T-Mobile Marketing At Its Finest, In Barcelona


Once again our overseas brethren prove that their marketing creativity knows no bounds with a real life Angry Birds demonstration in Barcelona. This was set up on May 11th and it’s been making the internet rounds ever since and by popular demand we’re finally getting it posted. So enjoy the 1:41 of pure Angry Birds fun and try to remember that while we in America never get to do anything this fun for T-Mobile marketing, we still have Carly.


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  • Ssolo

    That was cool!

  • It’s always the overseas marketing that’s the best. I feel like DT didn’t care about us a Looooong time ago, & set us up to be buyout so they can collect quick profits. I used to look on T-Mobile’s UK website & They always had the most high end phones (smartphones) including iPhone’s (don’t care for it, but others do) & the BEST marketing, & then I looked at T-Mobile USA & I was confused how are we owned by the same company (Deutsche Telekom).

    • J. Williams

      100% agree with ya.

      • DaOnlyRecless

        #cosign DT has been trying to get rid og T-Mo USA for years.

    • Gm Aharrington1

      T-Mobile was Voicestream prior to being bought in 2001 for $35 billion. The iPhone has nothing to do with DT or T-Mobile USA or England. Blame that on Apple and At&t entering a contract not allowing Apple to sell it’s products to anyone except At&t. Tmo USA had been ran by DT up until 2008 when they allowed USA CEO’s to do whatever they wanted. So, to say many years is inaccurate and reason it’s been an issue… the American customer and our lack of loyalty. I’m not saying you but, I am blaming the US consumer as a whole. We are fickle and jump from one carrier to another on a regular basis. Every year more than a 500,000 customers leave one carrier to go to another just to get a new phone. That doesn’t include the ones leaving for other reasons such as, temporary decrease in phone bill, “better coverage”, and not paying their bill. Where’s the quick profit when their losing money from this taking place? Here’s some of this information about T-Mobile.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Agreed.  I too used to venture over to the UK Tmo Site and wonder why they always had the latest Nokias, Samsungs, iPhones and more top end devices. Then to come back to the US site was such a downpour.

      • Right. I’m still baffled till this day.

  • J. Williams

    Amazingly fun. 5 stars. A+++

  • Yaho

    maybe they should of spent some of this money to help tmobile usa!

  • this shows us why they are #1 over in the uk and we….with our mostly only on NBA commercials are being bought out here :(

  • Leuschen John

    I just purchased my HTC Sensation from Wal Mart Yesterday.  LOVE IT.

  • Meagan

    Yep TmobileUSA has a good thing, but greed from the top changes the game.

  • Kwkjw

    I’ve been with T-Mobile USA for a long time now because of DT… I live in the US but work mostly in EU, UK, and Middle East.  T-Mobile/DT works everywhere as do AT&T.  The difference,,, Tmo service, prices, and customer service is better on both sides of the pond.  The reason Tmo USA is not like it other half is the US market… The executives have some blame too.  Our market in the US is fu^&ed up.  Everyone wants subsidized phones and that is what gives the service providers the advantage.  They lock you in an can charge and change things as they like.  Overseas, most people do not purchase subsidized phones and they can jump to any carrier they want. So carriers compete to keep customers but lower rates, increasing speeds, offering a larger verity of hand sets and services.  Working over there for the last 10 yeas has made me hate our cell providers.  Tmob services works best for me for now, not sure what I am going to do when they switch to AT&T. CDMA technology will not work for me with my travels so Sprint and Verizon is a no go.  I guess I will have to use AT&T for now…  AT&T has to do something about the fu&(ed up customer service.  The reps act as if you have to use their service.  Forgive any typos, I am doing this on my phone.

    • Kjkjw

      I should have also mentioned that the laws over there protects the consumer more than the carriers.  That is also why networks work harder at bringing new tech and higher speeds to their customers so that they can keep them. 

      • Gm Aharrington1

        Yes, subsidizing is nice in Europe and everyone would love to have it here except a couple of issues with it. First is the phone would have to have GSM and CDMA chips installed. Second they would need radios to work on everyone frequency. Third they would have to find a way to have 3g or better on any carrier. Little fact you forgot to mention that if you start with T-Mobile UK and switch to Vodaphone you won’t get 3g speeds you’ll have edge. Fourth is the fact the HTC Sensation will cost $750 on a UK T-Mobile network. You have $750 lying around? Then you look at the cost of service it’s average 56 euro per month, that’s around $82 per month. Multiply that by 24 months and it’s $1968, the price for T-Mobile customer for 24 months for same unlimited service is $2160. $200 more for phone service in USA but $500 more for the phone in UK. No, thanks I’ll stick to what we currently have here versus not subsidizing and save that $300 plus insure they can’t raise my rates.

