“Occupy” Protesters And Communication Workers To March On New York T-Mobile Store

According to an early morning press release, hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors and members of the Communication Workers of America will march on a local T-Mobile store to show they are the 99%. Apparently there are some upset feelings toward T-Mobile’s alleged “anti-worker and union busting tactics,” according to the morning press release. The hope that is that hundreds of CWA members and “Occupy Wall Street” protestors will take part in the march. The show starts at 12:30 at the Maiden Lane and Water Street T-Mobile location.

If you are down in that location, stay safe!






AndroidCentral via Business Wire (press release)

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors and members of the Communications Workers of America will march from Zuccotti Park today at 12:30 pm to a nearby T-Mobile store to protest the cell phone carrier’s anti-worker and union-busting tactics.

For years, workers at T-Mobile, owned by the German telecom giant Deutsche Telekom, have struggled for the same workplace rights their colleagues in Germany already enjoy. But T-Mobile has waged a campaign of intimidation and fear to stop employees from exercising their basic rights.

CWA members and Occupy Wall Street demonstrators will march to T-Mobile in lower Manhattan and deliver a simple message: T-Mobile workers are the 99%. They won’t stand for any more workplace intimidation.

Who: Occupy Wall Street protestors and CWA members

When: Friday, November 4, 2011, at 12:30 PM

What: Occupy T-Mobile! OWS March to Protest T-Mobile’s union-busting

Where: March begins at Zuccotti Park at 12:30 and arrives at the T-Mobile store at the intersection of Maiden Ln and Water St. at 12:45.

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  • Guest

    What I want to know is why I have had the best customer service with T-mobile and I have had ALL the other major carriers. If the news are “reporting” that they are intimidating their employees wouldn’t it be a different situation? 

    • JT

      Idiots and lemmings, tat is all I have to say.

      • JT

        oops TYPO *That*

    • maybe they’re good at their jobs because they’re legitimately afraid of losing them due to the fact they aren’t union? Wait does that imply performance based hiring/firing is good? How dare they be good at their jobs.

    • Anonymous

      CWA is angry because T-mobile workers aren’t a part of their union.  That’s probably why T-mobile is so good to work for and why their service is good.  They don’t have the Union grabbing T-mobiles balls and making T-mobile make ridiculous concessions so that T-mobile can become unprofitable and have to jack up their prices.  If the company is good to work for, has a safe work environment, and provides well for it’s employees, then a union isn’t needed.  Unions tend to get greedy, which hurts the company overall.  It also causes the workforce to become more lax.

      My 2 cents.

  • Anonymous

    THey better check themselves, Tmobile is a awesome company to work, they take wayyy better care of you then other companies i have worked for.  They need to go occupy ATT and tell them to stop being so price hungry/all around mean.

    • Anonymous

      But AT&T is unionized.  That makes them awesome because the union gets the workers basically whatever they want. /s

      That’s pretty much what Occupy Wall Street is about.  Having the 99% get what the 1% works hard for without working hard for it themselves.  (At least that’s what it seems)

  • Kwkslvr

    To exercise their “basic rights”? Basic rights to what?

    I hate whiny liberal douchebag hippies.

    • Tom

      The right to freely assemble as found in the first amendment.

  • Since when is it a basic right to be a UNION THUG? WTF be glad I’m not local as I would just be stopping in the store to help them take out the trash.

  • ColdFeet

    I worked for T years ago and they treated us well. Decent pay, great benefits. I just hate customer service. Being nice to people does not come easy to me. Lol. But when I tried to quit, they did what they could to keep me there, even offering to give me a little time off.

    I have mixed feelings about T-Mobile’s service but the way they treat their employees isn’t something that I woulda complained about.

    But then again, it’s been a while since I worked there so who knows what it’s like now??

    • Anonymous

      Good points just because you belong to a union doesn’t guarantee better working conditions. 
      I was part of an, “employees association” for 13 years as a government employee and really not much of a difference between union and non union work. 
      People are people. 
      You have aholes NO MATTER where you work. 

  • BP

    I knew the new T-Mobile holiday commercial would start controversy.  Now every company wants to have a Orgy Wonderland in the workplace.

