T-Mobile Wants To Send You To E3 With A Brand New G2x

T-Mobile fans listen up. Are you a hardcore gamer? Would winning a trip to E3 be something you might be interested in? Can you tell me what E3 is? Those of you who can can win a T-Mobile G2x and a free trip to E3. First you have an assignment though — upload a video, 15 seconds or less to T-Mobile’s Facebook page showing why you are the ultimate gamer and how you would be the ideal correspondent for T-Mobile.

The videos will be ranked by fans on T-Mobile’s Facebook page and the top 10 entrants will each win a prize. The two most hardcore gamers will win a G2x and the chance to attend the upcoming E3 expo. The two lucky winners will chronicle their trip, host gaming challenges, conduct interviews and much more.

E3 runs from June 7th-9th in Los Angeles and the video competition will kick off May 15th and run till midnight May 25th.

T-Mobile Facebook

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  • Sooo rather than being a hardcore gamer you have to LOOK like a hardcore gamer, that’s more difficult :P

    • Jonc

      No way it is so easy. I’m going to film the butt print on my couch ;)

  • Bryanez

    Its not easy to wear your xbox achievements…can’t we just submit our resume of games beatin. Dating back to the legend of zelda…

  • I’m not really big into games so i wont be participating in this contest, but to the rest of you who are, good luck! sounds like fun.

  • Bimmerz

    Does playing Angry Birds, count as a “hardcore” gamer? lol ;o) All joking aside, I won’t be doing this – but best of luck to those who do! =o)

  • Anonymous

    ima hardcore gamer but i won’t be wasting my time of 15 seconds where i can get some achievements in XBL.lol

  • Anonymous

    Do they really want hardcore gamers to conduct interviews, chronicle their trip, and host gaming challenges? That usually requires Charisma. Most of the hard core gamers that I know are lacking in that department (I used to be one myself). Maybe if they put on their enchanted ballcap of false personality that gives them a +3 bonus to Charisma, they can do all that T-mobile wants them to do.

    • Official G2x_Battle4E3

      Well, the interviews will be helped out by our LG Girl and Tmobile G2x crew. It’s not all interviews though, we’ll also be taking videos of them gaming and getting them into some of the really cool E3 after parties all around d-town LA. Keep an eye out for updates on Twitter and video posts on the FB page.

  • remister

    I will be attending E3, since I work in the industry. Let’s do a TMO meetup!!!!

  • Atv360

    Damn it school always getting in my way of E3

  • Nai Saeyang

    I will definitely be making a video for this!

  • Anonymous