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Motorola CEO Tells Media His Company Wants to Make “Less” Phones

The boys from The Verge sat down with Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha, who expressed some interesting thoughts on various aspects of the wireless market. One of the notable comments by Jha mentioned that Motorola wants to make fewer pieces of hardware in the future. This goes against the current grain of hardware manufacturers pumping out Android phones like they are going out of style. Behind this decision is Jha’s wish to see … [read full article]

Motorola Says Goodbye To MOTOBLUR Name, Thanks Public Feedback

During yesterdays Sprint PHOTON 4G announcement the boys from Engadget caught wind of something interesting, no reference was made to the MOTOBLUR interface in the press material. When asked a Motorola spokesperson confirmed that Motorola is moving away from the name confirming comments made by Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha last August. Motorola stated the decision was due in part to public feedback and that the social functionality of the UI will remain … [read full article]