T-Mobile Offering FREE HTC Radar 4G Via Their Windows Phone Deals Page

If you’re looking for an opportunity to pick up the HTC Radar 4G free for a limited time, T-Mobile’s WMDeals site is a great place to start. T-Mobile current promo offers up a Radar 4G for free (after mail-in-rebate) with a two-year agreement. There are some restrictions however, as you must be on an Individual or Family Classic Unlimited Plus plan. Unfortunately this offer isn’t available in stores.

The real kicker is toward the bottom right of this page and the $100 trade-in offer on “any working wireless telephone from any mobile service provider” thereby making the final price of the HTC Radar 4G through this page $100 in your favor. Who can complain about a free phone AND an extra $100 dollars?

Hit the T-Mobile WMDeals page for more info.


TmoNews Forums via WPCentral


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  • BetaID

    Bottom right blue box.
    “Receive a guaranteed $100 Trade-In available on any working wireless teelphone”teelphone? lol

  • Anonymous

    Is the same phone as the HTC Titan windows phone?  I saw a review on cnn.com for that phone and thought it was the same in terms of shell, but the hardware seems different.

    • Foxeh

      The Titan is a completely different phone. They both run Windows Phone, but the Titan is much larger and is meant to be a higher end device compared to the Radar.

  • Yaddamaster

    I want to upgrade my HD2 but until windows phone 7 supports rooting andor tethering no dice.

    • Sheeta

      i just bout my HTC radar and it has tether out-of-the-box.. just go to settings and internet sharing.. i was concern about it too..also WP7 is so much clean and smooth

      • Chrissd0428

        so it can tether? Because that’s what I was concerned about the most

    • Guest

      Windows Phone support internet sharing and tethering.

  • Scroll Lock

    Note to T-Mo ad agency: “let’s you develoop” some proofreaders before you send these things out.

  • I called T-Mobile and they were unaware of such a promo! The website is not a T-mobile site.

    • Peter

      It’s T-Mobie business channel. Regulat T-Mobile customers doesn’t know anything about this deal. You have to call that specific number to get it and it is T-Mobile.

  • Gilla87

    I would SO get this if it was as future proof as the GS2 with all of its ATT-Mobile bands :/ Im sure this thing runs smooth as butter o_0

    • Foxeh

      I was under the impression this version of the Radar does have AT&T 3/4G bands as well?

  • Anonymous

    Something seems odd about this…

    • Peter

      Nothing odd about this. I got my Wing, HTC Touch PRO 2, and HD2 all from same source.

      It’s T-Mobile deal and it’s official but not available in stores or T-Mobile website to everybody but if you knew about it you could get all those phones for this price or close to this all these years.

      By the way I went to store and played with HTC Radar 4G and I have to say I didn’t expect to like it this much. Very high quality build and good looking phone.

      I got two of them for my sister and my mom. Free and we made $200 as well!

  • Anonymous

    The $100 trade in also applies to in store purchases. I just logged into the trade in site and said im trading in a curve 8520 and it gave me a $100 rebate when i selected the radar.

  • Smiley in LA

    I just got off the phone and ordered one. I’m excited to get it. less than 20 seconds on hold to talk to someone. he didn’t know much about the phone but did put me on hold to find out what i wanted to know. very polite, easy to work with. the order process was painless.
    i played with the phone in the store last night. my iPhone fanboy friend was amazed by WP7 and is considering it now.
    two day shipping, grrr, but i can’t wait!!! i haven’t been this excited for a phone since the MyTouch 3G came out. (Whoopi Goldberg totally sold me on the MT3G)

  • Michaelh305

    I also ordered mine today. Very effortless. Very pleasant to deal with. Ordered for saturday delivery. Can’t wait to get it.

  • Got this from another site and thought it might help those of us quth questions.  I followed the steps below and everything was fine!

    “1. 800 number was fast, friendly and easy. They did not have a problem finding the deal (use code “Windows Phone”

    If you don’t buy one of the unlimited plans, then the phone is $99.99
    with $50 back by mail (so the $100 rebate is wrong, but I would rather
    pay $50 with $50 back by mail than $100 with $100 back by mail.) W/
    unlimited plan is is FREE ($50 with $50 back by mail)

    3. The 800
    number did not have any info on the Trade In, but I read the site and
    then played with it. You have to use the code “MSMango” AND you need to
    send in a old phone AND submit a copy of your Radar purchase reciept,
    so it must ONLY be good with purchase of a Radar. Still a great deal as
    they are getting my 7 year old flip phone and I am getting $100!!

    Good deal! Thanks for the info!”

  • Ben Bowman

    just called the 866 number, mentioned the promo code and the rep had no idea what i was talking about.  he said i was the third person he spoke with who mentioned the Windows Phone promo and he nor his bosses knew nothing of it.  maybe they ran out of HTC Radar phones and removed this promo?

    • Richard Sherman

      Offer says it is only available to NEW lines (contracted plans)  NOT good for upgrades.  Did you call the number that is listed on the website as many of us had no problem with the order. (normal customer care or telesales does not work!)

      Call 866-464-8662 and press option 3 for new service.
      Mention promo code “Windows Phone”

  • Ian

    Is this available to current customers, too?

    • Richard Sherman

      Nope, only for new lines of service

  • DriverFIT

    Called twice.  First rep asked if it were for new line or upgrade.  Upgrade got me to customer care and the rep said they don’t even have a place to put promo code.  Called second time, rep put me on hold and came back asking if I were adding a new line.  Only available if adding a new line.  Anyone of you who got the phone an existing customer?

    • Richard Sherman

      No upgrades!  This is new lines only according to the offer.

      • Paul1427

        Looks like you could still use the $100 trade-in option. Thoughts?