HTC Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich For HTC Sensation, HTC Amaze 4G

After providing a vague answer regarding which devices would receive an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, HTC has just released a full bore list of the first devices that will see the update. The great news for T-Mobile fans is the knowledge that both the HTC Sensation and HTC Amaze 4G will see Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC says that the update will come in early 2012 and that we should “stay tuned for more updates on device upgrades, timing and other details.”

We can’t blame HTC for not offering up a solid timeframe considering Google hasn’t released the update itself and we imagine once the carriers get their hands on a final build they’ll be in a better position to provide a solid timeframe. Still, we’re thrilled to see that T-Mobile’s top HTC devices will see the Ice Cream Sandwich update and hope that it makes their owners happy too.


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  • Anonymous

    My wife and her Sensation will love this!  However, I can only imagine this update will worsen its already crappy battery life.

    • Anonymous

      get her a Chichitec battery. Battery problem solved.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never bought a non-OEM battery for lack of trust.  That battery isn’t a POS eh?

        • Anonymous

          nope. Many people on XDA use Chichitec and Anker batteries with great result. The OEM one is POS tho.
          I’m a heavy user and with the OEM battery, my phone would be dead by noon. With the Chichitec, I can go for a day and half on a single charge.

        • MIASensation

          Great news for the Sensation!  +1 for the Anker…I can go over a day as well on a single charge as opposed to 3/4 of a day with the OEM…

        • Anonymous

          Yup, I think HTC or their OEM over-rated their batteries.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks a lot man we will be ordering one today for sure.  I’ve seen some extended batts on Ebay for 90 some odd dollars but this thing is marked down like crazy at $24.  

          Its rare I can’t get what I need off Ebay.

        • Anonymous

          Get it directly from Chichitec.

          They jacked up the price. I got 2x batteries + a charger for 24 bucks few months back.

        • jaZzyjeff

          Chichitec is great. I was using their battery in my old G2 and am now in my Sensation. Don’t know about getting a day and a half from a single charge like MHPhan said, but I definitely get a few more hours than I used to with the stock battery. I always carry the OEM battery with me anyways as a back up.

      • Hawaii_reilly26

        Just bought one. Never heard of them before and was looking for something to make battery life better.  thx

      • Anonymous

        I’m confused.  You said get it directly from Chichitec but linked me to Amazon.  I can’t even find a chichitec website.

        So is $24 for the one battery expensive??

        • Anonymous

          24$ is average price for a smartphone battery.

        • jarjon76

          I bought an Anker 1900mh battery, with a travel charger for $12 on Amazon. It GREATLY improved my battery life and the overall phone experience. I can now get thru a full day without having to charge, which wasn’t the case with the stock battery.

  • Guerra

    6 months from now

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait.  I still wonder if they will include a bit of sense in the update.

  • Anonymous

    really not surprising, htc known for upgrading their devices.

  • Huguleyite

    ICS is ICS no matter when we get it.  We still have gingerbread you know and it’s less than a few months old itself.  I can wait (easily) until 2012.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the phone is a less than a few months itself right?

  • YESS, roll it over to my sensation.

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      Do you think the my touch 4g should be updated to it has a 1gh and the same amount of ram like the sensation 768

      • TMOTECH

        Processor is probably too slow…

        • Antoinetrenton2003

          My touch 4g has the same processor has the evo 4g design and 768 ram the evo design has a 1.2. Snapdragon processor the same snapdragon processor the my touch 4g has its just clocked lower at 1gh HTC is updateing the design 4g to 4.0 so why not the my touch 4g that’s all I’m saying

        • Anonymous

          Probably not if the nexus one ain’t getting it them I don’t think the mt4g is and nexus is Google phone both made by HTC and almost the same except the ram and other smaller things

        • Antoinetrenton2003

          Your are Wong the my touch 4g has more ram and rom and a faster processor then the nexus one my touch 4g has a second generation snapdragon processor and 768 MB of ram and 4gb of rom the nexus one has the first generation snapdragon processor 512 MB of ram and rom. So do your research

