T-Mobile Adds New Name ID and Voicemail To Text

T-Mobile will begin offering two new features in order to enhance customers existing voice service capabilities on May 22nd. Name ID, previously known as Caller Name will benefit customers by providing them with the name, number, city and state of unblocked callers not already in their existing contact directory. Voicemail to Text is exactly what it sounds like, the latest upgrade to the existing visual voicemail service. For select devices customers will receive a text version of voicemails in their Visual Voicemail client. Both of these are welcome additions but they aren’t as awesome as unlimited Wi-Fi calling again right? Right?

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  • michael

    Will name ID be free?

    • Jay

      My question exactly .. They offered it to me last month when i called for a month free, then 1.99 a month after .. But well see

    • the_truth

      “Gimme Free” is what killed T-Mobile. Ask for free crap from the light Co. or Walmart!

      • michael

        Uh, well the only change that was made was the name, which seems pointless…so if the voicemail will be an update to the visual voicemail app..it makes perfectly good sense that it would be free. And surprisingly i’ve never been in a Walmart..and I doubt theyd give me anything freee.

      • Realtruth

        You are mistaken. T-Mobile is quite profitable.

  • Msmmpb

    I get it for free with Google Voice…sorry, no thanks.

    • And what indicators do you have that this won’t be free? Their current Visual Voicemail system is free so this Voicemail to text feature could very well be a free update.

      I also assume you are not referring to their “Name ID” feature since Google Voice does not show the name (they do show city & state, but you only know this after the call in your history). No, call screening does not count. I had to turn off call screening due to a whole lot of, “Call from: ‘Hi, I was trying to reach you in regards t–‘ … Press 1 to connect….” when answering the phone. That’s my huge pet peeve people don’t listen. The system simply asks for a name so they can announce it to their caller while trying to reach them, and people jump straight to leaving stupid messages and get totally confused. Grrr.

      True Caller ID would be a welcome addition to the mobile phone.

  • What is going on? T-mobile is on a roll today, too bad it had to be after the whole At&t thing (Hope it doesn’t happen!).

  • YBT

    stuff like this needs to be free!

  • free or cost?

  • free or cost?

  • Anonymous

    Google Voice is my VM of choice. Had it for a long time and it never fails. (FREE)

  • Spurlicus

    This is great if it is all free. I still can’t believe they call what cellular telephones do “Caller ID” when it does not give you the name of the person calling. Landlines have done this automatically for well over a decade. Cellular telephone network providers need to provide more services for the money. This “fastest data” thing is not what many people care about the most (most customers don’t even have smartphones), contrary to what AT&T is pushing.

    In line with these services, it would be great to have a built-in network service that blocks the calls if there is no callerid, and tells them to dial again without their number blocked.

  • Spurlicus

    I should point out that I think this may all be free, as the Caller ID feature already exists as a paid feature. So the only change I can think of would be making it free.

  • BigMixxx

    Well..Yap mail is done! Gonna switch back to my regular voicemail….

  • Fragger

    Will the Caller ID feature be available to the prepaid members?

  • it will be freee….

  • Guatiao

    Puerto Rico also?

  • Joenash23

    maybe almost as good as unlimited wifi calling? or maybe better, how many times did you not understand someones voice mail cause it was garbled and you could not understand them? but if you can read what they said, you would have that # to call them back @

    • Anonymous

      They are required to operate as two separate companies. Most of theses features the r&d group have been testing for some time now.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    This is strikin me as odd that they’re doin all this for a company and its customers who within the upcoming months could not exist 0_o

    • j-man

      I am very disappointed with T-Mobile because they are merging and they are having all of these new cool things that later on would may not be here

  • BigMixxx

    Looks like t mobile is bringing value….value back. These are good features. GOOD features…useful. ATT gave a ton of content and ask for top dollar for those features. Media, etc, etc. These are really useful, and looks to pave the way for the rest of the ATT customers.

  • Mo

    Great, so can they now move on to improving the coverage area?

  • very cool. . . i hope soo ..

  • Anonymous


  • Goldsmith Gordon

    Google voice pretty much already does this when you have your google # sunced to your regular #

  • Anonymous


  • Kennedycg

    Yeah, but they DON’T give warning the new PITA “feature” of forcing you to listen to all deleted messages before your new ones. Wastes lots of time!

  • Kennedycg

    And by the way, they have also eliminated the “0” option when you call CS. Must pick from only 4 categories and if your question does not fit you are out of luck. But before they hang up they will really irritate you by telling you “you must choose one of the four in order to best serve you”.