    • Anonymous


  • Ditto

    OK, so we still think unions in America are a good thing? Lets look at the auto industry, is everyone happy paying 3 times what the car is worth so the line worker can make 40 bucks to put on a wiper blade? We don’t have a union at TMO because they treat us fairly, and the union can give us nothing more then what we have, so why do I need to pay union dues to get something I already have. AT&T and Verizon all pass on the cost of doing business with unions to there customers…and they have crap service…what am i missing here, why do we need a union?  And so everyone knows, our parent company is unionized, but that is because the government wants it that way, ask the workers over their  they would rather have there dues in there pocket. 
    Lastly, I don’t want to be the 49% who is happy with there job and be forceed to strike by someone who can’t control there person live and spending habits and are looking for another dollar an hour or a job guaranty, how can the union guaranty your job? The union didn’t do it for GM, folks lost there jobs that had guaranty. Wake up folks, there is a reason Union representations have dropped to 7% of the us workforce, they are a bad deal for workers. Unions are out for themselves, your dues pay their salaries. 

  • Getajob

    These people have way to much free time on their hands. If they put as much time into job hunting as they did protesting they wouldn’t have a problem.

  • Icon81

    “.. the same workplace rights their colleagues in Germany already enjoy.”

    once the Gestapo pays you a visit, you’ll say that you enjoy it too.

  • cirrob

    So what. They are union members and homeless, druggy, sexual asulting, drum circle hippies. Who cares it they live or die much less what they want? They are not the 99% they are the dregs of society. I like their scientific name better though : boat-anchors.

    • Phone Mikewgordon

      Chant it with me:  “They are the lazy 9 percent!”

  • jon

    …Dirty Gawd-Damn Hippies! Find a job and stop lookin’ for handouts! They are not the “99%”. They are the free-loading sh!tty roomates we all despised as college kids…these idiots never grew up and continue to free-load off HARD WORKING tax payers..

  • Labor unions are legalized organized crime. Nothing but thugs.

  • SemiSpook

    I’m sorry, but the CWA is worthless. Case in point: they installed FiOS infrastructure in my condo development. Let’s just say some, um, “mistakes” were made (this was according to the HOA president).

    When we moved back into our unit after being away for two years, we decided to get FiOS. Big mistake. Not a week went by where we weren’t on the phone with Verizon CS (I’ll get to them in a second) trying to get someone from their tech team (a CWA worker, I might add) out to our building to fix the problem (which always seemed to be that the power supply for the optical network terminal for our building of 12 units would flicker with the slightest hint of wind, rendering all of the users IN the building without ANY services).

    My breaking point was just after the Snowpocalypse of ’09. Once again, the ONT lost power, and we needed someone to come out. Kept getting the runaround from the CS folks saying that it wouldn’t be for several days. Keep in mind at this time it was difficult for me to get into work, causing me to telecommute from home (need an ISP connection for that) and we had a two and a half year old (that would grow easily tired of watching the same cadre of DVDs until we got video back). Part of the CS excuse was that the techs are done at 5 PM M-F, to which I said that their absence was not only affecting us, but the other FiOS customers in our building, and we wanted a quick resolution for the sake of all of the affected customers.

    The CS rep started getting pissy, and that’s when I went off. I told them that this had been a recurring problem for months, and that the techs were just flat out lazy, since they hadn’t remedied the issue of ENSURING THE ONT WAS GETTING POWER. The CS response: “Must be the HOA’s or power company’s issue, not ours.” My response to them: “You mean to tell me that a CWA tech can’t even ensure YOUR equipment is working properly and receiving adequate power before leaving a site, thereby reducing the number of times he has to come back out here just to flip a damned switch?”

    Needless to say, my ETF was waived, and now we use the local cable provider (though I wish it was Comcast, because this one sucks).

    And never once have I had an issue with T-Mobile CS or Tech Support. I may get conflicting messages on occasion (like when they didn’t properly set up my BB data service earlier this year, causing me to make several calls, though not one call blamed anybody, it ended up being a computer glitch), but no finger pointing or blame being passed around here.

