T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hand-On From Fall CTIA 2011

For those of you who have already seen the Galaxy Tab 10.1 either in person or online, the T-Mobile version won’t have very many surprises. So what is different about the T-Mobile version? Start with some “T-Mobile” and “4G” branding, throw in a 4G radio and you’ve got a T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The skinny size here is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons to check out Samsung’s premium tablet as it sports a 1280×800 display, Tegra 2 processor, Adobe Flash support and pre-installed apps such as T-Mobile TV, Samsung Media Hub, Asphalt 6, Sim City Deluxe Demo, Zinio and more.

T-Mobile isn’t giving any indication as to when this will officially drop but that’s ok as we’ve got you covered with all signs pointing to a November 2nd release. With the release date (hopefully) covered, pricing is all that’s left unknown and given the specs and capabilities of this tablet, we expect it will come with a premium price tag.

Check out the whole video and see if this is one tablet worth putting on your holiday shopping list.


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  • Swoosh

    David quick misspelling…  So what is different about the T-Mobile version? “Star” **Should be **Start**Thanks for the coverage!

  • Anonymous

    I really wouldn’t mind if Santa stuffed one of those into my stocking this Christmas.  However, I would mind if somebody stuff one of those in my turkey for Thanksgiving.

  • Djeze416

    i would love to have one but i know its going to be at lease 500 dollars and there is no 4G coverage in louisana

  • Djeze416

    i would love to have one but i know its going to be at lease 500 dollars and there is no 4G coverage in louisana

  • Kevin Kerr

    Must. Have. 42mbps.

    But seeing that they had to swap out the SoC in the Galaxy S II to achieve 42mbps, I doubt that it made it to the Tab 10.1.

    • Anonymous

      Its 21Mbps

  • Will748

    so a tablet is as powerful as my g2x…

  • Anonymous

    Waiting on an ICS Tablet, fragmentation is worse a problem for tablets than it is for phones.  Tablets are supposed to be for quick productivity and entertainment.  Only a select few tablets support apps such as Netflix, none have Watch ESPN or HBO GO, and maybe 1 had HULU+.  Things like that push people to the ipad, it’s no secret these Android tablets are better, but when you complement beautiful hardware with less than stellar app selection, it doesnt leave much to wonder about why Apple is trouncing these Android tablets in market share. 

  • I’ve had the wi-fi only version for about a month now and i’m absolutely loving it. It’s great as an e-reader and for using around the house. And i take it to class instead of my Macbook Pro all the time. If they could just lower the price on these Android tablets they could really make inroads into the tablet market that the iPad currently dominates. I’ve played with the iPad a lot and it doesn’t compare to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 imo.