T-Mobile Jumps The Gun On Emergency System Test, Scares Some People

If you’re a T-Mobile customer and you received a very strange alert message this morning, you have nothing to worry about. Zombies are not attacking us…yet. Lance Ulanoff, Mashable Editor was one of the lucky T-Mobile customers who received the “weird siren-like sound” and displayed the mysterious notification you see in the above image.

Apparently, T-Mobile accidentally tested the Presidential Emergency Alert system a week early when a nationwide test is currently scheduled. The system itself is designed to give the government the ability to send emergency alerts without having the public rely solely on radio and TV broadcasts.

The actual test itself is scheduled for November 9, 2pm EST and fear not as not all phones will receive the message. Some iPhone and Windows Phone 7.5 devices are expected to be among those receiving the test text message. Other devices might require a software update first.

Good thing it wasn’t Zombie attacks as I haven’t seen enough episodes of The Walking Dead yet to know how to truly survive a Zombie covered world.


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