        • Anonymous

          So nexus one has vanilla and mt4g ha sense which slow the hell of it down so if u put vanilla ics on nexus one its will run as smooth or even better than it would of ics sense

        • Antoinetrenton2003

          My touch 4g runs very fast on Android 2.3.4 and my old g2 was faster then the nexus on and it was clocked at 800 MHz the the my touch 4g has newer hardware that HTC still use on some of there new smartphones

        • Anonymous

          I can FEEL your frustrations.  Your better of not anticipating the MyTouch 4G with its one of a kind Skin getting updated past 2.3.  It would be up to T-Mobile to update that phone to ICS since they designed the UI.  Its just in HTC’s way.

          Exhibit is a beep beep phone so it probably won’t get updated but the GSII is a shoo-in.

      • refer to the @74a13e6127a2b7bf4b6edd5d7affd242:disqus person. Idk. I think it should personally though, but will it deals w/ the hardware (processor, RAM)

      • Smiley in LA

        I’m so oves this ”will the android gods smile on me today and upgrade me the newest version of android.” BS. thanks to fragmentation and horrific battery life, I’m trying out other OS’s to see if they can do it for me. i have tried rooting, custom ROM’s, launchers and I’m just oves it. best of luck to all y’all with your ICS update. may the gods smile a speedy update that doesn’t @#$& your phone up.

  • Nick Picone

    damn! so nothing for the MTS4G? Really hope ICS is hitting that, I will love my phone ever more that way and not regret the purchase one bit! Its been really easy so far since my August phone I’ve ever had!

  • Anonymous

    YES! I think HTC Sense would look kinda good with ICS’s Tron theme haha

    • Ilyas_k15

      It will look like regular old Sense for the most part. It always does

  • Action 6

    I sold  my SENSATION  for its very poor  to non existent speaker and earphone sound quality!

    • Ilyas_k15

      Of all the devices you have listed, GS2 will probably be the only one to get ICS

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Out of all those devices, the MyTouch 4G is the only HTC device on the list.  This article is for HTC devices, not Samsung.  Samsung will most likely update the GS2.  Not too sure about the Exhibit.

    • Hitman21888

      samsung is already rolling out ICS to GS2

      • They aren’t “already” doing anything. No update is on the way right now and they haven’t given a specific date in which it will arrive.

  • i wonder how much of ICS will be stripped away by HTC?  as much as ICS does (and makes some of HTC’s features irrelevant) you gotta think they’ll strip it somehow which will be sad.

    • Anonymous

      I hope they give us the option to choose between sense and stock. but in any case we will be able to have stock rom by rooting since we will be getting ics anyways

    • jarjon76

      Great question. I can’t imagine getting a full version of ICS on my Sensation, but I suppose it’s possible. If they do strip it down, hopefully it will be minimal.

  • Jack Quarantillo

    Where’s the list?    G2 on there somewhere?

    • The picture has the list.

      • Jack Quarantillo

        thanks, I was looking for a table or well…  a list, totally blew past the caption.

  • Kitpogi

    oh yeah!….AMAZE 4G all the way!

  • hec55

    Does anybody now if the xe will come to tmobile? I love the.color

    • MNBug

      Last I heard was that the XE was only coming to the UK.

  • Aleale

    What about the G2? its stock android…

    • randyohsofly


    • Mark Terry II

      I’m hoping it happens, but extremely doubtful it will. Having been EOL’d the G2 was lucky to have gotten Gingerbread. Thankfully, GB was already handed off from HTC to the T-Mo development pipeline just before they decided to give it the axe. I find it doubtful that T-Mo would suddenly put forth the effort and cost to modify, package and push an OTA out to a handset that they no longer have any interest in. The recent minor patch required no development time on T-Mo’s part and served to decrease potential CS/return issues. A G2 update to ICS would be exactly the opposite. 

