Upcoming Device Launch Dates For Galaxy Tab 10.1, T-mobile Springboard, T-Mobile Sparq And More

We do love leaked documents that confirm release dates here at TmoNews so let’s pen in the release dates for at least four T-Mobile device launches within the next 30 days. These dates differ a little from the leaked roadmap we got our hands on two weeks ago which showed the Galaxy Tab coming October 26th but we’re just happy to get some solid intel on at least three upcoming big launches.

According to the image that just landed in our inbox we’ve got confirmed release dates for:

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  • SemiSpook

    Okay, can anyone tell me what the hell the Sparq actually looks like?

    • J-Hop2o6

      Its a prepaid phone.. nothing special

  • Anonymous

    Free Sringboards For Black Frifay?

  • Silk7412

    Now your showing your age. Its on like donkey kong. Now I’m going to dig out my copy of “the last stafighter”

    • I had to include it, I just had to do it!

    • I had to include it, I just had to do it!

  • Amdestined

    Hoping a nexus comes on Nov 2nd too

  • So when the hell is the HTC Radar 4G, or any other WP7.5 device for that matter, going to be released??