T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Khaki Close To End Of Life?

Sometimes it takes a reminder for us to remember how quickly the smartphone world changes as we’ve just received word that the myTouch 4G Slide Khaki has been placed on a “sell through” list. We’re told that a “sell through” list indicates that the phone is no longer being ordered by T-Mobile. However, it could take several months to sell through remaining inventory so we haven’t seen the end of the myTouch 4G Slide Khaki just yet.

Joining the myTouch Slide 4G is the Samsung T249, LG Optimus T, G-Slate, Samsung Gravity Smart and HTC Wildfire S in white. Again, each of these phones are now on the short list for the smartphone graveyard but we could still see them up for sale week or months. If you’ve been eyeing any of these models and have been on the fence about picking one up, now would be a great time to do so.

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  • Anonymous

    just a quick point to make. only the khaki color is listed. 

    • Very true, updated the post to reflect that. Still, if one color is going, I imagine the other will follow sometime after.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Then again you can still find the Behold II online :)

        • Derricklogic

          I have the Khaki color mytouch. Greatest phone I have ever owned. HTC did a great job when they made these

        • Moveonrp

          I think T-Mobile way over ordered the Behold II expecting it to be a hit that never happened..much like Sprint did with the Palm Pre and Pixi. The Behold II is like the G1, a great idea but way too underpowered to even handle Donut (Android 1.5). T-Mobile and Samsung should just donate the remaining inventory and stop trying to sell that phone…every one of those sold now will cost the companies way more in customer service and reputation than its worth.

          This mistake may be the reason newer handsets. And tablets hit EOL so quickly…the carriers don’t want to over-order a devices unless they know it will sell. Right now, the only devices in that category are spelled starting with a lower case “i”.

        • Bklynman

          I still can’t understand why they are still selling The Behold 2,when they had so many other phones that was so much better,they stop selling them. While Att.is still selling  midrange flipphones,that are alot better than the nonsmart Tm has. Am talking about from 2yrs ago.
          I believe they are all 3g now too(not sure.) I just don’t understand what they are thinking about. They could of kept the 5230 as midrange phone,just disable the webtogo on it. Just let people have email account on it for free like they do there other phones.

        • Anonymous

          The Behold II had specs slightly better than my MyTouch 3g which easily handled froyo (android 2.2) and I even had Yoshi’s Gingerbread build running on it (Yoshi’s gingerbread also ran on the G1).  The problem with the Behold II was not the specs, the Problem was Touchwiz.   Touchwiz was another layer of os and BLOAT on top of the android build that so screwed up the phone with lag, crashes and incompatibility that even the mod/dev community abandoned the phone.  It was my experience with this expensive piece of trash that led me to never buy samsung again as long as they continue to use touchwiz

      • Toni

        I think I remembered hearing when it came out that the khaki color was supposed to be a special/limited edition color. I could be wrong, but if not that would be a good explanation for one color going away and not the other. I have the black one and I absolutely love it – the camera is amazing on it :)

        • Anonymous

          True enough. Notice how fast the Plum MT4G end of lifed.

        • And is still impossible to find today. When I bought my MT4G I was scouring eBay/Craigslist for a plum one. No luck. Then I went for red. Little more luck, but not enough. It was white or black, I ended up with the black.

        • Anonymous

          yeah you are right.

      • None

        @David @davidtmonews:disqus – I have always wanted more posts when you noticed something seeming to be “end of life”.  That info is important when people are still on the fence between handsets (and in my case at the zoo, color does actually matter or I have to get a @davidtmonews:disqus So thank you, and please do this more often, EOL posts!!

        • None

          Ooops, should have read “…at the zoo, color does actually matter or I have to get a CASE” –not a “DAVID”
          Clearly autocorrect loves you!!

  • TB85

    They have also been offering the mytouch 4g slide in khaki to many customers as an alternate warranty exchange for other devices

  • Samuicold

    I love my khaki mt4g slide T____T

  • Lupon

    This could be why they had these for free tonight online. Also, they discontinue this but still sell the G2x? Can’t they just be done with that one already? Mine’s OK i guess but the screen bleed still drive me crazy sometimes.