      • Nick

        Well I’m hopeful that the effort would be worth the customer retention and goodwill.

      • sino8r

        they did do it for a few obsolete mytouch phones (eclair or froyo. cant remember which one). might not be too doubtful…

    • Frank

      If I remember right, there was talk after people started hacking the G2 that it wasn’t really as close to “Stock” android as people thought.

      Still, without all that Sense crap, it should be easier to get ICS onto it.

  • Plankton

    Who cares anymore. My G2@71cc591c04a707e4897db76d29b7ab2b:disqus 
    will be history after the merger. iF the merger does not go thru, and it will…. I will move to Cspire with David and rejoice in the iPhone Splendor.

    No more of the update garbage. Over it. I used to say google phones rock, Now I say

    Apple will rule the world. Just like my pal David.

    • jarjon76

      You’re seriously this upset over a phone? Wow.

      • sino8r

        Plankton is not what you would call “stable” lol! Much like his cartoon namesake;)

  • The Dude

    by “early 2012” you can read April or May. By then I will have sold my Amaze and moved on to the next cool phone…

    • Anonymous

      What, do you buy a new phone every three months? If so, stop being a rich jerk.

      • jarjon76

        He sells his phone every 3 months to buy “the latest and greatest” phone. In 3 months he’ll still be able to sell the Amaze for a nice chunk of change and use that money towards whatever phone he chooses.

        • Anonymous

          He still sells it for significantly less than what he bought it for. There’s no reason to buy phones that oftem unless you have serious issues. It’s a waste of hundreds of dollars every year.

        • The Dude

          I’m what you might call a “phone flipper.” I get about 75% of what I paid (full retail) and keep the handset for about four months. Then I do it all over again. So, at the end of two years, I have paid about $100 per handset and have enjoyed six new phones while everybody else has had only one handset and has grumbled about why their Ice Cream Sandwich was too late or whatever. It’s called “taking the matter into your own hands.” 

        • jarjon76

          I’m the type of consumer that buys something I’m going to be happy with for a while. Personally, I see no reason to “flip phones”, since most phone nowadays aren’t THAT different, but to each his/her own. Chasing that “latest and greatest” dragon is a waste of time to me, but we all have our hobbies I suppose.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re that worried about having the latest updates, you should probably stick to Windows Phone or iOS. Even if you want to stick to Android, four months is too short of a period.  6-12 should be enough to stay up-to-date.

        • jarjon76

          I would guess he’s getting more than half than what he originally paid for the device, so he’s not out THAT much money, unless he’s changing out phones every month or two. Most people who do this sort of thing do it every six months or so, so they’re not out hundreds of dollars. I personally see no use in changing phones out that often, but to each their own.

    • Action 6

      which one iphone 6?

      • Anonymous

        No he means the 4g lol

    • jarjon76

      Chasing that “latest and greatest” dragon, eh? Good luck with that.

  • TMoFan

    I really hope the G2 will be getting some ICS love. It’s running vanilla (or close to it) so there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t.

    • sino8r

      Well I know cyanogen and the fellows at xda will make it:) No worries!

  • Fish

    I bought the nexus s just so I would never have to worry about updates like you guys again. No regrets on phone choice here.

    -ex cliq owner

    • Bob

      I am an ex cliq owner too, I feel you on the updates.  What a debacle.  Will never buy another motoroloa phone after the cliq.  Been very happy with HTC and the Sensation. 

      • Zifnab2k

        Fish’s Nexus S will be updated months, if not half a year or more before the Sensation. HTC wont just send an ICS update out for the Sense or Amaze, they’ll figure out how to reskin it with that Sense shit before it rolls out. Prepare to wait, as we’ve seen with other OS updates “early next year” could mean any time before July, if not in July.

        • Neoprimal

          Early 2012 is anywhere between January and June. That’s not too bad. 

