Analysts Predict Merger Will Continue, No Matter The Setbacks

It seems like there has been a bit more resistance against this merger lately, but some analysts don’t think that will stop it from going through.  Doubt is starting to set in as Senator Kohl spoke against the merger and the FCC halted the review shot clock.  Though as Jeffrey Silva, an analyst at Medley Global Advisors, puts it:

“The ebbs and flows of merger reviews create moments of pause that sometimes imply greater uncertainty and risk than what actually exist.  This appears to be one of those moments, though the warning signs should not be ignored.”

There seems to be even more roadblocks emerging too.  Importantly, the FCC is looking to replace Christine Varney as head of Justice’s antitrust division and this merger review is coming during a presidential election campaign.  It seems as though the tides are turning, especially with AT&T presenting new arguments, or more support for their current ones.  Most importantly, though, with these breeding concerns, the merger could continue, but with far more conditions and regulations than previously anticipated.

The Washington Post 


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