work at one of the call centers and the morale is degraded. Were just numbers. If an employee isn’t meeting, then you’re frowned upon but if you’re meeting leadership shows the favoritism. This is not the same tmobile I joined in 2007

  • Willm1975

    They are right, most employees have not chosen to be union. At my call
    center they confiscated all union materials at the door and sent out
    threatening emails. Also earlier this year T-Mobile had to contact all
    employees with a copy of the agreement they signed with the government
    for violating labor laws for these tactics.

    • starting_to_look

      you can still find that agreement to this day in onevoice along with the “Transparency” social networks, etc policy.  The choice was made for us.  Meanwhile, people are getting fired left and right through “natural attrition”. 

  • Anonymous

    I, too, work for a T-Mobile retail store. Great benefits even for part time employees. Problem is, I was advised most T-Mobile part time employees work 90 to 180 days, then they are offered full time positions. It has been three years and no offer has developed for ANY T-Mobile part time retail employee in the entire market in which I work. I have been averaging 34 hours a week for two years, but no full time offer. Same with all of my part time coworkers. Also, the retail associates are now being evaluated on a performance matrix that requires 60% insurance placement on new handset purchases; $20 minimums on accessory sales per handset sold (that would be fine with me, but my store has low accessory inventories on many good-selling handsets), minimum Prepaid new service activations, minimum Mobile Broadband activations (again limited inventories) as well as the usual new service post paid activations.We are also evaluated on small business lines activations with zero lead assistance from TMobile. “Who is your employer?” is what we are told to ask every customer. Certainly there are many lead generating local business address lists available, but TMobile will not pay for the lists. TMobile is asking a great deal from retail store employees, but my biggest competitor is TMobile on-line offers for new service. Fortunately, corporate retail stores do have the Value Plan to offer to prospective customers, but giving away smart phones for new service activations is very tough to fight especially since I cannot price match TMobile corporate on-line offers. Finally, TMobile has had a tough time figuring our compensation. Recently an entire corporate department was dismantled because of retail employee compensation calculation problems. Bet that would have never happened with union representation.  

    • Anonymous

      A lot of what you’re saying either isnt true or wouldnt be remedied with a union.  It is insanely irresponsible for a manager to put timelines on when people are promoted to FT because that depends on performance and labor allocation.  Not just for T-Mobile but anywhere,  I dont know of any unions that represent corporate employees so how would a union have prevented a bunch of white collar eggheads from losing their job?  You’re missing the point of it all anyway.  They have a specialized job, the function of their job is ensure that retail employees can get accurate commission reads and they have done an awful job at it.  Whenever I am in a store or speak with associates it’s a commonplace complaint.  It’s embarrassing that a company as large as tmobile couldnt get it right.  It makes your frontline lose faith in the formula/process.  They needed to be overhauled.  All a union would have done is keep incompetence flowing.

  • Androids117

    I have been working for tmo for 7 plus years and the job has got harder and harder to make what we got paid for last year. it is frustrating that they want us to hit all these goals of PHP, added lines $ acc, smart mix and renewals, when most of the retail management couldn’t hit them there self’s. Im not for a union or against it but when we all got hired for the pink T we signed a letter that we would not talk or start a union or we would get fired for it.