  • Jesus.C

    Man it just makes me just want to move to the UK so much more now man I love T-mobile but I do also sadly agree with @DtheArtist

  • me

    These great commercials will cease to exist under the AT&T takeover 

    • I am not a real person

      This maybe a shot in the dark. but I don’t think the AT&T takeover will stop Deutsche Telekom from making commercials.

      • Anonymous

        LOL “a shot in the dark.”…  well bullseye.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    That was awesome but check this one out:

  • Ashlee09

    I don’t think there’s T-Mobile on spain. So why does T-Mobile advertise this on Barcelona spain? I just got back from Barcelona Spain last month (beautiful place) anyways I took my g2x and once I got to barajas international airport in Madrid I turned on my g2x and it instantly connected to ”vodafone españa” o also 3G worked!!! No edge icon at all ! I got a huge bill cuz I was roaming .. Anyways I looked around everywhere and the only cellphone stores I found were vodafone stores and movistar stores no T-Mobile at all.

  • Gm Aharrington1

    Anyone notice the HTC sensation isn’t on T-Mobile website any longer?

  • Osama

    Just cracked my HTC sensation screen! Sucks…

  • “… and try to remember that while we in America never get to do anything this fun for T-Mobile marketing, we still have Carly.”

    Which is part of the reason T-Mobile’s taking suitors right now.  T-Mobile has done a pretty crappy job of marketing themselves and the positives they have over the competition.  When T-Mobile as VoiceStream was _the_ GSM carrier in the US did they advertise this to foreign potential customers?  No.  Did T-Mobile advertise UMA calling?  No.  Did T-Mobile make a big deal out of being the first carrier to sell an Android phone?  No. Did T-Mobile stress the things that were unique to T-Mobile as compared to everyone else?  No.  About all T-Mobile has done is state how cheap they are and bring out a new motto “stick together.”

    • Steelers0131

      100% agree. Our marketing has been off for years.
      In the beginning, I feel we did a good job pushing the “Get More” angle. CZJ at the time was a good face for the company.When we had nothing to lose, we had great promotions. Remember “Free Fridays”? When voice and text were all that mattered, T-Mobile kinda knew what they were doing and was picking up subs at a decent rate.
      When data began to gain importance, we had no clue and Dotson even said that the money was in “voice” and that we were not an internet company. We still came up with good ideas such as “My Faves”, “@ Home”  and “Flex Pay” but none were the “game changers” they were supposed to be.

      When we did do something amazing, our marketing screwed it up. We were THE FIRST carrier to have Android, but aside from the “do sharks have eyelids” commercials, people had no idea. VZW comes along, teases the hell out of everyone for weeks and then launches “Droid”. People still think that had it first.Do you remember when the Sidekick was the iPhone before the iPhone? That phone (for the time) was a game changer. Again, lack of effective marketing killed us. Everytime we launched a new phone, the only people who knew were “techy” people and people who were in the store to see the signage. All we did was cannibalize existing customers. What did we do? Brought back CZJ. How did that work out?
      WE ( the people who read this site and others like it) have to realize that WE are not the average customer base for this or any other company. Consumers are like crows…they want the shiny stuff. Numbers and specs mean nothing if it’s cool and their friends have it. It is ALL about the phones, not the network. Network is only talked about on this site. The average consumer wants to make a call and send a text.AT&T did not blow up until the iPhone.People could not have cared less about their network. Sprint is gaining adds because of the EVO and VZW had DROID and the BEST marketing out there. Why do you think that the 2 biggest companies are the most expensive? To quote the Joker from the first Batman…”Where does he get those wonderful toys?”. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PHONE and how you market it. Have we learned? NO !!!  We have a dual core phone (G2X) and the commercial that shows it NEVER MENTIONS the phone. It shows DWade dunking. WTF????
      We had the chance years ago to pass up Sprint but blew it. We can blame Dotson ( who is enjoying his golden parachute) for this mess. DT is just cutting it’s losses.

  • Dswagg2k10

    You did alot a research but missed one key ingredient. DT bought Voicestream for $35 Billion and Powertel for $24 bill… So to say they quick selling to AT&T for $39 billion when they invested $59 billion is something to rethink. Not to mention the money to lent to us over the years… Close to 2 billion a year from what I understand.