Go Backstage With Carly On T-Mobile’s Newest Holiday Commercial

Late Monday evening T-Mobile posted their first Holiday marketing commercial with “It’s a 4G Wonderland.” If you’ve been hoping to get a behind the scenes look at how that video went down and more importantly, how Carly get her dresses than you check out this new T-Mobile behind the scenes video.


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  • josue cifuentes

    i wanted to see her with out the dress….wait…what?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    “Ready Debs” LOL!!!  I actually like Carly in this one.  Good show Carly C.

  • Alex wardlaw

    Carly… you got me!… love the classic look on her…

  • Nick0742

    She is really pretty lol

  • Davenycept

    Orgy wonderland?

  • Disqus

    Pretty model/spokesperson.  Unfortunately, Carly’s side gig with T-Mo is in limbo.  Damn you Deutsche Telekom.

    • Anonymous


  • Icon81

    0:24 she’s a lefty, woot! 

  • Anthonynyc1a

    She is so pretty.

  • Gabe41521

    She has lost a scary amount of weight

  • Anonymous

    Carly is so hot!!!!! 

  • alt-mobile

    I’m pretty sure she’s the one woman who, if she got a tan, her career would be over.

  • I wonder what AT&T would do with her if the take over goes through..

    • Richardthegrape

      Hopefully keep her, and use her in their commercials. At&t’s commercials suck. 

      • Anonymous

        Chase Ink ink ink is 10 times worse. :(

  •  Thanks for sharing.

  • wh4ts3rn4m3

    Is Carly Canadian?

    • kenbot


  • jakijal

    i dunno bout you, but i personally prefer the hispanic version of carly hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Video too short :((((
    More Carly please

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Saw that commercial while watching TV.

    Have to say that’s the best commercial I have ever seen for T-Mobile and one of the most pleasant holiday commercials too. “4G wonderland” is a cool slogan too.

    Someone with real talent came up with that.