T-Mobile Backpedals, Will Offer Credits For Unauthorized Pay Per Use Data Use

In a move that will be welcomed by T-Mobile customers upset by the addition of a pay-per-use feature to smartphone plans without a current data feature, T-Mobile has decided to credit any unauthorized data charges. This afternoon our report ran surrounding T-Mobile’s unwillingness to return any unauthorized charges due to customers being notified (through multiple methods) about the changes ahead of any data access on their smartphone.

This is a welcome move by T-Mobile and a likely response by the company to swelling customer complaints about these unauthorized charges. Nice move T-Mobile, this is the company of old we love.

“As part of the rollout of a new program for data services, T-Mobile added a pay per use (PPU) plan to some accounts using smartphones that did not have a data feature added. This resulted in the generation of data traffic in the background for these customers without their knowledge or authorization. To remedy this situation, T-Mobile is removing the PPU plan from these accounts and proactively crediting the entire amount of these data charges.”

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