LG C729 Android Phone Destined For T-Mobile Clears FCC

The FCC often brings us surprises in the form of unknown handsets that catch us by surprise as we know very little about them. The LG-C729 is one such phone as all we know about it, is that we don’t know much at all. It’ll run on T-Mobile’s AWS network with HSPA connectivity so at the very least, it’s a 3G device. That’s good. The folks at Pocketnow were able to do a little more digging into the user agent profile and uncover it’s running Android as the OS and has a less than thrilling 320 x 480 display. We know T-Mobile is planning on launching at least two LG devices this fall that will run Android and we believe we’ve already seen one, so perhaps this is the the other?


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  • DingleBerry

    It could be the Optimus 2 maybe?

    • And_G_Roid

      What about the Optimus 3D? That is the phone I am waiting on.

      • Nathan Nolle

        Not with the resolution listed (320×480). This sounds destined for the ‘free phone’ rack from release.

    • And_G_Roid

      What about the Optimus 3D? That is the phone I am waiting on.

  • keep it real

    LG blows. i feel sorry for g2x users. hopefully tmo will put them in sensations when the few devices that actually made it out the door start to fail.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm… I have to agree with you, based on the number of complaints I have read about and from G2X users.

      I thought when Goldstar merged with Lucky that it got its act together, but seems to me “Lucky Goldstar” has yet to shake Goldstar’s lowly reputation (forged since the 1960s) for making cheap, shoddy electronics. (Complete stereo system, with a BSR turntable, for only $99.99).

  • Anonymous

    With a 320 x 480 display and Android, this sounds like another “LG Optimus T type” entry-level Android smartphone, nothing worth noting for long.

    I bought an Optimus T on eBay for $120 to tide me over between superphones. (I have since retired it, unable to use a lesser phone after having a Vibrant and HD2 running FroYo.)  I have to say that the Optimus T for being a budget smartphone and an LG product was a great handset for the money (actually I still have it, to use as an emergency backup phone).

    Note: The downside of these phones is graphics capabilities.  E.g., although the Optimus T came with Android 2.2 (FroYo) it did NOT support Adobe Flash, so out-of-the-box it would not play video on websites (most, if not all, websites play video in Adobe flash format), one would get a “sorry, your device is unsupported” message or a red X. Note that some people on XDA, YouTube and Android fan sites have said they got flash to work, albeit not that well.

    That is something to keep in mind with these basic smartphones.  Moreover, this will probably come with an equally less than thrilling 3.2 MP camera and VGA camcorder.

    No big, is it.  After all, there has to be a reason to motivate people to purchase something like the Sensation or other high-end 4G handset.

  • jules

    I was foolish enough to have purchased from T-mobile the LG-C729 Double Play…Along with having the manufactures warranty i also have the “life time” insurance that i pay for every month… Well the phone is a piece of junk! I have had it 5 months and have returned it back for a replacement 5 times and each time it is for the same exact original issue…the phone closes applications, opens windows randomly and simply does not receive text messages. Now this phone was over $400! and i paid it in full! My anger is fueled by the fact that the store where i bought it will not provide me with a different phone and actually said to me that “eventually they will get tired of sending it back and forth and will probably replace it, it could be 100 times! That’s their right” I am extremely upset as i am a small business owner and since August 4, 2012 i have lost 5 days of work! Now i have been more than patient but if the end user is not going to help restore me as a customer then LG manufacturing company should step in and acknowledge the problems of this phone since T-Mobile no LONGER CARRIES THIS LG! ! Gee…i wonder why? HELP!