T-Mobile To Add Pay-Per-Use Data To All Smartphone Accounts On September 15th

T-Mobile is set to make a sweeping change to 11.4 million smartphone accounts with the placement of a Pay-Per-Use data feature added to all accounts that do not currently have a data plan. Customers will receive a notification that the feature has been added prior to September 15th with additional details being sent out with September billing. It will take up to eight weeks after September 15th to ensure that all customer accounts have this new featured added and according to this leaked screenshot, it cannot be removed through the device or My T-Mobile. That leaves a customer service option and we aren’t sure if that is conspicuously absent or if it will be the only way a customer can remove the feature and put a block on the plan.

There is of course no charge for the pay-per-use feature but it emphasizes the need to be careful what buttons you are pressing when you fire up that smartphone. We’re looking for more details regarding this feature and hopefully we’ll have an update prior to September 15th. For most T-Mobile customers this should have little to no impact whatsoever but for those of you who accidentally press that internet button it’s just something to be aware of.

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