  • Bklynman

    Well this good news for me.  I long overdue for up grade.I was hoping for Nokia window phone,but the one Tm is getting is the lower model,not 800. That is not until Jan. I miss out on G2 eof sale,I was going to wait until Jan to see what other phone they would coming out with. But I think this do very nicely since I only read good reviews about it. Has anyone have any real bad problems with it? Any
    insight about it? Thanks. (Both the good and the bad.)

    • Jarrod

      I have the black slide, The keyboard buttons are stiff and hard to press and sometimes when i start it up all have to go into a app from the notification bar and then leave it for the phone to actually load the apps on my home screen. I traded my original my touch 4g in for the slide because it was having antenna issues and this one has done a lot better at holding signal then the other one. Also u might complain about the hinge feeling cheap like it might break so I would go into the store to make sure that phone is something your can live with for at least two years

      • Bklynman

        Thank you,I had play with it before,but didn’t notice about the hinge. I had checkout the G2 hinge,after reading about it feeling cheap on Cnet, I wonder why they just couldn’t make as strong as the one on TheG1. Also like to know whyHTC made TheG2,to look so different from TheG1. Apple didn’t didn’t that with the iphone. Stiff buttons I can deal with and with it starting up slow won’t be deal breaker with me. I will checkout the hinge those. Thanks.

        • Afterburner

          I don’t know what you are complaining about. The hinge on the G2 is an engineering marvel in my opinion. I had a G1 and a G2 there is nothing I miss about he G1. The G2 is a great phone. I wish all keyboards were this style I don’t want to upgrade to a phone with any other type of hinge.

        • Bklynman

          You got me wrong about the G2,(Not complaining) I never own one. Just going by what I saw and handle in the stores. If you read the cnet review about the G2,that what they wrote about the phone. If you put the G1 and The G2 next to each other you wouldnot be able to say,
          they were older model and newer model to each other. But with Apple,
          if you put the 1st Iphone next to the iPhone 4s,you can tell they are Iphones. In other parts of this blog(not this part.) I wonder why Tm,was giving The Wildfire as free phone,when they should bring back The G2,offer that phone for free for people who was leaving for the iphone.
          I still don’t know why Tm,is selling The Behold 2 as a upgrade,but got
          rid of The G2??? AS well as other phones they no longer sell,but you sell selling The Behold 2???? 1 question Tm,why????

  • SayWhaaaaat

    When the phone was first released didnt they mention that the khaki one was a limited edition?

  • I was surprised to see the gravity smart in the lineup. But I think the Mytouch Q is going to kill it. And the My touch might kill the Wildfire S however I love htc sence. 

    Also i was thinking can we except a “G3” with ICS? That would be boss. With the nivida prosser oh ya.

    • TheTrue1

      It’s like you’re reading my mind…. o_O

  • Respawn

    Lol I still have my original myTouch 4G. I haven’t really had any problems with it at all. It’s a solid phone with an equally solid OS. Still, I’m hoping for that Samsung Galazy Nexus with an SD card slot. I’m not a big fan of Samsung, but thought I’d give them another go.

    If only Toshiba made cell phones…

    • Respawn


    • jarjon76

      The original myt4g has been out for only a year, so a lot of people still have that phone. I realize a year old phone is considered “old” to folks in here, but in the real world it really isn’t.

  • CJ

    Did i read that document right… The HD7 is discontinued?

    • PatheticLoser

      Why wouldn’t it be? It’s been out for a while, the Radar just came out. The Radar is 4G. Makes sense to me.

      • CJ

        Makes sense I just got the phone because my HD2 broke and that is what i got via the insurance plan :)

  • Action 6

    off topic, but will the TMO GALAXY S2  ever have wifi  calling feature update? how sure is this?
    Some are saying there will be update on NOV 12th, some saying no wifi calling ever. My buyers remorse period is ending soon and if no wifi calling ever comes for this phone, I want to return for HTC AMAZE.  also i don’t find ZOOM on this phone’s camera/ is there one?
    as far as FM radio goes, i am aware that there will never be fm radio on it.

  • Bbcest1985


  • JM

    I would have expected that color to be more popular. Does the MyTouch Slide sell well overall?

  • Bklynman

    What does it mean when a phone reaches maturity? If you look up above it has the Lg g2x,BB 8520 Curve,reaching maturity,one step of way from EOF?