    I agree with some other sentiments here. Unions do more harm than good these days. It’s not like we’re forcing children into running a call center or anything…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Most excellent comment and a pleasure to read. Well written, clear, and points made.

      It pains me to read others’ war stories, reminds me of the hell I have gone through with customer service and companies in general. It gets to the point where I only check to make sure I am not getting ripped off on the monthly bill. Other than that I try not to change anything (e.g. upgrade) because inevitably something will get messed up, and not because of something I did.

      My peeve, other than what you say about lazy and/or arrogant unionized employees, is that I don’t get paid for the hours expended correcting others’ mistakes, undoing damage, or chasing a $40 credit for six months.

  • Mmmaxheadroom

    And this is why at&t and Verizon have higher rates, because they indirectly pay these lemmings to pull stunts like this. I am glad I am with a non union carrier and would love to continue to give my money to the Germans instead of these blood sucking unions. Let’s all hope this at$t craps fails, iwould rather have a hobbled tmobile than be in bed with these union creeps.

  • emilymac

    I have to say that with being surrounded by people that feel that Unions are needed and that a company like Tmobile would HAVE to be treating them terrible because they aren’t unionized, its great to see that there are some people with common sense on this forum and are expressing it! What do you know…I bet alot if not all are Tmobile customers. Can we start our own group just called “Occupy Common Sense”?

  • Anonymous

    WOW can we get a tip jar so we can avoid these friggin popups?

    • Popups-arestupid

      I AGREEEEEE! Hell I dont even know what the hell the popup was or says..i just click it off and move on…what a waste of my time to have to click off a stupid popup……..comon tmonews..stop the stupid popups…get real here..

  • ysilva

    I LOVE working for T-Mobile. This is crap. Best benefits out of any company I’ve seen or worked for and great pay as well as a great work environment. Time off is never questioned and they understand a healthy balanced work/family life. I agree they should waste their time occupying something that’s much more worth the effort.

    • Turdnugget0420

      What part of the company do you work in because everything you just said is complete bullshit.

      • NPS

        So where do you work? Go on speak up before harping on others. You are putting words in someone elses mouth. They like TMO just because you don’t doesn’t make it systematic.

        I know our former AT&T rep left for TMO and said its night and day. I’m not anti union but anti CWA. The merger lowers headcount who cares if it increases CWA headcount if thousands that had a job no longer do.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          You mean “sysTEMIC” as in “affecting the entire system?”

        • Douglas Boehme

          Awesome, Mike is everywhere commenting on use of the English language.  Mike, are you bored or looking for a handout from the 1% who actually earn a living?

  • da9th_one

    it’s funny that the people who claim to be anti-union are the same people who unknowingly enjoy the benefits that the gave them…i.e. 8 hour work day, 40 hr work week, over time, health insurance, a minimum wage, no child labor, safety standards…lol…people are such sheep…

    • Bob

      what have they done for us lately? say, in the past 40 years?

      • they’re raised the unrealistic views of entitlement for the unwashed masses.  oh, you mean something beneficial…

    • Nickvillacampa

      Sorry, but you’re wrong.  FLSA came about as a reaction to working conditions after the great depression.  It had nothing to do with labor unions.  But don’t let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

    • emilymac

      I agree at ONE TIME Unions were needed a necessary but now it doesn’t make sense.

  • wait.  so thes OWS idiots want to strike at T-mo, have them form a union, raise rates so that t-mo can push even HARDER for a merger with AT&T and thus creating an even more unbalanced work environment with less jobs?

    are these people STUPID?

  • Respawn

    Labor Unions …. the bottom 1% of all our classes, now organized and back for revenge for being chosen last on the field and having to spend 6 hours writing an essay on “Why I failed the SATs.”

  • Ee

    This is just dumb unions were very necessary in the past and have helped alot we take that for granted but it is not necessary at tmobile. As I type I’m on a two week paid vacation, normal hourly plus $8 for every hour of pto, and I got paid a pretty penny for my commission and hourly today. Life is good.

