T-Mobile Launches Alcatel Sparq, Ready For Prepaid Market

Congrats to Alcatel One Touch on their first phone to launch with a US nationwide carrier with the T-Mobile Sparq messaging phone ready for T-Mobile’s prepaid lineup. The Sparq sports a slide-out qwerty keyboard, FM radio, memory card slot, music player, Bluetooth and a VGA camera. The Sparq is ready for T-Mobile’s prepaid and Monthly4G lineup. The Sparq is available now for $79.99.


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  • jc

    Its been out for at least a few weeks now Walmart for $49.99

    • Anonymous

      it launched on the 2nd in tmobile stores

  • Anonymous

    Music Player AND VGA Camera?!?!  Good bye Nokia 6610.  Hello T-mobile Sparq!!!

  • Paulettegrc

    Can I use mine mytouch4g with a prepaid plan

    • You can use any phone on any prepaid plan.

  • This or Samsung Gravity TXT? What do you guys think? 

    • Aaron Tant

      TXT, I tested the alcatel, it felt cheap.

  • Jon

    This has been on T-Mobile’s website for a while…

    • Deeg

      ur right 

  • Anonymous

    Alcatel is another handset maker that would be severely affected by this now that they’ve started selling handsets to T-Mobile.

    • Joey

      They don’t sell that much on T-Mobile for them to be that affected.  Alcatel makes low end dumb phones for prepaid providers all over the world especially for Latin American markets.  We just never hear of them much here in the States.

      Their US offices are located in Irvine, CA.  

      • Anonymous

        They’re still selling devices to T-Mobile now that they otherwise won’t. Same for Nokia, Nokia and T-Mobile are like BFF’s and Nokia doesn’t have a good relationship with other wireless carriers (nor are they willing to carry their lame Symbian phones).

  • Deeg

    is it a 4g phone?  I thought it was a 3g phone…thats what keeps confusing me about prepaid – they call it monthly 4g but most of the phones on the site are 3g phones.

    id be reluctant to buy a new tmobile prepaid phone without knowing whether it will work in 12 months depending on what happens with the merger

    • Joey

      This phone is only 2G and operates on both AT&T’s 850 MHz GSM and T-Mobile’s 1900 MHz GSM networks.  

      Because this is only a dual band device it won’t operate in Europe, Asia and parts of South America.  

  • Jayboi

    Dumb phone . $79.99 price is not enticing.

    • Mikeisberg

      $49.99 at Target.  I got mine at Target for $39.99 on sale (December, 2011).  I like the well-spaced QWERTY keyboard and the long talk time.  I don’t use much data.  Lightweight, long battery life, easy keyboard.  Good phone for talk and text.  

  • Paulettegrc

    Cool thanks just wasn’t sure

    • Deeg

      Paul, again if you have a tmobile phone (lets say you were under contract; your contract expired and you want to convert to prepaid) you don’t need to buy a new sim – just call them and tell them you want to convert.  The reps don’t tell you that but I actually read t hat here from another poster and it worked fine…plus they gave me $5 off on my first month…I ended up saving a lot of money with that one call since my contract was up and i was going month to month -prepaid was much cheaper – and no fees

  • Paulettegrc

    Another ? can I get a prepaid plan without getting a new phone can I just buy they some card… thanks

    • Anonymous

      Yeah all you have to do is get a prepaid sim card thats about it.

    • Deeg

      Actually if you have  a Tmobile phone, all you have to do is call 611 and ask them to convert you to prepaid (if your contract is up) and they will do it and give you a $5 credit on your first month…Thats what I did..(Tmob reps kept telling me I had to buy a new sim card or go to a store..you don’t!)

  • Paulettegrc

    Sim card for the prepaid plan***

  • Bklynman

    They should of make The g2,as prepaid phone. They would of make out like wallst bankers if they had!

  • Deeg

    Can someone tell me how slow 2G is.  they described it as dialup slow which concerns me…I thought the prepaid service throttled from 4G to 3G…but now I find out it goes to “Dialup speed” – Will the internet, apps, even work at that speed?  What about GPS…If you’re in your car where you’re getting directions to turn left on main street, will it keep working if you’re throttled to dialup speeds?  When I hear Dialup – Im reminded of the old AOL days where nothing seemed to load.  I thought Tmobile prepaid was going to be a better deal but now the other prepaid companies that give you unlimited everything – with no throttling – albeit at 3G for fifty bucks seems like a better deal.  Who would’ve thought it went from 4g to 2g or worse?  At that rate, Im better of at sprint unlimited data while it lasts.  I haven’t even done anything with my phone in 24 hours and its already used up my data..i haven’t downloaded any apps or gone to the web…and the phone home screen still says 4G which is misleading   ; I guess maybe it means you can get 4G on it – but It should say 2G if thats all Im getting

  • john

    where is the sd card slot on the phone??