T-Mobile Stores Receiving New Monthly4G Brochures Ahead Of Revamp

With just a few more days till October 16th and T-mobile’s planned Monthly4G revamp, T-Mobile retail stores are beginning to receive brochures for display. Sunday also marks the introduction of T-Mobile’s joint effort with Wal-Mart to introduce a $30 Monthly4G rate plan offering unlimited text and web as well 100 voice minutes. T-Mobile retail brochures as pictured above make no mention of the special offer from Wal-Mart that can only be purchased off T-Mobile.com.

T-Mobile is certainly readying some attractive prepaid rate plans in the hope of staving off the prepaid competition, an area T-Mobile needs to remain competitive in order to offset expected postpaid customer losses. The $60 plan is perfect for customers who wish to land somewhere in the middle of T-Mobile’s $50 and $70 plans where a huge gap had existed between data allotment. The $1, $2 and $3 pay-by-the-day plans are perfect for individuals with¬†sporadic¬†wireless usage that exists more for emergency purposes than for long winded chats with your cousin in Phoenix.

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