  • Ryan Dawald

    RIOT = free phones

  • Gabe41521

    Nothing says join the union like threats and protest! Lol this really sends a great message, and tmobile has won best place to work so many times and the benefits are fantastic, trust me I have worked for a car manufacturer that was unionized and tmobile is much better! I mean really I have to pay you a fee so you can keep work place equal? That sounds like human resource which already exist. Oh it must be for the guaranteed pay raise you promise, but that isn’t much of a raise if I have to pay monthly dues to get it. Union was good back when but we are in modern America we do not need it. At&t is unionized and their benefits are horrible and they outsource almost everything so there is the proof that union doesn’t work

    Just an opinion and some facts

  • Anonymous

    Hey, you might want to check your comments system, it looks like you’re getting a bunch of comments off the Fox New website, and those guys are a bunch of assholes.

    • Gabe41521

      Why? Because they make perfect since on a lot of topics we blindly look past

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Hmm… I cannot make since out of what Fox says, so your “perfect since” comment does not make since to me.

        Note: What is perfect “since”… is that a Fox thing?

        • Frigadroid

          I get what you’re saying. Many times channel surfing I’ve been lured in by the attractive anchorwomen. Only seconds later I realize its the fox network wtf. They should go ahead and have a disclaimer like wrestling for the people who confuse entertainment with factual news.

        • Gabe41521

          It is a Fox thing but maybe when you are old enough to vote and use the restroom all by yourself you will understand that phones have auto spell and word correction which sometimes do the opposite of what you write. Great comeback though I am truly impressed it made perfect sense that you are still at home with mom and dad and you have spell check, all you did was look stupid

      • Douglas Boehme

        Drive around Wisconsin enough and you’ll understand liberal thinking.  Instead of well thought out arguments, their first thoughts turn to cursing.  Bumper stickers like “Walker is an a**hole” are typical.  Thanks to people like SuperfluousK, the generalization becomes easier.  

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    That’s one way to stay in the headlines, eh. :)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I wish they were marching to stop the Takeover.  Then we may actually see something going the way of the consumer.  Sprint is NOT doing what they are doing for the consumer (just in case someone magically didn’t know)

    • Eric Filarski

      With all the legal crap AT&T are getting into with now Sprint and C Spire being able to fight them over it I really do not see it happening.

  • Douglas Boehme

    What a great response.  He misspelled something and your only argument is to point it out?  Mike, are you bored?

  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous. I have worked for T-Mobile for 4+ years and the pay, benefits, employee perks are AMAZING…far better than AT&T, Verizon, Sprint. If this were truly an issue don’t you think the Occupy Seattle movement would be standing outside our HQ here in Bellevue, WA? Get a friggin clue people.

  • Comment

    I have no problem with anyone joining a union and collectively bargaining with employers, but doesn’t CWA support the ATT buyout of T-Mobile USA? So they support the elimination of meaningful cellular competition and, of course, the reduction in many jobs due to redundancy?

    I would be more supportive if the were boycotting the anti-consumer crap going on in our society (Citizens United, restrictions on class actions suits, etc.) and currently played out by companies like T-Mobile USA with their pay-per-use data additions to customers contracts without consent, as one example.

    T-Mobile USA may be (have been) a nice company to work for, but it must be hard to be in CS right now and the see this big change in the way customers are being treated due to corp. policy. Remember, you can always be a whistleblower when you see or participate in fraudulent activities directed by your employer.

  • Seems like the Union thugs are one of the other secondary groups taking over the “OWS” movement.  Great, 99% not what it originally was.

    • Sad that some people don’t realize that Union execs are paid more than some of the corporate execs they’re protesting. And they’re shamelessly doing it by pilfering the paychecks of the workers under the guise of ‘union dues’. Corporate execs withhold money from the employees, Union execs literally take it out of the employee’s pockets. “For the workers” indeed.

  • Leon Wilson

    I got my first Android device(G1, fall ’08) from the T-Mobile store on ML-lol

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile treats everyone badly… or at least they strike deals with bad people.  Our community is being torn apart due to T-mobile’s skirting the law and going through the school system to put cell towers on school properties despite the overwhelming response from the community that the towers are not needed and not wanted.  Seriously, we have 5 carriers and 155 towers in a 4 mile radius of one of the schools…  how can we possibly need MORE?  T-mobile won’t place a tower near adults, children or even COW in Germany, but they are radiating us every chance they get!