Motorola Says Goodbye To MOTOBLUR Name, Thanks Public Feedback

During yesterdays Sprint PHOTON 4G announcement the boys from Engadget caught wind of something interesting, no reference was made to the MOTOBLUR interface in the press material. When asked a Motorola spokesperson confirmed that Motorola is moving away from the name confirming comments made by Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha last August. Motorola stated the decision was due in part to public feedback and that the social functionality of the UI will remain on devices in pieces.

Is there anyone out there saddened by this decision? Anyone at all?


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  • Bander88

    Crickets. . . . . Nope – not sad. But does that mean they’re just changing the name, or they’re dropping the majority of the motoblur overlay? The latter is what would make me happy.

  • callmemisterr

    Nope not at all Motoblur was a terrible interface imo. Too slow, too many clicks to do a simple task, and ugly 

  • Anonymous


  • Tanya

    I loathe the MOTOBLUR interface. Let’s hope they just stick to stock android. (Likely not going to happen..)

  • What’s in a name? They’re still using the blur overlay, and it still sucks.

  • Hmm.. Manufacturer’s actually listen to the people, interesting…

    I haven’t had a Motorola Android in years, so i wouldn’t know if I’m saddened or not.

    • if manuacturers such as motorala actually listen to the people then they wouldnt just get rid of the name…THEY GET RID OF THE DAMN INTERFACE! 

      im not coming at you….just need to express my hatred for motorola..(coming from a previous Cliq XT user)

      • I had the Cliq. I completely agree with you. =/

  • My2Cents

    Here’s a thought.  Differentiate yourself with really good hardware, stock Android, unlocked bootloader and timely updates.

  • Blur doesn’t suck because it’s named Blur, it sucks because it’s ugly, bloated and gets in the way of you using your phone.

  • Davemsailbox2

    Was this posted because the Photon is slated to added to the T-Mobile network?

  • Izzybrexx

    I personally liked it when I had my cliq.(first android)…so that caught my Attention on how flexible android was n customizable!..I grew away from M.B so I have no care anymore but that’s my 2¢ on how that overlay changed my preference on OS’s :).

  • Tortionist

    Finally Motorola gets it. We don’t want blur. Make something better and maybe…..til then leave it alone.

    • AnonGuy

      They’re moving away from the name. The software is still there. Read, much?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but it’s a step in the right direction. If you look at some of the newer devices, it seems as though they are also moving away from the horrible look of Blur with it’s big bright blocky dock. If they are listening on the name, on the aesthetic and on the bootloader, then it is only a matter of time before they hear us on the other blur gripes. There are elements of blur that are desirable, like some of their power-saver features and their social integration (even if the widgets need a total redesign). If a company is responsive, as Motorola seems to be making an effort to be these days, then it is only a matter of time before they get it right.

  • Theintro00

    i love motoblur

    • Anonymous

      You and you alone

      • Mark

        I don’t know about “love,” but the Blur functions (or what I think are the Blur functions — the combined Messaging, the Happenings, and the RSS reader widget) are probably what I use my phone for 60% of the time (most of the rest is voice).  I don’t particularly care about the Blur name, but the Facebook feed and the hardware keyboard are the main reasons I picked my phone (an original Cliq) in the first place.

        • Anonymous

          You still have a Cliq????

          That’s…. horrible. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

  • Tito!

    I Liked MotoBLUR too! But now that I’ve seen the light by Samsung [which I use to despise btw] I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Motorola, because their overrated (thanks, verizon) & I just have no interest.

    I Guess I can say: Samsung was once the dark side, & they had cookies. :D

  • Anonymous

    As I stated on Engadget, MotoBlur is like your phone having Herpes, the locked bootloader is the realization that just like genital herpes, MotoBlur is incurable. Worst UI Skin of them all and singlehandedly the reason I would NEVER consider a MOTO anything.

    • None

      I was totally going to make a herpes comment too!

  • Anonymous

    In other news, saw the Galaxy S 2 in a shop over here, hands down the most beautiful phone I’ve seen in awhile. Can’t wait for it to land in the states.

  • MotoFirstAmendmentViolation if you couldn’t connect to Google to retrieve your phone list. If you live outside the US MotoBlur is fine.

  • hellsh666

    Good luck MOTO


    MOTO devices have the best radios hands down.

    no T-MO devices grab a signal better.

    the only blur services i use are registration and picasa and only my gmail stuff.

    c’mon out here where the towers are few and far between and see how great your samsung or htc devices are, especially roaming on att’s EDGE.

    i bought a used t-mo router on ebay, blur and google latitude told me the 911 location was wrong on it so i fixed it.

    look ahead to when att gives every voice and data morsel you make to the feds.

    • ANON

      Sorry mate what you just seems kind of just everywhere i have no idea what you just said

    • Ask anyone that works in the cell industry and they’ll all tell you that Motoblur has been one the worst things to come out.  The phones with that software almost always has the most problems/returns/exchanges.  The only phone on that level was the HD2 and it was the software too.

  • even touchwiz is better than blur

  • Anonymous

    They should ditch the whole thing, not just the name. Give me pure, unadulterated Android that won’t hog the CPU and won’t make me sign up for crappy social aggregation services, and then we’ll be talking!

  • Anonymous

    I had the original cliq, horrible battery life, terrible lag, and iverall pissed me off till I literally threw it aypt a wall because it spent 30 minutes trying to delete a 500 text thread.

    Went and got a Vibrant, best decision ever. TouchWiz isn’t bad at all.

  • they still dont get it. its not the name its the whole damn thing. whats the use of ditching the name but still putting on the same lagging piece of crud.
    oh people will forget we force this crappy overlay on them if we dont mention the name.
    moto its not the name its your poor excuse for an overlay. 

    we are listening you dont like motoblur ok we wont call it motoblur well give you the sme thing without a name???  these people are in business how?

  • thank god… some people still think that motoblur is a phone. LMAO

  • And THAT is the reason I will never, ever, never, NEVER buy another Motorola device. They think it’s the NAME and not the service that we don’t like. Typical.