          HTCs track record really hasn’t been that terrible compared to the other brands. Gingerbread has made it to quite a few Q4 2010 released Froyo sporting HTC phones in 2011. The MT4G which I owned previously got the update in July and folks were able to go in store to have their phones updated in August. Since I got my phone on the day of release, this means I waited ~7 months.

          I’d rather have the updates than not, but I don’t understand the sense of urgency to get them. The phones work fine as they are, otherwise we wouldn’t buy them.

  • k-mack

    I think the Amaze will pick up where the G2 left off.  I am loving the Amaze!  It’s fast and a really awesome design!  ICS on it will be great.

    • Zifnab2k

      Well the G2 left off with a keyboard and vanilla Android… Amaze picked up with no keyboard and HTC Sense… how is there a comparison?

  • moneymyke

    is the mytouch 4g slide getting the update?

    • Phoneless

      sensation and amaze only !!! hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahaha !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to read the article, just ask if my original MyTouch 3G is getting the update. Then come back later and bitch that it’s not.  


  • Kenneth Vo


  • nerdlust

    This is good news. Im looking to upgrade soon. Im hoping 4g slide gets update too. I’m considering that one too. I want a bigger screen but having a real keyboard is really nice.

    • Zifnab2k

      Problem with the 4g slide is that it doesn’t just have HTC Sense to contend with, but also T-Mobiles crapware as well. It may get it one day, as it most certainly has the hardware to get it, but it will never be as good as pure ICS and it will take 10 times as long to get it out.

  • Blah

    Does this include the Sensation 4G or just the older Sensation?

    • Blah

      Nevermind….it appears “Sensation 4G” was just the marketing term for the “Sensation” (ie. they are the same phone). Lucky me! ;)

  • Zifnab2k

    I wouldn’t bet for a second on anyone ever releasing a solid time frame. In my time tracking Android blogs, i’ve never seen a carrier or manufacturer give a firm deadline until its already rolling out.

    With that said, I expect that “early 2012” won’t mean any earlier than next august. It took months for the sensation to get updated to a version of Android that was already behind, and all it did was add google video chat and about 20 new bugs that have left the Sensation barely useable unless you have tremendous patience for reloads and crashes… almost makes me feel like i’m on a slightly speedier mytouch3g… Really hate this phone, and I fear what ICS will do to it… chances are HTC won’t want to drop their sad sack of UI design and therefore will bog ICS down with all their trash.

    At least they plan to update it though, I guess. I’m desperately trying to get the money together to buy a new phone outright.

    I used to love HTC, specifically the N1, but thanks to Sense I find their devices loathsome at best.

  • Lakeshow5824

    Nice! HTC Amaze best phone out there !!

  • Well, isn’t T-Mobile’s version of the HTC Sensation called HTC Sensation 4G? So what does that give to T-Mobile customers? Does that mean the HTC Sensation 4G will get the update too? At the same time as the HTC Sensation?

    I’ll temper my excitement until I see reports that it is available for download or I see an announcement from T-Mobile with a release data attached.

    • Sammyesparza91

      Good point, i was just thinking about that, there’s different variations of the sensation, i hear Tmobiles sensation has an extra antenna(for 4g) because some of the other countries still don’t have 4g

  • Oneyewondering

    I can’t wait for the update for my htc amaze nicee

  • Don5504

    great now what about my wifi calling on the amaze

  • Anonymous

    Ics on the sensation will be the same as gingerbread with all of this HTC crap on it. I wish Google would just stop allowing customizations by manufacturers.

  • guest

    @iTriune:disqus , dude you’re so off. thats just ignorant to say that. ics will have many more features and settings. i dont understand how you could dislike the htc sense rom anyway.

  • Hlilic

    Are we talking about USA  T-Mobile  HTC Sensation 4g or something else.i really like how the ICS  look like 

  • Austinasto

    I need to know when. I’m hungry for icecream sandwich

  • Anyone know when this is happening for the HTC Amaze?

  • Arifkhan1999

    Have it come out yet