HTC Amaze 4G Speed Test Caught On Video

We’ve been hoping to see more of the HTC Amaze 4G on video and thanks to one lucky individual our hopes have been met if only to see speed tests and quadrant scores. If you’ve been itching like we have since the Amaze 4G announcement to see how it would perform on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network than pay close attention to the video. These tests are coming straight out of Chicago (next year Cubbies) and we’re liking what we see. We’re especially liking speeds that can reach close to 15Mbps knowing we’re not going to come close to the theoretical network top speed of 42Mbps. Of course we do hope as these phones are released and the network is optimized that we can reach into the 20+Mbps range.

Oh and you wanted a quadrant benchmark score? Well that’s good because this video has that as well showing us the phone is capable of putting up a quadrant score of 2477. In fact just check out the whole vid for a few more speed tests and the full quadrant demo.


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