(Updated: Video Is Back) HTC Amaze 4G Web Browsing Demonstration

Update: Sorry everyone it looks as though the video has been pulled from YouTube. 

If you thought you would only get one HTC Amaze 4G video this evening than you would be mistaken. We’re back with yet another video forwarded to us by this some kind of lucky individual who has in their possession an HTC Amaze 4G.

This time around we’re getting a solid look at the browsing experience on the HTC Amaze 4G coupled with HSPA+ speeds that can theoretically reach 42Mbps. Oh and by the way, props to the TmoNews webpage visit! So stop reading, start watching and try and decide if this or the Galaxy S II is calling your name October 10th.

Make sure to catch the HTC Amaze 4G speed test video as well.


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