T-Mobile Receiving Accessories For 10″ Tablets, Sign Of Things To Come?

Thanks to a ninja with sharp eyes we got our hands on an image which shows off a newly arrived accessory hitting T-Mobile store shelves that perhaps indicates T-Mobile is preparing to launch a 10″ tablet. Of course the alternative could be true and T-Mobile might just be interested in carrying some accessories for customers who are in the store, own a 10″ tablet and might find the sudden urge to pick up a leather sleeve for it. We’re going with the former and hoping that T-Mobile does indeed have a 10″ tablet on the horizon given the rumors we’ve heard for a possible Galaxy Tab 10.1″ arrival.

We could be making something out of nothing but we hope that T-Mobile does indeed pick up a few more tablets before years end including one that would make this accessory purchase all the more worthwhile.

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